Channeling Your Own Soul

Submitted by Open on Wed, 01/15/2020 - 17:40
What do the subtle nuances and perceptions of soul feel like?
I put it to you that the wisest thing to channel through you is your own soul. It's essential to get to know the various impulses, frequencies and nuances that come through as your authentic beingness. What does it feel like? It's that sense of rightness of self, you're in your authenticity, come what may. It feels plain right, like falling off a log into your deepest sense of self, or else the upwelling of a deep yearning - "this is how to be now".
So what about signs and synchronicity? Be careful, they can so easily be mimicked by Opposing Consciousness if you're behind the signs, following them. When you're in the flow of your soul, it's like riding a surf board - you can't follow the wave or else you become awkward out of sync and fall off. You have to feel all the subtle nuances, frequencies and percetions coming through you until you become as one with the soul's wave. When you're flowing as the soul, everything clicks in around you in authentic signs and synchronicity to reflect that you have correct alignment and attunement.
And when you do fall off the wave (because we all do), no worries, no panic. Simply let go. Feel into any tightness, unwind it and soften through. Find the next expression of authentic beingness that wants to come through you and pick up this wave. You'll be riding again in no time.
So be wary of an external source, be it in the physical or ether that tells you to do 'this' or 'that'. I maintain a truly benevolent source is unlikely to do that because it risks overriding soul sovereignty and making you dependent. But you can take reflections - "this is what you're being now", both the aligned and the shadow. Take the reflection and fine tune your beingness. Right Action will naturally flow from there.
Open Heart

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Hi Guys - I'm glad you benefitted in your own ways from the summit. I think there's great value in these new kinds of media. But yes, we have to be careful with the collective "love and light" catch all, which really does catch all! Just because someone is speaking sweetly, can have just as much (even more) distorting energy behind it than someone who is being challenging on the surface. To me it boils down to this...

Does the guidance get you to go into your own feelings?
Does it encourage deep soul sovereignty?
Does it get you processing karma?
Does it speak in perspectives rather than absolutes?

Always go with your sense of rightness and intuition, whatever is broadcast on the surface. Then we'll gain benefit in pretty much all areas and genres. I enjoyed the opportunity despite the tech issues.





Hi Open,

First of all I found the summit enlightening about what channeling and Angelic realm is even though I cannot relate to it. It was also inspirational at times for myself but a few things that I couldn't integrate.
I have to say that I only witnessed a few of the speakers there and this is only my experience of it.

I resonate with a lot of it. Some of a the channeling felt a bit clunky, some felt like from the sources I can trust while others not so. My experience was that there was lots of talk about love and light and not as much emphasis on processing of karma and working with shadow aspects. I understand that there are different consciences out there some authentically wanting to help while other to interfere with some agenda.

At the same time, there were some red flags that stood out for me even though I didn't immediately realized it at the time. For example, the closing speaker of the summit was commenting on the plant based diet was saying how plants have feelings and emotions too and not just animals. Of course, everything is of consciousness plants including but lumping it all together felt not appropriate and serving.

Topic of karma was another thing that stood out for me. Something to the effect that we have to process karma in chunks now as we advancing too fast felt a bit like a shortcut and not something important to pay quality attention to. Interesting enough that almost everything else was resonant with Openhand philosophy.

I am wondering what is your experience of the summit if you can comment about.

With Love