5D Ascension: Destiny in the Making

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These are tough times for people out in the world right now, especially so for energy workers (everyone tuning into Openhand!). But at the same time, we are meant to be here at these times, we are built for them, seeded for them. Here's inspiration to meet the challenges you're facing and to thrive successfully through. It's your destiny in the making!

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Hello Open

I love what you say about everything we do at the moment being destiny in the making. Yes, it is a great opportunity to take hold of our sovereignty and, as you say, let it express out there in the world.

Difficult though, eh, when so much of what is going on feels like nonsense - and so many people - even some you really respect - are being taken in by it.

But yes, we came here for this and yes, these are incredible times.

I realise time and again how, when we connect up with each other, we can strengthen each other in what we are doing so much. So let's remember how much of a difference we can each make to each others' lives.

Yes, we can turn the tide (and we will!)

And yes, I'm definitely sharing this INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO!

Much love to you all, wherever you are on this beautiful Earth. <3

Wow! I am finding it soooo tough at the moment! Everything I am afraid of is surfacing thick and fast. I go from feeling ok to absolute total fear.In all this I know what I feel deep down inside my soul that what is going on is madness and I have no doubt in my truth. I have, with all my courage, kept to my beliefs when others doubt or stare or question me. For someone who is quiet I am finding I have to be more out there and am being as brave as I can muster. Peace and love be with you all.

Openhand , 

You speak the truth . Let us Light workers work together .

Dear Open,

Thank you for the timely post. I am currently sitting in the middle of this dense energy ( they have everyone believing in a new wave .....300 odd cases in a city of a million ....good lord ) . And so I can feel the anxiety and fear pressing down clearly . 

And yet ,the last year has helped me build some muscle so to speak. In the last 1 year I have been meditating almost continuously. In the last 6 months I have been bowing almost daily and I have added yoga to my daily regimen as well. I work in a hospital and the energies are AWFUL so I have really been pushed to dig deep to find any equanimity in the current situation. I have to get back to IF again . 

And while I will confess it's not been easy ,I often see a glimmering of what you speak of. Of purpose within the craziness . In meditation these days I am able to tune much more effectively to guidance and thanks to the Bow practice ,I dither less and confront tightness much more effectively . 

In many ways I am actually grateful for the past year. While my heart aches for all those undergoing difficult times as also for the sheer blind unconsciousness of the mainstream ,I am also conscious of a feeling of ebullience . Something seems to be changing - I am feeling it in the last 2-3 days . 

Thank you so much for this video. I suspect I am going to turn to it whenever the going gets tough ( the advert on the thumbnail of the video said - How to survive the great reset :))  . I am also trying to meditate to the unwinding meditation you did in the livestream . I tried to in the morning ,but karma hit me and I had to Bow into it first . 

I am ,despite the lunacy , glad to be right here ,right now ( most days anyway :))

Namaste ,





Truly inspiring. There was the sense of recognition and upwelling when you said to commit to that feeling of connection to the higher planes and who we really are. Is that who we really are ? Or is it just a passing feeling like the grey energy. Few days back I was meditating on top of a hill in Goa overlooking the beautiful beach and sunset and I was happy, content and expanded. And then I stepped into the world below and there was a sudden shift in my energy . I started to feel anxious with the mind full of choices in a world full of rules. I remember thinking why would I even want to play this game of getting somewhere and achieving things when I can be there in the sense of completion! I like the way you put it in the other thread - to find the balance between centering yourself in the sacred ground of being and at the same time meeting the world. This process would deepen the sacred ground inside. That's a good motivation to meet the world! Also I have found I have been projecting this maternal sense of comfort and security into the world and people around if I'm limiting myself to just that feeling. That doesn't work for long enough if you are truly following the soul. Because the journey is also about reclaiming our sovereignty and independence. And that's a strong yearning in my heart which I feel to pursue. Thanks for putting this together. 

Vimal ❤

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I'm glad it worked for you Vimal Praying Emoji

Which energies will ultimately prosper within - the grey or the light?
It's like the two wolves story - which ever one you feed!


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In this latest Openhand video, I felt moved to meet the pain (in its various manifestations) that I know you're all facing out there. When someone empathises with what you're feeling, I find it eases the burden a good deal. But then also to illuminate how this is the making of us; how we're seeded for it; how this is our destiny in the making.

So let's keep unravelling through the moment, breaking down the density and shining through!

Much love and empathy to all!

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