Activating the Spirit Light Body in Daily Life for 5D Ascension

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There's nothing quite like living and being in the Spirit Light Body. It's a higher dimensional vehicle of expression that comes active through dedicated spiritual practice. As we shift into 5D consciousness, it becomes our chariot of Ascension into the Fifth Dimension. But there's no need to wait. There are profound benefits to opening it and expressing from it in daily life right now. What are the essential keys we need to pay attention to?

What is the Spirit Light Body?

When fully activated we are multidimensional beings. The 7 main chakras are consciousness exchange points that channel soul consciousness into a different bodily vehicle in a different dimensional frequency of experience. The highest that is generally possible in human form is the Spirit Light Body, connecting through the crown chakra.

It's a feeling of expansive lightness and interconnective joy, that is way beyond the trials and tribulations of lower 3D living. However, it is not some kind of bubble state that is static and removed from reality. Rather it is a freely flowing stream of synchronicity that speaks into the lower dimensions through signs and symbology. You feel like you're in an interconnected universal orchestra.

The Spirit Light Body willl become our Chariot of Ascension into the New Paradigm of the Fifth Density, although it's definitely not something to wait for. The key is to work to begin to live it right now, especially in these challenging times of transition, where the density of the old 3D construct becomes progressively distracting and debiltating. It's time for humanity to shift into a higher dimensional frequency and reclaim our birthright as sovereign cosmic beings, interconnected with the Universe.

Spirit Light Body Activation

The Spirit Light Body must be activated through dedicated spiritual practice that involves progressive transcendence through the lower densities of the physical, emotional, mental and karmic. However, this is not somehow to be divorced from daily life. Quite the opposite. The inner experience is interrelated with the outer and so as you activate the various dimensional vehicles of expression, they will reflect like cinema projectors into the outer movie of your life - they actually create the story in the outer hologram.

Pranic breathing exercises are perhaps the prime way in which the Spirit Light Body can be activated. The breath is a carrier of consciousness through the various layers of the bodymind. Thus you progressively transcend and expand consciousness into the higher vehicles.

At Openhand we've developed the process "illuminate" for activating the Spirit Light Body. Check out our upcoming World Tour...Ascension Activations 2020

As you begin to open up into your higher dimensional vehicles through daily spiritual practice, it then pays to have at least 50% of your attention continually tuned inwards. What we're looking for are all the trigger points where you contract into attachment in the outer world. What outcome did you think you needed? What could you not accept? Work to know yourself as The One in these experiences and let go of the need for it to be a particular way. Thus the soul integrates and forges coherency. It naturally and progressively ascends up into the higher bodily vehicles culminating in the Spirit Light Body.
Develop Your Daily Process for Transcendence of Karmic Density

Spirit Light Body and the Merkaba

Ultimately the Spirit Light Body becomes your Chariot of Ascension - as you ascend, you continue on in life in this higher vehicle embodied within the New 5D Paradigm. However prior to that final completion, we get to live in a 'hybrid' state where you're interrelating the higher dimensional consciousness with the lower here in the physical. This is achieved by forming what has been known in ancient spiritual scripture as the "Merkaba" or "Merkabah".

The best way to understand this is as two interrelating diamonds of energy. One diamond descends as the Spirit Light Body. This then interweaves around the area of the Heart Chakra in the 4th density with another diamond that rises up from the base chakra that contains activated kundalini.

Just to be clear, the Merkaba is not the soul, it is an encasement for the soul, formed of Separation Consciousness. The Merkaba enables you to live both in the physical 3D world and the interrelating higher dimensional consciousness from the New 5D Paradigm that is cuurently interweaving here.

When you ultimately ascend and move on, the lower diamond of the Merkabah falls away and the higher one continues in the New Paradigm. It then begins to repeat the evolutionary process by working to interrelate with another higher dimensional vehicle from the higher realm of the 9th/10th/11th densities. The Ascension process repeats itself but in the higher plane.

Spirit Light Body and the Merkaba Against AI truly exciting thing that's happened through the challenges of society and the Old Paradigm in 2020, is that the New Paradigm has come active through the reconsitution and augmentation of what's known as the 5D Crystalline Grid. This is the weave of the new paradigm which will form the construct upon which the new reality is founded. And by bringing the form of the Merkaba into Being, you can dance in that divine weave right now.

I do believe that's what this latest crop circle from Avebury in the UK is showing us. You can see the Merkaba from the top down, interrelated with the 5D crystalline Grid...

5D Crystalline Grid - Divine Super Intelligence, And 5 Ways To Be In It

So you're beginning to live in the new weave of the 5D right now. We do have to be attentive and mindful of the machinations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) though. It's become abundantly clear of late that it is being applied by the ET intervention to entrap people in the synthetic agenda. By the deceptive application of Smart technology and EMF, it's creating a encompassing cloud of consciousness that is drawing people into a limiting and doppy downgraded existence. It's becoming increasingly obvious this is what the pandemic and the follow up measures have been designed to achieve. But we can break this intervention down by unravelling it with our evolving consciousness, particularly as we come into the Merkaba. It's what I discussed recently in the LiveStream below. It's utterly essential we all take note at this pivotal point in the Shift.

2020 Parting of the Waves

As I wrote about at the beginning of 2020, the numerology speaks clearly of a parting of the waves happening in society. Fortunately I do believe enough are waking up that the system cannot take over fully. But plenty are seemingly willingly taking the route into the synthetic agenda. This will all resolve itself out at the culmination of the 5D Earth Shift - the synethic agenda will be peeled from the earth and we ascend into the Fifth Density. This Openhand article explains the process... The Shift Process from 3D to 5D Earth

The key to following that path of Ascension is to work to activate the Spirit Light Body right now in daily life through committed spiritual practice and progressive transcendence. It's an entralling and magical journey leading to complete liberation of the soul. I wish you joy and fulfillment in that journey. Heart

Here is an Openhand defining video covering this essential topic of our time...

The Openhand Work has been carefully crafted to meet these monumental times of transiton. If my sharing resonates with you, do come and get involved with our 5D Ascension Program. It's all about activating the Spirit Light Body leading to our progressive Ascension through life...

Openhand's 5D Ascension Program


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03/05/2023 Shift Update: the Merkabah

The Spirit Light Body is a key aspect of the Merkabah, which is the ultimate form we're working towards in the great shift, readying us for Ascension into 5D - actualising yourself as the new 5D Human. You're progressively purifying the lower self, physical, emotional, mental, rendering it as a chalice to hold the infusing energies of the activating higher self.

It's been depicted as an upward-facing diamond interrelating with a downward-facing diamond. You're being informed by the Higher Self in your choices, guided by the divine, but then applying it in a way that interrelates with this new hybrid reality we're travelling through. In the great transformation happening across the earth, it's the only thing that can really thrive.

Hence I share my article above today, which is all about how to activate the Spirit Light Body in daily life. It's probably the most important thing we can be doing. And it doesn't matter if you have a fairly regular life in the system, providing you're constantly paying attention to forging this new configuration. It can be done in every single moment - simply by working the breath for example. Here's the article...

Activating the Spirit Light Body in Daily Life for 5D Ascension

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