19 Pictures revealing the Devastating Impact of Humanity on the Planet (and how to come to terms with it)

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I often feel that the spiritual mainstream keeps spinning stories of what it would like to have happen, rather than what is really happening. Unfortunately, there's also a great deal of 'shifting the blame'. This is seriously counterproductive to the evolutionary journey, because there's nowhere to go, unless the journey begins in truth. Specifically, I'm referring to view that it is the 'powers-that-be' who are to blame for the predicament we find ourselves in with regards climate change; that somehow, if they and the irresponsible corporations would simply go away, then everything would be alright, and we'll get the planet 'back on course again', 'we'll heal it for the good of all humanity'. There are a number of important reasons why this view does not hold water.

Who's responsible?

Take for example the spiritual mainstream view on geo-engineering - the chemtrail saga. Yes I agree, the powers-that-be are irresponsibly spraying heavy metal aerosols into the atmosphere - I've seen that many days from my own back garden. And yes, it irks me! But why are they doing it? Why have they been doing it for several decades? And why would they spend billions of dollars doing it, if not to mitigate the effects of fossil fueled climate change?

Don't get me wrong, I think it's terribly irresponsible that they're doing this; that we should leave Gaia to manage her own climate and her own shift into the higher paradigm. I believe it is categorically wrong for people to try to control that - and ultimately fruitless. But why are they doing it?

To me, it is perfectly clear: when you consider that since the industrial revolution, half the planet's trees have been cut down, mainly to create grazing land for cattle in the meat and dairy industry; or that in the last 40 years alone, we've lost half the planet's wildlife (yes staggering isn't it?); or that the oceans are now acidifying at their fastest rate for 300 million years due to excessive fossil fuel consumption, to blame this on one small group of so called 'elite' people and their geo-engineering shanenigans is both erroneous, blinkered and disempowering. Why is such practice disempowering?

You can't have power, if you hand it away

We have to take a spiritual - top down view - to truly understand. There's one main reason why the world is in the situation it currently is:

  • Because the collective consciousness created it that way due to their karma.

It is the collective that has subconsciously absolved responsibility for the constant conscious choice into the hands of a small group of controlling people.

If humanity did not en mass, consume the way he does as a whole, if he was not so easily ready to slope shoulder responsibility for the devastation we know is taking place in our name, if he earned money mainly from conscious organisations and spent it mainly with ecologically responsible ones, then the imbalance would greatly subside. The corporations that exploit on a large scale would quickly dissolve.

The point is, as a collective, humanity does not. Although there is an accelerating awakening for some, as a whole, mankind is not changing any time soon. I would love for it to be different, but for me at least, the evidence keeps stacking up - the mainstream continues, full steam daily, towards the precipice of oblivion. For those who agree with me on this, and can truly get real about it, there's a real chance to begin; we're empowered to make a real choice - we don't have to be limited by mainstream ignorance. So how can we truly deal with this?

What can be done? Nothing... and everything!

Humanity's karma is becoming increasingly clear to see:

Humanity has lost connection with the divine due to his engrossment in the physical realm; he's then been led astray by an unscrupulous intervention that has been seeking to control the planet and its resources.

However, this doesn't make mankind any less responsible - he may not be to blame, because this is simply the macocosym of universal light getting lost in the darkness and then discovering how to break free; but mankind is now responsible, to make a more highly conscious choice about the level of consumption. Surely there is enough evidence out there for even the hardest skeptic to accept the devastating effect human life is having on the planet? (see the 19 photos of anecdotal evidence at the end).

  • With information comes responsibility. We are each responsible for how we now live.

I know lots of well intentioned, compassionate people get really tight inside, when they see this level of destruction, that they know is truly happening in practically every corner of the world. There's a deeply rooted yearning to do something about it. What can be done? Nothing... and everything!

Confronting the wound of humanity

We need to be courageous and brave; to truly embrace the truth of what's going on. For only then are we empowered to make an authentic choice.

In my own heart, I know that we have reached the point of no return on 3D earth. We've already activated major 'tipping points'. I don't ask you to blindly believe or accept that view, but I do invite you to test it for yourself, in the cold light of day.

For me, this is not an idea that came to me after much mind level research; it was that deep, revelatory "aha" moment, which happened in every shopping mall I found myself in, every service station, airport lounge, railway station, every village, town and city. The evidence is starkly staring us in the face. It's in the industrial food chain, the packaging we get through, the energy we consume, as a daily way of living, for practically every person on the planet.

The fundamental problem is, that Homo Sapiens is a hybridised species, purposefully downgraded to fit within a synthetic system of reality. That's why Homo Sapiens cannot imagine the real solution to this monumental problem - because Homo Sapiens is the problem!

Yes it's a strong viewpoint. Nevertheless I invite you to contemplate it. And when you do, you might also contemplate the solution: that the core of who you are, is not Homo Sapiens! You are a soul having an experience; and it is within your power to evolve out of that experience.

The next evolution of man is upon us. Although the evolutionary movement is as yet still small, people everywhere across the planet are going within, taking back their real power as souls, and evolving themselves, into the next human form (what I call the divine being Divinicus).

"Fixing things for the good of humanity"...really?

But you have to be motivated to do it. And a big part of that, is to let go of trying to fix things here. Especially "trying to fix things for the good of humanity" (which you hear about so much in the mainstream). Really? Have they not got it yet? What about the other sentient life this planet was truly designed for?

  • Fixing things for the singular good of humanity is the problem!

For me, the truth is that humanity can now do very little to prevent the runaway climate change and destruction of the biosphere that I can feel in my heart is now a practical certainty. Does that mean we should simply abandon any attempt at being compassionate and conscious in our consumption? Well not if you wish to have a future on 5D Earth.

To attain 5D consciousness, is to become as one with Gaia, who is already ascended into the Fifth Density. That 5D consciousness certainly isn't attained by mindless destruction. If you knew the 3D world would end tomorrow, would you still plant that apple tree today? A 5D being probably would.

In my knowing, just as the Hopi foretold, Gaia is now set to undergo a Great Purification here in the 3D, what I call The Great Realignment. This destruction of the biosphere that is clearly accelerating is the beginnings of that. Ironically humanity has kicked the final trip switches.

Feeling into Humanity's Wound

Can you resonate in part with what I'm saying? Many people now touching and exploring their karma can. It means that instead of internally trying to paper over the wound, ignore it, and pretend that somehow, "everything is going to be okay" (in the sense that we don't have to take responsibility for the predicament we find ourselves in), alternatively you could have real courage to embrace it. You could go inwards and feel into your wound, the deep contractions you're likely to encounter when you witness the destruction of the world that's taking place, fueled by Homo Sapiens consumeristic necessity.

Your soul is saying one thing, but your hybridised body yells out for another. Feel deeply into this pain, into this karmic wound. Every time you consume, every time you travel, every time you use energy, every time you create pollution. When you regress into this wound - this tightness inside - then you are finally taking responsibility. You're taking ownership. You're not shirking of slope shouldering onto someone else. And in that hallowed moment, you can ask for forgiveness - from Gaia, and from your higher self.

  • It is not your fault! You are not to blame! But... You are now responsible for what you do about it.

Getting into your pain - your wound - in this way, is the most powerfully empowered choice you can make. It gives you the possibility to get into your karma - that which created this out-dated system of control and the enslaved sapiens vehicle you now find yourself embodied within. Processing your karma is the way to evolve out of this! (Here's more on that...understanding karma and its purpose)

Processing your Karma

In processing your karma, means that you fully reintegrate soul. You infuse soul into your body, which carries a frequency of evolutionary change. It's a collective yearning in us all; it's just one that needs activating. Which can only happen by a direct confrontation of the truth that's really happening - then you can feel into your karma, unwind through it, thereby infusing the soul of higher change. So here now are 19 pictures I came across (courtesy of the UK's Guardian) that show the heart-rending impact of humanity on the planet. I invite you to:

  1. contemplate them deeply
  2. contemplate your own daily consumption of food, packaging, energy
  3. go deeply into the tightness that may activate internally
  4. ask for forgiveness from Gaia and other sentient life
  5. forgive yourself
  6. step through the pain of the density as The One - as Pure Presence
  7. breathe higher consciousness into the tightness
  8. let the tightness go
  9. remind yourself that you are a child of the universe, that you have nothing to fear
  10. fearlessly embrace life as the compassionate spirit warrior that you are.


Electrical waste shipped from around the world to Ghana... Los Angeles at night... The results of industrial logging in Willamette National Forest in Oregon, USA... A coal power plant in the UK... North East Land, Svalbard, Norway, where temperatures are rising... The Amazon jungle burning to make way for cattle grazing in Brazil... Pit mining visible from space in Alberta, Canada... Discarded tyres in Nevada... One of the world's most populous cities, Mexico City in Mexico... Vancouver Island in Canada... Tar sands in Alberta, Canada... A man turns away from the smell of China's Yellow River... Industrial agriculture in Almeria, Spain... Refuse in Bangladesh... Kern River Oil Field in California, USA... The world's largest diamond mine in Russia... Black Friday in Boise, Idaho... Surfing in an ocean of waste... (For all of the above, thanks to the UK's Guardian)

Taking back Responsibility, taking back our Power

It's time to stop slope shouldering blame. When you take back responsibility for your karma and your part in all this, then you can truly confront the deep seated wound. You can unravel your tightness and infuse soul. Then - and only then - do you have the possibility to truly evolve. The only revolution that is necessary, is a spiritual one. When we evolve spiritually, we will find that by our very beingness, over time, this injustice, this inhumanity, this insanity, will literally dissolve away. The 3D world is progressively coming to a close. It is time to join 5D earth. Open (on behalf of Openhand) Related Posts:

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Thank you Open! Your posting resonated so deeply within me that it felt like every fiber of my being was releasing balloons and throwing confetti :-)

I get it! Wow. The filaments that I knew were connected but didn't know how they connected are now feeling aligned, "whole", united. I am getting pictures of a sphere of light, very bright, but not sun light...star light.

There are no words to express my gratitude.



Hi tigger,

You ask...

    My question is: do I need to examine each of these elements, as in, past life regression in order to process the karma? Do I need to see and connect with the specific moment/action/deed/word that created the karma?

No you don't have to connect with the specific details of the 'memory'. However, to truly process it, you do have to regress into the feeling of it. Sometimes you may experience a wave of karma and not really know what it was about - although of course synchronicities speak volumes if you're watching.

When a bout of karma has been processed, it'll usually come with the sense of one of these things:
- a breakthrough
- a deep "aha" sense of knowing
- the infusion of light
- the sense of a veil being stripped away



The comments from Open about not needing to re-direct Gaia's energy triggered feelings about why I was drawn to become part of the Openhand community in 2013. I experienced the energy of Open and Trinity as a calling to a higher world and didn't feel at any time that they were trying to re-direct my energy. Quite the opposite. I felt love, respect, acceptance, and compassion for where I was at. And I continue to feel this way.

I heard the terms 3D and 5D discussed in spiritual circles before I became a part of Openhand, but my awareness was very limited as to what these dimensions were about. It has been quite a miraculous journey of unfolding who I truly am since then, as my spiritual awareness continues to grow by leaps and bounds. These days I am drawn to doing Trinity's Higher Paradigm meditation. This meditation helps me to gradually let go of 3D density and embody 5D energy. The energy of unconditional love for all sentient love, compassion, respect, profound self-honesty, transparency, and non-judgment. Who we all are at the core of our existence. And as we let go of the old 3D paradigm and embody the 5D higher paradigm, we send out a vibration, a beacon, a calling and help to ignite that in everyone, as Trinity says. The New World.

This morning I did the HIgher Paradigm meditation and felt the pull to share the link here:


xxx Catherine


Thank you so much Open. This is incredibly helpful. I just recently "got" the work I have to do for transcendence in every moment. It was one of those Ah-ha's when I got the understanding. Your words were just the confirmation and encouragement I needed.

When I am outside, in Nature, it comes effortlessly. When I am "at work" and stop and observe, I have to leave the building and go walk in a field next to the office. I struggle to penetrate the density of buildings, and being around people.

I do have a question about processing karma. I process karma in the fifth dimension, and every time the unravelling begins it is like I am a mummy, and being unwound: spinning and spinning as the muslin,cotton, silk, deer hide, buckskin, animal skin, armor all becomes unwound from around me. My question is: do I need to examine each of these elements, as in, past life regression in order to process the karma? Do I need to see and connect with the specific moment/action/deed/word that created the karma?



You describe the Fifth Density perfectly Tigger - certainly within your 'pay grade' :-)

Personally I've found it a curious existence at first - to be in both places simultaneously. The Fifth Density feels so natural and so aligned. You can tune into it all around you - just as you describe. But then you have this physical body too, and it's vibration of senses is so dense, that it has the tendency to dominate one's experience. I've found you have to keep working on the transcendence in every moment. Then Fifth Density , reality becomes more of the 'norm' so to speak. You live it here and now, even in the physical body.

One day the physical will fall away, and provided there is no more karma to process, you'll continue in that new place - it'll feel like heaven!



Hi Catherine and Open,

Thank you for your words and gifts of heart. I read your postings last night, and then wandered out to sit with the fireflies and make space for some integration/understanding.

I have had no feel or sense of Mother Earth's transcendence into the fifth dimension. I felt her shifts, of course, so I was puzzled and a bit confused that something this spiritually momentous had escaped me. The answer I got back last night was: "it's above your pay grade" which just made me howl with laughter, and reminded me I really do need to lighten up.

Since doing the Ascension meditation in April, every daily meditation takes me to a place that is similar to earth, but vibrationally different. There is an ocean, rocks, beach, jungle, forest, plains, canyons, caves, creeks, rivers, meadows, and many animals are there, but not a lot of humans. There is a softness , a harmonizing with all the elements: plant, water, air, animal. Recently, a raven took me from this place to another dimension that was without matter: etherial. It was a dimension of vibration and energy and incomparable lightness. It was kind of cool for about five minutes, and then I felt the tug, the longing for water, tree, and stone, so raven led me back.

Last night it came into my consciousness that the place I have been visiting daily is in the fifth dimension or is the fifth dimension (not clear to me which). I feel so at home there...actually more than I do here in many ways. And when I tune into it, the current is everywhere: you kind of can't be "there" without "being" in the flow.

If this is where Mother Earth is, punch my ticket, I'm on board :-)

Catherine, I did not know that song To Build a Home; thank you so much for sharing that, it was beautiful. And in the synchronicity of all that is, I had just watched an old documentary on Janis, so Me and Bobby McGee really hit home.



Hi Tigger, everything we see around us is of course the manifestation of consciousness - of life energy. The life energy itself is not going to die. Only the out-dated forms of it. Life moves on. All the best things that you know and appreciate will find a new form of life on 5D Earth. So we won't be losing it; it'll be evolving into another form.

That said, if one is still invested in 3D Earth, yes, it's going to be immensely challenging to watch the impact here as the shift of light from it accelerates.

And let's be clear, we don't have to 're-direct' Gaia. She's a light being of billions of years. She can quite happily direct herself - yet we can help by unblocking blockages in the field so that the transition can be more smooth.

Imagine the 3D gradually condensing down to a foundationary 'stone', like the stone of a fruit. Then imagine a new flesh of the fruit growing all around it, completely rejuvenated with life force - this will be the 5D.

Open :-)


Hi Tigger,

With your lifelong commitment to preserving Mother Earth, I can understand why it would be especially heartbreaking to let go of your dream to save her. Open says Gaia has moved into the fifth dimension. Maybe this resonates with you. If so, perhaps you're able to find comfort in this. And in Gaia's invitation to us to join her there.

I'm certainly not finding it easy to accept that the end is nigh for this glorious, beautiful planet of ours. As I embrace the big picture more and more deeply, I feel the truth of what Open says that this is a spec of dust unravelling itself in a vast cosmos. I sit there sometimes at the beach looking out at the water and this sense of the big picture washes over me. As grief-stricken as I feel, it also feels liberating at the same time. By that I mean that it helps me to let go of attachments to the physical world here. Fame, fortune, worldy goods, possessions. Our lives here. All so ephemeral. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose," as Janis Joplin sang so passionately.

From your posts, I'm feeling that music is very transformative for you. It is for me. Here is a song that helps me to feel into the tears and the pain of the end of life here in 3D and beyond into the big picture where we will continue to shine our light in the cosmos. I thought you might dig it. It's called "To Build A Home" by Patrick Watson and the Cinematic Orchestra. My heart goes out to you. Much love to you, Tigger.

xxx Catherine

"...And I built a home
for you
for me
Until it disappeared
from me
from you
And now, it's time to leave and turn to dust…"



Jenny and Catherine, when I read your postings yesterday they brought me to tears. I wanted to respond, but I was so overcome by your honesty and authenticity, and from the emotions behind your words that I could not type a single sentence.

Although I don't have children, I connected with the rawness of letting go, of allowing other beings to walk in their own moccasins...even as they head full speed into the approaching calvary.

I have been fighting for mother earth since the late 1960's. It's hard for the warrior to let go. How do I re-direct her? I keep wishing for a cosmic thunderbolt to zap enlightenment all over the planet. I realize this is not going to happen, but like a child, it's hard to let go of attachment to a dream.



Funny you should mention "little dinosaurs" Jen.
Trin and myself just felt guided to go and see the film "Jurassic World" - what an experience. We did so in a multi-plex cinema - an entertainment park, with your usual fast food 'joints' and retail outlets. Dinosaurs watching dinosaurs - the mirror couldn't have been more stark!


Thank you Open .. I find your words very supportive. I guess I wonder if I have felt it enough? The changes in my life have just come from a knowing of what is right within me. It's funny the way I expressed about "strugge with feeling all this", what I mean is that I struggle TO feel all this. I never experienced an overwhelming sense of sadness or grief for what has happened here and sure feels that it would be a normal response to the reality we live in... This is why question whether I have protected myself from going too deeply into it. I have come to terms with so much as a mother... Really give them space to walk their own path and not define how it needs to look in any way...my deepest yearning for them is that they know who they are and follow that no matter what....on the other hand they may not and I constantly work with not owning that. Perhaps I have felt a lot of this and moved through it on some levels...I recall watching my children eat meat and feeling so sick to my stomach... Seeing them like little dinosaurs tearing apart another sentient being just for the pleasure of the taste. When it fully sank in that this desire, this drive to eat other beings or any other form of destruction upon Earth and all of the life here has been built in, that we have been hybridized to engage with life this way, I felt a tremendous amount of compassion and understanding of the difficulty one experiences when the soul is pulling one way and yet there is this strong force going the other way. It's not easy for people to transcend this, but it is possible. I remember being on the grocery store years ago on a run to buy bread and feeling like there is no food here.. I couldn't buy any bread... There was no option that felt right. There was a period of time when I felt frozen, I couldn't bring myself to buy clothes or furniture and I felt tremendous guilt and shame when I went to Target or bought anything with packaging. I have come to terms with the fact that being here requires a level of compromise.. Driving a car, buying clothes, using electricity etc.. We can just find within ourselves our alignment within it all.

thank you Catherine for sharing your experience. Your realizations as a mother are so powerful and it is a gift to share life wih a partner that can hear and feel the realities of our existence here. My husband feels I am extreme but also I know that part of him knows the truth as well. I don't talk to him about it in a super direct way but I show him things like this and leave him to be with it... Sometimes he talks to me about it and sometimes not. Either way I will follow what I feel whether he agrees with me or not.

Thanks all for the space to share.



Hi Jen,

I so relate to your painful feelings about having children at this catastrophic time on planet earth. I have been an overprotective mother for a good part of my life. Because I had a painful childhood, I was always trying to fix my children's problems when they were growing up. Trying to save them from pain. I continued to do this even when they became adults. Since becoming part of the Openhand community, I have been able to gradually back away from trying to fix their lives and have been more fully honouring their right to live out their own karmic paths on their journey to enlightenment. That said, it pains me deeply to think of the chaotic lives they will face when their father and I are no longer here in body. My husband saw the direction humanity was heading in long before I did. So we are able to talk about the end of 3D life on planet earth and express our sadness together about our children and the challenges they will face. We comfort each other. My family eats meat, as well. It used to bother me, but for the most part, it doesn't anymore. Open's comments above are so helpful. To fully feel into and embrace our pain and transcend beyond, so the sadness and grief don't hold us anymore. My heart goes out to you. Open is spot on. You are very brave. Much Love, Catherine


I think you're being very brave Jen. I know you're confronting these things in the choices you're making.

It's also important for everyone to realise, that when you have confronted this kind of incongruency, felt, (truly) processed and integrated the pain of it, then it's not that you have to go on being immersed in it all the time. The point is that it doesn't hold you any more. You can live your life according to how the soul then guides you - probably to a different experience.

When I first noticed the magnitude of the system, I found it hard to accept and deal with. But something compelled me to keep immersing myself in it (and to take breaks away from it). Now I find I can be in it all, find my own way through it, and not be affected by it.

Open *OK*


I really struggle with feeling all of this. I see it and I feel that this world is done, there is no recuperating it or recovering it. I sense that I hover in the absolute about this - recognizing that we are all here for self-realization, not to go on and on and on and just keep surviving, nor to come up with remedies for all of these calamities of humanity and the way that we exist. I tend to see it and just know that it is all part of the unraveling and realignment. But in this place, I realize I am not honoring this relative life...and my experience of it, what these images stir in me when I truly contemplate the impact it has on life as whole and life within my personal sphere.

I notice that there are movies I don't want to see about animal abuse because I feel I have already felt to make all of those changes - not because I needed to see the abuse in my face, but because it felt right. Yet still, it feels like this is an identity that doesn't look at these films...because the soul would not be limited - the soul could experience it all and be in it all. Perhaps it's that my family still eats meat and honestly there feels there is nothing I can do about it. I can be me, I can ask them about their choices and how they feel but in the end it is their choice, not mine. I do sense that I desensitize about the realities of what is going on and it is probably because the contemplation of the world that I helped bring children into is so painful.

Cathering I salute your true honoring of what this feels like and see more for me to step into.

Thank you Open for sharing this.

Much love,


Hi Catherine,

Thanks for sharing your feelings :-)

If you found this easy, then the likelihood is you wouldn't really be touching the true depth of it. Yes, it is heart-rending. There is not a day goes by, where I don't witness the tragedy of humanity. We've got to feel that - if not, the risk is you become a disassociated identity, which is what many in the mainstream do.

But then in feeling the fullness of it, to feel through it and know the big picture - this is but a spec of dust unraveling itself in a vast cosmos.

You cannot taste the big picture, without being fully present in the little one.

Open *OK*



This is such a timely and powerful article with a much needed message to counter the prevailing narrative that the corporations are to blame for the destruction of the planet and the rest of us are just poor exploited victims. Yes, it is absolutely time to step up, take back our power, and accept our collective responsibility for creating this karma. But without getting lost in it as Trinity says. I am becoming more aware and conscious day by day about all the choices I make and whether they are aligned with the highest good of all life or not. And if not, to make the higher choice. I have a tendency to judge and blame myself for less conscious choices. As you point out, it's not about blame but about taking responsibility and asking forgiveness from Gaia and from our higher selves. It is too late to save the planet. I feel the truth of this. I don't have enough tears to express my sorrow. I can't look at these photos without shedding tears. I spend a lot of time at the beach and take great joy in watching little children play in the sand. My heart breaks for them and for all of us. Each day I choose to behold and celebrate the beauty around me to help centre myself. But I still have days where I feel lost in sadness about the state of the planet. It gets mixed in with sadness about a lot of other things and then I feel overwhelmed. I know the Openhand process, and yet at times, I resist. Then I get annoyed at myself for resisting! Guess I just need to lighten up. It is time to join 5D earth as you say, Open. I'm calling on the angels to help me without passing the buck.

With much appreciation for the reminder on how to come to terms with our pain,

xxx Catherine


Hi Ariel,

Good for you *OK*

I know plenty of Openhanders (also mothers) who have gone vegan, even though their families are not.

I would say a high proportion of evolving people live in families who are resistant to change, or else strongly dragging their heels.

I think the point is, that by being dotted around in this way, the awakening movement can have the biggest possible influence.

Wishing you well

Open *give_rose*


If there was ever a moment where I needed a catalyst to propel me onto my next section of my journey, this is it. This community seems to be in tune with my souls desires. I've been cutting out meat and have had a 90% vegetarian diet these past couple of weeks and have felt compelled to go vegan but am struggling with the reality of difficulty this poses for me and my family. They will not abide but I can be the light in their darkness. Thank you. :)