The Christ Consciousness and the "4D Red Sea" of Karma

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It's Easter 2024, and we are amidst the most humongous shake-up of reality on the planet imaginable. Everything that we've believed in, or had any sense of allegiance to, is being called into question - the state (of course!), media, politics, Big-Tech, Big-Pharma, religion (of course!) and even spirituality. What's real anymore? As humanity is drawn inexorably onto the 4D Karmic Plane, crossing the "Red Sea", it's the Christ Consciousness that will see us safely across to the New Paradigm in 5D.

The Shift is Becoming Biblical

The Shift is becoming nothing short of Biblical. Hence the appropriateness of my metaphor. Reality here is unravelling rapidly, you can feel it, especially in the 4D field, with the broad expansion of human consciousness happening, evidenced by the growing pushback against the Shadow on the surface.

But the 3D is very confusing. There's a reason. In a word, Ra - the shadow entity, the 'Architect' behind the various machinations of the simulation we're embroiled within. The dramas and stories are being twisted this way and that, to keep people locked into the 3D, noses to the grindstone. It's all purposeful distraction, that unfortunately, too many alternative commentators are falling for.

Yes, by all available means, call out the shadow. But - when you've done so, stop playing its tune, its game. Because if all you're doing is pointing out what it's doing, even if you're protesting and railing against it, still, you're REAFFIRMING that limited reality, "just look at the game charades going on, the Emperor has got no clothes".

Yes, bang on. It's all a 3D sh** show. So why be so encapsulated and embroiled within it?

DISCLOSURE: Ra - the Unseen Spymaster, playing both sides of the 3D Chess Game

Changing the Nature of the Game

Why not instead, change the nature of the game?
Why not instead, expand your consciousness out of the 3D box?
Why not instead, see the mirror of all that you are not, and instead,
become the resplendent, multidimensional being that you are?

You find yourself looking down into the 3D teacup, at the storm that's been kicked up, the brouhaha, and laughing your socks off at the great cosmic joke you've been having with yourself all along. You are The One. The magnificent One. It's high time to act like it!

"Yes but," I hear you say, "we still have to live in the 3D".

Indeed so. But that still doesn't mean you have to play by 3D rules. It's Easter time, how about we remember the Christ Consciousness? But hear me fully out - I am NOT talking about the religion, that's parcelled it up in an intellectual concept - wrapped it up in just another 3D Easter Egg. I'm talking about that non-religious, non-denominational energy, that comes through the heart, when we open the space for it.

The Christ Consciousness

It's a 4D energy, that here at Openhand we call, the "Ray 4 Diplomat" of the soul. When set loose, it can weave a harmonious pathway through your life - taking dissonant truths, yet finding a way to forge forwards on a path of 'rightness'.

This is exactly what's necessary right now in the Shift, as the plane of the intellect (in the 3D) is being purposefully confused - by the overriding entity, Ra. It's the old spymaster, rigging the gameboard between the 'black' and 'white' pieces, but where only the 'elites' ever win. That's why we simply have to get out of the mind and into the heart. Let go of the intellectual confusion, and just let the next step weave through you, as the heart-felt pull.

Put very simply, that is the Christ Consciousness.

This Easter time is the perfect time to put it into practice. Just drop into the heart, and ask, "Show Me!"

But to be clear - it's not about finding a particular outcome to the 3D drama you're embroiled within. It's not about fixing things or praying that "you'll be saved". It's about the revelation of you, by peeling off all the investments and attachments to this 3D reality. Why be so small?

Turning over the Tables in the 3D Temple

So this Easter, let's 'turn over the tables in the 3D temple' - let's break apart the restrictions and the limitations of the old limiting construct. Let go of the need for a particular outcome, and instead, drop deep into the heart. Let your own Ray 4, Christ Consciousness weave the path for you. Let it cleanse you, and strip off the layers that no longer serve.

You'll find the waves of the "4D Red Sea" parting, the light will break through, and you'll unfurl a clear path across to the other side of whatever situation you've become embroiled in.

"Show Me!" Let the Christ Consciousness - your own soul, the captain of your ship - guide the way.

Ultimately, it's all about our "Resurrection" as multidimensional beings into the Galactic Family of Light. Which is exactly what Openhand's new body of work is all about. This Benevolent Mission is being activated on 27th April, 2024...

Get involved...

RESURRECTION: reclaiming our Divinity and the Planet

Bright Blessings

Open đź’Ž

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I feel to drop a penny in connection to the Christ Consciousness, but words fail to impress in that endeavor. On the mental plane, it takes me somewhere between getting lost in the description of the process within myself whilst simultaneously releasing the thoughts, that are arising. Let me openheartedly engage.

Therefore the attention shifts into the curious sense of exploration about the landscape, that I'm engaging with. Here is the trick - the One that is exploring suddenly becomes I. Now, I have to engage my personality to do the work for me. Just that in this case, "me" is not of the I - but rather of the One. That realization should be enough to get the energy moving, it's about merging various landscapes into (ideally) coherent unity.

That's where "reading the field" takes over the conducting stick. How do I feel in regards to initial inquiry and what does it asks of me? The sense of playful resonance comes to the forefront of the experience. It's starting to become a dance that asks me to expand my awareness in order to accommodate the totality of the encounter. That's the invitation for the energy to step "all in".

It creates a palpable shift of the energy in my field, I have to literally take it in through the breath, to be landing around the heart space. The blockage is hit, few seconds later I hear the comment in the room around me: "Nobody cares..." How much can I deepen into the sense of aloneness? The energy becomes invigorating, it's the opportunity for me to completely surrender. 

My body literally wanted to shake & dance, as the music from speakers became louder in the room. In that moment, more space is created for me to drop deeper into the Presence. It's been a flashback of memories, reflected as the feeling sense of particular journey into this moment in time. It comes with the feeling of being accompanied on the way. The energy recognizes that I've made some sort of connection and starts to withdraw.

Oh that priceless sense of reunion, we have some laugh together, recognizing the spiking moment of frustration that cut into reality of separation. Eventually, I am invited to soften the perception of societal reality and my engagement with it. The penny is dropping and it asks me of next step in journeying with Christed energy. How about resurrecting it's purpose by joining the launch of (reclaimed) benevolent mission on this planet? Easter weekend seems to be ideal opportunity to book the spot for an upcoming event.

And so, it has landed, using some words, after all. As tables are turning in the Game of cat and mouse, I have to embrace the ingenious mechanism that speaks through my mind. Thank you, Chris, and the Christed One, for your role in this process.

At the end, I still wish to address initial inquiry through the lenses of my personality. In the woods, I am always fascinated by noticing some uniquely shaped trees. Those, being able to grow big, withstanding the conditions of the environment, they were seeded into and integrating it through their appearance. 

Christmas trees

Sending greetings amidst the "Christmass trees" and wishing much blessings on your journeys. đź™Ź

Miha đźŚł