Higher consciousness through learning spirit channelling … advice?

Dear all

I am writing in hope of some advice. I was invited to participate in some training workshops by a psychic/medium who claims to have access to many guides and galactic entities. I have enjoyed her energy before - but when I attended her information night, she directly received a channeling about risks to my child that may come from the training (hitchhikers may attach to him via me).

She told me that everything will be fine, and that this was part of his growth too. But it sent a huge wave of energy down my back (not fear/panic but this other energy I have been feeling - which I have been separately told by someone else is my awakened Kundalini energy. I feel this hair raising energy down the back of my neck and down my spine when I hear certain "truths" or hear past what people say. I only get this sometimes. I have no idea what it is. Any thoughts?).

She told me that I have "gifts" - but I have never had (or can remember) any experiences with Spirits or psychic capabilities. After some thought, I have decided to not proceed with her courses.

I do want to be at a higher consciousness and have been on a path to understand this better - but I don't want to learn to channel spirits or be open to entities as such. I have posted this to ask for advice/thoughts and open discussion about this approach. I would like to better understand the connection between being at a higher consciousness and being then open to spirits and entities.

By way of background, I am Australian but from an asian family - we definitely believe in spirits and entities, and that people can channel them. I was brought up with a very healthy respect (fear) of them as well.

I am wondering if I am over-reacting from fear and conditioning.

Thanking you all in advance,
yours in love and confusion.


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Words can't adequately express how much your post has helped shift things in me. Thank you Open for this support. I have struggled with this binary oppositional thinking of Mind versus Feeling - and for the first time, I see the possibility of Feeling and Mind at the same time, concurrent, not mutually exclusive.

I have been battling within myself - arguing with myself about shutting one down at the expense of the other, never considering that they could, let alone should, co-exist.

Keep feeling into my thoughts… Such a profound way to re-see my reality.

The commitment is here. I need to work out the how.

Love and gratitude to you.


You're welcome Silver Owl :-)

Yes, especially if you've got a strong scientific or rational intellect, it can be a challenge finding the right alignment of it. It's also important though, not to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater'. You have a strong intellect for a reason. For me for example, as the soul flows through me, it most definitely speaks through (amongst other things) my mind. There's a continual commentary. Which means I'm able to offer viewpoints on the profound nature of reality. If I speak or write, I'm actually not thinking at all about it. If a question comes to me from someone's soul, then an engagement simply flows. My soul comes directly from the source and commentary happens through the mind.

But yes, it took a huge amount of work to get to this point. And yes, in the early stages, if the mind takes too much ownership, then the other feeling faculties close down - you then close down to the source where higher truth comes from. It's the problem of every great scientific mind.

So my approach has been to keep feeling all the time. Watch the mind, and feel the contractions as it's working. I practiced this so much and observed so much, that I could actually feel the neural pathways in the brain - where they'd become fixed. They felt like tiny hard wired fuses. By putting my feeling attention in them, I became able to open them up, to break the hard wired connections. It meant that I stopped getting stuck in these very scientific, fixed loops of activity that people find themselves locked in.

So my mind/brain became more pliant and soft.

It does take lots of practice and lots of commitment. But you can do it. And it's incredibly worthwhile. I find now that I'm in a constant dialogue with the divine about life itself. It's an absolute joy to behold. Wherever I am, or whatever I'm doing, there's an internal conversation going on about the nature of life. It enfolds emotion and feeling. It's streaming synchronicity, like a constant wave. There's simply nothing like it.

So I'd say keep feeling into your thoughts, keep softening into them and expanding the sense of soul through them. See where that takes you.

Open *OK*


Thank you Open for your response. This speaks to me - on every level. There is so much out there that is directed at the mind and "learning" and it feels exactly as you say - forced!

I couldn't accept that reaching higher consciousness meant that somehow my children may be at risk of entities or psychic attack. When I withdrew from the course, the psychic told me that it was because I was overwhelmed by fear. There is definitely fear in me, but there is also something more - a belief that surely growth and development does not come at the cost and risk to those I love.

I have trouble letting the mind back off - I have been a lawyer for over 15 years … so I am trying desperately to untrain myself. I read in your bio that Chris was scientist previously, how did you manage to stop your cognitive/rational side from trying to take over all the time? This is one of my biggest obstacles!

Thank you for providing this forum, this information, and the support available to people around the world. Feeling grateful and supported.



Hi Silver Owl - welcome to Openhand *OK*

Yes, it's right to be careful when opening into multi-dimensionality this way. The field is teaming with energies and entities. When we expand into it, it's a bit like lighting up in the field - we have to be careful what we draw to us.

It's all about becoming increasingly sensitive, but without unnecessarily forcing things. So to have an intention to do 'this' or 'that' is the risky part, because it risks the ego overriding the soul.

So the key is to connect with the soul and begin to trust in it. This is not at first easy, because it doesn't 'speak' like our thoughts do. We might infuse soul and it just simply acts, but the mind overrides the soul's impulses so we're left a little confused if we really are being guided correctly - if we are really tuning in.

It's like learning a new language or some kind of sport or musical instrument. It's an entirely new approach to living. What you have to do, is relax the mind controlling the show; soften and open into your feelings. Let the feelings begin to guide, then trust where they take you - believe that spirit is speaking to you through your soul.

What is the soul saying?

There's only really ever one thing going on - it's the growth and emergence of the soul. So all guidance is about this.

When you get shivers down your spine, I sense this is the infusion of soul. It's beginning to 'speak' through you. Get to know your own soul vibration - it's a feeling of rightness. Then respond to how it might move you.

At Openhand, on the courses we do, we get people to move into a space of surrendered openness, where we let pure knowing from the soul lead to Right Action. Then we watch the signs and synchronicities that unfold. These signs relate to greater infusion of soul, or else what might be blocking it. The guidance points as to how to work with this infusion - how to personally facilitate it.

As the soul continues to infuse, naturally you'll open into multi-dimensionality without having to force anything. Over time, you'll become increasingly aware of the field, what's in it, and how to work with it.

So it's a progressive development - you don't have to force anything.

Open :-)