Spiritual Inspiration in Movies

Countless movies of late seem increasingly to conceal hidden spiritual metaphors - real gems like Avatar. It's clear that benevolence is using this media channel to speak to us. Of course frequently the truth gets a little hazy as it passes through distorted human minds, but to my mind at least, they seem to be getting increasingly illuminating. And it seems to be having a powerful unveiling effect on human consciousness. So what metaphors are you seeing? We'd love for you to share them here...

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I was recently inspired by a Korean series on Netflix called 'The King's Affection', about a girl who ended up on the throne during the Joseon Dynasty and had to pretend being a man. You have to work through some overly romantic scenes, but the courage the lead character displays is phenomenal. She is set on exposing the corruption within the palace and royal family, time and time again choosing what's right over any personal gain and even her own life. The series shows an amazing balance between warrior and servant aspects.



Working with the feeling of not being able to get back home, fear of destruction, and grief of loss.

Surrender wholeheartedly into the void once more

and let the feeling sense of "home" arise as a natural way of being within you.

We are the energy - the magicians that brings the formless into form.

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I came across a beautiful Netflix series called The Dark Crystal - Age of Resistance, where basically the story of the intervention is told, but in a more lighthearted way (I guess also aimed at kids) with amazing starsoul characters and energy!


Openhand Journal Update 04/10/2021

In recent livestream I've been making a big point about the need to look well beyond the surface level drama, because there's a much bigger story unfolding of the various galactic cycles coming to conclusion. But this won't be the end of the story, rather a quantum broadening of vision and expansion, of enormous possibility for those who choose it, and move beyond this great rebirthing cycle.

You get a sense of what's possible out there these days if you pick carefully from the mountains of material on streaming TV channels - plenty about humanity's wider connection out into the galaxy (do approach with caution though, since the intervention is bent on feeding in its spurious timelines to lead beings astray). One day when people emerge from this Homo Sapiens cocoon, eyes will open wide and many will witness at first hand their greater connection to a Brother/Sisterhood of Light. There are vast and complex society's out there, some benevolent and some not so. It will be a quantum expansion in awareness. Get ready!

Here's something I came across the other day, called "Foundation", which shows a dynamic very reminiscent of the situation on Sirius - an advanced, seemingly impregnable society, with very structured hierarchy, nevertheless facing it's collapse by natural cycles. How the messengers weren't listened to, rather castigated. Yet the sense that this is all just the vast cosmos playing out the dramas. I can recommend a watch to open out imagination and sense of possibility. Let's prepare ourselves for an expansive and eye-opening future...

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I had a feeling about watching this series, it seems helpful with integrating some streams of memories activated last week. There are many gems in here. đźŚŚđź’Ž

There was a time, millennia ago, when our souls were like wax candles. They burned through once, and then they were snuffed out. But the Mother looked down and saw that this was insufficient. A single life in a single body, raised in a single world, such a soul had no foothold to climb from the trenches of ignorance to grow into holiness. And so the Mother took that straight line of life and shaped it into a circle, bestowing upon us the gift of rebirth. But what does this gift mean? Some believe the purpose of reincarnation is to ascend to the highest planes of enlightenment. But we know better, don't we? For there is no end to this journey. For our capacity for growth is infinite. Even a soul that appeared holy 400 years ago would not be holy today. This is the Mother's lesson. As the Galaxy changes, so must we. We must embrace the value of transformation, of evolution, of difference. The greatest failure of humanity, the greatest sin against the Mother, is stagnation. And so we rejoice that Proxima Opal's soul will not stagnate and rust into corruption. We rejoice that her soul is not bound to a single, immutable body. We rejoice that her soul is an ever-transformative, evolving soul. Our lives in these bodies may be brief... But our souls are endless. And as we shape and sculpt our souls into a never-ending quest for holiness, remember this. This will not always be your life. But it is your life now. Your choice now. Your change now. Make it count!

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That certainly hasn't escaped my attention Jen!
Looks like a very intriguing follow up with a pretty different energy.

Synchronistically it came to me on the final full day here at the Eden Rise retreat where we're exploring the sense and feeling of coming more from the quantum field... The DreamState.

Perfect timing!

Open 🙏

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Thankyou for drawing attention to this Anatoly - perfect for our times.

Right now there are huge ongoing protests in Berlin - which to me is highly significant, considering what happened there as the Third Reich took ahold of the consciousness. Understandably, people are rising up to ensure such tyranny doesn't take over again.

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Hi Anatoly - that's certainly one view of it all! My sense of it is that while that might represent a part of it, some pretty special and magical things will happen too. Many will be inspired by love and compassion - and they'll feel the expansion, the connection, like coming home. And it will feel euphoric. Plus by then, as the 3D unravels, plenty will have discovered how to shift into higher consciousness - how to leave the physical.

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I thought this movie was inspirational and moving. It reflects well the mindless consumarism and distraction in the face of climate crisis and "shoot the messenger" attitude. The courage to do what's right now regardless of the past. Man's journey back to  the Source! The little girl's courage and sanity in the chaos - a representation of a twin flame maybe. The ending was beautiful! The color orange theme. It does have some explicit scenes though but I would still recommend it.

PS - I need to learn how to embed video nicely.


I love to watch a good story, especially where the acting is great and the story inspiring. And it doesn't have to be typically 'spiritual' - I believe we can draw inspiration for the soul just about anywhere. I found the movie "Le Mans 66" with Christian Bale and Matt Damon surprisingly moving, if you're into that kind of 'on the edge of your seat' high adrenaline experience. But quite apart from that, the acting what terrific and the description of how it feels when the body disappears and how tuned in the driver is - well that was pure soul. And I found I could greatly empathise with that search for continual perfection, never neccesarily attained, but we grow so much in the endeavour. If you're into a good action movie with plenty of twists and turns, yet the revelation of soul, this could be for you...


I very much enjoy some of the music from Queen - it's tremendously soulful, especially the vocals of Freddie Mercury and the lead guitar of Brian May connecting at deep levels. It was this that drew me to see the film "Bohemian Rapsody" last night. What a tremendous film, jam packed with spiritual inspiration and insight (assuming we're looking).

Firstly it amplifies the importance of having the courage to be you, whatever the feedback. But then also that when we connect up with the mainstream of soul, it will inevitably activate the shadow side too. The question is, what happens in the lulls where all that energy is not getting an external feeback loop? I'd say many stars suffer from this dynamic; but it's a reflection we can all gain from, learning to change down the gears too, and looking for the connecting loops of energy in other ways - breathing for example, looking for the reflections multidimensiuonally and in other forms of multidimensional life.

Above all, what struck me very deeply about the film, was how fragile and vulnerable Freddie Mercury was in his 'normal' life, and how human his problems. And yet when he got on stage, he'd found the perfect vehicle to transcend and unleash the soul - it's like he transcended the frail human aspect and became "God-like" as he let his soul soar. An example for sure to us all.

Here's the trailer. If you resonate with the subject, it's a great film. I was glued throughout, and the finale at the Live Aid concert was simply thrilling...


I went to see this movie the other night... "First Man" about the first Apollo Mission to the Moon. I got so many things from it. Just how out there on the edge they were; the yearning for something more, something deeper; the overcoming of fear; being prepared to 'boldly go' where there had been no previous experience; all the trials and tribulations they had to overcome. It reminds me so much of the journey of the Shift...


I second this! One of my most favourite movies of all times Farzaneh! And you posted this at a time when Im seen/experiencing signs (just like Ophelia in the movie) that speak about how to deeply understand this huge layer that is arising for me at the moment and how to be with it.

Ophelia's quest to escape the brutality around her speaks to me deeply. And her finding solace and protection in Faun's arms (The Greek equivalent is the semi-god Pan = the MAGIC of the natural Flow!).

For me, Ophelia's journey is a re-turn Home. To re-turn Home she has to die in this life (she=self-referenced identities), to be re-born to the world of Purity/Innocence/Love. 

Ophelia went through many initiations that culminated to reuniting with Home. Strong will and sacrifice (letting go) made that possible. 'Innocent' love and trust in the magic flow of the universe.

What an amazing tale sign!



Hello Everyone


I am not sure how I can explain it like Open can do clearly.

When I watched the movie few years back I feel like it helped me to believe that the path I am taking in my life could be the true path and I do not need to fear all the time for my choices. It is hard to explain :) I hope Open can help me out if he has watched the movie before.


This is my favorite movie so far. I am sorry I do not know how to attach a video here. So here the link on youtube.



Thank you





"The Fountain" was to me quite an obtuse film rich in superlative spiritual metaphor. It seems to tell the tale of several incarnations of two soul mates. It shows how the choices we make lead to suffering but that through self realisation over countless lifetimes can 'correct' those mistakes and lead to eternal life. At least that's my take on it! Anyway, here's an interesting clip from the movie...


Yes indeed, Inception for me was a very powerful movie too. It is a brilliant metaphor of how life exists through multiple dimensions and how we are influenced through them whether we know it or not.

I especially liked the metaphor of how our reality starts to break because of subconscious programming - like the lead characters continual confrontation with his supposedly dead wife (we're always kept guessing about that one - perfectly set up for the sequel!).

And I thought the ending was brilliant - the totem that doesn't fall over! So you're not quite sure if this is reality or the dream still.

For me the totem is a powerful metaphor for day to day life and it relates to your question yulia...

    "But somehow it is important many times that the info comes from 'outside', i.e. I create something/somebody outside to tell me what I already know, but can't see and say to myself. Question I have about it: why this mechanism? I mean why do we build external help?"

I'd say this is an authentic aspect of your soul - first the Ray 6, looking into the outer world to reflections of our own beingness and to align with that. That the Ray 3 - the translation aspect - making sure that what we're really experiencing is real. Its the continual questioning of motivation for action and I'd say it is very beneficial and powerful for us. Then there's the Ray 7, creating synchronistic magic so that we know we're aligned with the co-creative flow

Together, to me, these things represent our 'totem' - how we know what's really real.


Hey Lesley :)

I felt like writing about this movie, because I saw it 3 times already, each time saw more things, and I I'll sure see it again...

I saw there a 'couple' of things...

First of all, of course the reality perception-creation relation.

For me it was also a hint about how sometimes I choose to be stuck somewhere, building this "dream place" like the main character did, recreating the same situation that just repeats itself from back in the past until now, because it's hard to let go of something, as if it is part of me and I still want it to be there. And it is not even a denial, but inability to let go something I know about.

Finding a sort of 'totem' for blind spots or for periods when I loose it, how I can make something to remind me where is real and where is a 'dream', like maybe notes, or some sort of tightness I can recignise in the body accompanying a certain distortion (like sharp shoulder pain when I'm lost if fears and worries), or just a question "And who is talking now?" (yelling/doing smth, etc)...it can be anything...

Then the courage to go deeper and deeper, despite all the side-effects and how each time it looks/feels different, as if the decorations change a little, but it's still the same.

The time trick - time stretching/contraction, which I think everybody is familiar with on the simple level (like one hour passes as if it was 5 minutes only, or one day feels like it began long long ago).

The importance not to put anything as a goal on the path, like my goal is to be enlightened/happy/free/strong, etc... Then ego can build a trap to hold me there in denial and illusion that I'm already there. Therefore it's very important, for me, not to hold any vision about the future, which is not easy, and stay focused on the shortest time interval possible, like the moment. Teh exclusion would be an immediate pull having something to do with future, lik ebuying tickets for flights months in advance, but even there I assume that I will not 100% go, and might loose the money and stay if that's what will come. In the movie the end is not clear and leaves a place for imagination, but the point is, that the goal built on weakness might trap and make forget about the 'totem', i.e. the way to go back to 'real'.

I also saw there an importance of building 'external group' of people, who would help, encourage, back up, etc. Everything is happening inside, and I can give myself whatever is required for my evolution, like I write in my diary answers to many questions, so it sounds (reads) like a crazy split-personality dialogue :D. But somehow it is important many times that the info comes from 'outside', i.e. I create something/somebody outside to tell me what I already know, but can't see and say to myself.

Question I have about it: why this mechanism? I mean why do we build external help?

Now the song itself to wake them up from the dream: "Je ne regrette rien" (I don't regret anything, right? ;)), maybe something to do with acceptance of my past self, or my attachments and distortions. Once I'm able not to judge and acceptit really, I can 'wake up' from it (sort of).

Also how the illusion can be affected by something real and vice versa - like if something is happening on the inside, then it will project ouside to the illusionary reality, and vice versa - sometimes the authentic pull/expression gets distorted.

Now the defense mechanisms to protect the 'dream', how my projections attack the invader. The simplest example of being angry at the mirror, who came to shake the dream a little ;) so usually all kinds of rejection responses will activate, like mistrust, competition, criticism, etc. But actually it happens inside all the time between me and me :D

The salvation - how we can build a story about something and get stuck there, and how it's possible to let the old story go and to find a way through and out (Cillian Merphy's character).

Self destruction - how we sabotage our own evolution by creating something there, an opposition to inhibit us (Cobb's wife), what I now call the dissipation element :D

For me it also had something to tell me about guilt, and how it can hold me by foot.

How it's all up to me and I can use imagination and have some fun on the path (depicted by Tom Hardy with a more efficient weapon to deal with dream-defense).

Well, I'm sure I forgot some of the messages I saw there..it was like ah!..and ah! evry five minutes :D
and I'm sure I'll see more next time I see it.

A really good one...



Here's a new movie that's caught my attention which is due out later in 2011. It's called "The Adjustment Bureau". It seems to contain a really good metaphor of how we become influenced and controlled by Opposing Consciousness and that a higher choice of the soul is the way to break free. Here's the trailer...


One of the most stunning metaphors for me recently happened from a 'tip-off' by a tuned in Openhander - that "The Five Gateways" were metaphored in no less than the great James Cameron blockbuster Avatar.

If like me you missed it the first time around, watch the movie again. Here are the transitions to watch out for followed by a clip from the movie...

Gateway 1: where Jake awakens to his Avatar (higher self)
Gateway 2: where he realigns to his 'tribe' and higher truth
Gateway 3: where he becomes one of the Na'vi tribe
Gateway 4: exorcising his shadows of deception
Gateway 5: the resurrection of himself as a Na'vi

And here's the final scene where Jake is resurrected as a Na'vi...


For me, it was the matrix that kicked it all off with a wonderful kaleidoscopic multi-dimensional view of the controlling system within which we live. What is the matrix? Who could have said it better than the character Morpheus...