Break Through Density

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Sun, 11/06/2016 - 08:00

Everyone carries subconscious density around with them, be it from circumstances in this lifetime or karmic ones from past lives. Whatever rosy picture one might paint on top, this subconscious density still creates distortion and limitation, in relationships, careers, all aspects of life. How do you effectively process and dissolve it? Here's an insight with a clip from Openhand's Breakthrough Workshop...


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That... is why I always keep in mind to welcome truth as a friend. The truth of ALL that I stumble on, and hit hard at times, or that crawls in secret around me until it strikes. Keeping a sense of humour is usually my measuring stick for how much I CAN welcome truth as a friend. Ending the blame game.

eye-opener, confirmations, ascending!


Before I open my eyes I feel you

a lion with its prey

helpless in your grasp

can't think,can't see, powerless

finally i see after all these years 

I must not run or hide

I'm to embrace you

look you in the face 

realizing you are not 'me'

step through the doorway

to freedom

ej   (Zee) 30.10.18

Thankyou sooo much for this vid, it has really hit the spot! I think I'm finally getting it yaahoo!

And thankyou to all the openhand peeps for your sharings, you have encouraged me greatly through your openess. 

Much love Zee 🌴

Hey, very nice energy in your session. Makes me reminiscence past fond experiences. I miss You... Glad to hear about an upcoming event in spring in Finland =) Trying our best here!

I'm so feelin' the love! Thank you, Trinity! And I totally agree: Jen, you really know how to get down. Mustang Sally, indeed! Ride, Sally, ride! I was rockin' along with you, wild soul sista! :)

Wow! Really powerful and vivacious Openhand energy! A treasure of a clip...allowing everyone to step right into the energy right now. Thank you for producing another awesome gem Trinity! Love to you, Jen

Great clip!
Such a strong Openhand energy. Time and space had warped and I'm with you in Florida now.
Thank you :-)


Wow! This really brings me back into that state; the state of body awareness required to experience the dissolving of pain.
Each night since our gathering I'm committing to this place inside and shifts are happening. My employment has changed dramatically since returning from Seattle, my closest of friends seem more open, available and vulnerable to me. The sychronicities are piling up! Right now my body is going through a period of intense pain yet I feel a calm centred-ness too. It's all happening I believe because I challenged my beliefs about pain and my limiting beliefs around myself in general. I have loads of courage however I was lacking the action step so necessary to catylyze that courage.
Thank you again Open! Your courage to assist us all through our pain is having a profound impact!
Michelle xo

Thank you Trinity for capturing the moments on video, it has so many layers to it that creates such depth and warmth. I especially enjoyed watching the flame dance away.

"Process in hours. The degree to which you commit to the process determines the speed with which you can break through." Yes!! The alchemy within each authentic experience feels to gain momentum as the insertion site becomes closer to source within the illusions as the process ensues thus in my experience feels to propel the cosmic self through the self imposed shackles of the mind body navigation system more efficiently as the web of self imposed constrictive often numbing behaviors are dissolved. Thank you Open for giving voice to this!

Much love to all

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