65 Million Refugees Worldwide...The Exodus (into the 5D) must Begin

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According to the UN, a record 65 million people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes in 2015. It amounted to 24 people displaced every minute. The UN said 'if considered a nation, it would make the 21st largest in the world'. There are many reasons given, but to us here at Openhand, underlying it is only one: the inexorable scrabble for a dwindling supply of global resources, generating war, poverty and irreversible abrupt climate change. We must acknowledge the truth in this. I believe we are witnessing merely the tip of a very large Ice berg. Like the Titanic, society is holed below the water line and sinking fast. What can we do? As always, the Openhand Approach is to confront the inconvenient truth, deal with it internally, expand into ones cosmic self - then to act positively with universally aligned "Right Action"...

Inconveniently unbalanced equation

The world is facing an intractable, growing problem that it cannot solve in the 3D. Increasingly awakening people are realising this. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, society has consumed fossil fuels as if there was an inexhaustible, endless supply. It's become so 'successful' in plundering resources and energy, that for everything society produces in calorific terms, a whopping 10 times that amount is consumed in the production and transportation. That goes for most things that we purchase and consume.

  • What does this mean in a practical sense?


It means society is wholly unsustainable, and can only continue if the industrial military complex continues to consume land and people in order to produce for consumers. But it can't do that, on a finite planet where energy, resources and growing space for crops are dwindling. Accelerating climate change squeezes the arithmetic beyond the balanced equation.

  • 65 million displaced people is the result.


The wannabe Law of Attraction benders

Let's get real about that. Because if we're not in reality, we can't truly be free. And being at-One means exactly that. You can't pick and choose - "oh, I become at-One as long as 'I' can manifest exactly what 'I' want to". Do you see what I mean? It simply doesn't add up. Reality quickly bursts the illusion of the wannabe "Law of Attraction" benders.

  • So stop for a moment, imagine yourself as one of the displaced. How would you feel? What would you be going through? Because they are your brothers and sisters. At some level, you are at-One with them too.


By the Authentic Law of Attraction, we have all manifested this mirror. What is it telling us? How could we most positively work with it to derive the greatest evolutionary upliftment for all? We could especially honour them, and take courage from their experience in our own lives by applying some of the following...

  • Consume the bare minimum that you need to
  • Give some of what you own away to those more in need
  • Make as much use of recycled products and goods as possible
  • Fast from time to time, and find your cosmic self within the discomfort
  • Consider their hardships - let it give you courage to endure difficulty and challenge on your own path.

I believe these are all steps which can help you yourself accelerate your evolution.

The absolute truth is the only tangible solution

In your expanded, connected and at-one state, what might you communicate through the ether to help those in hardship? I put it to you, the greatest gift you could give them, even beyond shelter and food, is to be able to look squarely at the problem, as it really is, invite them into your expansive heart, and let them feel the inviolable, eternal space of presence. Give them your greatest gift!

  • The absolute truth is the truly tangible gift you could give people in a reality that is rapidly beginning to unwind itself. That light in your eyes, and the love in your heart, unfolds the Inner pathway into the Fifth Density


Mastering transcendence of the Physical 3D

Did I say this was going to be easy? Easy it is not. But then if you're reading this, I tell you that you're seeded to do it. You can do it.

You're reading this because you probably believe that we're all one and life continues beyond the passing of the 3D world. You probably believe you're a cosmic being. Brilliant! Now is the time to self-actualise that, as an experience, by mastering transcendence of the physical 3D (see video). In so doing, you become an example to everyone around you. Amidst their deepest challenges, the still space in the core of your being, reflected through the ancient light in your eyes, unwaveringly says:

  • "It's okay to feel what you're feeling. It's okay to experience loss. It's okay even to pass on. Because this 3D doorway is merely a transition into a more expanded, aligned and equitable way of being."


They will see, and feel, the Fifth Density reflected in your eyes. But we must do the 'ground work' first.

Truly raising your vibration

The spiritual mainstream often speaks of 'raising vibration'. But there's something essential about the process of that which is often overlooked or missed - true transcendence, is to pass through the eye of the experience, not to avoid it. If you avoid it simply by blissing out, then the risk is you leave parts of your soul still stuck in the density. And when you pass on, life will simply bring you back to another similar experience - the 'ballast' brings the 'balloon' of your soul back. Here's a true test then...

  • Could you immerse yourself in the fullness of the difficulty which is now beginning to unfold across Planet Earth; can you truly empathise with ALL your brothers and sisters (for we are all One), and not retract or contract inside? Until you can, then you're not yet internally ascended beyond the 3D. That's not to say you don't experience the pain, just that even at its zenith, you can pass through the eye of that needle and into 'heaven' - into the 5D.


Here at Openhand we've always said, that increasingly, we're going to witness ever greater mirrors to who and what we really are. Well now, we have another 65 million of them. Look into their reflections. What do you see? How much more can you be?

In loving support
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You ask: “So stop for a moment, imagine yourself as one of the displaced. How would you feel?”

I just want to shout out: But I am displaced, this reality is not my home! But it is the gateway back to where I originate from, the eye of the needle… contract in pain to squeeze through and then expand away to infinity. Back home.

I see the displacement in the eyes of people everywhere, the pain of being ripped away and uprooted, consciously or not, we are all One in this pain. And I encourage myself to not look away from it as much as I'm able, bit by bit, doing my best in the moment. I do it because there is no other way. And I know it is felt, every time we transmute the pain, it radiates out and it is my deep hope it brings some refuge and hope to those in the greatest of distress.



As I circulate increasingly in local circle, I continue to find that many in the spiritual mainstream prefer to bliss out in a false love/light bubble as in, "I'm alright Jack." Not much different from Scrooge's response before he opened up his heart to those in need. "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?"

I'm with you and Malechite. There is no other way to true transcendence than passing through the eye of the needle, through the experience, from 3D to 5D. Opening up our hearts in empathy to honour the millions of displaced refugees; seeing and feeling their suffering, their loss; letting go of our own fear when we retract and contract; becoming an example; lighting the way to the higher world.

One Love
One Blood
One Life


Yes, on passing through the eye of the experience. There is no other way. Haven't we cited Ringo Starr singing It Don't Come Easy once before?

"Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues
And you know it don't come easy
You don't have to shout or leap about
You can even play them easy"