Making Sense of the Senseless in our World

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The 3rd of September saw Openhand's relaunch of the 5GATEWAYS project in our home town Glastonbury, UK. People came from all over Europe to be there. It felt very much like together, we were helping spark a new shift of consciousness, a new wave of change. For me, when I do anything, I want to be sure that I'm doing it for the right reasons: not because ego would have me do something, but because I feel it deeply in my soul. So what stirred me this time on launch night? It was the heart rending picture of 3year old Aylan Kurdi, lying face down in the sand - a refugee from the conflict in Syria, drowned trying to reach the safer and more affluent Europe. How deeply tragic. And yet to honour such tragedy, is to find the deeper meaning...

In a universe of constant change, change is the only constant

All realities come and go. All lives come and go. In a universe of constant change, change is the only constant. That doesn't make passing-on necessarily easy. In being drawn to the Openhand Work, you probably believe in reincarnation - that we live many lives and when we pass on, we are not actually dying, but passing on into a different form of life; waiting perhaps to come back here again in the future.

So when I look at this picture of this little boy, I feel greatly mixed emotions. I think of all the other children who die in similar circumstances. I feel the trauma that many must have gone through. I say a prayer for them, and trust the angels will be there to embrace them.

But at the same time, neither am I outraged by it, as some are. Why not? Because it's a mirror, a very strong, powerful and poignant mirror to every single one of us. It's saying that the way we live our lives in society simply does not work. To perpetuate the have and have-not syndrome that causes people to risk their lives in this way, is at the same time, the actual polarity which drives our capitalistic society. It is the basis upon which it is founded (and faulted!).

It causes people to strive for more than they have, it causes the exploitation of one life form over another. This is happening day in, day out, just to sustain our society. It's a truth that needs to come home to roost in our hearts, that we may do something about it. And because our very souls are calling for it, then we create the mirrors we need to see - like the one here.

Looking for the deeper meaning and purpose

Whether it be at the expense of other people, or at the expense of other sentient life, matters not - we are all one. Inequity to one, is injustice to all. Allow me to remind you that since the industrial revolution began, where the 'have and have-not' engine really began to fire-up, humanity has cut down 50% of the world's trees and obliterated 50% of the planet's wild-life. All in the name of 'progress' ("progress to what?" you may well ask).

So when an incident like this presents such a mirror, yes it deeply saddens every fibre of my being, but it also motivates me - it drives me with a passion. I don't wish to see one life like this wasted, without finding a deeper meaning, a deeper purpose, and then sharing that with others.

So how might we define the deeper meaning and purpose here?

It is to help people see that all realities are built within the universe by the universal Law of Attraction - beings are drawn together to co-create, and in so doing, we reveal our karma - what is limiting our souls to a lesser degree of self-realisation. It happens so that we afforded the opportunity to learn, evolve and grow.

For me, when I look at humanity's karma, I see disconnection from the source - from the divine. And so with that comes a lack of trust in the underlying benevolence of life. It results in the need to control life - to create a system where material abundance is programmed in. For some on the planet, this has seemed to work - for a while. But it's caused a massive population explosion, and coupled with humanity's 'ingenious' ability to exploit tomorrow's resources today (namely through oil), it means we're literally destroying the 3D biosphere of the planet.

See the limitation of the old, and work to evolve into the new

We live on a planet of finite resources: if we take too much, someone, or something else somewhere down the food chain suffers. Our system of living does not work anymore. It's outlived itself and is beginning to draw to a close (it's what the Hopi call "The Great Purification" and what I'm given to call The Great Realignment). In the years ahead, as financial instability, dwindling natural resources and accelerating climate change kick in, without doubt, we are going to see increasing mirrors like the one little Aylan presents. But such incidents also offer an incredible opportunity - we must make them make sense - to see the limitation of the old, and to work to evolve into the new. As we said in the 5GATEWAYS documentary (which you can watch here for free)...

"We're not living in one world but two. The lower world is based on a system of inequity and injustice. It's a world of of rich and poor, of profit and loss, of winner and loser - it's an outdated system long past its sell-by date; and yet there's another world of interconnectivity with all - it's where all life is cherished and respected. Now these two world's are beginning to separate - the energy is moving from the old world and into the new. As that energy moves, the old systems, the old structures are fracturing and breaking apart. One world has a future, the other does not.”

So where is this New Paradigm?

5D Earth

The New Paradigm is on 5D earth - a higher frequency of being, that we can all access, when we go inwards and transition through the inner Gateways into the next dimension of existence. It's a reality where we co-create in harmony with all life - we receive with one hand, and in equal measure, give with the other. There is a natural flow to life, where we trust in the benevolence of the divine and don't try to take more than we need at the expense of other life. I came to share this message with people. It may seem quite esoteric, when you're faced with the challenges of daily - physical - life. Yet increasingly, as we witness the breakdown of this reality, we'll realise the way forwards is the way inwards. And if just one other person can see and realise this, then Aylan's life will not have been lost in vain. In my heart I know he rests in a better place today. It helps me make sense of the senseless. It's my 'why'. It's what motivates me. What motivates you?

In loving support
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This conversation and sharing from both of you Resonated with me strongly and aided greatly in somewhat subsiding the disillusionment from this event and also aided in making more sense of this senseless event for me...Thank-you both <3

"I truly believe this picture (of Aylan above) will make a significant change globally (in the uk) and that it was on this childs life path to be this instrument…….even though it seems so senseless."

Yes indeed. Aylan is an angel - come here to deliver a message. That's why we must not shirk and hide; we must NOT turn our heads from this 'inconvenient truth'


I wanted to add some further remarks after commenting on Asha's "Prayer for the World" above. Open, I was so grateful for your article "Making Sense of the Senseless" which I've shared on social media. I have been following the Syrian refugee crisis for quite some time, feeling the suffering, and longing for people to wake up and pay attention. To that end, I posted photos and articles, but the world at large didn't seem to be responding. Then little Aylan reached straight into people's hearts with the sad photo of his lifeless body on the beach. And now so many are mobilizing to help. I joined a local group today to take action and help organize interventions for the refugees. These measures do not address the root causes of this crisis, however, but they are much needed. There is karma in it for all of us, as Open says. I accept this. Such massive suffering does indeed motivate us to shine the light even more brightly as you say, Trinity. I'm all in. All Aboard.

x Catherine


Yes, as you say Open there is ''karma in it all for us all'' when we open our eyes and feel deeper into the collective. Why do people hide anyway ? Avoid ? Overlook ? Perhaps from being cut off from source or because the bear truth is incredibly difficult to swallow and involves looking /exploring much deeper inside oneself at ones own stuff.I do think fear is a huge part of it, fear of meeting oneself. We are all apart of it. I have been going through part of my journey of experiencing reality as having no sense or meaning whatsoever, which is very different to how I have previously experienced life.
But at each moment there is a choice ,always a choice and a message unique to each and everyone. We can look at what is there before our eyes, or turn a blind eye but nothing truly goes away until it is truly looked at,felt into and mastered which you are conveying in your own words above. Messages abound as realties come and go. It does matter and there is sense!


Hi Teresa,

Thanks for contributing - you make a truly powerful point...

    "I truly believe this picture (of Aylan above) will make a significant change globally (in the uk) and that it was on this childs life path to be this instrument…….even though it seems so senseless."

Yes indeed. Aylan is an angel - come here to deliver a message. That's why we must not shirk and hide; we must NOT turn our heads from this 'inconvenient truth' (articles like this are usually less read - why exactly? Are we afraid of the truth? Is our spirituality so shallow?).

Aylan already has made an enormous difference both in the UK and EU. Can people imagine how significant this really is? The powers that be want to control populations; they want to create and manage crises like this in order to bolster their power. Yet they are powerless. The UK government wanted to restrict the entry of refugees, yet a huge outcry has ensured that many more will be spared. And in Germany too, where ordinary people greeted and cheered the arrival of the refugees.

This growing crisis is a manifestation of humanity's ancient karma from other constellations - like the collapse of Sirius for example (which I feel to write about shortly). The crisis is a part of the overall shift, which is beginning to affect us all. We must find courageous hearts, embrace this inconvenient truth, because there is karma in it for all of us.

Then we can learn how best to manage realities that break down. They are unavoidable and provide the possibility of spiritual mastery - a way to help as many as possible, by truly dealing with the truth.

Open *give_rose*


I recently had a dream and in it you appeared Open. You were trying to reach me, to reach deeper into my consciousness and at each point there was a blockage and I kept turning away. Everywhere you kept appearing and trying to break through and had a very important message….at this important stage of my life journey here… realign and feel deeper into what we become alienated from, cut off from, when blood almost stops flowing. It was a poignant message and one I can’t seem to turn from..

I think I am seeing the bigger picture and less smaller zoomed in pieces.

This picture deeply moves me together with this angelic video and words it contains. I was trying to imagine how I would feel to be in that boat , that situation…..
At first I felt extreme despairing anger when I saw this picture beyond all expression. As I sat with it and swallowed this collective misalignment, gulped and sinked lower and felt into the collective I saw the bigger pictures, the structure and less detail.
I truly believe this picture will make a significant change globally (in the uk) and that it was on this childs life path to be this instrument…….even though it seems so senseless.

I see Aylan with a warm glow of light which emanates far far beyond, nurtured in the soft wings in higher realms.I feel an essence of Aylans light being inside me as I do the destructiveness of war.And I so much see it is a reflection collectively . We can not separate ourselves
Making sense of the senseless- yes I am with this.

It is not the other side or passing through to be feared , it is here, this side that clearly is the struggle and often there seems no sense. YET, I now believe we can make a difference.It is only when we give up hope that all is lost.

Thank-you for realigning me through consciousness.. I return after an eco retreat for a week in Portugal where I met Sandra to this photo everywhere.
With love and light and Thank-you, even if you might be even bewildered with how I connected to consciousness ? !


Love the video. Love the angels. I'm so feeling them. As I write, I"m singing a song I loved singing as a child, "All night, all day, angels watching over me…"

Thanks for this, Open!

x Catherine


It's wonderful to form the bridge with the angelic realms. They have formed a 'net' around the earth, to gather in souls as they pass on in the years ahead as this great shift unfolds.

As many of you know, Openhand works very closely with the angelic realms within our work.

Wishing the global meditation well.



I, too, woke up feeling Angels all around. This song has been playing in my mind - 'A Hundred Thousand Angels' to add to your lovely sharing, Open.
It truly is time to rise up on the wings of Angels.
Tom Kenyon is leading a global meditation at 5:30 New York Time calling in all of the Angelic realms with a Prayer for Mother Earth. After we join in on that some of us are viewing the 5 Gateways Movie together. :)

Much love, Jan

Here is Bliss..... "A Hundred Thousand Angels".


I awoke this morning and felt the soft touch of angels. I have no fear for the future - I know we pass on into another existence, and above all, I know the soft touch of the angelic realms are there holding the space for the passage of souls...


Yes, it's time to rise up and shine. Because, honestly, enough is enough.