Your Biggest Spiritual Questions

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Your Biggest Spiritual Questions with Openhand

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Hi Open,

I feel to ask a few questions. 

Is seer and soul same? If not how is the seer related to singularity? 

Thank you



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Hi Soumya - I go into this in detail in the book 5GATEWAYS and also the most recent one, RESURRECTION.

In this philosophy, you're expressing and experiencing as the soul. The soul is connecting at the source, into what Openhand is calling, "The Sacred Ground of Being". Others call it the Monad, or God-Head. The risk, for me, with the latter two, is to create an identity of them.

The Sacred Ground of Being can be metaphored as sitting on the banks of an inner lake, looking into the singularity, which is a well of infinite presence - nothing manifest. You can't experience the singularity, but you can experience dissolving and settling into it. What then happens, is firstly the SEER as a sense of witnessing arises in the background of your experience. This then forms a dynamic equilibrium with the flow of the soul - you are being and not being simultaneously. I think this describes well the enlightened state.

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