5D Ascension: Return of the Shiva

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We're shifting through all manner of gears right now in the 5D Ascension of Planet Earth. Many layers need to be stripped off within the old reality construct, many attunements and alignments need to happen. What's necessary right now is an acceleration of the process, so as to unwind the intervention of the shadowside. Benevolence has responded in the most quietly phenomanal of ways - the return of the cosmic catalyst the Shiva. A portal has been opened so that this remarkable energy might descend from higher dimensions and enter the fray.

Be prepared for everything to change.

Shiva - the Cosmic Catalyst

The Shiva is a higher dimensional consciousness that is extremely aligned, evolved and coherent. It has a rock steady strength that is able to sit within the vortex of the Universal Torus in any given situation or reality context. The Shiva steadily amplifies the Toroidal Flow. It's like steadily winding up a tornado in the given space. A tornado that sucks in density and churns it up, breaks it down, so that the buried light can reconnect with the ascending movement (insight into the nature of the Universal Torus).

This last week, I experienced being a part of a benevolent mission to open a portal and bring the energy into this plane. It felt given and guided from the higher dimensions - a timely benevolent interaction to catalyse the break down of the dark consciousness veils that have been drawn across society in the name of the pandemic. It's something I get the sense will begin steadily, but increase in amplification over time.

Plenty of sentients around the planet are already feeling and beginning to embody this highly charged and catalytic energy. It's far from an easy energy to integrate. The strength of it is like having a huge magnet infused within your being that pulls on buried light and challenges any inpurity - in all the layers, physical, emotional, mental and karmic. The body heats up. It feels like being consumed within a cauldron. It can feel highly destabilising as it breaks down old reality relationships embedded within the psyche.

Inner Purification in the time of the Shiva Energy

If this amplified purification process starts happening to some degree within you, all manner of symptoms could fire off: headaches; a burning sensation in the body; dissonance between right and left brain - the intuitive and the logical; aches in the joints of the body; swirling sensations; heart palpitations and a sense of anxiety felt like an acid reflux. These are all symptomatic of the charged acceleration of energy.

If you feel anything like this happening to you (several symptoms happened to me), the only sensible thing to do is to turn right into them; not to avoid them by trying to get some external healing or immediate fix. Sit within the discomfort, penetrate into the density with deep intimacy and surrender. Breathe into the cauldron. Remember, always, the pain is the place where the light enters. Sure enough, the deep challenges will settle and integrate. If you're meant to, you'll embody the Shiva energy and carry it in your field.

You'll need to engage in conserted innner purification work: breathing meditations; attuning the chakras; deep consciousness bodywork; intermittant fasting. You'll need to be internal as much as possible, let go of identification with the separated ego - dissolve more into the soul and feel the reconnection to the source.

Breaking through Inner Density and Karmic Processing

Understanding the Shiva

You'll often see the Shiva depicted in a classic pose: surrounded by a ring of fire, dancing on a demon. To me, the ring of fire represents the universal torus. The strength of the Shiva energy is incendiary. It will start to burn through the impurity of the karmic density within the old reality construct. Entities that were attaching and embedded within the density - the satanic Black Snake for example - are pulled into the vortex of the torus and if resistant, are driven downwards towards what's known as the "portal of the underworld", what the Mayans called Xibalba. The energy is driven through the portal into the galactic core where it is fragmented, to be reconstituted in another reality construct. Alternatively, if it surrenders, it may be drawn upwards and realigned in this reality with angelic support.

That will no doubt sound pretty esoteric to plenty. But the Black Snake energy is real, it is in embedded in people's energy fields and distorts how people consider reality. It disconnects from the true source of the soul, and therefore makes people more readily influenced or controlled within this density. It's why the bogus and unnecessarily draconian measures of the pandemic have been so successful and widely embraced.

There are a growing number of energy workers around the planet who have the attunements, alignment and skills, to create healing portals and remove these entities and implants from people's fields.

The Shiva does not run from the demons. It readily breathes them in, processes them and breathes them out in the right direction.

Removing Entities and Implants Article with Download Meditation

Time for Deep Energetic Challenge to Synthetic Reality Agenda

What we're witnessing across the planet is a widespread challenge to the synthetic reality agenda, in many different ways, which I believe will now only begin to increase as the Shiva energy is embodied by more people and ripples through the old reality construct. You'll likely witness growing challenge and confrontation of the old paradigm. It's highly necessary in order to integrate soul and join the ascending flow. That's exactly what the Shiva is here for. It happens in any shift where the consciousness is ready for it.

The timing of this is also highly synchronistic. I felt given to share a livestream on the subject on Saturday 17th (access it below). What I didn't realise (and didn't plan) was that this completed at the time of the burial of Prince Philip here in the UK, the husband of the Queen. It felt highly symbollic of the "old guard", the old consciousness, being broken down, creating the space for a more aligned, individual sovereignty to emerge. When the BBC blanketed the airwaves with wall to wall coverage of Prince Philip's passing, they received so much pushback that its complaints form on the website had to be removed. The Shiva is the destroyer and transformer of old paradigms to create the new.

Many awakened people out there might be wondering how we emerge from this dark veil that's been drawn across society? I feel we are being successful in challenging it and starting to emerge from it right now. First of all though, this happens in the energy field and must be worked foremost at that level. We must each purify internally, integrate and align the soul, and then ripple realigning consciousness to activate other souls in society. This is what I believe the Shiva is here to catalyse on the planet right now.

Download Meditations to Support your Inner Purification

Return of the Siva LiveStream Recording

With this in mind, do check out the recording of the livestream I gave. Within it, I worked to embody the energy myself to provide a sense of what it might feel like. It includes a guided meditation to support realignments within your field... Return of the Shiva: Openhand LiveStream

If you resonate with the sense of what I've shared and are intrigued by the nature of the Openhand work, explore our web portal and consider getting involved with the...
5D Ascension Program

In loving support

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Child Trafficking is a heart-rending problem in society at this time, a story that's being kept supressed because of those it exposes at the top. To most spiritual folk, the nature of it is probably unconscionable, what goes on and the degree of suffering that millions of abducted kids undergo. Fortunately there are plenty of people speaking out now, even though censored. What touched me most about this sharing below by the actor Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ) was the commitment to challenging it head on, despite the dangers. As the Shiva energy activates, I suspect many more will step into the fray, without fear of reprisals or consequences. There comes a point when you simply have to act. Perhaps then, this sharing can inspire us all to make those difficult choices in life, no matter the apparent personal cost...

It feels like a real blessing, to have the opportunity to tune into and feel the expression of this powerful energy. Personaly it speaks very strongly to me lately, and when I can fully anchor myself in it, it's probably one of the most home-coming states I am experiencing.

As it seems very synhronistic for these times, I am just coming in the day 5 of the fast for 'cleansing mucoid plaque'. That has accelerated inner-purification work on many levels.

Beside immense power and sovereignity, that I am just learning to reclaim back from basicaly all remaining old constructs, it is accompanied through sense of fullfilment and immense interconectivity. There is also sense of nostalgia, coming with some sadness, as some of the beautiful memories pops up in my mind. In order to completely let go of the 'collapsing reality', I really need to love it and see for what it is. Wondorous poligon for the souls, on our journey towards individual expression of The One.

This might be truly a time, when the Soul of humanity recognizes itself in it's divine expression, and through various expression of itself we might be on the verge of 'crystalizing new reality'. Much gratitude for the video, and expansive connection through meditation.🙏💚


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Hi Vatar,

Great to hear from you - tremendous Shiva feedback loop. Thumbs Up Sign

I'm glad you posted at this point in your fast. I recall my Muccoid Plaque fast several years back now. In the final stages, at the completion, the pull took me out into a favourite site in Glastonbury - Wearyall Hill. There was a huge sense of release from my abdomen - as if energetic claws were being removed from it and the dense energy simply flew away. It was deeply moving.

It's definitely a necessary detox in order to smoothly embody Shiva energy - it becomes much easier to channel entities through and out.


Open Praying Emoji

Hi Open,

I loved the recent livestream as I didn't have any conscious knowledge of the Shiva.  The last couple of weeks I noticed sudden pains on one side of my head and then later on the other side.  I rarely ever have headaches so I wondered what was going on, but I did not medicate with anything.  Just did breathing.   I've had the swirly balance and achy pains too.  Intuitively I didn't feel I was getting sick or anything, just that I needed to be with it and breathe and work on keeping my shakras open.  One day I woke with really extreme anxiety so I know to be with this and work into it.  I've had low back pain and was wondering if kundalini has activated yet but my psychic and intuition seem to be working well.  My body has no fever but definitely has the heat, and at night I've woke up just drenched in sweat, which is also not normal.  I've been careful to drink plenty of water all day long and before bedtime when I feel thirsty.  My well water is not chlorinated and no chemicals.

One thing I've noticed more than anything else is where I'm normally all excited, bubbly etc...I've quieted down immensely the last couple of weeks.  More serious.  That's definitely not me.  I've been spending time outside in Nature and in my little greenhouse to be with the plants which always make me feel better too.

Thank you for the livestream on Shiva and all the info. you share here.  I read a lot of articles here even though I don't always log in unless I'm going to post here.  I feel prompted to re-read Divinicus and my 5Gateways books I have.

Namaste, Praying EmojiHeart



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Hey Sherri - there are big energies moving - another wave came through me too this last 24hrs - phew!

Just keep working in, keep equalising with it and everything will integrate.

Much love

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Even though I don't have explanations or names for it, but I do feel a big change, and as it often happens for me, invitation to change the way I work.

Physically, on the 1st of April I collapsed with my back (herniated disc L5-S1 - interesting date and interesting position of the 'problem', the connection between the sacral and the base) - incredible pain and debilitation, so all my activity in the outer world had to stop. No more going to work for me in the meantime, for instance. It was a great experience of learning, adapting, surrendering, all about humility and connection.

Mentally and energetically, huge downloads, shifts, realisations and adaptations.

Read a book, Inhabited Island (Strugatsky's) and watched iZombie series - lessons learned. And ran into this song, which was like one of the big syncs recently. I cried and did a joy-dance hhh


The lyrics there:

Everybody wants a devil
Everybody wants it white & black
Everybody thinks they're angels
They got the answers we just wish we had
But we don't know
So here we go

Look in the mirror, they don't see it
They meet their reflection eye to eye
They say the words but don't mean it
Always preaching about the falling skies
But they don't know
So here we go

Everybody in the shadows coming out today
Everybody in the shadows coming out to play
Everybody in the shadows coming out today
Everybody in the shadows coming out, here we go
Here we go

Gather around all you losers
All you weirdos, come outside
Won't be beggars, but we're choosers
And this time we choose to fight
Now you know
Here we go

Everybody in the shadows coming out today
Everybody in the shadows coming out to play
Everybody in the shadows coming out today
Everybody in the shadows coming out, here we go
Here we go


 I am curious about what the challenges and changes and how things will unravel..

Dear Open ,

In the last couple of days all I'm able to do is lie down and feel into all you have just described.

If this amplified purification process starts happening to some degree within you, all manner of symptoms could fire off: headaches; a burning sensation in the body; dissonance between right and left brain - the intuitive and the logical; aches in the joints of the body; swirling sensations; heart palpitations and a sense of anxiety felt like an acid reflux. These are all symptomatic of the charged acceleration of energy. 

I am experiencing a burning in my third eye ,surges of energy coming up my lower and upper spine . A lot of nausea and pain in my joints . I am sitting with all of this best as I can. Yesterday ,what helped the most was just being out in the open air and climbing a favourite tree . That was so calming . 

Thanks for the FB live - it was most enlightening . 



In reply to by iamdurga

I'm there with you Megha Heart

Feel into the pain and soften with it - breathe into it, let it purify and cleanse. The more you can be attentive to it, the quicker it will ease and you'll come through. No worries - we've got this!

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by iamdurga

Hi Megha,

I too have felt almost a strong urge to just get outdoors and be in Nature with the crazy symptoms I've been having too.  They're so strong I feel driven to be outdoors and it does seem to help a lot temporarily.  I wish I could still climb trees but I can sure hug them.    Something is happening inside me for sure because today I had to get some copies made at a local copy place, and there was a dog there that was 11 years old and walked really wobbly.  Owner said he'd had a broken back.  The dog came out of his cage and came to me and leaned on me the entire time I was there and I was giving him healing energy.  If I stopped touching him to talk to the man, the dog would nudge me.  I've given healing energy to many animals but not lately so I was surprised he came right to me.  After a bit the dog went back behind the counter and laid back down.  I'm hoping the healing energy increases more over time as I process these symptoms.

Thank you for sharing your story, let's me know I'm not alone in these weird symptoms.

Praying EmojiHeart


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It's strange ,we haven't ever met ( have I seen you online ?) ,but I have often felt deep kinship with you . In fact I even had a dream once about both of us opening a portal in Arizona (weird!) . 

A couple of days ago I met a lady who was walking dogs trundling along on wheels for their back legs - probably paralysis . And I stopped and found out where the shelter is . I am going to see her rescue dogs tomorrow with my kid .

I am feeling an eruption of energy almost in a rhombus shape. Two ends being my arms and hands ( my palms are BURNING !) and two edges being throat and heart . 

Deep regards to you . Your groundedness and kindness transmitted through your messages 


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Hi Megha,

I definitely felt a kinship with you when I was reading your posts on the openhanders site.  I have had dreams of standing at a portal where a lot of people were going into it.  I posted about it in these Openhand forums several months ago.  So we're probably soul friends doing the work.  I think that's so amazing.  I've been a healer in many lifetimes and have felt the intense energy in my body lately.  I've noticed over the years that animals seem drawn to the healing energy.

Thank you for your kind words Praying Emoji