The Woman Who Grew Out of Her Cage

The cage was comfortable at first.
She tried hard to fit in and comply.
Besides, change was hard.
From the safety of her cage,
she marveled at the sunset as
multicolored rays touched her skin.
At night, she watched shades of the moon
danced across the sky.
Wind caressed the days and brought her
smells of the changing seasons.
Letting nature flow through her
seemed like enough, and for awhile, it was.

But thoughts played in her head
and circuited with
bare feet touching the earth floor.
Then in the morning frost,
she caught reflections of fractals
before they dripped away.
Suddenly, she could feel light and
spirit within the beating of her heart.
Higher soul energy outweighed
density keeping her in.
The magnetic grid pulled and iron bars,
so linear, soon parted.
It was simply no longer her pattern.

Catching wind of simple waves
intertwined and connected with others,
the woman began to dream.
In the design of creation
imaginary numbers created spirals
and urged her on.
Discovering the power of her smile,
she could shine. Others felt
comfort in being around her.
Even though, the woman felt grown up now,
she jumped up and down like a joyful child.
Wide awake in her new playground, she spun
around. Looking at her cage one last time,
dropped her guard
and simply walked away.

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