DIVINICUS 5part Book Serialisation

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Today on Openhandweb we're beginning a 5 part serialisation of the book DIVINICUS, timed with our level 3 course of the same name. DIVINICUS is all about the emergence of modern humanity, what is our true karmic past? And how are we emerging into the future? It explains how and interdimensional intervention has temporarily derailed humanity's natural evolutionary path, but now how plenty are reclaiming their divine birthright. It's designed to activate and inspire...

Part 1: It all begins with the Oracle

“How else can you know something as real,
unless it rattles you to the very bones of who you are?”

The divine had quickly reconnected with me, and begun speaking through signs and synchronicity, an age-old mother tongue that captivated me to the core, pulling heart strings that frequently melted me to tears. is made more sense than any teacher, any book, any rhyme or reason. It was pure poetry, that resonated truth deep within. How else can you know something as real, unless it rattles you to the very bones of who you are?

I’d been taken to meet the ‘Oracle’, but I hasten to add, not the one of the iconic “Matrix” lm trilogy. is was the Oracle Shopping Centre, although the signs and symbology you could nd there, were no less compelling and poignant. I nd the divine uses the full scope of possibility, in today’s modern life, to reach out to us. is ‘Oracle’, was in the English city pronounced ‘Redding’, although spelt ‘Reading’. “Are you reading this?”... the humour of divine guidance o en cracks me up!

From the instant of my incarnation, I knew I was being watched, tracked by an ‘Opposing Consciousness’, using any method to get into my thoughts and emotions, to throw me o track. However, they couldn’t accurately mimic my soul frequency, and the telepathy with which I was now being guided, sung like choirs of angels, into the very fabric of who I was.

A merry chase of heart-felt-pull, intertwined with consciousness ‘spiking’ (guiding an open mind with spiked, resonating synchronicity) led me around corners, up and down escalators, in and out of shops. Over many lifetimes I’d been taught this, thoroughly, with patience and great persistence: when in this kind of density, where there are those that would try to control and deceive you, how even your thought-level consciousness can be read. I was painstakingly reminded of how intention and desire can be perverted. Even to the extent that when you do something, it’s easy to be duped, deceived into believing it’s what you wanted to do all along. I’d been shown to master every base level desire, so that I could intimately know the authentic pull of my soul, in any given situation. The sheer intensity of it, often led me to feel like I’d been thrust into the plot of some Hollywood spy drama!

This merry chase led me rst to HMV, where the angelic lyrics of the in-store music confirmed for me I was on the right track, correctly aligned with the flow. But the resonance inside told me this was not my final destination, not what the Oracle ultimately wanted to show me. You have to be so careful, not to get locked in the mind by the matrix’s games, careful you’re always connecting with true feeling.

The resonance had gone quiet now. I waited, and did the only thing that made sense in my newly incarnated being. I felt. And I felt. Felt deeper still. Because that’s what being truly awake means: to always come from deep inner feeling.

A slight tingling kicked in, something I knew intimately: an energy, that was now moving and beginning to move me. It took me gently out of HMV and into the shop next door, Waterstones, the book store. The pull gathered and rose like a swelling tide, guiding me effortlessly around the first island of new releases, but then dumped me, very purposefully on the beach, in front of a cliff hanger of best sellers. “Voilà, this is what you’re here for,” was the deep inner knowing.

“So what do you want to show me?” arose a soul initiated question.... “Open your mind. Be still. Watch. Feel”. I knew the guidance as truth, so I intently surrendered to its wishes. My attention was guided, from book to book, in a seemingly haphazard way, connecting combinations of words that jumped off the covers to answer heart-felt questions. Realisations were landing left , right and centre. Tears welled up, the orchestra was playing a tune in my heart, just for me. But then something stopped me dead in my feeling tracks. A combination of book titles struck me, like a lightening bolt to the third eye...

“Homo Sapiens....a correctable mistake”

Wow! Something stirred deep within. Waves of energy began to surge through me; ancient memories filled with anguish and pain. But I couldn’t go there right at that moment. I could feel the threads of consciousness now activating in my Akashic memory, but Waterstones was not the right place to unravel them. is story was going to take time and patience to fully unveil.

It was the next day now, early morning, 5am, meditation time in the darkened quietness, before the grey bearded beast breathes its morning fire into the matrix’s energetic confusion. A consciousness spike draws me to the shower. I’m feeling the warm water rushing over my body. Senses are increasingly heightening now. I’d already moved to a vegan diet, so my vibration is quickly elevating - there is much less density to clog inner processing. Practically every hair on my neck is tingling.

I’m guided to switch from warm water to cold. There’s a slight mental resistance, but the pull is unmistakable. My body initially retracts at the iciness, but I already know not to be governed by such reaction, rather to so soften into the tightness, and attune to the truth of authentic soul-feeling through it... because this is what the divine being in us does.

The thread of inner vibration touches something deep and unmistakable. Suddenly, I’m propelled into a lucid dream. I can feel myself as an early human. I’m now feeling very primal. Something like Cro Magnon rings strongly. Days previously, I’d been guided to give up washing with soap. Now I understood why exactly. Without the distracting desensitisation of sterile, synthetic, sanitation, my sense of smell heightens sublimely. The authentic aroma of pure, muscle-pumping human, fills my nostrils. Unmistakable: natural pheromones - a ‘body shop’ the matrix is totally clueless at copying. “Why would anyone ever want to suppress something so original, so naked, so pure, so perfect?” “A good question indeed”... resonated the reply... “Be patient, all will come”.

I’m now outside, walking through woods, following rabbit trails and the scent of other animals. There’s an incredible flow of naturalness. Literally every leaf and stone is speaking to me, guiding me to a destination of rightness, sinking deeper and deeper into the essence of what I now am.

There’s total openness. e complete absence of fear. There’s an interconnectedness, both with the divine heavens above, and also the physical 3D-world down below. It’s all a seamless orchestra of sound and synchronicity. The dawn song of a blue tit is speaking to me. Not that I have to interpret it with ever-so-clumsy words. It completely bypasses the intellect, connecting seamlessly with inner knowing. The blue tit sings, a heavenly shift happens inside, we are dancing together. This is true multi-dimensionality... and this is the divine being within, which I’m sure you know as well.

I don’t want this to stop - to never stop. I’d give up absolutely every thread of anaesthetising desensitisation that the matrix has to to offer: every gadget, every widget, every ‘soft shoulder’ to debilitate myself upon. I’d give it all up, for just another day of this interconnected perfection. If there was a God who designed this, then ‘she’ was a genius!

Suddenly, and inexplicably, like a creeping nightmare, my experience changed. It contracted, down-graded. Now I’m in fear. The blue tit continues to sing its merry tune, but all I want to do is hide behind the next obstacle, the next boulder. I’m tefrified: afraid for my life, for my loved ones and off-spring. And I can feel something else now, in my psyche: something I have come to know lurking in the background of Homo Sapiens experience. But just like the air, although coursing through my every waking moment, I still couldn’t see it. Now though, it was like thick, black smoke, bellowing from some concrete power station. It darkened the air with density, like cheap perfume gone stale. Just one word... Control.

I could remember it well, from earlier in my existence. Control was the answer to this omnipresent fear. If I could control everything around me - my environment, my food and water- supply, plants and animals, energy and resources, the people in my life - then I could be safe, my future ensured. Control had become my very reason for being, just like every non-awake human on our planet right now. It was the purpose that had gotten me through the day. Control gives meaning to the matrix. It makes it work, all cylinders rotating together, like the most over-designed car engine. Control is the common denominator, the language that gives sense to the matrix. And now, I was no longer the gracefully expanded and fearless Cro Magnon. I had instead, become something lesser, more confined, more enslaved, much more closed down. In a word, I had been neutered. I had become Homo Sapiens.

How did this happen? Why did it happen? Even with the depth of this re-familiarisation, that was, to me, more truthful than any sci-fi film, the fact that the answers to these questions were not immediately obvious, that pieces of the jigsaw were still missing, caused me to doubt. The fact that I couldn’t immediately see the perpetrators and ask,

“Why did you do it?
What on Earth could be so valuable as to cause you to do that to a human being?”

What on Earth, indeed. But all these answers would come; in time, everything would fall into place. And Benevolence constantly reminded me that the past was much less important than the future. That if I wanted to recover ‘me’ - just as if you want to recover ‘you’ - we have to focus. We have to feel any automated reactions to the moment - any contractions - and expand ourselves out again. And so, for some considerable time, for several years, this was my singular objective. First, I needed to remember the route-map back home; I needed to re-establish the 5GATEWAYS.

Get the life changing book DIVINICUS...

Where did humanity really come from? Where is he really going to? This book will take you on an enthralling journey: from the deserts of Arizona to the planes of South Africa; from the Garden of Eden to the Big Apple; from ancient Lemuria to the submerged Atlantis. Sharing perspectives into the full magnitude of this interdimensional reality, helps process humanity's ancient karma and activate your spirit-light-body - that which will carry you into the next evolution of humanity in the New 5D Paradigm.

READ MORE...about the DIVINICUS Book.
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DIVINICUS 18: Openhand level 3...Through the Ether!

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The Openhand 'jewel in the crown' course, "DIVINICUS", begins today in the stupendous mountain village retreat centre "Cae Mabon", in Snowdonia, in the glorious foothills of Mount Snowden. We're sure to have an amazing week, transforming in a profound crucible from the base metal of Sapiens, to the shining light of Divinicus.

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A New Tribe of Spirit Warriors has Arrived!

Submitted by Open on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 11:16

Hi Everyone, Openhand is on the road again. This time it's Chicago and Halifax in America and Canada for this year's final two 5GATEWAYS events. It never ceases to amaze me where you all show up from. In Chicago we've got locals, yes, but then others are travelling from as far away as California, Florida and Wisconsin. It's a marvellous 'rainbow tribe' we're connecting into. Souls who are all totally unique, yet uniting around the common passion for the shift.

We can feel change building, our hearts are bursting for it.
A new tribe of spirit warriors has indeed arrived! Come join the journal...

First stop Chicago

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What's happening for You on Your Journey Right Now?

Submitted by Open on Tue, 04/03/2018 - 05:30

Hi everyone out there in the far flung corners of the world! 

How are you doing right now in this great shift? The next leg of Openhand's 5GATEWAYS World Tour 2018 has reconvened back out our old 'stamping grounds' of Glastonbury in Avalon, UK. You're most definitely invited to join us 'through the ether'. Which means to take some time out each day this week and tune into what we're doing. I'll give you a sense of what's going on each day as it unfolds. Glastonbury has a very special energy of global significance. Many consider it the heart chakra of the planet, and thus, it is a very powerful karma activating centre...

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Openhand Spiritual Facilitator Training in the Land of Oz

Submitted by Open on Thu, 03/15/2018 - 19:22

Hi everyone. The pace of the 5D shift quickens day by day. Whether people recognise it or not, everyone is progressively being affected by the shift in one way or another. The activation of soul calls for greater authenticity in relationships for example, to be more truthful and honest with oneanother. It invites us to be more aligned in the jobs and careers, and to make more conscious choices in how we generally live. Plenty will be in avoidance, often subconsciously. Here's where inner conflict causes stress and trauma, hence the role of the spiritual facilitator to help people touch that disharmony and unwind it.
So what does it take to become a spiritual facilitator?

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Join the Openhand La Palma Retreat...Through the Ether!

Submitted by Open on Sat, 01/20/2018 - 05:41

Hi Everyone in the Openhand Community. Some of you will remember that I spent several months of last year living on the Volcanic Island of La Palma in the Canaries. From the first moment I stepped foot here, I knew I'd want to bring groups. The island is very high vibe indeed, and there's very little 'matrix' here. For me it was the perfect environment in which to realign the Openhand energies to better support the higher dimensional shift. And in now bringing groups here, it's great for people to realign their lives more accurately too. Our New Year Retreat 2018 begins today. I plan to be writing a regular blog, so do come join us through 'the ether', where distance is no object!...

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5GATEWAYS around the World in 2018

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Fri, 12/01/2017 - 03:50

Here at Openhand we're excited to announce a new 5GATEWAYS World Tour during 2018, as a direct follow on to the work we've already done on the 5D Shift World Tour through Europe, Canada, America and Australia recently. This is Openhand's 5GATEWAYS flagship retreat to help you navigate your higher self pathway through life and live the new 5D Consciousness. Here's where we're going to be (and watch out for new dates yet to be added...

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Divinicus Australia - Rise of the Rainbow People

Submitted by Open on Sat, 11/25/2017 - 16:01

This Openhand Journey through the shift just keeps getting better! Where do all you magical souls come from? You are all mystical "rainbow people" from the stars of course!

This week saw the culmination of Openhand's current 5D Shift World Tour, and what a climax - 7 days of deep exploration, processing and liberation on our flagship level 3 course "Divinicus", the rise of the divine human...

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Joining the Magical Higher Consciousness Wave...You're all Superstars!

Submitted by Open on Wed, 11/08/2017 - 17:50

Hi everyone out there in the Openhand Community - how's it going for you in the shift? I trust your life is beginning to feel like a bigger movement of consciousness, connected to something incredibly divine. As the light progressively unravels itself from the old reality, you'll likely find yourself pulled in different directions as the old consciousness within, still snags on old density, the old ways of doing things. Here's where we have to dig deep, and trust that if we confront the tightness and unwind it, then the unleashing of flow is going to take us somewhere more magical and harmonious.

It can feel, at times, a little like being swept down the rapids. But now isn't time to cling onto the banks - it's time to take centre stream, and enjoy the ride. Yihah!!!....

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5D Shift World Tour Update, October 2017...Go Shine the Light!

Submitted by Open on Wed, 11/01/2017 - 06:46

Hi Openhanders!
How are you all doing out there in the Great Shift? Working it through I trust. It's an amazing tour - meeting extraordinary souls everywhere, just popping out of the 'woodwork' - where do you all come from?! It's lovely to see the explorations, deep inquiries, incredible breakthroughs and amazing higher dimensional shifts. You are all so uniquely special, and treasured in the Openhand heart! Here are some snapshots of the North American leg of the Tour. Take a peek inside the work of Openhand...

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New Website Live Today...With Teething Issues!

Submitted by Open on Wed, 10/11/2017 - 06:13

Hi everyone. Well as you can see, we have an all new singing and dancing Openhand website. Woohoo! It's been a mammoth undertaking because we had to migrate 13 years of content across to the new development, with different configurations. There has been lots of 'burning the midnight oil' and 4am starts! As we currently stand, we still have a number of configuration teething issues, like limited permissions on posting comments, which we're working to get right. So please bear with us - we're getting there!

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