RESURRECTION: New Openhand Book & Project Launch, 27th April

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Here at Openhand, we've been diligently developing a new body of work to meet these turbulent times of transformation on the planet as humanity crosses the 4D plane of Karma. It's about resurrecting the divinity of the Original Lemurian energies in us. And also to support the emergence of Gaia in the Shift of Ages to the New 5D Paradigm. It's about easing the path across the "Red Sea" of karma. Here's early insight into how you can get involved.

The Real Landscape of the Shift

It strikes me that what's so desperately missing right now for humanity, is a real sense of orientation and direction within the actual multidimensional landscape of what's unfolding around us. It's a great development, in recent years, that practically all faith within the mainstream has been exploded - of the various systems and echelons of society. They clearly don't have our interests at heart!

But also, to my mind, not anywhere near enough people in the spiritual mainstream or alternatives, if anyone, is talking about the real landscape - that of the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into and just what it's going to mean for everyone as we make the transition to the higher paradigm.

Some quite glibly say, "We'll be collectively raising our Vibration", without going on to explain exactly what that means, what that's likely to entail, and how it will be actualised?

Not nearly enough are prepared to explore just what will happen at the convergence of the Pole Shift, during a Solar Micro Nova Event, as we sail through a high energy segment of the Galaxy, which is immanent and likely, somewhere between 2040-2050, judging by the various spacetime cycles, and shifting magnetic fields.

RESURRECTION: Reclaiming our Divinity and The Planet

It's mostly fear that stops people going there. But fear is a great catalyst for change and growth - and to explode the myth of the physicality, of the "Maya", that we're incarnated into. When we dare to confront this, we find ourselves liberated beyond all measure.

"RESURRECTION: Reclaiming our Divinity and the Planet", comes with the launch of a new Openhand Book, but to be clear, it's much, much more than that. The Book is an inspiration to initiate a higher dimensional Benevolent Mission on the Earth. It's about connecting up valiant souls, who are courageously working in the Shift, with higher dimensional support, that we may cut swathes of light - channels - through the Karmic 4D "Red Sea", to reclaim our lives and the planet.

Life here on Earth has been ingloriously usurped by a nefarious Interdimensional Intervention. But that distortion and derailment has gone on for long enough now. It's been sufficiently entertained in its journey of realignment.

The time has come for us to shift the balance of power clearly in the direction of our divinity - to overturn "the tables in the old temple".

It's not about waiting for some external saviour, but realising the "Messiah" in each of us. For those who do that, we become an act of rebellion and unstoppable transformation.

That's the scope and possibility of this project.

Launch of a Benevolent Mission to Reclaim the Earth

It will be launched with Openhand's new book, the fourth in the 5D Ascension Series, on Saturday April 27th, with a one-day seminar, both terrestrially in Glastonbury, the heart chakra of our planet, and simultaneously on Zoom. We will be connecting across the dimensions with a convergence of Higher Dimensionals and Star Being Nations in support. It's time to cut swathes of light through the remaining layers of the 4D Intervention field.

Let's start crossing the Red Sea of Karma in earnest. Whereupon, we will resurrect our original divine light and reclaim the planet from the Intervention. That begins here.

If you feel intrigued and inspired, watch out for developing news about the launch, the event, and how you might get involved.

It will be a pleasure to have you on board.

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Bright Blessings

Open 💎

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The new Openhand Book, "RESURRECTION", is all about resurrecting the Original Human energy - the divine spark in humanity and reclaiming the planet in the process. Why is the past important? Because just like a tree, it's the roots that help us reach up to the heavens.

That's what I find inspiring about this sharing by the marvellous poet, David Whyte...

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Thank you for sharing this, Open.  I particularly love the bit about "not choosing between your reluctance and your enthusiasm, but to put the two of them into conversation."  And having more compassion for ourselves and others who are wrestling with that dichotomy--whether realized or not.  That seems to capture the essence of human life in a phrase!  So much of this journey of coming into wholeness is like trying to coax a frightened puppy out from under the bed--the wounded, fearful parts of us that have gone into hiding.  Harsh force, arguing, berating--these don't work--it's what sent us into hiding in the first place! I don't mean by this to feed the wounded parts through distraction and addictions.  It's like the ideal parent--loving discipline.  Learning to love, reassure and teach those fearful hidden parts of our psyche until they don't need to hide anymore.  And bringing the whole of us fully into the light. 

To me this is what we are doing personally and collectively.  So beautiful.

Lots of love to everyone.


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That's great advice for the path Meredith.

Yes, I too love David's approach to it - the conversation between the two dissonant aspects of oneself.

Thanks for sharing.

Open 🙏


I'm pleased to say the final editing of the new Openhand Book, in the 5D Ascension Series, is now in its final stages. And we're well on schedule for the launch of the project on April 27th. As society twists and turns through ever complex narratives and AI entrapments, it seems the timing is perfect for this material.

It's all about how we extract out of the synthetic simulation that society is escalating to. It's Resurrecting our divinity and helping reclaim the planet in the process. It's entirely possible, and I believe will happen. The only question is: how many will escape and join the New Paradigm?

We now have a design for the Book cover. Which we feel conveys the energetic sense of it well. Our very own Thomas has done the design - thankyou Thomas, it feels perfect! 🙏

See what you think...

Some of you have been asking how to reserve places for the Book and Project Launch Event?
It will be listed here on March 9th.

The future is bright.

Open 💎


Looking forwards to reading this book. I know I have enjoyed all the previous books and gained massively through it. What surprise do we have in store this time with Openhand's new line of work. I'm excited to be continually part of this. That indeed sounds like a good song title Andy! Maybe you can write lyrics for it 😄

Vimal 💚🙏

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Keep on going.


Awaken your soul to the coming age,

Listen to the shift,

Listen, see and touch and taste,

Revel in the shift,

From your inner shadow cave,

Show your divine truth,

Welcome the galactic wave,

Like a sunbeam through the roof,

Purify, electrify,

 to the highest level,

Together as a brotherhood,

Together we will revel,


Awaken now, awaken now,

The time has come to pass,

Awaken now, awaken now,

Christ consciousness at last,

The inner messiah is pushing through,

In loving crystalline,

The work is done with the central sun,

Time to realign.


Awaken all from your slumber now,

Join the light parade,

Ascending with the sacred bow,

Riding violet rays,

From crucible, you forged your soul,

The quantum had your back,

No longer fragments, now you’re whole,

No torture on the rack,

The journeys over, nearly done,

but it’s really never ending,

If you want to find the central sun,

Just keep right on ascending.


Awaken now, awaken now,

The time has come to pass,

Awaken now, awaken now,

Christ consciousness at last,

The inner messiah is pushing through,

In loving crystalline,

The work is done with the central sun,

Time to realign.


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Well, what can I say except double wow with Pike, that was awesome. Vimal and Soumya, we're onto something here. And how that feels in terms of cocreation through the ether and on this forum. You've really inspired me now. You rose to and surpassed the challenge. Deepest respect.

Praying Emoji

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Thank you for your kind words Andy. I really liked the poem and was fascinated how you could create something like that effortlessly. You have found your flow in that one. I was not intending to make a whole track like that but just started with a simple tune but somehow there was enough motivation to sit through the night and create it. I think the Openhand energies were with me in it. Maybe this could spark further co-creative processes through this platform. That would be wonderful! 

Vimal 🙏

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Another for your talents Soumyah and Vimal. Smliing




Feelin good..

I’m coming through the shift today,

Energise and fly away,

Chakras burning like the sun,

I’m realising everyone…


Aha, I’m burning, yeah -I’m free,

No longer churning, this is me,

Aha, expanding rise and shine,

Humanity’s new paradigm.,


Oh yea-ah, I feel good,

Oh yea-ah, riding high,

Oh yeah-ah, really good,

There’s a burning within I can’t deny.



But why did I come, where is my home,

through that portal, felt so alone,

Through the veil, I couldn’t see,

I was blind, I was scared, but now I’m free.


Oh yea-ah, I feel good,

Oh yea-ah, riding high,

Oh yeah-ah, really good,

There’s a burning within I can’t deny.


I’m riding the Kachina now,

To new experience and wow,

I feel it more and more-ia,

Returning to Lemuria..


Oh yea-ah, I feel good,

Oh yea-ah, riding high,

Oh yeah-ah, really good,

There’s a burning within I can’t deny.














Thank you Open, for your continuing dedication the the enlightening of souls and their growth through these extraordinary times. I look forward with anticipation to your new book, alchemic is shall be. "Awaken the messiah within', thats an incredibly powerful statement, almost the title for a song ( where's Vimal). I'll be with you all the way, enjoying the journey and remaining grateful for the experience.

Namaste. Praying Emoji


When you're writing a book, developing a project, or whatever moves your soul, you'll only get the best manifestation if you let go of the outcome. It's contradictory to most of what the mainstream will tell you.

Here's a breath of fresh air...


Hi Open 

Congratulations on your upcoming book release, I will certainly be getting myself a copy. In the meantime I am going to read the 5D shift book and later will buy from here the trilogy of books. I hope you will not mind me asking these questions when the Earth does go through this 5D ascension will that mean there will be no Earth left and no more humans alive. This would be an evolution similar to the Big Bang as it was called. I have read a few bits on the site now and just watched your video The sword and the stone. I really wish I had known about you back then I really didn’t find out the Covid was a hoax till just a few months ago. I love the way you just went out and had no fear was a good video to watch. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure you said on Ickonic that you were about to swap with a man who had a car accident,I haven’t got my subscription yet as I’m waiting till I can dedicate more time to watch it, so I can’t find where I saw this. To me though it speaks like you have come here among others to help humanity, in which way it may have come and now as that was not necessary as the man came back to his body, you are and probably was sent to help the humans and release them from this trap and as you said in the video Fascist/Communist world it’s become. I am thinking this will mean when the work is done you will ascend to 5D and go to enlightenment. I expect the other 8 you mentioned will do the same. I also think that the open hand ones like yourself will also do this. I have tried the medication it’s a very good breathing method, will take some getting used to I am asthmatic, I have so far only tried it once and then have been trying parts of it so far I feel nothing, I’m going to keep going though and keep reading everything on this website going to take me a long time comments go up to 800 or so. I hope one day to find my own connection to my mind, conscious or soul I may require one to one help to get there, I have obstacles. I know I am not in any way going to be doing work you and others are doing, though I still want to understand and see the information that would come to me if I could make that connection. I assume the earthquakes in Iceland are due to the Earth and not events brought on by other means. Once you achieve enlightenment where is that I know in the higher realms does that then mean you’re energy can help others from any dimension or go on to other dimensions, learn and have new experiences or is that the last stop and you stay in that area forever., as I think I read that once you get to this you’ve gone through all Karma so no need to return, but it does go on forever. 
Thank you for your time. 🙂

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Hi Findanswers,

I won't answer all your questions at once. But what feels like the most important one at this time...

When the Earth does go through this 5D ascension
will that mean there will be no Earth left and no more humans alive?

Not at all. But as the Earth shifts to 5D consciousness, then after the culminating Event where the Earth is completely purified in the 3D, you'll have to also be in 5D consciousness to continue to exist here. The surface of the 3D earth will be cleansed completely clear, leaving a purified "stone" around which the fruit of the New 5D Paradigm will be formed.

I explain it in detail in this article here...

The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth

Well wishes

Open 🙏



Hi Open,

Congratulations on releasing your new book! I'm really looking forward to reading it.

I can appreciate how much energy is put into writing a book and launching a new project - hats off to you for your continued dedication to the shift. We're all so fortunate to be able to connect and be inspired by the Openhand work.

It feels like things are moving up a gear, inviting deeper inner clarity and commitment. Connection to and orientation from the magic and mystic layers, becoming ever more tangible.

Much love



Some of you will recognise the Sword Excalibur in the photo of the project, that will appear on the front cover of the book. It's the monument in Llanberis, near to the centre in Snowdonia where we do the annual DIVINICUS retreat. The Sword also inspired a previous Openhand project called, "The Sword and the Stone", to challenge lockdowns in 2021. Even though a few years back now, it still bears relevance into this new project launch.

A launch video is set to follow soon, but for now, be inspired by the previous one...


Our new project, "RESURRECTION: The Messiah Within", has been some twenty years in the making. It's being launched to meet a time as a broad Swathe of people around the world are reclaiming their divinity - crossing the 4D "Red Sea" of our Karma, and re-igniting the "Messiah" within themselves. We're waiting for no "saviour" to come and do it for us!

A monumental amount of work is going into this. The book is merely the tip of the Iceberg - there's a massive amount of work happening in and through the field in preparation. It's about opening channels of light through the 4D, for which, should you choose, you can all be involved (check out the launch notification above - scroll up).

The build-up to the launch does mean we've had to reschedule several events in our current program. Here are the main details of the events effected...

1) Our "Gateways to the Golden Age" Zoom retreat in February will now be merged into the March event. The new details are as follows...

11th-15th Mar: Gateway to Golden Age: 5-Days, ZOOM
We're going back to Lemuria to activate Original Human DNA, processing out genetic and past life karma, at this 6-day life-changing retreat, on Zoom in the energetic comfort of your own space. High alchemy and adventure with Planetary Shift Facilitator "Open", applying ancient and modern ground-breaking self-realisation and meditation techniques. (Time zones: UK/EU/AFRICA/INDIA/AUS)
Unleash the 5D Human in You!

2) Our Gateways to the Golden Age in Sydney, which was planned for March, has now been postponed to November 10th-15th, and will enfold the new body of work, RESURRECTION.

3) Our Easter Zoom Retreat has been cancelled and the work enfolded into the launch event on April 27th.

All other events will remain the same.

See our Full Events Listings so far for 2024

Bright blessings

Open 💎