5D SHIFT PODCAST: illuminating the Path through the Shift

Submitted by Open on Thu, 09/29/2022 - 04:29

Openhand is launching a new venture as of October 1st. It's called the 5D SHIFT PODCAST. It's a regular show that explores current developments in the Shift, unpacks what's going on, and helps you cut a path of light through it all by helping you attune to the aligned flow. It's designed to help you transform all aspects of your life. We'll be sure to be anchoring the energies of the Openhand higher dimensional team supporting the shift. See you there!

Check the first trailer below...

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Our next episode of the 5D Shift Podcast is coming up on Saturday October 15th at 9am.
I'll be looking at the phenomenon of Gaia's Increasing Spin - what are the likely impacts you'll be feeling and how can you best integrate so as to mediate the challenges and then actually benefit from the empowerment?

Click the link to watch the Podcast..
See you there!


Greetings everyone. We've experienced tech teething problems in getting our next 5D Shift Podcast out today. It's just one of those frustrations to work through in the complex tech arena. No worries, the team are on it! We'll be aiming to bring this next one out Next Saturday now - about Gaia's accelerating Torus and how to work with it. Until then.

In the meantime, do jump across to this video today which explores the tremendous power associated with working the Toroidal field and how it can help shift energies on the planet...

Open 🙏


Awesome! Looking forward to some upliftment while i muck about with my shadow😉 Thank you💙🙏barb