I'm feeling to relocate myself, possibly to Spain where the living costs are quite reasonable and the weather is nice.
First I thought it would be fun to have a house mate, then the feeling started to grow further and now I feel it would be wonderful to build a commune with like minded people. Who are more like minded than fellow Openhanders, right? :-)
I'm putting it out there, let's see what happens.

So, please get your hand up if you are interested of moving (or already living in) to sunny Spain, locating not too far from the sea and it's amazing energies.
We could rent a house with good sized plot for fruit trees and growing our own food as much as possible.
It would be vegan, non smoking, drug and alcohol free home for all.
If you are interested and you feel you could live in harmony with others sharing a house and daily chores, I'd love to hear from you.



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Hola Cathy, mucho gracias for your energetic support! That was pretty much all I can say in Spanish at this point.
I've visited Spain couple of times and lived in a sort of a community with a lot of Spanish people and there's something in the energy that I love and just can't put my finger on. It feels something so fine and settle.
Spain started to call me a year ago but just recently I've felt ready to start to move towards it and as I did, the idea of commune came along. I've wanted to build a commune since I was a teen so maybe the idea wasn't all that sudden at all that I first thought. It's time for forgotten dreams to come alive.
Fiona, Wow, this is so powerful: "You don't pick your dreams, your dreams picks you". Goose bumps! Thank you.
Joann, I'd be delighted to live in a commune with you! Someone has to bring the music in the house!
Yes Jean! It's wonderful that you resonate with this. Let's keep in contact and see how it unfolds.


Emilia , i deeply resonate with that relocating - i have been several times to Spain - its not a difficult language to learn as far as i have felt . I am exploring already what that might co-create , empower , allow to grow within a mind liked Souls spirit community . Lets see how it unfolds in the next months . Its very exciting to say the least .


you're describing a dream that lives within me...who knows for the the moment still work to do here...but I LOVE it!!


Emilia! I love Spanish culture and enjoyed traveling in Spain in days gone by. Such warmth and hospitality I experienced! I'm super stoked to begin classes this week to learn the Spanish language. Although it's not my path to join your commune, I wish you well with this exciting, new venture!

La mejor de las suertas!

Cathy :)


sounds great Emilia!
yey! sunny climates.


Thank you Trinity! I'm right there with ya, mangos and avocados, yes please! :-)
Hopefully people resonating will find their ways to this common interest. I try to keep it as open as possible so everyone can participate to planning. Never the less, the grand vision is building itself but no expectations or attachments to it :-) This is so exciting!