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Hi everyone, this week we're on the stunning volcanic island of La Palma in the Atlantic off the north coast of Africa for the Openhand New Year retreat 2020. And you can join us! I'm going to be posting daily meditations, guidances, photos and sharings so you can pick up the vibe and have your own inquiry as a welcome part of the group. The virtual retreat - through the ether - will run from Monday 27th till Friday 31st and I'll be posting here daily in this journal.

How to take part

Tune in here on the journal in the morning for a meditation/guidance for the day
If you have any questions/challenges come up you'd like guidance on, share through the day
Check in during the evening for postings, reflections and sharings about any questions

Check the intro video...

So all you need do is take some time to tune in at the beginning of the day, join the guidances and then tune in at the evening with any questions or reflections you have - and see how others are getting on too.

See you in the ether!

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Hey Nils - glad you had a good experience Slightly Smiling

The point about misfits, is that it refers more to not fitting into the control system.

I'm sure that defines plenty of us!

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I have to admit the word misfits kind of triggered me a little bit upon hearing it. However, after contemplating it for a bit I realized I am happy to be a misfit. If one follows the pull of thesoul in this reality one has to prepared to be declared a misfit (though not necessarily). I so appreciated this week at La Palma, though a very challenging one. What an amazing group of peopole. Love the closing pictures. Much love.  


Hi Open, I feel I have released large amounts of kharma in the last week and it has left me feeling oddly depressed and disconnected. I have done the entity release twice as I thought something might be taking the place of what I had lost,  if that makes any sense, but it still drifts back. ...I wasn't sure what to do as a grounding meditation you have one ... I tried a mindfulness one but thought you may have an idea.

Much Love Heather

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Hi Heather - interestingly depression came up during the retreat. The solution was to look at the authentic expression at the core of the depression. In this case it was the simple state of awesome okayness, not needing the situation to be one way or the other, not needing it to be happy and joyful for example. It can become depression because the ego loads the awesome okayness with negative value. So acceptance in the core of the depression is essential.

My suggestion about grounding would be a good solid connection to nature - that always helps a treat Wink Emoji

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Thanks Open and the La Palma retreaters, and everyone on this thread for sharing! Fantastic vibes. Was in the ether for this one and grateful to to be a part. Eric 


It's impossible to put into words what we experienced here in La Palma on retreat this year. So much energy shifted, so many break throughs, such wonderful soul emergence. It's been both humbling and thrilling to host and be a part of. Thankyou to everyone tuning in - you helped make it special too. voltage emoji iconStar EmojiHeart

We are all blessed!...

Such a magical memories...

Angels Michelle & Rich...

More angels...

All angels...

Angels and Orbs...

Pure joy...

A Magical Group of Misfits!...


Such a beautiful and uplifting video! Thanks, Open <3

Today I went for a walk and just totally had no idea where I was going. First I ran into a building with a sentence including a word 'family' written on it and then into a building with "tribe" on it. Funny moments. Later I felt like doing some free-flow dancing with eyes closed. When I opened them there was a white feather right in front of me. I am definitely given a sign I am not alone and that this is something to apply more in my life.

While dancing I felt a kind of expansion and an increasing trust in myself, that even though I don't know it, my life here has a purpose, that my soul is here to fulfil it, in some miraculous way which I don't understand. Luckily it is not to be understood or to make any sense of it. Maybe I can have enough faith to trust that my path so far was exactly the way it should be, with all the wanderings and tilts and deviations, so I can learn things in a grounded, embodied way, rather than sitting and imagining. I feel more courage to keep making steps in the moment into the unknown, this time without expectations, but with a deepening sense of purpose and rightness. I've learned that I can never know what awaits in the next frame and what I will be invited to explore and discover and in which way I will express and what I am going to create. Maybe it is okay that sometimes turbulence arises and all the mud in me and other people just floats up. Maybe one day more harmonious realities will arise around me. Who knows? It is just like some magic popping out of the magician's hat. All I can do is just feel out the next word, the next step, and make sure that I am fully here and seeing and feeling everything.

I can't see what it is going to be, but it feels like there is a new phase that I am invited to dive into. Some old, dusty, outdated stuff from the previous phases is to be shed and cleared now, internally and externally. Refresh. This might make floating pieces of a puzzle fall into place. Very glad to get on this wave, will keep riding it.

Thank you <3



We're feeling great vibrations here in the group as we prepare to head off down to the airport. It's impossible to put words to the feeling of upliftment. So here's a song that came to me which best captures the sense of it, as people prepare to leave the island, which I felt to share with you all tuning in....


We spent a tremendous final day together yesterday, free wheeling various places around this beautiful island. The main orientation, which naturally arose, was to form a connection with your own "Tribe" or soul family vibration. There are groups of beings in the ether for each of us, that you can work with to remind you of your own soul frequency. These groups have come from across the cosmos to support humanity in the great shift that is unfolding across the earth.

We're looking for aligned frequency in nature, in colours, aromas, sounds and deep resonant feelings. What is is that brings you into your sense of 'rightness'? Pay attention to these activities and then use the meditations (the Breakthrough Breathing for example) to form a sense of higher connection. Open your heart and invite your tribe to support you. Then watch for the subtle interplays and perceptions that go on around you. Go forwards with active attention. You'll create a bridge to them, and in any given situation, they'll help remind you of aligned beingness that will help you mediate through.

Here's a sense of that from yesterday here on the retreat...

"Where are you?" Here! "What time is it? Now! "Who are you?" This moment!...

Trecking into the Volcano...

Time for deep soulful connections...

The "Talking Stone", an ancient shamanic practice: pick up the first stone that draws your attention. What animal do you first see? Dragon for example. Then simply state: "Dragon says...."

Connecting with your tribe...

Heike, forming a bridge...

Kev - becoming the mountain!...

Sometimes that divine connection is just too much!...

End of the day on the beach - soul family through the stones...


Hi Yulia,

Sounds like you had a really good and productive day - it very much mirrored our final day here on La Palma - enjoyable free wheeling, lots of 'treasure' and connection. What you shared here stood out...

Then I had this question - I feel stuck and clumsy in so many aspects, there is this internal conflict so often, how do I make sure I don't miss the tune. I just could see there is no perfection in the grounded reality, not in this fountain too. So it is okay not to be perfect. I feel so guilty for not being perfect, for making mistakes, for hurting myself and people in my life in some way, having some negative impact. But it is a part of learning here, for us all. The point is to act and then learn.

"How do I make sure I don't miss the tune?" Perfect question indeed.

I find the challenge of the soul here is in the fact that in complete authenticity it's not actually choosing. It's just flowing. So it will inquire around density as it will around lightness. The 'problem' being that if we emerse too much in the densities here, you can get easily submerged and kind of bounce around in it. Assuming then that there's a yearning to find the fullness of 'your tune' in any given situation, what helps is to have a way of finding your aligned orientation - a commitment to it. With this in mind, I've found the connection to one's higher dimensional "Team" invaluable - meaning a connection to your soul family in the ether. Because they'll remind you of your 'tune'.

I find what happens is you build more of the higher dimensional vibes into this landscape here. It makes the aligned orientation easier. Maybe something to explore.

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On day 4 I woke up much more open and energised than usually, enjoyed yoga, which always brings me into the body and allows to breath, then meditation, ate my favourite breakfast - apple, persimmon and almond salad with cacao nibs, cinnamon and coconut cream, and went out into the day. It was sunny and nice. Then I met somebody who said something that triggered a process for the whole day, but I accepted it and worked to bring positivity and lightness while being in that process, notice the good and beautiful stuff without avoiding the triggered feelings and sensations.

In the evening I met a friend, walked, danced at home and meditated more. In the end of the day I just felt so loved and happy to be.

Today, on day 5, the whole day turned to be a surprise. First of all, there was no promised rain, it was sunny again. I felt like going to see my family. I waited for my sister to come near a fountain and instantly got a message. The fountain was a combination of different shapes and heights of water, and they all worked in unison. Plus, there was this pulsation. There was a phase when all of streams would go quiet and then a phase when  they all burst together. I kind of got caught in this slow, calm pace in my life, very minimalistic, minimum activity, then there are moments that demand some action and energy, but I feel clinging on this peace and quiet and won't apply to these more vigorous kinds of flow. So I could see where I resist and how I can become more sensitive to the 'orchestra' and 'play my note' when it is time for me to do it. Plus, it had to do with aligning my own system, as an instrument, realising that all parts of me create and participate in the moment, so really learning to listen, feel and 'play' all my instruments right.

Then I had this question - I feel stuck and clumsy in so many aspects, there is this internal conflict so often, how do I make sure I don't miss the tune. I just could see there is no perfection in the grounded reality, not in this fountain too. So it is okay not to be perfect. I feel so guilty for not being perfect, for making mistakes, for hurting myself and people in my life in some way, having some negative impact. But it is a part of learning here, for us all. The point is to act and then learn. Then audio-mixing popped in my mind... I haven't been making music for quite a while, waiting for something, for the right timing and inspiration. I started learning how to mix a year ago and then dropped it all. In wiki it says: "audio mixing is the process of combining multitrack recordings into a final monostereo or surround sound product. In the process of combining the separate tracks, their relative levels (i.e volumes) are adjusted and balanced... In stereo and surround sound mixing, the placement of the tracks within the stereo (or surround) field are adjusted and balanced...". The message is pretty clear.

The second thing that my attention was brought to is trees, magical cute streets with lots of green. I recently miss trailing, forests, nature. I immersed myself into the noise of the city. There were times I couldn't bear it and resisted and contracted. Finally, can be open and in peace in this environment, explored it and found a way through it, if being in it. So it looks like I am invited to work with laziness, get more into motion, shake off the denseness and infuse myself again with nature. 

In the evening I danced again, in totally beautiful state. These two days were very shiny, but without disconnection from reality, every day life and I had a feeling of being really here, and in this awareness that both darkness and light pervade everything, and make it all whole. I could see there is no point to escape neither this or the other, that I am invited to find the right balance, in every moment. I always had some problem with mixing these two (mixing again). It was either this or that.

So mixing and shining... While I am still in some kind of cocoon, and going deeper and deeper 'underground', it doesn't mean I can't shine and reach out for the light and let it in.

Thank you for the beautiful pics and for making a version of home-retreat - so effective. I can only imagine how powerful it is where you are.




Yesterday was the last day of formal 'work' here in La Palma - we conducted various meditations to support the release of kundalini and to activate the spirit light body. Of course this is an ongoing process of the journey leading to the pinnacle of experience here in human form - so the likelihood is that these experiences will build over time as the inner work is conducted. It will eventually lead to the new 5D human DNA configuration in a New Paradigm of Being on 5D earth - of course that is our main 'mission' here at Openhand and so it's something we'll progressively explore and share as we sail forwards through the Shift. Here's an overview on where this is leading to in a recent lead article...
5D Shift: How will the New Evolution of 5D Human DNA take Form?

Lots of shifts of consciousness have taken place here through the retreat. It's been quite amazing how deep the group have gone and how much authentic soul consciousness has been unveiled. Whenever you make some shift like this through the inner work, that's simply bound to reflect into the outer - the outer shapes around the inner configuration. So then the key is to be witnessing the new landscape that shapes through signs and synchronicity. The witnessing of patterns and interplays helps you embody the new consciousness as a way of being. And so it progressively shapes a new harmonious reality where you're living and creating with the flow. So this will be what the last part of the gathering will be all about which I invite you to join in on. Here at Openhand we call it "free wheeling".

Day 5: Assignment - free wheeling

Free wheeling honours the fact that the soul is yearning to flow freely; that it is not invested in the outcome, but simply yearning to express the fullness of itself to witness through feedback loops with the outer. As the embodied energy of the soul builds, then life becomes increasingly magical and miraculous.

The key is to be open to this flow, and moving with active attention, rather than any fixed intention. So set yourself aside some free time today and tomorrow - whatever space you can make. Begin in meditation to feel an opening up. It works best from the sense of relaxed openness, adventure and curiosity. So reflect on times when you felt that way and let the sense of this state come through you. When you're ready, let the pull simply take you. "The Pull" might first begin as a flash of inspiration or a vision - go in this direction now. Or else it will be a pull through the heart. Let this move you. At each twist and turn, at each junction, work not to pre plan, but allow flexibility and spontaneity to guide the flow. And then notice what your attention is drawn to. If there's a strong resonance to what you see, then pause and feel the sense of it inside. For example, if you see something in nature, a creature, a cloud formation, or the metaphor in a sign or symbol, simply reflect on how that's making you feel inside. Then when you're ready, take off again. I also call it "treasure hunting". You're hunting synchronistic treasure from the Universe. And it becomes simply divine.

What treasure might you find today?

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Dragons in the sky on Day 3!...

Heike - stepping out from behind the camera, blessed by an orb...

Kev, blessed by sunshine...

Toni, blessed by the pool!...

Meanwhile Michelle is blessed by a cactus!...

Lesley, letting it all go...

Penny, taking some chill time...

Armi - sunshine activating endorphins...

Mr Tibbs, getting some crafty shade under Nils...

Hannah, softening into the mountain...

Speaking of the mountain, can you see "Isla Bonita?" - the lady's face lying down?...


It was a tremendously emotive day yesterday here in La Palma. It would be impossible to describe the unfoldings and how deep things went. We were unwinding through the karma of Atlantis, the destruction of that civilisation. And then journeying through to 'the other side'. Realising previously dormant aspects of self, in other forms completely - being embodied as a dolphin for example. How extraordinary. How amazing. Awe inspiring to be a part of. What must it be like to swim as a dolphin? On Friday we'll get close to them as people travel out on a boat trip. It's bound to be deeply moving.

To get to this place, we had to drop through many layers though. Layers of inner child and inner teenager for example - programs building into filters that then fixate you into reality a particular way. But once you can feel these filters as not you, then it becomes easier to unravel through them in meditation. I've shared the general Openhand Meditation approach to this in the book 5GATEWAYS. It's helpful also to read and understand the nature of these inner identity filters because it explains why our reality can be so fixed and limited, AND ALSO, with commitment, we can readily break them apart. Here's the Openhand lead article on that, but I would also recommend getting the book if you resonate with the inquiry and don't already have it...
Unwinding Inner Identities as an 'Engine' for Enlightenment

The process softens up the pain body so that consciousness can expand more into the 4D, into karma, and then beyond that into higher dimensional experiences. This can be done progressively. The dimensions are all interrelated, so the likelihood is you'll go back and forth between different dimensional experiences and processes until the false self ego completely drops away. So my recommendation is to go with the experience that is presenting. If there's something to process then work it through. But also to say, take time out from the deep processing of density - don't get stuck in it, or wallowing in it. Give time and space for consciousness to expand into more harmonious experience - resting in acceptance and simple happiness - the peace of not efforting.

So today I felt to encourage that. So here's the assignment for anyone tuning in and wanting to take part...

Day 4 Assignment: what brings you joy? How do you activate endorphins?

Endorphins naturally break down the physical apsect of density from processing - they eject negative neuropeptides from your cells, and thus make you feel good. This relaxed sensation of feelings good can be a great vehicle for the soul to rest and shift into higher dimensions of harmony. Here's Openhand's lead article on endorphins that includes 8 ways to generate them. So there's the assignment today - do something that activates endorphins and let the dense processing go...


The Uplifting Effect of Endorphins...and 8 ways to generate them

Then do come back and share your experience!

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Hi Marije - clearly you've got a really good handle on the current challenge - what the dynamic is. But likely there are a couple of keys to find to come to peace with it all.

Firstly, when we move into enlightenment, there is no 'infinite peace' as an experience. There is still the process, of the universe constantly moving and unwinding. So I would say there needs to be a gentleness with oneself over this. There's no requirement to figure it all out, to know it all. Again, there needs to be a resting in the process, which leads to a resting in the Void. Just to allow. And to be.

Possibly here is another key in what you said at the end...

I had question though, can any 'obstructions' in our authentic flow eventually always be traced back to some karmic roots?

After karma, there is finding harmony between the rays (of consciousness), some of which can conflict in given situations and create eddy currents which can be a degree like karma. So for example the ray 1 catalytic principle might conflict with the ray 4 of compassion. By working with them, you would find the right harmony of expression in given situations - how to blend them. So this can create challenge too.

Possibly you're being moved in seemingly contradictory ways in given situations. A need possibly to soften one way and let the other come through stronger. But always resting with the inquiry - not needing the 'answer'. Letting it just happen more.

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Hi Yulia - yes the exploration of death can lead to the beautiful dropping of the illusion, indeed. I can recall (consciously) travelling onto the very edge of the void, as a deep deep well. And the pull to simply sink into it and dissolve out - how tremendous for the noise and busyness, the constant creation just to simply dissipate and soften into infinite peace.

Was there any ownership of this? And it's the question I ask you now.

As I was about to dissolve out, I 'heard' something. Not with ears of course. But it was an umistakable pull 'through the heart' (not a physical heart of course). It drew back to more experience, to shared experience, and a recognition that there were others still suffering from the illusion. It wasn't a decision as such. Just the arising of soul. And that's the key - where there's no ownership, the soul happens by itself. And when its always happening by itself, then there can be resting in the Void too. The eye of the storm.

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Ray 1 - I went into warrior energy today, allowed it to express and felt more alive than usually, but then there was a drop of energy, I barely had any to drag myself home. Possibly, it has to do with iron deficiency (anemia). I lost a lot of blood during recents months, after the operation. But all this just creates a set up for an experience which I am slowly diving into and exploring.

Today during meditation came up an old karmic experience, which I already felt through a decade ago, I could see new nuances and relation to other karmic experiences, on a different level. It had to do with losing a child, then behaving in such way that my partner left me, losing hope, faith, and a will to live and eventually hanging myself. For over a year I've been feeling a kind of pressure in my neck, pain and a sense that I can't fully breath in. Suffocation is not a new regression for me, taking me to different flashbacks, including a completely different place in the cosmos, but I felt it is about something specific this time...

During several lifetimes I was really suffering, physically, emotionally, mentally, and the moment of death then brought relaxation, relief, comfort -- all the pain, disappointment, the denseness, worries, all the noise, effort, limitations just were left behind. Experience of pure grace and lightness. While it seemed like God is not around in this world, and definitely abandoned me, or it was me that turned my back on God and shut any connection off, but at the moment of dying everything divine was embracing, comforting and meeting my soul and I could feel free, liberated, finally. While life seemed like a burden and nightmare, death was a redemption. In short, the judgement is that death is better than life. I got attached, even addicted to the experience, and the tougher and more dramatic life was the more amazing was the moment of death, when all this was over.

Moreover, there is this distortion of going back to complete non-existence, the ultimate death, a repetitive fixation - as if I just want to fall asleep and never wake up again. I don't want to reincarnate or exist in any form whatsoever. As if the most perfect way of being is not to be at all. This is also when one does the least damage, to itself, others, the surrounding environment - when not living. In this lifetime the first time I thought about escaping existence was when I was 9 yo, and this thought never left me. During cycles of pain 'escape' is the default 'button'. Every loss, every disappointment with life, every break up, every intense suffering I felt deep grief and this idea popping up every time, like some ready to go recipe. It took me years to learn to work with it and not act upon it. Today it came up, together with the hanging experience.

I was feeling the sadness before and the relief after, and I cried a lot, again. After softening into everything and experiencing the moment of death, I could see that I am experiencing it now, so I don't have to actually die for it. I just need to open to it. But the 'connection' is strong. I have more layers there, distortions and potentially more flashbacks to move through.

I've been making 1+1 and at the moment I am experiencing this half-dead state in my life, being extremely tired, wanting to sleep all the time, and maybe, in some way, I don't want to 'wake up' and act, so there might be some subconscious resistance to ray 1 indeed. Being sleepy, relaxed and apathetic is the closest to death one can get while being alive, and it is potentially a distortion of ray 2 - becoming too surrendered. Is there such a thing? Even though I feel the boundaries and feeling out what's right are pretty solid. Also ray 1 does activate in many other situations, like when processing or speaking my truth. I still quite don't see what about ray 1, but I guess it will come. In the meantime, maybe I am taken into the experience of death while being alive for a while. I asked for it so many times, and here it is. Some power wants me here, and my soul does too, it is still here. A different and a more aligned solution is to be found. I already see potential revelations after today's session.

The exploration around death, from both directions - being afraid of and intimidated by it, how it strips and takes away, and its unpredictability, and on the other hand this yearning for it, because it does carry so many gifts. It is something so divine but also very down to earth. I mean more down to earth than death? When it is faced in reality this is the end of all fantasies and delusions, it puts everything into proportion and you just can't lie to yourself or anybody else anymore. So I feel to let it happen, experience it all, and then take all the gifts, realisations and ways of being back into life.

Reminded me of this song and video:

I wanted to say thanks for the Keep Your Eyes on Me song - I found it here right after the session and it was very soothing and heart-warming.



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Dear Yulia and Open , 

I am writing here to share a very interesting experience after attempting be with and equalize with the very dense energy I feel in my heart Chakra. In South Africa I had seen how I had a deep fear of child birth because a child had died, my soul mate and I had died of heartbreak leaving behind my present husband and daughter. A layer relating to my guilt around these events dissolved and I am able to relate to my husband with aot more truth. The subconscious feeling of ' owing' him something has disappeared since then .

I felt deep grief once I felt into this very dense energy. And as I stayed with it diligently something very interesting happened. 

I attended the delivery of twin babies born to a mum who lost her 21 year old boy to a traffic accident. They decided to conceive babies and on 3rd January ( the day the last child died) one of the twins started having a decreased blood supply in the womb. 

Yesterday despite excellent management he was already dead at time of delivery. It is almost as if the entire scenario played itself out. Better still, the man I know to be my son in that life was in the same room. I was shaken and stirred and have attempted to again just Be with these emotions. Given my profession, this seems to be quite a key to karma in this lifetime. 

As I sit typing this, I again see the Sparrow hawk. She has a nest here, and has swooped down to hunt for her babies. 

Something my heart has lightened. Something has unraveled. 

Thank you all 




Hi Open,

I think I already alluded to one of my repeating patterns in yesterday’s post, fear of judgement and persecution for what/how I express myself, leading to fear of failure, lots of self-judgement and never-ending doubting. And I realized it is also what leads to a lack of trust in myself, constantly seeking reassurance from others to make sure I have their approval, so they are less likely to judge me. I get a sense that somewhere down the line I must have lost trust in my own expression after having been fiercely punished for it multiple times, in several cases probably resulting in death. So the pattern is a constant suppression of my authentic expression, where the mind has taken control to make sure the authentic expression only gets a chance to slip through when the circumstances are safe to do so.

And this pattern always seems to be strongest when I am in my country of birth that I keep on wondering what kind of karma I have with the Netherlands (sometimes I wonder if I might have been part of some of the indigenous tribes in South Africa, when the Dutch viciously invaded there). There has always been a sense of not wanting to be here, which has strengthened over the years, that conflicts with the reflections/projections I get from the outside world about honoring your ancestors and that this is where my ‘roots’ are. Yet I mostly feel ‘uprooted’ here and have more of a sense of roots when I am in Africa, which can feel very confusing. And I keep on having judgements about myself for obviously not being able to process whatever underlying stuff that is blocking me from being able to connect with my roots or ancestors in the Netherlands.

All these karmic patterns can be so in my face, yet so difficult to break through, which can feel so frustrating! Even once you have broken through one layer, there always seems to be a next related one awaiting…

I had question though, can any 'obstructions' in our authentic flow eventually always be traced back to some karmic roots?


Those who know the Openhand work know that we always use music to move energy at the right moment - the field just picks the tracks that touch deeply within and help to unravel. This song came up yestreday and moved us deeply - I felt to share it with you.

When you're working through density and especially karma, it can feel pretty lonely at times. Know that you are never alone! There is always support in the ether around you. And always an invitation to connect to the deepest source of you....keep your eyes on me


We had another marvellous day here in La Palma - we got deep into the pain body, working with it to soften it up. Now this can take years to eventually clear, but what you can do quickly, is to clearly disassiociate from it - the energy of the work causes you to feel it, but then with illumination, you clearly recognise it is not you. As the energy resonates around you, you start to feel the soul as you causality of being more than the ego. This is where the pain body starts to soften much more quickly and where there can be deep unravellings.

Where the pain body starts to soften in this way, and where we're disassociating from it, then the roots of it will start to expose themselves. These will most often be karmic roots - past life karma. Let's be clear about what karma is from the Openhand perspective for anyone reasonably new tuning in. There is no such things as 'good' or 'bad' karma! We don't get good karma by doing good things - this is distorted thinking in relation to the law of cause and effect. Karma is where the soul attaches to life experience and then fragments - we identify with the experience which causes an internal eddy current around it and builds blocking energy, just like an eddy current in a stream collecting debris. It could be for example the trauma involved in passing on - being killed suddenly on a battlefield for example. Yesterday one of the participants went into the shock if this. Often what happens is the soul goes out of body in these events but leaving a fragment in the trauma. The soul could be floating above the battlefield, disconnected from the experience yet part of it still stuck by the sense of shock.

What's necessary here is to regress into the experience and to normalise in it by allowing it to be. Then the shock (being the karma in this case) would start to dissolve. The fragment of soul reintegrates and the trauma is released.

It's essential to recgonise that this karma will have created constantly through this lifetime. For example, where something uncomfortable or unpleasant happens, suddenly popping out of body and into the 4D - you disconnect from the moment so you can't fully engage in it. I see this happening a lot to people. Hence the need to activate and get into the karma.

Karma will begin to activate only once the pain body has softened to some degree. And then it might begin only as a subtle vibration, which could easily be ignored. But if you pay attention to the threads revealing themselves in meditation, then it starts to activate in your life so you can unravel it. This is entirely necessary if we are to move with the shift. It's the reason we're here in the first place.
Explore this 9 step Openhand healing approach for dealing with subconscious trauma and karma

Assignment for Today

So today, I invite all tuning in to have an exploration of what karma truly is, where it might be active in your life, and how it might be influencing the show. What patterns are you constantly repeating? These most often point to karma and why they can be so challenging to work through.

Feel free to share the patterns here, and I'll work to offer a reflection.
For people newish to the Openhand Approach, here's an understanding on the nature of karma...
Understanding the Nature of Karma


Hi Marije - great to have you connect - your energy is most welcome, and somehow it feels like you're here.

Ah yes, the pain body, a pretty much perfect expression of it in your words. I'm sure many would recognise. Praying Emoji

And you know well how to get into that and process it. To keep feeling the contracting touch points inside. Thread by thread it starts to pull apart - but in these moments it's going to be challenging, because those anchoring threads reflect out into life, into our relationships for example. And whereas before we accepted blind and unconscious actions - a co-dependency between states in people - now we know that such unconsciousness is not acceptable to the unfusing soul we can feel. Hence the challenge and discomfort.

But the only way out is through! Through the challenges, through the inquiry, through the cauldron. Whatever choice I'm resisting, work to take that direction anyway and then work into what comes up. What often helps is this...

To realise that every distortion is a distortion of truth. Meaning distorted behaviour is a distortion of one of the rays of expression. So for example slipping into self judgment would be a distortion of the inquiring ray 3 - "what is real right now?" "what am I being invited to do?" Or, "where is the right boundary for my expression?"

The problem here is the ego looking for a simple answer - "do this". And then ties itself in knots because the answer doesn't come! Instead, it's about allowing the inquiry. Allowing the question to create of it's own accord. Most essentially, in any given tightness in the moment, is to recognise the tightness is where you need to be, but then immediately to work to soften and open out through it. This creates the space for an authentic ray of the soul to emerge. You find yourself already starting to express. Natural choices then create from the expression.

Yes, this will bush buttons in the people around you who want and need an expected behaviour from you. At some point though, you'll come to the realisation that carrying this weight just isn't worth it. It's not worth it for you or them. When you decide to set it down, then recognising the tightness and immediately unwinding through to reveal right action becomes a whole lot easier.

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Yulia - yes I can see that the surrendering has brought a deep level of acceptance and has been necessary. And not to force any ray 1. In what you write however, I still think there's an important key in it.

You wonder if there's an end to all the constant processing?

In my experience, life becomes a process - a constant process of unwinding through. This can be intense, yes, because of the density here. But when there's acceptance of it, then for me at least, it all just happens (almost) by itself. So for example, a tightness from the field will sweep over me and maybe cause a tightened density inside of me. Immediately there's a turning into it. I don't have to think about that. The ray 3 inquires, the ray 2 feels, the ray 1 goes to work. There's an inquiring exploration, an unwinding working to expand through. It might feel tiring and there might be concern that you won't get to the bottom of it. Whose concern is that? So there's a deeper ray 2 letting go in it. The rays work together. And before you know it, the density has fallen away. This is how I find I'm given to catalyse and work the field. Something like this happened to me last night, as I picked up a connection to the elders here and their feeling of injustice and persecution at the hands of the invading Spanish conquistadors.

So my reflection back to you is still to inquire and explore for a new attunement of the lower rays. See what the universe says, if you get a reflection.

Open Praying Emoji


Nice to be able to take part in the La Palma retreat virtually here, though I have to say that I have never fully grasped the sense of being able to tune in energetically when retreats are taking place around the world, like some others seem to be able to. This is the first time in 4 years that I am not in La Palma in January and last week I was observing some fears coming up around the possibility ‘missing out’, but it was interesting to notice that I was able to watch the fears from a distance without getting too absorbed by or need to act on them (I know this same fear has made me in the past sign up or participate in things that I didn’t actually feel pulled to).

On the topic of Fear, Megha I can so much relate to what you wrote on this big roadblock! About being harshly persecuted/judged for expressing the truth and therefore the fear of being harmed and left alone/behind. For me when such fear arises it usually goes hand in hand with this strong sense of needing to run away and hide… Here on this platform I feel by now relatively comfortable to express myself freely, but despite that in the background there is still always this monitoring/censoring process going on, evaluating every word I write down and how it might be ‘judged’. And the fact that whatever I post here is basically accessible to the whole world, doesn’t really help either. Particularly the idea that my family, who probably won’t resonate with much of this, could access and read what I write here, feeds the fear.

And this all ties in well with the questions that Open raised yesterday and today about our current life situation and the pain body… Let me try and elaborate a bit on them:

1)  Consistent patterns: going round in circles, feeling stuck/stagnated. I can clearly see the ‘imprisoned’ authentic self wanting to break free from the heavily secured penitentiary that my ego has convicted it to. And it feels like the more it is trying to break free, the more the security gets tightened further by the ego.

2)  Blocking you moving forwards: fear to express myself completely authentically. The fear of being judged/persecuted and left behind, particularly by family. At the same time, there is a discomfort around hurting others involved in this.

3)  Gifts of beingness being invited: courage to become more confrontational perhaps? (even as I write this, it already makes me feel uncomfortable).

1)  Needing things to go a particular way? Avoiding conflict, particularly not wanting to be judged by or hurt others. And perhaps as a consequence I am actually rejecting my (authentic) self, which comes with a lot of self-judgement and doubt.

2)  Unable to accept: When others judge/reject me/my authentic self. It is interesting, because I always thought I have this strong fear of failure, but I realise that this is probably just the fear of being judged/rejected in another disguise. I am actually not that afraid of making mistakes, but terrified of being judged by others for making mistakes.

3)  What actions you avoid, because fear of the outcome: A lot of authentic expression is being suppressed or heavily controlled, because of the fear of the judgement it might attract. And also in choices that I make the fear can easily overwrite a pull from my authentic self. Perhaps as an example where I am currently still getting stuck in an old pattern, is that an authentic pull seems to be calling me to Africa and appeal for my more entrepreneurial spirit, yet unconsciously I am finding myself possibly manifesting a respectable job with an employment contract, which would be a more reasonable cloak for moving there, than just following the pull and moving there without clear prospect of how to make a living (already having felt a sense of judgement in a number of critical questions that I have received around this). Which in turn creates a lot of doubt, about whether I really want that job should it be offered to me, or whether I should just move there anyhow without a job and venture into some more uncertain entrepreneurial territory….




Ray 1:

About the ray 1 - During the 'collapse' maybe something is still missing or interrupting so the soul can't fully take over. Maybe in my case I move back through traumatic disconnections, as well as some karmic material, step by step, so until all of it is integrated it is not yet possible, so I get these gradual deconstructions moving through unconsciousness. It is getting 'better' every time. There is more and more awareness, presence, connection and depth of experience. In my every day life ray 1 is rather dormant, I get a feeling there is a deeper reason for it, so I don't try to activate it intentionally. There is this process of further breaking of the resistance and defence mechanisms, as well as further exploration and alignment of feminine aspect, and probably in the meantime ray 1 comes through only when needed, like when there are arrangements or some actions to take. It just wakes up, takes me through the activity and then goes to sleep again. I am learning that if I let go, some wave will just pick me up and take me through the day, it is okay. I don't feel very lively, passionate or motivated, but I definitely flow. For the last several years I feel I walk through a thick fluid, there is not much light there at all, but I keep moving through it and learning within it. So I guess it is okay. The worm is slowly digging through the ground...

The bow:

While doing the bow I felt so sad and I cried the whole meditation. There was a feeling of failure in love throughout my whole life, then deep guilt about the tail of dramatic mess that was my life so far, and the sense of powerlessness - I could see how there was nothing I could do against it. A slave to automatism, a result of upbringing, conditioning and symptoms of trauma, including disassociation and disconnection, and then deeper and deeper layers that just built all the circles for me to move along and unravel. So much pain and so much trash. It is no wonder it takes decades to dig and dig and dig and find more and more stuff. Is there a bottom? Then there was a sense of being so tired from all this and hopeless.  Out of that arose a deep sense of surrender of control. The realisation I've been struggling my entire life to get somewhere, to reach some final state, to find peace, to succeed, all my efforts during 20 years and all my spiritual work during the last decade were just an attempt to alleviate the suffering, fear and pain, I was struggling to grasp on something that came so natural to me when I could just experience the moment, 'accidentally'. I just felt completely out of control, and all this tightness and pain of the tense body that reflects the truth. Then I felt into that, how I was always trying to numb this physical pain and discomfort of physicality or escape it rather than listen to it. I thought I can control it with food and yoga and meditation, be healthy and feel great. And here I am, dealing with all THIS, the reality. In the end of meditation I felt more expanded and there was a deep sense of comfort, sadness and being okay with it. I could relax into the tightness and connect with myself. And I could cry. Thank you <3


1. I feel that the main thing is that I don't want to be disturbed, and when I am, I feel a disproportional reaction, exhaustion and tightness and suffering. For example, there was a knock on my door at 8 am today. I usually get up around 11. So somebody woke me up. I was so angry. It took me some time to accept this and work through all the reaction. Or, for instance, when random people ask me questions on the street I can't make myself reply, I just stand there silent.

Then there is this need in maximum inactivity -  just extreme laziness, resting in awareness and doing the very minimum. The rest feels like noise. I've been putting myself into the noise for a very long time, I found my presence in it, so it doesn't seem like avoidance, but rather a phase. On the other hand, I do cling on it, partially because I know what awaits me if I allow all that noise in and got quite saturated and have had enough of it.

2. I can't accept that there will be always pain and discomfort and that I can't control how my life will go and for how long and what is going to happen, how I am going to feel and how I will affect people around me (this is the biggest one). I just don't know any of it. I work to gradually embrace it. Another thing - is my mom getting old. I can't digest the idea of her getting weaker and sicker and eventually, one day, going away. Too much... I can't accept that I don't control how and at which pace my spiritual and personal growth is happening. I've had many 'hopes' and expectations in the past, I used to be very excited, but it became obvious that something much bigger than me is at work and that I really have no idea and that it is actually to stay and not something to 'do' until some result. This is truly a never-ending story. I am glad that it is so. But some part of me is sad and disappointed about it. I am not a hero I thought myself to be. I am a very lucky ant in a pile of ants though, or a molecule in an infinite sea of other molecules and learning to be grateful for my part in all this movement, whatever my role in all of this is. I want to hope there is some usefullness to my existence and not only mess and damage. It is a question why I need that. Why is it not enough for me to accept that I am here, now, and it is enough.

3. Communication and relationships - I feel exhausted and very sad, so sad I don't want to even ever try again. I know that I need to work through all this disappointment, disbelief that it is possible for me to harmoniously connect with other humans, find some balance and try again and again... Without fantasies, pretence, compromise, all that generated type of relationships. I admit I don't know how it is formed in an organic way. There is so much artificial way of connecting, so much noise, so many distortions and triggering, that it seems almost impossible to fully relax and enjoy and flow. On the other hand it is not something to look for. But if I keep hiding like I do now, the world is not going to know I am here :) I just play dead haha It cannot work for long. At some point I am going to have to raise my head above the water. It is just that every time I do I get hit by dinosaurs and overwhelmed :) More frustrating and disparaging is to observe what I am becoming in those interactions, when I get stirred too much and lose my ground.

Then there is this subject of sex. The way the majority do it is completely irrelevant. I got tired of it. I don't even know whether I should let it go completely and forget about it. But it is definitely something to look at, as it causes me nausea to recall all these experiences. I just don't want to have more of those, and something different looks like impossibility, so I am going to have to explore this topic in some unconventional way. I also feel very vulnerable in this aspect because of all the experiences over the last 3 years, all 'hitting' under the belt. Just really not into density anymore. Time for some healing and uplifting experiences.

Then there is this whole contemplation on what minimalism is to me, I am still digging into this challenge and there are many more levels to go. I feel things are going to change but still don't have a direction. I work to let go any 'constraints' about it, ready to flow. This year I have learned with how little I can survive, and I know there is more to let go of. So will keep exploring it and the fear and ideas and limitations around it. I have this clinging to stuff, since childhood, it is activated too these days, also this vagueness around what I really need and what expresses my true self and what serves the outdated pieces that fall apart. But I just know that what I need will stay or recover itself. So taking a leap of faith here awaits.

Thanks again for making it possible to join!




Here are some photos from the first day, as we went deep into the layers...

Kev, going deep...

Armi, Sam & Toni...

Deep guided journeying...

Lesley coming into deep presence...

Free flowing movement...

Nils, freedom unleashed...


We had a great day here in La Palma yesterday - doing deep within, breaking down the bounds of illusionary reality, coming deeper into the sense of pure presence.

However, almost immediately you do that, you're going to encounter the "pain body". What is this?

The soul infuses the various layers of the bodymind - the various dimensions - through the chakras. But then it attaches in various places where it identifies with reality. Where you might identify with the physical for example around exsistential matters such as money; or else in the emotional layers where you might attach in relationships. And so the soul fragments into these layers which creates pain. Society teaches us to block the pain out through distraction or soft comfort. And so whole identies build around the placation of this pain and inner tightness. This forms all manner of internal interrelations and loops of distorted behaviour programs which people then play out again and again in daily life. We can call this phenomenon collectively the "pain body".

As soon as you start to meditate in a deep way, you're going to hit this, and it's necessary to attain liberation. The way we approach this at Openhand is to invoke it through meditation. Using the Breakthrough Breathing we go deep into the layers until the pain becomes active. This is the shell of identity that is the pain body. It's then about exploring the various hooks that are attaching you. So in joining us, I would ask you to explore these questions...

1. When you look at the reality you're creating in your daily life, in what ways do you need it to go a particular way?
2. What are you unable to accept?
3. What actions do you know you really should take (as coming from the soul), but avoid, because of fear of the outcome?

What if you couldn't control the reality at all? What fears would come up and how would you feel them? Get rght into the contemplation and feel the tightness - this is what's creating ego identity and limiting you from the full liberation and free flow of soul.

Once you've taken time to feel the tightness, then you can use the Breakthrough Approach to unwind it. I've shared various outlines and guidances with meditations in this part of Openhand's 5D Shift Project... The Breakthrough Approach

When you get skilled at progressively confronting and breaking through the layers of the pain body, you can use something like the Openhand Bow to quickly clear density. The Pain Body ultimately breaks down, the ego identity dissolves, but you'll still have density to work through because of the fragmentation of the pain body - this needs to be cleared on all the various levels.

Explore the Openhand Bow for breaking down this inner density... The Openhand Bow

So I encourage all tuning in to explore what resistances are coming up for you now, in relation to the various activities of your daily life - visulise them, breathe into them, regress into them and feel the tightness. What might you be attaching to? How do you need it to go a certain way? Can you now accept that you cannot control and let it all go? Use the Bow to let it all unwind.

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Dear Open, I had ' forgotten' to tune in yesterday. After feeling in to several layers of tightnsss today, I decided to Open the website and it seems I'm working in tandem with you all. In an even more synchronous way, the day you wrote about the kestrel riding the thermals, way over here, I was watching a sparrow hawk right outside the lounge over a cup of tea and marveling at her fierce yet gentle beingness. 

In my meditation yesterday I 'saw' what I think was my higher self. And she communicated to me. I also heard about 'ripening' karma. About work g with karma enough so it's soft and then it falls away. 

These days I feel and see the Torus very quickly. I am also seeing my Fears and the cause behind them much more clearly. 

For me a big block is Fear. Not at all in this lifetime, but in several others, I was the one that expressed the Truth and I was terribly punished for it. Burnt at the stake and murdered possibly several times. 

In this life that means I am feeling a creative block. I am paralyzed by Fear of being harmed or being left alone. Both these Fears are not allowing many very powerful aspects of my Being to come to the fore. Especially my ability to weave together left brain and right brain narrative into something that speaks to the heart . 

I used to be able to write lovely poetry but it's now as if my muse is cowering. 

I am feeling into this. 

Thank you all. I am feeling the vibe half way across the planet 



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Great to have you join us Megha - you've got a great handle on your process (as I write this I'm looking at the handle of the plough out of my window - it's still dark!).

And people here are already going into the processing of karma. So again, you're well in tune with our process.

Great to have you along.

Open Heart


Hi Sergi - it's good to see you here. Yes I too am sorry you weren't able to make it. But at least you can join us etherically here - and you're most welcome. So I invite you to consider the inquiries and see how they relate to your situation.

Wishing you well

Open Praying Emoji


Hi Open (and everybody),

I love the ravens, just amazing!!! The 'crow' as a crown is wow. Thank you for sharing the photos and for making it possible to 'participate'.  

Here is my exploration with the questions you posted:

1. One thing that is happening now in my life is that I sleep a lot. Even when I am awake, I have this sleepy feeling. After many years of 'activity' I am brought to rest and let go expectations of myself and just let everything happen, which is mainly relaxation and relaxed action. It seems that even what I do things I do them 'the Tao way' - I don't do anything, I wait until it somehow happens. There is a sense of floating. But it is not blissful and I am not expecting it to be. It is almost like being sort of 'dead', a very peaceful and quiet kind of floating.

Another thing - I feel I am changing now, my every-day activities change, as if a chapter is finished and something new begins, but it contains within it things I've learned in the past that were put aside for a while. Also people 'fall away', other people come to my shore, usually reflecting honesty and directness, so I recognise this is one of the qualities to watch within myself and express. And some relationships transform into a more aligned form, which brings me a sense of deep satisfaction, as if something that didn't feel right for years suddenly falls into place.

I am learning to love without stickiness, non-sticky friendships and aligning my relationship with my family. A miracle happened and me and my mom and my sister are friends. Now I am learning to appreciate it, but not hold on to it.

My relationship with my body changes. This year was challenging, and I got to realise how vulnerable the body is, as well as temporary and finite. So combining this VERY grounding realisation with a sense of endlessness inside, as well as acceptance and work with states of panic, fear and other feelings having to do with death or disease are a challenge.

Another big thing is 'loss of consciousness', what would happen in so-called psychosis. In spiritual work a lot is put on being aware, conscious and grounded. Yet, very interesting things happen when these are gone. Loss of them is also a complete loss of control. The whole frame of reference and linear logic are completely disrupted. A stream is released and out of that stream new connections and realisations arise, together with a lot of incoherent noise. While it is a very humbling experience, and it has a very strong impact, still the realisation how thin the line is between sanity and insanity is a bit scary. Fear of losing control in this way is something I've been working on for a while.

And the last - facing the unknown potential. I kind of live in the unknown, where everything is temporary and anything can happen. Anything I have I can lose at any moment, at any moment things can happen... Not because it is 'romantic', but because it's just the way it is, the way life made it. Some of those options though require attention, because they either scare me or bring me pain or both. This pre-meditation is something very interesting. I am used to meditate about the past and about the present, but pre-meditation is quite amazing way to face my fears and resistance and let go a priori.

2. What's blocking me... Recently I scan my past a lot. And I judge it. This judgment stops me from making peace with it, learn from it and move on. I feel the weight of the years and painful experiences pressing me as if requiring something, a process of grief, recognising beautiful moments too, and all the lessons and final acceptance. Moving through with all the losses and 'failures' to a place where I would not feel like that about them anymore. But in the meantime it is like that. Then lack of trust. In myself and the flow. My life and especially recent years taught me to thread more carefully. But there is a lot of fear, doubt and mistrust. I move through all this, I know that this will clear as I will continually 'do what's right', what feels right, and see that the noise from out there and from within does not consume and derail me anymore. The last thing is time. It scares me. Of all things in life this one is the trickiest :) There is no time and suddenly I am 40 haha! Something in the current rhythm of life and human longevity seems very weird, it is both limiting and surprising. I just started realising stuff but the body got weary. So I meditate about this - getting old, changing in this way, watching older people I know and how do I feel about it. It's like politically incorrect to talk about it, cuz hey, I am not the body, but... it is very classical 40 yo crisis within a very unsupportive society, where botox is what is supposed to help us age gracefully...

3. Gifts of beingness - honesty is the most important one. I used to think I was honest. Time let me know otherwise. The experiences over the last 3 years peeled crap of me that I didn't even know was there. So redefining honesty and sincerity, with myself and others. Courage too, a peaceful, quiet kind of courage, nothing to prove or show. In general, motivation becomes very 'dampened', in a good way, and internal. I am not going to be the next 'Napoleon' in this lifetime and it is okay. I have my little straw to carry and help me God to do it right. I feel like I finally acquired 'the breaks' and proportions I always missed. Then there is this deep connection within myself. Another thing is non-judgmental discernment - to not deny, SEE, but at the same time not to judge and react. Always was tricky for me. Most challenging - be here and now. It is about the kind of relaxation, of 'giving up' that just lands me there. Luckily I don't have to struggle for it. I was fairly 'beaten up' by events, like a good piece of metal, to do it effortlessly once I feel tense. Something in me knows what holding on and controlling do and create and where they will take me and it gave up the fight. And it is important I keep in my awareness I am not alone. I sometimes forget and get too isolated. Being alone is amazing but then knowing when to pop up is also important.




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Hi Yulia - the great thing is that you have a real 'handle' on what's happening for you - you're able to witness and be aware of the various transformations of consciousness and the natural effect they have in the outer. And how you're experiencing evolved relating (as opposed to fixed relationships) I'd say is one of the great challenges for people here - mostly not wanting to offend and therefore not sharing the truth - which leads to falsehood and illusionary realities. So it's tremendous that you've come into this place.

What jumps out for me to reflect back to you are a couple of lines from the middle...

Another big thing is 'loss of consciousness', what would happen in so-called psychosis. In spiritual work a lot is put on being aware, conscious and grounded. Yet, very interesting things happen when these are gone.

I would associate this more with coming into deep presence - and so the rigid framework of the constructs we've built inside break down - and need to. But how to function from this place? (and the openness can look like 'pyschosis'). It's the soul that has to take over. The soul then gives direction, purpose and interaction - which I can see you're clearly picking up. What about the ray 1 though? - the warrior? How is this coming through? And how quickly does it come through? It's possibly this that would give more the traction back into reality.

Open Praying Emoji


For me yesterday was concluded on the La Palma Volcano with one of life's peak experiences. I'd been seeing the numerology 22 all day, which speaks to me of the Twin Flame experience - holding and embracing the Twin Flame energy in your being creates all manner of miracles and magic. So when we came to leave the volcano yesterday, I saw one of the Ravens from a previous trip here, that lives on the mountain top. So I felt to get some food to feed it with. It was then simply amazing to feel it's partner land on my head! And then the other jump on my arm. At one point, we were looking eye to eye. It's like I could see through the Raven into eternity. To me, the Raven provides the medicine of magic, and I'm certainly feeling that around me at this time. It's a beautiful experience to behold...


It's early oclock on Day 1 of the La Palma Retreat. Outside it's still dark as I'm writing, which means the sky is bedecked with stars - that's the wonderful thing here, the sky is so clear that it's a world observatory. They stop planes flying over the island to keep things clear. Right over my cabin is the plough, which I always see as an ecouragement to get down to the work. And so we shall!

Step1: Openhand Ascension Meditation

I would first suggest applying the Openhand Ascension meditation, which invites people into a deeply relaxed and surrendered state, opening out into multidimensional awareness, so as to be able to pick up subtle awarenesses and perceptions. You can freely access the meditation at this link... Openhand Ascension Meditation.


Step 2: Exploring Your Current Life Situation

The next thing is that I'll be getting the group to explore their current situation in life around these three questions...

1. What are the consistent patterns that are presenting right now?
2. What might be blocking you from moving forwards?
3. What gifts of beingness might be being invited to move forwards with?

Don't worry if you can't answer them all right now. The important thing is a deep contemplation and an invitation to the Universe to, "show me!". A good thing to do would be to write down your responses. And if you wish to get a reflection from me, go ahead and share a summary here.

Step 3: Deep Inquiry into the Nature of Self

Next, after we've done this, I'll be taking people into a deep meditative contemplation of the nature of the self. Even if you've explored this before, it pays to keep doing it, because as you dig deeper on your inner journey, the perception is likely to keep shifting. Here's and Openhand lead article to support your inquiry...
Void of Silence

And then to support this part of the inquiry, I would suggest downloading the Openhand Breakthrough Breathing Meditation. It is specifically designed to bring you into this deep witnessing observation of the various layers of perception...
Openhand Breakthrough Breathing


Do share whatever experiences and perceptions come up, and I'll tune in at the end of the day to share any reflections/feedback.

Good to have you with us!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Marije & Erica - great to have you tune in. Heart

Erica - I'm aware that you've been going through a deep and challenging process for sure - it's great credit to you that you're able to work it through and find clarity through it - to appreciate the gifts.

Yes, I agree, the shadow side is necessary in order to find alignment - ultimately enlightenment. However, what I'm cleary witnessing is a strong avoidance of the realignment on the part of the mainstream, fueled by the behind the scenes intervention. I witness plenty being caused to avoid the transcendence.

Best wishes

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Thank you for sharing! I love all the different climates or planes of weather encompassed within one island. I am having an experience within that actually recognizes 5g and the perception of separation yet in my experience I feel the synergistic effect of holding space for all the incoming intelligence creates a sense of alchemy that accelerates transcendence as the senses are ultra stimulated it creates a portal that warps the mind through a limited reality into multiple realities transcending upon a singular multidimensional stage. I have spent the past year undergoing treatment for cancer where my physical being was pushed to the edge.. the processing is still occurring.. Through the experience, I found acceptance within each moment, time has paused many times where my entire existence was held within a single breath alternating with a single heart beat. I felt the reflection within Gai, what mankind is currently creating is crucial for transcendence to evolve through to enlightenment. Cancer is a mutation of DNA, in the quest to obliterate it from the physical being, I was given the opportunity to transform, transcend and thus evolve. I can only imagine how Gai is rejoicing when life continually finds its way through this physical realm with each wave lapping upon the sand alternating with the force of wind breathing life through the trees, holding space through time as more and more souls are awakening.

Much Love to all


We've had an absolutely tremendous first 'acclimatisation' day here on La Palma, picking up the vibes, travelling up the Volcano to meet the undesputed King and Queen of the mountain:

Some of the group arriving - it's all love!...

First supper, a veritable feast...

Even the chocolate desert is doing the Torus!...

Up at El Time, the lookout...

It's coffee break time, "look, my hands aren't shaking, honest!"...

Penny, the lady in Red...

Lunch time at the market...

Up on the Volcano, indescribable expansive peace...

Hannah, above the clouds, a taste of Nirvana!...

Heike, feeling the vibes...

Michelle & Toni, looking cool...

Nils, deep feelings of joy...

The undesputed King and Queen of the Mountain!...


Hi Open, I was as appalled as you when I saw it on the television...what possible use is it, what is it but diversion from the real path. Artificial everything! How can the general population stand a chance of understanding what the purpose of their life is.       On the good side I am popping into a state of Beingness quite often which knocks spots off 5G!!!!

Much love Heather




I've been talking about 2020 marking a crossroads of direction - the New Paradigm separating from the old. And I've felt given to share a good deal last year concerns about the mainstream being pulled into an alternate synthetic reality based on Smart, 5G and AI. Just before coming away to La Palma, at a visit to the local cinema, I saw this video by the telecoms provider EE - it perfectly represents the conditioning that the mainstream is being sucked into. As the audience lapped it up, I was pretty shocked by it. I felt to share because it's everything that the Shift back to realigned living is NOT about. What are your thoughts?...


The guests are flying into La Palma today to join us for our New Year Retreat, where they'll spend the rest of the weekend acclimatising with the vibration. Just to get you in the mood for joining us and feeling the vibration yourself, here's a video I shot at the retreat centre last year, joined by "Mr Tibbs", the resident cat who clearly wanted to appear on film!...