Understanding the Nature of Karma

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Humanity is in the throws of a truly sensational transition. More and more people are waking up and beginning to fully release themselves from "the drama". We're feeling into the blocking density, not retracting in fear and denial, but beginning to penetrate and break out. Steadily, progressively, we're realising our magnificent light. However, its not an easy ride. To attain the lightness of being to truly launch ourselves into multi-dimensionality we have to make many breathroughs. In particular, we have to process and release our karma. So what is karma and what is its purpose?..

Karma: a learning experience

Our universe is moving to ever increasing vibrational harmony. We're seeking and finding ever finer ways of experiencing pure presence. In order for us to do this, every aspect of consciousness must be harmonised - because everything is interconnected. There is one unifying web. Just as in nature, if a vibrating fly lands in the middle of the spider's web, the spider at the centre is going to feel it no matter where on the web the fly is. We've come from a place of maximum separation. When the universe miraculously exploded into being, it attained maximum multiplicity of form. As consciousness flowed outwards like ripples on a vast ocean, the vibrations of energy slowed down and condensed into matter - a superlative illusion of separation from the 'All That Is'. And we as Unity Consciousness - the glue binding the separation together - dreamed an opportunity: to infuse ourselves as apparently separate souls into the multiplicity of form, forget our true nature and fully identify with the separateness.

The master 'plan'

It wasn't a plan as such, although to some, it may have seemed that way. It's simply the case of 'the One', exploding into being, through interrelated flows of consciousness and then losing itself in the relativity. In other words, becoming identified with the illusion of reality. In a way, karma is what makes the illusion seem real. It creates the experience we're having, the harmony we manifest; until we process what we need to, break through and create a higher harmony.

In forgetting ourselves, over time, we re-awaken and remember again. Thus we gain a taste of the miraculous. A feeling and positive experience of the everything that we are - pure harmony, unity and interconnectedness. Things that can only be experienced having first tasted absolute isolation.

In our departure from the unifying presence, our decent into darkness was rapid. We contravened all the natural laws of the universe. In our exploitation, we shaped reality according to our selfish needs and desires. In so doing, we built up eddy currents of convoluted and blocked energy within the natural flow. So compelling, nightmarish even, were these eddy currents that our very souls became swallowed up into them.

Karmic burden

It's not our fault that this happened of course, as individual souls, we are protagonists in a much greater story: the One coming from consciousness through unconsciousness - bringing light into the darkened recesses of the universe. We are (unfortunately!) at the front end of that. I say 'unfortunately', but of course the breaking free - back into the Source - is the most sublime, the most exquisite of experiences. It's what makes life living. But even we - as Unity Consciousness - couldn't begin to dream of the distortions we'd take on; the actions we would perpetrate against other sentient beings.

Take for example humanity's treatment of Mother Earth and the animal and plant kingdoms. So we built up negative energy - a karmic burden - as a result of our actions. Upon leaving an incarnation at death, the soul moves into the angelic realms to review its life experience. It takes with it the energy it generated in the previous incarnation held within the causal body. It relives the experiences in a non-judgmental way. From a higher, non attached perspective, it gets to relive all the choices it made and the effects on other sentient life. If there is confusion, lack of understanding and self acceptance in relation to what the soul perpetrated, then that energy remains in the causal body acting like an anchor and preventing ascension into the higher realms. This 'ballast' is our karma and it must be processed out if we are to proceed higher.

Confronting the good the bad and the ugly

It is also important to realise that karma is identification - both to the 'good' and the 'bad'. It is a common misconception therefore that by performing 'good' actions we will store up 'good' karma which will help us advance. Ascension is about non-attachment to physical experience. Full stop. The soul will inevitably ascend into higher harmonies when there is no mind trying to shape events and circumstances.

The only way to process this karma is to reincarnate and reconfront the experiences. So we choose another incarnation and take the karma with us in our causal body. The karma is now the consciousness that manifests externally and shapes the outer world creating a mirror by which we can now see ourselves - assuming of course we choose to look!

In the reconfrontation, we're being invited to bathe in the pain of the past life event and not identify. We're being invited once more into the temptation of separateness and resultant ignorance so that we may instead make the higher choice and thereby transmute the eddy currents of energy holding us. It is done by experiencing it again, but in the midst of the experience, coming from the place of pure presence and directing in the harmonising light of Unity Consciousness.

A personal sharing

I'll share an example from Chris Bourne's personal story:

"I was once drawn into an experience to test my trust in the divine order of things; to see if I could remain connected to absolute presence in the midst of excruciating mental, emotional and physical pain. It happened on the battlefields of World War Two. I strayed into a minefield, but I trusted absolutely in the divine and that I would guide not only myself, but also my colleagues through it to safety. However my faith was blind. Yes with my right, intuitive side I could feel to proceed, that if I stayed present, I would find a way through safely.

Although I trusted in the divine, I didn't trust in my own ability to sense the divine. With my left side - the physical embodiment of the divine - I was clumsy, insensitive, underdeveloped. You can imagine the outcome. I lost my left leg and injured the right. Furthermore, others who trusted me suffered too. So in this lifetime, once more I awoke to the divine order of things and trusted in the directing flow of Unity Consciousness.

However, I retained the karmic energy in my causal body. This created a life of insensitivity to the divine through my physical body. I trusted in guidance but was still clumsy in applying that guidance. It manifested frequently through vocabulary. I'd know what the natural flow of the moment was and what the universe was inviting me to say, but found difficulty in articulating in a way which would empower, inspire and uplift others. I frequently found myself pushing buttons in other people and exploding emotional mines!

As my vibration raised, I found myself time and again activating emotional touch points in the people around me. It tested my trust in the divine and in myself to the limit. But I did trust and I did activate and confront my limitation. I worked through the inner density as it manifested in my life's journey in the outer world. Consequently, I now find myself with increasing physical sensitivity. I find I can more accurately navigate the emotional minefield of spiritual awakening with fewer unnecessary explosions!"

No need to remember

It is important to say that we don't have to remember the events and circumstances of the past life to process the energy. We simply have to experience the karma again. This will happen naturally. It can be done through purposeful regression therapy such as that we conduct here at Openhand. However, it is also essential to say we don't have to undertake regression therapy to process the karma. It will happen naturally of its own accord if we keep raising our vibration, peeling away inner distortions and following our true pathway in life. It is also vital to say that we won't process the karma if we're not ready for it. Regression therapy will be completely ineffective if our vibration isn't high enough to expand into the causal body and to hold presence there. This can only be fully possible when the density in the lower three bodily vehicles (the physical body, the emotional body and subconscious mind) has been mostly transmuted. There is no short cut on the path of self-realisation.

Riding the thermals

Whether we know it or not, we're all here working to activate, confront, process and release our karma. It is only this which will truly make a difference to our lives and our evolution. Without it, we will simply keep recreating the same drama albeit with different circumstances.

Our time has come. A wave of human souls is moving into the higher vibrations. It's time to delve deep inside, to break up the density contained in our energetic fields. It's time to break out and ride the thermals into the higher vibrations, towards our next higher evolutionary state.

It is not an easy undertaking. However, we are each seeded for success and although at times life may get very tough, it is through these trials and tribulations that we attain true mastery. It's all about transcendence...

In loving support


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Thank you for this excellent article Open.

I particularly resonate with dispelling the myth of 'good' karma. It seems that this is a frequently misunderstood aspect of the nature of karma. Good and bad are judgements of the mind that presume we know the best outcome of a situation. Unless are aware of the entire web then we are simply tweaking a few strands.

It is often the challenging or unfortunate events that evoke the perfect opportunity to clear away debris from the past. It's when we remain attached to the events that we stay tangled in the karma. I am have never seen anyone break through anything without overcoming personal challenges. It is the same with karma.

I love this following story that reminds us that things are not always as they seem... An invitation to simply flow with destiny and trust that there is reason for everything.

    There is a Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit.

    "Such bad luck," they said sympathetically.
    "We'll see," the farmer replied.

    The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses.

    "How wonderful," the neighbors exclaimed.

    "We'll see," replied the old man.

    The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune.

    "We'll see," answered the farmer.

    The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son's leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out.

    "We'll see" said the farmer.

I really got lost in my karma clearings and what I lack most now and always is self-acceptance of what I have been through, hence also self forgiveness. Is there anything in particular I could do to be more self-accepting? this is a way out, but I feel such block inside that I feels like hitting the wall with my head. Thank you.

My lack of emotional diplomacy has often lead me into antagonising sensitive issues. While not entirely the point of your article, I recognise from it similar symptoms pushing buttons with people, during which I oft-times struggle to anticipate and march right into the minefield. One of the most illuminating aspects of reading the articles here is the level of respect and integrity that comes across. I am very humbled by your eloquent manner Chris and appreciate the opportunity to learn. One of my challenges is to be helpful without antagonising, and learning to become emotionally detached yet remaining sympathetic.

Hi Kelvin,

Actually I've stepped on plenty of mines in my time!

What I felt urged to do initially, was simply to express, without too much reservation, and then to watch the affect in the mirror. It wasn't that I was intentionally trying to push buttons. It's just that it seemed the best way to get some kind of reflection and feedback - you simply can't progress at all if one is not prepared to put oneself out to a degree.

I came to realise that if you do challenge yourself, the universe will always meet you half way.

In the various exchanges, I'd be watching both the external mirror and myself accutely. I'd notice where my actions activated distortions in others (hence the point), but I'd also reflect on how in the future I might do it more diplomatically and with greater sophistication.

The key point is though, unless we're prepared to step in and act, we're not going to get much of a mirror from which to work.

Very best wishes


Thanks for your perspective. The key factor is as you stated to be "acutely" watchful and it is this that I need to be more mindful of and I certainly agree with doing it with a sophistication.

I have just finished reading Divinicus for the second time. In the second to last chapter, 'Alchemy of Transcendence' (p. 211) there is this sentence:

With 'Receiving Hand' often when the people feel the pain in some way, be it emotional, mental or physical, the typical reaction is to immediately drop it, placate it, try to take it away; or in the case of karmic pain, to try and blame it on someone else.

Just yesterday I got all upset and angry at somebody for what they had done, normally nobody else would have thought it was particularly bad. I went into the feelings, felt deep into them and could release them, with the realisation that I was blaming the other for them, but that the situation had actually triggered karmic pain.

So my question is, if blame is an indication for karmic pain, isn't it better to be aware of the blaming instead of overlooking and overcoming it as it a disempowering reaction?

Hi Helen,

It's a good question. There's a difference between acknowledging the sense of blame within ourselves, and projecting it out into the world at someone - the proponent.

If we project at oneanother, we'll create reactions to the energy we project - what you put out, comes right back at you. It's fine to express, but work for it not to be subjective - aimed at a particular person or entity.

What you seemed to do here, was contain much of the feeling and work into it. In which case it does take you right into the source of the karma. If on the other hand you project at the other, it tends to dissipate the energy in their direction and distracts from the source pain.

Getting the balance I know is not easy. But with practice, it does come.

Open *OK*

The interesting thing was in this case, that just the realisation that the pain had a karmic source, since I was blaming, enabled me to overcome my conditioning and to accept and honour the pain. If I had projected it I would have been in the loop of "what shall I do about this?" and of victimisation. I might then have distanced myself from both the projection and the victimisation or I would have smoothed over and denied the feelings. And not got anywhere. But I was able to acknowledge the feelings and didn't feel silly about them being so strong for an apparently minor reason. And it worked! It was a really good experience.

In fact, it doesn't really matter whether it's karmic or any other pain, it's really a question of approaching the pain with a different mind set, of owning and feeling it.

Still, it would interest me why karmic pain in particular leads to blaming another, rather than suppressing, denying, lulling etc.

Helen you said...

    'If I had projected it (the karma) I would have been in the loop of "what shall I do about this?" and of victimisation. I might then have distanced myself from both the projection and the victimisation or I would have smoothed over and denied the feelings. And not got anywhere. But I was able to acknowledge the feelings and didn't feel silly about them being so strong for an apparently minor reason. And it worked! It was a really good experience.'

That's brilliant - a perfect example of how to approach it - how to catch oneself and work into the karma.

You ask...

    "why karmic pain in particular leads to blaming another, rather than suppressing, denying etc"

I'd say many, if not all of these things - like suppressing and denying - have karma at their route. And mostly there'll be a distorted route of blame, because karma is created by non acceptance of the moment. Particularly that you created your reality.

It's a major step to realise and then accept that you create, and draw to you, every circumstance of life. And there are several levels of 'getting this'. You might get a sense that it's correct, then on the surface kind of accept it. But really there's still resistance inside. There has to be that deep "aha" realisation - "I am the creator and therefore master of my experience".

Actually that's when the path really accelerates.

Open *OK*

"And there are several levels of 'getting this'. You might get a sense that it's correct, then on the surface kind of accept it. But really there's still resistance inside."

I am going through this now, staying on the surface....good to read about it to make me aware...Thanks Open.


Re-Reading this article is the Synchronistic sign that Devine has sent me, I feel it deeply; It's timing is simply DEVINE <3

Your last paragraph in your personal share/experience is the message, Thank-you so much for sharing <3