DIVINICUS 18: Openhand level 3...Through the Ether!

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The Openhand 'jewel in the crown' course, "DIVINICUS", begins today in the stupendous mountain village retreat centre "Cae Mabon", in Snowdonia, in the glorious foothills of Mount Snowden. We're sure to have an amazing week, transforming in a profound crucible from the base metal of Sapiens, to the shining light of Divinicus. Come join us, 'through the ether', where distance is no object. We're running a daily journal this week, designed to connect you to the energy and the inquiry. And to get you in the mood, kick off your shoes for 5 minutes and catch this video we made driving through the miraculous Llanberis Pass, leading to Cae Mabon...

As a reminder, here's what the course is all about...

DIVINICUS Activation (Openhand level 3): CAE MABON/UK, 15th-22nd June

See you in the field!

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Join the tribe, feel the vibe, as we journey deep into Humanity's karmic past, and come up shining the light.

One of the things I love most, is the 5am hot tub meditation (no, seriously!). That's where I was this morning in preparation. It's in the woods, listening to the bird's dawn chorus, dipping in and out of the freezing cold mountain stream. It's amazing hydrotherapy, gets the blood and the breath moving, consciousness working into all the cells.

Here's a photo of the Openhand crew one morning several years ago...

The Divinicus retreat, former Transfiguration, is an epic journey indeed! I had some tremendous unfoldings on the one in Brugge last summer and the Sweat Lodge was indeed a huge catalyst!

So here is a snapshot from 'behind the scenes' of the rising of the S-Lodge in the beautiful wilderness :) Strong foundations and unlimited New Horizons!

Wise Love

Earthing VortexStrong foundations

Tuning in to the energy, Grateful to share it with all of you brave souls!! Namaste!!!!


Hey Jennaya & Eddie and others reading - it's great to have you tune in - your energy can be felt Thumbs Up Sign

I have a poor internet connection this morning, out in my eco cabin in the woods - but probably that's synchronistic, because today we take the group into deep stillness!

Last night everyone arrived safely from their varied locations across the world, from Iceland, from Finland, from Germany, from Ireland and even from the UK too! Openhanders truly are an international bunch. 

Being here is simply amazing. It really is like you just dropped into a scene from Lord of the Rings. Here's our amazing straw bale 8 sided studio. The energy in their is off the roof!

For anyone whose been following the Fasting Forum Thread, I've been "OMAD" fasting (one meal a day) for the last couple of weeks now. I've no intention of going back, this feel like the new 'normal', because it daily rejuvenates the body and maintains the expansiveness. But I did wonder what it would be like when surrounded by people eating on a course, especially whilst working quite hard energetically. So watching people eat last night was a touch of a challenge, but I applied the ancient Zen technique, which is simply to inhale the aroma, which did the trick nicely. It was a bit tough though when raw chocolate desert came out!

I can thoroughly recommend fasting as a means to deepen the inner inquiry and expand consciousness - it causes you to confront lots of inner tightness and density, but it activates and comes up quickly, at a physical, emotional and mental level. It's a great activator, and so the group will be engaged in some fasting to activate buried energies.

And stillness will be key in this first phase - solitude so as to go deep. We'll be applying the breakthrough breathing technique and inquiring into the nature of the self. Who are you? So I'll leave you with this inquiry and invite some stillness this weekend and some fasting. Even if you only miss a meal, and then inquire into the feelings - "equalise" into them, meaning become as-one with them.

Who are you? Let's find out - see you in the space between the spaces.

Love to all.

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As time allows today, I will join you.  I feel the vibration of excitement! 

Joy to you all.

Here's a taster of how it feels entering the magical mystical land of Cae Mabon....Just like being in a scene from Lord of The Rings...

Come this way, let go of all limiting judgments...

You're entering a world of "elementals"...

The Fairy Queen presides over the inquiry...

Pixies are in abundance!...

And a gnome pops up to make and appearance...

A Dwarf taking a craft break...

We're got Merlin's tree house too...

 And here he is "Merlin" (otherwise known as Eric - the founder) tending to Gaia's garden..

And the wonderful lady herself, holding the crucible for our inquiry. How blessed we are!...

Thanks Open for the love. That place looks like the same place I come from.

Much love

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I introduced a regular monthly three day fast to my lifestyle after realising on a previous Level Three, how beneficial it could be. Other times, I try and keep the  Intermittant Fasting, i.e. eat between 11am 7pm going.  I find a huge energy boost as well as a deeper awareness comes from it all.  It also apparently boosts the Immune System.  Enjoy.


Want to share that these photos really caught the attention of my inner child. Tuning in from the ethers


We're having an amazing time here at Cae Mabon. It's far from the matrix, deeply integrated with nature and the elementals. It's so powerful for unwinding and unfolding, letting go of the density. , IThe group have settled into the work quickly and are digging deep, breaking through, and expanding out the other side. It's simply awesome to watch. There's a tremendous atmosphere here - impossible to fully share in words. So do keep tuning in, I'm sure you'll catch an essence of it...

Contemplations around the fire pit at the centre of the site...

Nils and Alex in silence and stillness...

Openhand Facilitator Elizabeth in attendance...

After deep internal processing, letting go to emotive music...

A period blindfolded during the fast helps internalise attention more deeply, readily bringing people into stillness, before empowering the emergence of soul through dance and singing...

Anyone whose done an Openhand course, will no doubt remember how emotive music is combined with meditation to stir the soul. The tracks always pick themselves, the hand of the divine always steering the way. Here's one of the amazing tracks that we released and expanded to...

Do take some time out today, let go, and follow your passion - unleash the soul!

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Indeed the journey of humanity is full of intrigue. It's one that originates in divine interconnected beauty, which is them thwarted by an Interdimensional Intervention - constrained and constricted, 'hybridised' into something lesser, before rediscovering his soul, deeply embodying it and breaking free of the limiting chains. It's an empowering rollercoaster!

With that in mind, and timed with the current DIVINICUS course, we're beginning a 5part serialisation of the DIVINICUS book today.... 5part DIVINICUS book serialisation

Hi Everyone - I wonder how it's unfolding for you out there?

Here in Cae Mabon in Snowdonia the group are going at it great guns! We've gotten deep into inner identity filters yesterday, and to a large degree, broken the layers down. When activated, by removing the repetitive stimuli that keep them in place (everything in the matrix!), then we're able to dig deeper in. We can start to activate karma, which is the very reason we are here - to activate, unravel and integrate soul through karma. That's what we'll be working on today, as we regress people by journeying through humanity's convoluted past.

(Do check on the DIVINICUS book serialisation this week, because it definitely has the power to start activating karma...DIVINICUS 5part Book Serialisation)

What is karma?

I'd say the first thing is to establish exactly what karma is, because you'll hear different interpretations. To me, there is no such thing as 'good' or 'bad' karma. We don't intentionally manifest 'good' events necessarily because we do 'good' deeds. In the sense in which these statements are meant, there is no such thing as 'good' and 'bad'. These are simply egoic judgments of the learning engagement our souls have subscribed to. To the soul, there is no 'good' nor 'bad' just the opportunity to learn, evolve and grow. This can be achieved in both dense circumstances and light.

To me, karma occurs where the soul becomes identified and therefore attached to the physicality of life. In other words, where the soul identifies with the illusion. This might happen for example where one is in fear during death or a particularly traumatic experience such as an accident.

When the soul attaches in this way, then it essentially experiences the sense of disconnection from the source, loses a 'fragment' of itself in an eddy current, identifies with the illusion, takes on distorted behaviours and therefore deposits karmic energy within the causal body - within the fourth density. It is this karmic ballast that 'brings you back down to earth' again for another incarnation. Let us be clear, this is not a 'bad' thing in itself. It's purpose is evolutionary growth. As long as the soul is always learning and progressing, then it's fulfilling purpose.

How is karma experienced?

Generally it's my observation that people mostly experience karma in daily life. So the inner filter contained within the causal body projects this energy into the situations we manifest. It might happen within relationships for example. So now one's relationships are filtered and interfered with because of this karmic energy. The frustrating thing is that you don't necessarily see it. You'll often experience some form of disharmony without realising why?

Karma is the cause of an incarnation. That's why if you're to successfully process it, the most essential thing is to accept we create all the disharmonious circumstances in our lives exactly because of the karmic energy we've stored. So we have to take ownership for what takes place in our lives, confront it and work with it, in order to advance through that blockage.

You can also of course regress people through their karmic past lives which tends to speed up the process greatly. It can speedily remove disharmony in life and accelerate the Ascensionary process. Although it's my observation that it's best not to force karma, because that could leave a person processing wave upon wave of it when they might not yet be ready for the intensity of experience. For certainty, Crossing the Red Sea of Karma is no joy ride (although the liberating expansion on the other 'bank' most definitely is!).

Processing karmic baggage

Spiritual Facilitators will no doubt approach the processing of karmic past lives in different ways. If you can hold the energy and catalyse the movement of soul, then people will quickly regress. My approach is to journey people through the various lower densities of the physical, emotional and mental, calming them, easing them, before then guiding a journey across the karmic plain.

This is where the 'waters' can get very 'choppy'. As people regress, the tide of uncontrollable emotion can arise rapidly. Suddenly people are seeing and feeling all manner of challenging circumstance. This is where you need a steady hand on the tiller, allowing the person to fully experience, yet reassuring them that this is all just an experience, that they are not the experience.

It's a subtle blend between fully honouring the pain, but not being totally lost in it. At the point where one is able to fully accept this karmic reaction and soften into it, then the fragment of soul that was buried there, is reintegrated. The attachment is lost, the soul emerges, gorgeous senses of expansion occur, the soul flows free and heals the place where the restriction once was. We're now sailing a full breeze in the calmer waters of the Higher Paradigm. It's pure bliss.

Nothing to be Feared

So whilst karma can generate fearful experiences it is not to be feared. All experiences are transitory. And we must transition them to truly integrate the wholeness of the One. When you contemplate for a moment the trauma of humanity's intense history here on Earth, all the wars, blood shed and violence, then it's no wonder we've stored the baggage of this within. That's exactly why life in society is currently so turbulent.

The key is to accept this turbulence, not to retract from it. Going back into ones shell simply makes the shell persist and only get thicker. We have to break the shell to emerge fully on the shore of the Higher Paradigm. And this can successfully be done by a direct confrontation of the energy within.

Taking ownership in this way and being positive, is a sure way to help humanity break through this limiting barrier, ease the passage and sail swiftly into the New Paradigm. Time to stir the breeze!

In loving support

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