Transformation of Reality 3D to 5D

Submitted by Open on Wed, 08/05/2020 - 16:51
Transformation of Reality 3D to 5D with Openhand
Are you feeling a degree insecure and overwhelmed right now with all that is going on? It's entirely understandable and okay. It's because the construct of the old 3D reality is bending and buckling right under our feet. It's ready to shape into a new iteration of the Old 3D Paradigm.
At the same time, the New 5D Paradigm is also taking shape, but it is much more fluid than the old 3D reality. So you may feel like you're standing on shifting sands yet grasping at clouds in the sky!
Recognise it. Don't try to fight it. Let go. Allow your system to be informed and reorientated in a different way. Allow your senses to recalibrate, with much greater fluidity and expanded awareness. You can do it. You were seeded for this. But there has to be this transformation of your form. The Lower Self must reshape to meet the Higher Self - forming the Merkaba.
You may at times feel like you're going a degree crazy. You are not! It's just hat your reference to reality is transforming into a more fluid multidimensional landscape. Just let it all flow. Expand. Feel. Trust. Tune into higher dimensional guidance - soften how you apply it in the lower dimensions. In time you'll come into a new hybrid state and all will be well again.
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Just found this in my corporate email distribution list.  I normally ignore these but when I saw word Gratitude used in highly corporate structure ... things are definitely shifting even in the densest of areas.  Wow!


The Key Ingredient to Your Success 

Simply because it rhymes doesn't mean it's lame. In this case, an "attitude of gratitude" may sound corny or cheesy, but in reality it's honest and true.



I honestly can’t find the words but everything feels and looks different 


It is almost like I’m in a movie, the sense of control is a distant memory, I don’t know who I am anymore, all the labels I applied to myself and accepted from society don’t correspond to how my soul expresses, yet I can’t even define or put my finger on it

I don’t have the words, it only feels like I have to let go and experience