"Burning the Boats" of an Out-dated Reality Construct...Here's How in 5 Steps

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You can see it now. The higher dimensional consciousness has opened up and you're having visions of 'future-landing-now'. As these visions begin to steadily take shape, the excitement builds. You're creating consciously, you can literally feel the impact you're having on the field around you. There's no struggle to create like before. Things begin to effortlessly click into place. However, to fully realise the completeness of these miraculous 'dreams', you've got to be prepared to let go of the old reality you're stepping out of. You've got to be prepared to "burn your boats".

Why is this so important?...

It doesn't have to be like this!

The outer reality is an illusion that looks separate from ourselves. Apparently it is something that's happened completely randomly by chance. And if you want to have something, then you must work to control it - to produce some kind of outcome. This is the case for the vast majority of people on the planet. But it is a sad, shadowy existence, which makes little space for the soul to truly flow. There's always the feeling that there's not enough and that you must struggle for more. This is the redundant Homo Sapiens dynamic which is destroying the planet by its own sense of lack.

It doesn't have to be like this! You don't have to live that way! You are so much more than this limited existence!

First is to realise that you are the creator of your reality; that you manifest everything from what you're being within. Your inner world is seamlessly interconnected with the outer experience you create. But to create effortlessly and magically, you have to find internal alignment and congruency. Basically you must connect up with the natural flow and harness it harmoniously through you in order to create with minimal distortion. Then your creations will be magical and miraculous. It'll feel just like walking through a waking dream where the universe is working tirelessly to support your every step.

How can you realise this dream?

Realising the Dream

First there's being surrendered to the soul. It's learning to listen to that quiet inner voice and responding to it, no matter what. Even - especially - when it leads in the opposite direction from the crowd. You soul is unique and searching out a unique experience for you. You've got to have the courage to follow the heart-felt pull, even when everyone around you is telling you it's crazy, or can't be done.

When you're following the soul, it's going to challenge all of the fixed reality constructs that your ego has formed, based on control, fear or sense of lack. Because at your core level, the soul is none of these. It works from a free flowing, in-the-moment spontaneity, which feels like universal love coursing through your veins.

How do you reconcile this free flowing spontaneity of soul with the matrix construct we live in?

Self honesty is the fulcrum upon which aligned reality forms

It is possible to blend the higher and lower flows, yes. There's a characteristic of the soul we might call the 'diplomat'. It's about feeling the higher flow which is working to move reality in a certain direction, but also honouring other souls still connected into the old reality. Working with this characteristic means you're able to function in the matrix, for example, and yet still find a good degree of soul freedom and expression. But you do definitely have to work at it.

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The flow into the higher 5D paradigm is shifting strongly now. The old reality is becoming increasingly challenged and beginning to unwind. The evidence is beginning to mount up.

We see this clearly reflected in the catastrophic break down of our biosphere, the dwindling of natural resources and the mass moving on (6th mass extinction) of all sentient life. So if your life is not changing at a fair old speed, then it's highly possible you may be still stuck in the old reality construct.

Here's where self honesty is absolutely paramount. Self honesty is the fulcrum upon which aligned reality takes shape. Are you holding yourself back? If you don't honestly know, ask the universe and it will clearly show you.

If you feel that you are, then you must be fully prepared to let go of the old reality construct; to open a space and let the new energy flow in. Because if you're attached to the old way of being and living, then those threads of consciousness will keep pulling you back. This is where you've got to be prepared to "burn your boats". What does that mean in a practical sense?

Burning your Boats...here's how in 5 steps

Everything is of consciousness, everything interconnected. And so if subconsciously you're tied into the old reality it will keep pulling you back. In short, you won't have enough energy to create that bright new opportunity. You could struggle and effort to create like before by trying to manipulate the chequers on the board, but if you're truly on the spiritual path, you're way past that limited, out-dated way of creating.

What you've got to do is be prepared to burn away the old reality inside yourself. And don't worry, if there are aspects of the old reality that you truly love, they will take shape again in the new one - if they're definitely meant to be a part of it.

So at this point, take yourself into meditation. Then work with these 5 steps...

1) Consider all the ties of the old reality. Visualise them, see the imagery in as much detail as possible.

2) Feel where these threads connect inside of you. What do they pull on? Where are your fears and limitations? What are you afraid of?

3) Contemplate the worst outcome imginable of taking that step, of unraveling that old consciousness and feel deeply into the inner impact of that fear.

4) At the height of the fear, remember that you are The One, that this relativistic experience does not define who you are, and that you can transcend it (video on how).

5) When you feel yourself transcending the fear, then you're already free of the ties, and you can literally break them inside of you - see yourself cutting or burning them away.

The need for commitment and courage

It's going to take commitment and courage to do this. It's not just about the softness of surrender, but summoning the passionate and determined inner will also. These too are vital characteristics of the soul. Discover all the Characteristics of the Soul

So in these times of maximum turbulence and transition, there's incredible opportunity for spiritual growth - for growth at a soul level. And when you're progressing in this way, there's absolutely nothing like the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. You recognise it as your purpose for being - the very destiny of your soul.

So is it time for you to burn your boats with an old reality? Your heart truly knows, and when you do, there is nothing to fear but the fear itself. Burn the myth that it is, and find yourself sailing into a bright new dawning, to a new shoreline that enhances and glorifies the majesty of your soul.

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In loving support

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Beautiful thank you Open. Just the perspectiveI needed❣️

Hey Jami,

Greetings Praying Emoji

Karmically I see some life times where you kind of went through the motions of life. Where everything was kind of okay, resourced and supported, but not the right kind of 'nutrients' to fully unleash key aspects of soul. This will build up karmic layers, which will relate to an aspect of truth - a distortion of truth. So when we touch that aspect of truth - contenment in this case - it can also fire off the layer of 'going through the motions'.

So the key would be to allow yourself to be in the numbness. Not to try to get rid of it, and especially not to write over it with something positive, or something that a spiritual identity would think it SHOULD be - like being able to appreciate nature for example. So look at the flower, but if you feel numb, then keep feeling numb. Let yourself be in that detached state, but all the while observing and feeling into it.

Other triggers might then pop up - like having wasted time, or not having fulfilled oneself. Or the pointlessness of life. That's okay. If they want to come up, let them and express with them. Let it all move. Then the layers of karma will activate and breakdown.

Do let me know how it goes.

Much love

Open HeartPraying Emoji

Thank you for this Open just the inspiration I needed today. I have been releasing into the flow and allowing my soul to guide me in each and every moment. Then I have those moments that feel like being content but like my emotions are shut off. Making it difficult to even embrace in the beauty of nature around me. Like being disconnected from my whole self. These times hit me hard and usually bring around a feeling of needing to put so much effort into life or not caring at all. I keep trying to feel inwards but it’s like I am completely detached and numb. Any thoughts? 

I felt to repost this article again today to give some courage and motivation to moving on from outdated reality constructs you may find yourself in, be it a job, a relationship of some general living cirvumstances...

"Burning the Boats" of an Out-dated Reality Construct...Here's How in 5 Steps
(scroll to the top)

What it does, is bring you to your natural "Flow State". I felt to share this video from the previous Paradigm Shift World Tour...

Awesome Michelle!

This "being okay with not knowing" is a tremendous point to have arrived at. In a universe of spontaneous flow, if you're truly aligned, you don't certainly know the next step until it lands in front of you, the moment you're supposed to take it. You may have a reasonable idea of how the landscape is shaping, but the only real certainty is everything clicking in as you feel in your heart given to take that next step.

In this level of surrender, awesome potential and possibility exist.

Sending love

Open *OK*

Thank you Open;) I feel I may actually have something to share on the subject.

This past 7 weeks has been tumultuous for me to say the least. Constant change has been the only constant I could really anticipate for certain. It's been a, at times, very challenging process of self-inquiry along with internalized and externalized ramblings, to put it bluntly.
Throughout this process I've somehow understood that fear was the central character driving my bus. It's been exhausting at times but so very fruitful too. Just today I had an epiphany which I believe pulls this entire recent experience together. I'd been contemplating Richards amazing wisdom "in the unresolution lies the progress." It utterly perplexed me for weeks, that was until today. As I sat in Vancouver airport preparing to come home from a most uplifting visit with friends and family, not engaging in social media for three solid days, a thought came in: this state- unresolution simply means Not Knowing. So the progress for me is being ok with not knowing. So simple yet I feel as though I've travelled miles in my mind and body to have finally arrived at this juncture!
What a beautiful place to be though I suspect it's really just another launch point.

Thank you for this Janhavi, I completely reasonate with it;)
"But some fears are very stubborn, they don't let me in at all. I am gonna keep trying till they do. Long way to go."

Much love. Michelle xo

Much gratitude Open for this new Meditation technique, this is another Catalysing tool for growth and Evolution and the continual Alchemy of change I feel inside.


Commitment is one of those challenging points of inquiry - there are just so many reasons to stay cosy in the old reality. And I totally understand and empathise with that.

And stepping down that challenging pathway, where you're not sure of how things will turn out, may seem at times too risky. But you're here to realise the wonder of you. I've observed that if we honestly step forwards in the direction we can feel is our True Self, then all manner of miracles and magic come into play - in ways we could never have possibly imaged until we've taken that initial step.

Open *OK*

Hi Janhavi,

Does the spiritual journey generate physical feelings? - Yes, because everything is of consciousness.

I believe what you are describing is sometimes known as 'the winds'.
A beautiful feeling.

Much love

Open *OK*

That's awesome Janhavi.
And remember, you don't have to climb the mountain in one giant leap...


Open *OK*

In reply to by Open

True that, Open! You sensed that innate feeling that was just lingering within me! How marvelous is that. I wanted you ask you if spiritual journey generate some physical changes or sensations on the way? I get feeling of cool breeze blowing over my head sometimes, from nowhere!

Being part of Open hand family is motivating me to keep up seeking spiritual upliftment. It's become part of my daily routine to hang out here.

Love & Light,

Hi Open,

Every time I read the post, I soak in new sense of revelation! I have tried burning the boats since then, and the feeling is just Awesome. Thank you for sharing this great piece of wisdom.

But some fears are very stubborn, they don't let me in at all. I am gonna keep trying till they do. Long way to go.

Thanks Again,
Love & Light, Janhavi

First of all, thanks for the post Open. I just finished reading "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway" by Susan Jeffers. I was pulled to pick this book up from the library as it had come into my reality twice in a short period of time. Throughout reading this book I realized how much I've allowed fear to keep myself in a perpetual state of paralysis. Literally frozen in time creating and recreating the same circumstances only to find myself lost and even more confused. Throughout the course of my unfolding, I've begun to have courageous conversations with myself and with others along the way. This has allowed me to confront my fears as they arise and give me the confidence and courage to continue down the path of soul alignment with the one.
Even in writing this, I'm challenging fears that are coming up inside of my being. Feelings of being vulnerable and exposed to the world. Maybe even a little bit of self doubt comes up for me too.
This is all part of my journey of breaking out and through this old reality that no longer serves me. I feel this resistance inside of me losing its grip It loosens it's grip with every courageous act. Confronting these internal fears and moving through them.
I've noticed and have felt this underlining thread of FEAR that is coursing through the veins of our society. Many of us scared to death to be ourselves.

The time is NOW to feel it all and come fully alive! So, let's burn some boats together as one.

With love and gratitude,