5D Shift: 69% of Wildlife Gone...What now for Humanity and Gaia?

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According to an extensive report by the World Wild Life Fund and over 40 worldwide NGOs, 69% of the world's wildlife has been destroyed, just since 1970, largely due to intensive industrial farming. That's up a staggering 20% from just a few years ago. The destruction of the natural ecosystems has gone exponential. It's crucial we hoist this onboard, because whilst we languish under the illusion of "fixing it", we'll miss the true trajectory for humanity and the planet.

4.6 Billion Years of Earth's History

In 2015 I wrote the book DIVINICUS, about the necessary and immediate rise of the divine human into 5D consciousness. A difficult truth I tackled was the immediate imperative of that yearning. I quoted a crucial fact by Greenpeace...

4.6 billion years of earth's history, scaled down to 46 years, would see humanity emerging in only the final 4 hours, the last minute of which, representing the industrial revolution. Since when, over half the planet's trees have been destroyed.

You can add to that the fact that during that time, 50% of the wildlife had gone, and that each day, 200 species of creature were passing on daily, yes - DAILY! What's so staggering about this World Wild Life report, is that in 2016 (the year after I wrote DIVINICUS), an unfathomable 10% of the world's wildlife disappeared in just one year, and another 10% since then.

Just stop for a  moment and take stock of that.
I don't care what side of the political divide you are.
I don't care if you're a naturalist or an industrialist.
It doesn't matter if you believe in man-made global warming or not.
Neither does it matter if you believe the whole debate is being politicised to control humanity.

Whatever you believe, if there's remote accuracy in the figures, and for me personally, I can FEEL truth in them, then it must cause you to stop and take stock for a moment.

The World Wild Life report is linked below, but then do return to contemplate deeper. I believe I'm offering an essential viewpoint about the trajectory of all this, which as yet, is generally unrealised.
(I am also aware that this subject is being heavily politicised to engineer human activity against manmade fossil fuel emissions. Nevertheless, the fact remains in the staggering destruction of the ecosystems due to societal exploitation)...

69% average decline in wildlife populations since 1970, says new WWF report

Fixing the Problem

How on earth could we believe that this problem is somehow endurable on a planet where all the ecosystems are connected?

Furthermore, here is a crucial failing that many commentators, on all sides of the divide, are making in trying to look beyond the current impasse, particularly where the cabal, the shadowstate, and the technocracy are concerned...

Many commentators seem to speak from the perspective that, if we get rid of the cabal and the technocracy, then we can find a harmonious, sustainable solution that serves the whole of life here.

I do understand the motivation and sense of hope behind this. I do agree it's necessary to illuminate the shadow. But, it masks the fact that when you explore the deepest nature of the situation, the disharmony with nature is endemic. It's going to take wholesale transformation into a higher consciousness for it to resolve.

The situation humanity has woken up and found himself/herself in is one where an interdimensional intervention has so exploited the natural ecosystems, through humanity, that the planet has been brought to the point of destruction.

Explore the nature of the Interdimensional Intervention: Reptilians/Annunaki/Greys

(fortunately, many of these groups are now realigning and supporting the benevolent emergence of a new 5D earth).

The Optimistic View

The karmic construct upon which this reality is founded, has reached its conclusion, because of this excessive exploitation and the tremendous suppression of sentient life it has caused. The feeling to me, is that society is actually founded upon systematic suffering, which it sits precariously on top of.

Now that has become intolerable. The tides of compassion and rightness are sweeping in, to wash it all away. We can clearly witness this as I explain below.

The shadow knows we're past the point of no return in this 3D construct. It has the scientific and technical evidence for it. That's why it's hell-bent on going off planet and taking a swathe of humanity with it. That's what the bogus pandemic has all been about: to make a swathe of humanity acquiescent and pliant enough, so as to believe the bogus narrative put forwards and to willingly go with it. Even with AI, they need their slaves to serve it.

That's why they don't care about the real reason for the eco-systems decline. They have no intention of "fixing them".

That said, let me tell you this, I am definitely NOT a pessimist. I am an optimist. For me, the worst thing that could happen is that we somehow stagger on in this very limiting, destructive and dehumanising system a moment longer than we have to. And neither is this going to go the way the shadow wants it to. Right now, they are desperately clinging to their agenda which is becoming increasingly untenable.

Another future is most definitely possible. But to get there, you're going to have to be courageous and peel back the veils of fear - because that's how the shadow keeps people locked in place, nose to their grindstone.

You're going to have to think well outside of the homo sapiens box. This current construct we're living in is broken and defunct. It will be impossible to reorganise or reconfigure it. No worries, because the universal cycles of death and rebirth have natural mechanisms that have worked since the beginning of time - where disharmony and malfunction draw to themselves a realigning, breaking down force.

Destruction is construction when it contains the seeds of the future. So it is, that a great galactic superwave is on its way, exactly at the time our Solar Logos has lowered the magnetic shield of the solar system in the grand solar minimum; exactly at the time when Gaia is lowering her magnetic shield in the pole shift. Perfect synergy is going to be actualised.

So what can humanity do about it?

In a word, nothing. Absolutely nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nada.
Rest in the awareness of that, because there's nothing you can do about it.
Breathe. Relax. Let go. A great freedom becomes possible.

Explore the science behind the Event, Galactic Superwave and 11:11 Synchronicity

Caterpillar and Butterfly

You might challenge this view in respect of the amazing benevolence so many people around the planet are waking up to in their hearts: creating low-impact housing, sustainable farming methods, and renewable energies. What about them? I say this: if you can feel it in your soul, then do it. But don't confuse that with the external outcome. The soul doesn't work that way - it simply expresses because it feels right.

"Saving the planet for our kids and grandkids" is still a homo centric view. It's still selfish. What about the other billions of life forms that have no choice and no voice? What would they elect for? No worries, because Gaia and the great galactic cog have their interests at heart too. Build that cob house, plant that apple tree, even if it's the last day of 3D earth. Why? Simple: because it is right.

I realise and accept my sharing may take you into fear. Especially if you have kids. But know this, if you see yourself on a path of self-realisation, there is no fear in a self-realised being. What the caterpillar sees as the end of the world, the master sees as a butterfly. And therefore, fear is your friend and your gateway. It tells you where to steer the ship next.

When you let go of the old 3D caterpillar construct, you go through a kind of chrysalis phase: everything is breaking down inside of you, AND, AT THE SAME TIME, your 5D wings are beginning to form. You start to be informed from the infusing higher light. It guides you on a pathway through this metamorphosis. It puts you in the right place, at the right time, with exactly the right resources to emerge as the 5D Being - the next evolution of humanity.

Explore how to become the 5D Human, here and now

Many of our children came here specifically at this time for the possibility of this 5D mastery. The Shift does not polarise around age. Often, the only fears kids have of these great changes, are those projected onto them by adults, and especially through the over protectiveness of parents. They are perfectly ready to burst out of the cocoon and stretch out on 5D wings. Often, only projected fear stands in their way.

I ask you, would you want to live on a planet and in a reality that has been so twisted and violated, that you can't truly feel your soul anymore? - one where you can't honour the natural ecosystems of life by your very actions? Because it's as if with every step, the homo sapiens configuration needs to exploit other life in order to survive. It's clear, we could not populate anywhere near the amount of the planet we do, without intensive agriculture. Even if we switched to organic "sustainable" growth, when you do the math, when you explore organic gardening yourself, you still have to reorganise so much of the natural ecosystems to make it work.

Why is that?

Hybridised to Fit within an Intervention

Homo Sapiens is the product of genetic engineering - clearly witnessed in the 4-5000 genetic disorders in relation to the average creature that has only around 100. We have 256 genes that appear nowhere else in the planetary tree of life. You see it in the clear engineering of the chromosome count, from 48 to 46, which is at least a dozen simultaneous step changes to engineer it - it's impossible that it happened by chance mutation (I've shared the evidence of this in DIVINICUS).

What needs to happen now is a good deal of courage and surrender:
surrender into oneself and let go of the need to fix things;
not to try to manipulate things in your personal life nor for the planet, because the turning of the great galactic cog will do that, as it sweeps the surface of the planet clear in the impending solar nova event.

What I say to you is this: to the degree you're able to work with this possibility and surrender your fear, it becomes the greatest liberation possible. You steadily realise just how much of your subconscious is engaged in fixing things, controlling things, and manipulating things. Homo sapiens are configured to do anything that makes his/her life comfortable and safe. Even if that means deluding oneself. When you explore your fears, and above all, CONSCIOUSLY WORK WITH THEM IN MEDITATION, then you can explode the myth that they are. It sets you free.

You can then move into alignment with these great cosmic cycles. You become them and they become you. The drop merges into the ocean, and the ocean merges into the drop. This is the greatest possibility of self-realisation and this mastery is on offer to you right now.

Even the kids that have come here at this time, have come for this opportunity.

Islands in the Storm

I offer this report for you today to seriously contemplate. Whether it's been politicised or not, just stop and feel the truth behind the rampant destruction of all that is natural on our heavenly planet. Let it activate any fear so you can work through it because there is no fear in a self-realised being.  And this work brings with it the greatest liberation.

Stop trying to fix, control or manipulate in any way. Let go of that dysfunctional consciousness. Bring your extensive power to bear WITH the universe, and discover the magnificence that you truly are. Even as the old construct now breaks down, there is a new way of creating and being that you can experience - one that works with this transformative flow.

And as I explained in DIVINICUS, I have seen "Islands in the Storm" forming, where groups of humanity converge together to support oneanother through this great shift. I believe that will happen as we transition forwards.

Personally, that's how I take this staggering report and work with the feelings of it to find empowerment. When you let go at the deepest levels, it positively sets you free, to clear the playing field and approach life with a completely new possibility - one that is not tethered to the defunct and bankrupt reality.

You've got this, you can do it. You're seeded here for it. The situation is the perfect configuration to unleash the next evolution of you. So work past any grief and step boldly toward the liberation of consciousness - in you, and for the planet.

If you can feel truth within my sharing and are ready to courageously dive into your immaculate liberation, then come and explore Openhand's ground-breaking work...

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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I would agree with so much of what you say here. As a shamanic practitioner I am, as are other more experienced shamans, aware that we humans face something we cannot affect. We think we hold the answers and the skillset etc etc to create the necessary change, but we can't. To some shamans, earth is going through her own death and dismemberment process. Shamans say the world is populated with meddling discarnates - there is a virtual fog of them - who are affecting and taking over humans on our earth. They won't move to where they are supposed to be, but hang around, driving humanity into insane decisions that we can't change. There are simply too many of them for psychopomp work to deal with. For a long time I've thought most humans are quite simply, insane. Although i don't relate to the reptilian concept, (it's that word 'reptile' - poor reptiles!) I can somehow interpret it as this 'discarnate army'. I wonder what you think about this? We use different words and metaphors to talk about these things but it feels we're talking about the same energy, the same beings. I feel we do our best by just being witnessers of what's happening - not getting involved, preparing ourselves in the way our soul directs us for what is undoubtably to come. Activism seems like a waste of time, and I wouldn't be able to say that on any other forum! It's actually a relief to read your piece! There's so much pressure to 'do something'  - but what can we actually do? Nothing. Thank you for writing this. It's like a light. I am not an Openhander but I am on your mailing list. Keep on saying the unsayable! 


18/10/2022 Journal Update

I introduced these staggering statistics of planetary wildlife decline (see above) during the 5D Human Retreat this past weekend. We meditated on it and understandably, a lot of grief came up. I say to you that's a GOOD thing. Grief is not a problem of itself. Humanity's problem is that he/she has been programmed to avoid grief because "grief is bad, and you should try not to feel it". But grief at loss is natural, and should be embraced, just as much as joy - you cannot have one without the other!

When you let yourself drop into the grief and express it, then it's like passing through a gateway. You see that loss is necessary to regenerate - the old must go in order for a new harmony to re-establish. The grief can diminish and disappear quickly.

There is another essential point to realise.

We've gone into a Metamorphosis Stage

Humanity and the planet are going through a metamorphosis - the caterpillar has gone into the chrysalis phase. It's where the old form breaks down into a kind of mush. But out of that, steadily arises and grows the new form. There's a phase where your 5D wings are forming, yet you're still in the 3D. And this lasts quite a while.

What can we take from this metaphor?

I've spoken a good deal about passing through a 3D/5D Hybrid state. We are in that right now. This is very important to your well being, so hoist on board the implications of this...

The old construct is breaking down and the light of a new is coming in. We're in a metamorphosis stage of transformation. This means you can ALREADY create from the higher light, through flows, sacred geometry, signs and synchronicity. You will be pulled back by the old homo sapiens in you while it continues to exist. But if you keep turning into this density and dig up the tethering through the Breakthrough Approach, then you'll unleash yourself from that layer. You'll steadily build the template of a new way of living and being.

I felt to share with you today this video I made a while back, about the nature of this transmutation.
Be inspired...

Bright blessings to all

Open 🦋



This is another fascinating article and (high) number surprises me, yet it feels like a liberating truth. Also I'm sad to realize over the years that societal response to re-alligning process is one of dwelling even deeper in dellusion.

I've been living with the land way too long to consider something like "sustainability".  Anyhow I've found great deal of inspiration in the idea of regenerating the land and natural life. I guess, I'm slowly realizing the underlying notion of regenerating the Life, this of balanced harmony and respect for all sentient life.

Interestingly I was just contemplating about responses from "natural life", as mama deer and her fawn came to greet us when I was hosting a group of people few days ago (eventhough I'm seeing them often, they wouldn't otherwise come close to bigger group of people). Having a close encounter with squirrel durring my morning practice today, it seemed as the forest animals have been speaking to me. 

Afterwards, I was driving through the industrial part going towards the city and there has been strong sense of emptiness, especially seeing new construction sites and people working around them. Connecting with this article, it spoke to me about re-reading the chapter from the Divinicus, about Islands of hope.

My take away message from the topic enhances the notion of planting some apple trees, which I was planning for next week. It's an activity that is in my autumn schedule since more than a decade, yet I do recognize that I had basically softened the antrophocentric notion about it. To me it's simply and act of grace, having the capacity to implement the shared interest of nature and man. It feels as the yearning of my soul to utilize more homo-centric activites of working towards my version of "heaven on Earth".

Yes, society definitely thrives upon collective suffering and it's the only way it knows to react. In some way I might have became dellusioned in the idea that regenerative way of life might bring some balance and restoration to the "natural life" on the planet, when it was designed merely to offer a shelter. It seems that "natural life" responds well  in noticing the Noah's ark.

I am wondering how can we (through our own "Islands of hope") create the conditions and offer a space to wildlife that is lost within people?


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Thanks so much for sharing Miha - your fawn story brought so much joy and warmth to my heart ♥️

I think the Islands in the Storm approach is so important right now - to reconnect people with nature, wherever possible - it sounds like phenomenal work you're doing - I'd love to visit it some day.

Who will eat the apples? I'd love to taste one!

Open 🍏

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It's very uplifting feedback, thanks Open.Praying Emoji

I like to integrate the sense of some experiences through stories of trees. You might like to try some of the "openhander" apples, would be curios how they might respond.

Just like the Islands - it seems like the resonance is the key, when people realize they would trully like to "bite (and chew)" into some new experince.

Miha 💚



So Openhanders, how do you feel about the staggering decline of our natural ecosystems I've shared today?

What genuine fears do you have?

When you work into and past your fear, can you see the optimistic message of realignment?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. ♥️