Joining our Galactic Family of Light: Vision of the Future

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Before the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, it goes through the chrysalis phase where everything breaks down into a kind of mush. That's the situation Homo Sapiens finds himself in right now. It's dense, challenging, confusing, but entirely necessary on the path to the resplendent butterfly. And the being he is about to become, DIVINICUS, is truly majestic, 5D, multidimensional. For those that undertake this metamorphosis, you will find yourself being birthed into a Galactic Family of Light.

The Future is 5D

Yes, these End Times are confusing. But for those with the vision to get above the karmic construct of the old 4D layer, future-landing-now is already looking bright and sunny. Those who complete this often tortuous journey will realise and remember that there is a vast family of souls out there in the cosmos, a tremendous mosaic of colourful beings, with phenomenal awareness and skills of co-creating with the universe. DIVINICUS is set to emerge into this family, reconnected with the natural cycles of life, drawing truly "free energy" through his being directly from the Universal Torus.

You'll travel at the speed of thought; empathise and become as one with other sentient life; create abundantly without fear of resource limitation; feel cherished, nutured and supported by the blessed hand of the Divine.

There's plenty of work to do before this spectacular dawning. The shadowside has gone into overdrive - a desperate panic, one last-ditch attempt to harvest as many souls into its agenda as possible. It will largely fail. Despite the fact that it appears to be succeeding on a broad scale right now, nevertheless, all fictitious timelines will converge to the Event, as Galactic, Solar, and Earth Pole Shift cycles cleanse the old 4D layer away. You'd have to get out of the solar system to avoid it, and humanity's physical technology is not nearly advanced enough, not even with enhancement by the Greys and AI. They need the physicality of the Human Body to draw energy from. But nothing that is 3D will pass through the completion of these grand cycles.

The future here is very much in 5D!

Encounter DIVINICUS: rise of the Divine Human

The Natural Cycles of Life: Death and Rebirth

Several ET groups are drawing close at these times. You can feel and communicate with them when you get beyond the 4D blocking layer. As you open out through it, inside your being, through the higher chakras, then you may feel them as a vibration, which then reflects as synchronicity through your outer reality. They communicate the vibration of love, of peace and acceptance, of numerology, and sacred geometry. They're expressing how to co-create with the universe and all sentient life, not to manipulate, control, harvest or suppress another. Even when they create the crop circles, the crops are carefully folded, respected, not broken. This is their ethos.

Many in society are wondering about these Extra Terrestrial possibilities. The narrative is already being manipulated and directed by the shadowstate: alien technology to sustain the cancer that is the old way of creating; aliens to save humanity from climate crisis (which is really the End Times convergence); transhumanism to enhance the 3D body, but at the cost of losing sovereignty. On the surface it looks glitzy and glamorous. But lift the hood on this bright new Tesla, and the morality is just as decrepit as the old gas guzzler.

It's all avoidance. That's exactly what this Opposing Consciousness is all about - avoiding the stark staring obvious: that we are all interconnected with the Universe, and there is no ultimate avoiding its cycles of death and rebirth. Why would you want to? Each reality construct contains within it distortion - always a higher harmony is possible. Each karmic crystallisation contains the lessons through which to evolve, and when the work is done, a new harmony manifests, but with even greater alignment, greater resonance, greater respect, interconnectivity, and love. It's only the wayward and foolish that seek to avoid this. The natural cycles of death and rebirth continually liberate you to actualise ever more of what you can become. It is only Homo Sapiens, programmed by his Opposing Consciousness concubines that are in fear and avoidance of this universal truth.

Explore the Origins of Opposing Consciousness Intervention on Earth

Extra-Terrestrial Groups Supporting Humanity and The Shift

There are many evolved species out there who are working to come close at these times and work with humanity's evolutionary process. For example:

- The Andromedans: who shape reality by observing and actualising the flows of sacred geometry and numerology around which realities crystalises.
- The Arcturians: quirky, humorous and highly erudite beings, who are encouraging  alignment with natural technologies, the planetary stargates for example, that will be instrumental in Earth's great realigning process.
- The Pleiadians: with the love and empathy to be able to feel other sentient beings as themselves. They flow like the dolphin, creating with joy, inquisitiveness and vibrancy. They're completely transparent with integrity.

Why are they not readily visible to humanity? To some extent, they are, but not necessarily with 3D eyes. Crucially they are respecting the Universal Law of Free Will - the inalienable right of each soul to self-determination as it emerges from the source. And so it's not about overriding your reality; not taking away your sovereignty by blinding you with science or even love. There's an encouragement to realise truth for yourself, to experience the love of self. And it's challenging right now because the Intervention is hell-bent on blocking humanity's connection beyond the 3D/4D layer, in which there are many dissonant and distracting frequencies.

You also have species that were of the intervention that are now realigning and supporting Humanity's liberation through the shift...

- The Annunaki: who were the original architects of the "matrix" in which we live. From the Sirius constellation they suffered the tremendous breakdown of their population there and sought then to reconstitute it. They are masters of energy technology and are very strong at creation on the intellectual plane.

- The Reptilians: who've been around on the earth since primordial times. They are fiercely reslient and warrior like, able to thrive as a pack in the harshest of environments. Their modus has been to infuse the human mind and control it with fear. But now plenty are realigning and supporting humanity emerge from physical control into weaving 3D reality from the quantum field.

So the situation is complex and confusing in the 3D/4D layer. But when you witness the synchronistic effects of the quantum field you realise there's a spectacular "pulling through" going on. That the karmic construct of the shadowstate is destabilising. This is caused by the convergence of the grand cosmic cycles, but also by the Benevolents (Annuaki, Andromedans, and Arcturians) busily removing the blocking technologies in the 4D layer. The planetary Stargates are opening, witnessed in the recent triggering of the Volcanoes, so there's now a releasing flow of the pent-up energies of the lockdown.

An Understanding of the Opening of the Planetary Stargates

The Galactic 11:11 Homing Beacon

The result is that the surrounding energy field is progressively transforming. You're witnessing a widespread activation of human consciousness which is challenging the narrative of the shadowstate. Sovereignty and self-determination are being reclaimed by a growing number. Thus the revelation of the shadow has been necessary in this spiritual metamorphosis - you cannot go to the gym and build spiritual muscles without the weights!

Despite the confusion and deception, plenty of people are rediscovering their multidimensionality by going deeply inwards, letting go of the external drama and beginning to shape new realities from higher consciousness - interconnected with the free energy of the Universal Torus. This is the way for humanity to go now, those who can hear and respond to the galactic 11:11 homing beacon.

We are far from out of the woods yet, but the benevolent light is shining through and speaking ever louder to those with the ears to hear: let go of the old karmic construct, release its claws from your being, unravel its tentacles from your mind and let the heart guide the show. Through signs and synchronicity, sacred geometry and numerology, through the loving embrace of mother nature, you will be guided home and rebirthed into the Galactic Family of Light. That's the great possibility and invitation that now exists for all.

Personally, I am positively reveling in that bright possibility!

If my article intrigues you and you know yourself as a part of this worldwide family of light, then come and dive into the essential work of Openhand:

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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05/04/2023 Shift Update: Galactic Family

I've just arrived back in the beloved Glastonbury after my trip downunder. I was unable to share too much whilst out there, because the energy work I was given to do was pretty exhausting at the time. But there's masses to share, which I'll do in due course, because it's highly intriguing for the shift. The main take from it though, is that wherever we are in the world, and no matter how the intervention has tried to divide and isolate people, that there are breakthroughs of extraordinary light everywhere - and connecting the dots of this Galactic Family of Light is a joy to behold. Who are the Galactic Family of Light? YOU are!!...

Joining our Galactic Family of Light: Vision of the Future

Bright blessings

Open 💎


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I don't believe I've seen this before or don't remember it.  It was certainly timely!  Thank you for sharing.  I find myself so alone here that many times I wish I'd cross paths with someone awake here in town, face to face, and here for the same mission.  When the time's right, I'm sure they'll be here.

Thank you for sharing it again   Praying EmojiHeart

Sherri The Sun Emoji


29/06/2022 Journal Update from Avebury

Hi divine Openhanders, I've been spending the last few days in the tremendous interdimensional energy field of Avebury, getting a sense of where the summer alchemy is going here. I'm being shown it's all about the different multidimensional tribes coming together to support humanity and the shift. These last few days I've had crystal clear connections with the Andromedans, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Annunaki (now Anu) and the Realigned Reptilians to name but a few. It's an area that lends itself tremendously well to those connections. What I feel is a reconciliation happening between the various groups, which will be an essential and amplifying part of an increased movement to greater harmony here as the earth shifts.

I'm sure this will be reflected through the summer season of crop circles. One appeared just over the ridge from where I've been camping, near to the White Horse in the photo, but unfortunately, the farmer mowed it out before anyone could get any aerial photos. No matter, the energy was felt and integrated!!

The wider family of light, that humanity is coming to, want you to know that even though plenty of times it may feel like you are alone, you never are. You're seen, loved, cherished and respected in all that you do. The great work of unravelling out of the density here is a crucial part of transmitting greater awareness and understanding of the intervention challenges. A huge hug coming your way!!

If you feel inspired by what I'm sharing, do read my article above about the Galactic Family of Light you're coming to, and this short film is a pearl, that is just for you!!

Galactic Family of Light: Vision of Future Landing Now

Bright blessings to all

Open 💙

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I love this Open! Word can go only so far to describe the feelings evoked.

I have had this (chapter from Charles Eisenstein book) as a meditation read by Lisa Rankin. Almost every time I hear it, I burst crying with tears.
I remember clearly how exactly 4 years ago (Dec 2017) I was meditating while listening to music on shuffle.

As I listened, this meditation (Gathering of the Tribes) came - followed by Warriors of the World by Manoward - followed by This is how you remind me by Nickelback. Well, you can't fake these stuff! Whenever doubt creeps in, this moment is definitely a well-needed reminder.

Much love to the tribe!





What info on warriors from Antares. I think I came from that area and through the star gate of Orion.  I have met some from Sirius and Arcturus, I remember Solara Antara coming to Glastonbury at the harmonic convergence 1987. I am getting on 1943, and am treated like an alien by the surrounding sheeple. Back of beyond in rural north devon. No one to discuss all masked fearful folk.  



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Hi Kay, greetings - there's a rich and diverse galactic family out there for sure. In the LiveStream I worked to simply along 7 key frequencies of light, so that the actual embodiment of soul energy is what's being supported. So much more than just mental information. Otherwise it risks becoming just a story. Have you had direct personal experience of the Antares? I haven't knowing here yet, but I'll certainly keep my inner eye open!

Very best wishes 🧡

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In one of the Aboriginal legends Antares is know as the ‘Son of Arcturus’  Antares being the heart of the Scorpion was also 1 of the (4)Royal Stars of Persia,representing the West.

For no reason I get a sort of mantid feeling with Antares… but in a benevolent way

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Hi Adrian - thanks for sharing you insight - I haven't knowingly come across the Antares here yet, but will keep my inner eye open! 😉

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Well it's an interesting day to be doing today's LiveStream...
The La Palma Volcano is ramping up (plus plenty around the world)
An X-class solar flare has just struck the planet... Suspicious Observers
Zuckerberg just announced Facebook is to become "Meta" - essentially complete immersion into the synthetic virtual reality of the alien agenda.
And, here you have Jason Bourne himself promoting crypto - the REAL decentralised stuff.
There's definitely a parting of the waves going on in the field.

First here's Zuck. Is this guy for real, or has he completely slipped into the virtual reality game show?...

And here's Jason Bourne, promoting digital financial freedom through crypto - that's real decentralised crypto...

It just goes to show, you'll have to keep your wits about you and personal discernment in the journey ahead.
See you later today in LiveStream...
Openhand LiveStreams (for now, still on facebook!)


22/10/2021 Journal Update - Dealing with Depression

Fascinatingly since writing my article on the Galactic Family of Light, I felt a wave of depression sweep over me from the field. It didn't take too long to establish where from - those beings that have become disconnected from the light, in this case, the reptilians. It may at times be affecting you, if you feel depressed, and so I felt to elaborate what I've been experiencing and how to work with it. I imagine many people feel this way sometimes in the 3D, especially now in society. ♥️

So the energy I felt was a sense of deep disconnect from the divine, a sense of unworthiness and also a deep emgrained tiredness from constantly fighting the "maya'" - the density. The most important thing is not to resist the energy you're feeling, but to embody it and go right into the heart of it, even though it's probably the last thing you'd want to do! And NOT to "medicate"! Meaning not to comfort eat, to distract, or to distance from. Instead I increased the meditation time during the day (also in the middle of the night) and extended the period of  fasting - it brings it all to the surface. At one point, even the feeling of self disgust! It's certainly fascinating to watch - and that's the important thing: to feel it, but also to watch yourself feeling it. Because ultimately you are not that feeling.

What was necessary was to deepen in the sense of the physical, which felt very disconnecting from the higher dimensions and also it shut down the streaming synchronicity I am usually used to experiencing. This part was not at all pleasant - feeling absolutely alone and disconnected in the density.

Here's the crucial thing: in any distortive energy you might be feeling, there is truth at the heart of it. So sit with it. Deepen into it. Don't resist, deny or distract from the feeling. You'll likely want to comfort eat, to connect with someone and distract on the internet. That's understandable, but it only lengthens the feeling of depression. It buries it in the layers.

Lots of old aches and pains came up in the body. I injured a knee joint just by sitting and the back was aching like crazy in meditation - but never mind, the key is to always work it through. Not to succumb to it.

In the midst of a long period of meditation, a vision came to me: being a fish, at the bottom of a deep ocean, with practically no light, constantly in darkness, yet happily to live there. It was absolutely fascinating to empathise, and with that, it eased the issue with being so dense and physical.

At this point I became able to find the torus through the base chakra. Eurekha. That was what I was looking for. As you approach and deepen into the void, you become increasingly as-One. You are alone. It can feel tremendously dense with the gravitational force. Yet there's awesome coherency with it. You don't need anything or anyone. It's absolutely awesomely okay. And that's where you find the light again!!

To be clear, each chakra connects into this torus, and so as you approach it through a particular chakra, you'll get a different experience of the Sacred Ground of Being - like journeying through the "underworld" to get there for example, which the Mayans called "The Road to Xibalba". My point is, that for anyone who feels depression, then at the heart of the feeling, there is divine truth. In the last couple of days I heard Tyson Fury, world heavyweight boxing champion, speaking of his challenges with deperession - I instantly could recognise and empathise with the sense of disconnect and isolation with being in the dense physical.

You've got to sit in it. Not distract. Go right into the heart of it. In so doing, for me, things have now eased off and I've been able to integrate that deepest physical sense of the torus and a different way of connecting to the divine - more through the sense of physical nature. Again it illuminates the importance of not attaching to "the light", in the sense of the higher dimensional out-of-body feeling. I also experienced a wave of reptilian energy coming through me and reconnecting with the creator source of the Torus during this time - reflected as dragons in the clouds. So it was a powerful experience all round.

I felt it important to share in case you're also feeling anything like I described and how you might work with it. There's also some further insight in my article above...

Understanding the Root Cause of Depression to Effectively Deal with it

And also a deeper understanding of the nature of the Universal Torus, because this is crucial to  being able to embody light through all experiences and not resisting the density...

How to Align yourself with the Universal Torus Flow in Daily Life

Finally, no one is exempt from the Galactic Family of Light! It's about connection to the divine source, in whatever density, and expressing that authentically.

Open 🙏

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Here's the video that came to me when I was sitting in the void of the density these last couple of days. It's fascinating. You might be understandably turned off by the idea of boxing, but this guy describes so well the sense of disconnect from the divine and how he reconnected. To me, when I see his field, I see the ancient Draconian warrior, manifest here on earth. Draconians are also in the Galactic Family of Light - where they've found alignment with the divine. It's a lesson we could all benefit from where we're working with the dense physical...

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Hi Open,

I always respected your commitment to staying with the flow - something that inspired me too - even when the flow takes you right down into that abyss, the deep, dark ocean. It was a really touching speech by Tyson Fury - I could relate, and believe anyone who has experienced this darkness before can relate too. 

And as he says, it is important for people to share their experiences of it. I could empathise with and relate to your sharing and his. By listening to him, I felt seen. Or perhaps I felt that I am not alone in this - it brought me to tears. The inner child, who felt, and still sometimes feels being brought down to his knees, or feeling self-disgust as you said, and all the other heavy feelings, felt seen. I felt like I know this feeling, and it was comforting to know that others know that. How important that we all are so relatable, and can share these dark experiences with others as a reminder that we are not alone- even when it feels like it.

Best wishes to all,


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Thank you, Open, for such in depth sharing. I do feel much compassion towards people who feel depressed. While depression itself is a bit foreign to myself, I have seen some of my old friends dealing with this and my sense is that it's crucial at first to acknowledge and express that feeling of depression, what for most of them is not easy to do.

I like the concept of deep sea fish illuminating self. It resonates with me in the way that maybe a month ago when I was working with my feeling of loneliness and sitting in a long meditations all of a sudden I was shown a dream-like vision of the fish in a deep waters, some lonely fish with nothing and nobody around. The dark blue water was a perception of nobody and nothing. While "my fish" wasn't illuminating self in that vision... but the consciousness assimilated the loneliness with the fish somehow and I was wondering why. Also, I got somewhere that in the symbolism water represents consciousness, not sure though - that's different for everyone. Anyway, after that vision I was able to equalise and become as-one with the loneliness, and so it gradually becomes part of me.


[This place is called Devil Horns, nevertheless it is immensely beautiful]

With love and compassion to everyone 🧡💜💛

🌺 Asya

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I remember sitting in meditation a few months ago and becoming aware of very dense energy in the field. My first reaction was to push it away and not allow it to be, but my soul said: “No”! This time it wanted me to watch. So, I followed the energy and suddenly found my consciousness sitting at the bottom of a sea. Even now, months later, I can still clearly see all the energies that were moving in the water – big, dark and heavy shapes, knowing everything but light. I also remember my consciousness becoming very still and non-judgemental. And as I sat there, I witnessed exactly what you said Open, the energy was happy to be there, it was very dense and physical yet somehow had also cultivated softness. I think the softness comes from clearly seeing the way their existence is and accepting it. I also think that more and more of this dense energy is realizing the shadow shell of a life being lived for not having a direct connection to Source.

Speaking about a direct connection to the Source, I felt important to mention, as now so many children have started being juiced [vaxxed] here in UK, that the main agenda behind the pandemic and the injections is to create a Source/Creator connection blockage. A natural human has a direct connection to Source and can connect directly in with these energies and replenish the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental bodies. The injections simply cut off the direct flow of energy.

I see the whole process of being juiced as a trifold. First, once juiced the connection to Source is not able to be opened, allowing darkness to stagnate and fester, instead of being cleaned out as soon as it is formed. More often than not, an entity is connected into this blockage along the flow to Source and is actively working against the host whenever they try to consciously connect into Source/Creation energy. Third, it cuts off connectivity to Oneness. It makes the host feel alone, fostering a feeling of separateness and disassociation.

Just wondering when humanity will choose to say No to all that is happening out there!? As they say: “You don't die if you fall in the water, you only die if you don't swim.”

With Love, The Sun Emoji



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Hi Desi - yes indeed, the challenges for the young being "juiced" (vaxxed) are a big one - the disconnection from the source and the incision of entities in the source chain, which is clearly the intention. It's a big one and this is the "harvest". Only time can tell how it will play out exactly. The convergence of the grand cycles is humanity's greatest saviour in this regard, although to plenty it will look like the opposite. There's still a lot to unfold!

Thanks for the share

Open 👍🙏

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Very much resonates. i think it's great to see you not only experience what we do but have the courage and higher vision to sit with it and understand it and never give in to the traps (as i often do); that's a true leader and solidifies my trust in you. i envy your strength. Being at a lower level for me, sometimes it's from deep boredom as i've been in survival mode most my life and hide a lot because it's safe and i spent a lot of my childhood not feeling safe. Sometimes it's from martyrdom or victimhood because i forget my own behaviour creates my reality. Or loneliness/validation because i don't know myself yet. Sometimes it's from others as i am sensitive. And sometimes i have no idea why, which could be picking up entities like you did. And sometimes it's the deep dives into the abyss when i face my fears of death and nothingness. Those make me realize that i'm not quite ready to let go yet and so still cling to the comforts and numbings because i can't yet fully commit to the path as i'd thought. i just want a little more life. i can't yet see the beauty of my soul or understand the freedom of anything beyond the 3d or the comfort and safety of the familiar. And so anything uncomfortable i eat/sleep/smoke away. i haven't renounced the path, i just haven't got both feet on it yet. i do find the depression can be a useful tool at this level i'm at as it forces me, when i'm willing, to look deep at what's causing it and work on unravelling it. But i think i'm starting to really tire of remaining stagnant and in the dark and fog and there's depression from that too. i feel very cut off, sometimes to the point where i don't believe there could be a galactic family or anything beyond what i know, but i know that's just the fog i'm in, because i trust you. i feel like even though i still have a good deal of stuff to process, i'm starting to slowly get ready to take that leap and let go of the shore. i just haven't the courage yet. But we still have time yes? i've always been a straggler and procrastinator but i get there eventually.😉 See you next Saturday💜barb

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Hi Barb - honesty is always the first step - honesty with oneself.
And then not judging because you might comfort yourself out of the next step - that being both feet in.
When you don't judge, but keep observing the behaviour patterns, then you're illuminating the blcokages.

Then, there comes the point, where you realise it's more painful to remain in the shell,
than to break out of it!


Open 💙🙏

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Thank you for sharing so openly, Open. It’s really helpful and helps to add deeper context to what I’ve read so far in Breakthrough and being part-way through 5GATEWAYS.

I’m experiencing a load of this at the moment, and at times, deeply depressive feelings as I let go of the world I thought knew. I’m being directed to embrace the distortion my soul is pointing me towards so this shines a useful light on it 🙏♥️


21/10/2021 Openhand Journal Update

I felt to clarify the meaning of the term Galactic Family of "Light", because there is so much misunderstanding and the risk of polarising - light and dark or good and evil. In using the term "light" I only do so because it is widely recognised and used. What I actually mean is Unity Consciousness. And the term "Galactic Family of Light" would refer to those who've integrated the true nature of their soul, become that, and thereby actualised themselves into this cosmic family of "light" - of Unity Consciousness.

Is there a Galactic Federation?

People speak of the "Galactic Federation" - that governs this family and directs them. Is there such a body? In some misguided ways, yes. Consider the UN, it is a body that claims to represent all people, yet it has many secretive, undisclosed and manipulative inner groups with various (often shady) agendas. The only authority that is truly necessary in the Universe is the Universal Torus - it resolves out all issues and problems of its own accord; it determines the degree of soul integration and therefore creates a natural "heirarchy" - although this is no governance or control. It is merely transparently seen and regarded.

An "Ascended Master" is simply recognised as such - but whether anyone takes guidance or not is entirely up to them according to the Universal Law of Free Will. If the Ascended Master is being accurate with guidance and reflection, it would naturally make sense for the other being to explore within that context, because the resonance is felt - not because of some authority. And to go against the flow of the Torus is ultimately counterproductive. The Torus is the authority!

It's the Degree of Soul Integration that is Respected

Neither is it considered better or worse to have lower or higher vibration. It's the degree of soul integration that counts - the degree of enlightenment. In actual fact, in the higher dimensions, those beings that can hold integrated form in the very densest of places are most highly regarded. A draconian for example that can be coherent and connected to the light even in the darkest of places. A being who is consciously active within this Galactic Family of Light can raise or lower their vibration through the densities at will. Although depending on their naturally embodied nature at that time, they may well be restricted from entering certain densities. If you have a dense physical body it's harder to reach the 9th, 10th and 11th densities, for example. And vice versa.

Various shapes and forms of the Merkabah are the embodied forms of these Galactic family members. And at a soul level, you have much greater control over them than you do in a more crystallised physical body. They don't necessarily grow old like a human body and become dysfunctional, although they may be deconstructed and reconstructed over time, along with the degree of realisation and next journey requirement of the soul. Personally I find it a much more liberated way to live and be, rather than the limitations of the physical body - although I do accept and enjoy the beauty of the dense physical at times too!

For those who can't yet quite remember their higher dimensional nature, a wonderful re-awakening of tremendous scope and possibility awaits. The Galactic Family of Light is for many of us the true "family".

Open 🙏

PS - do continue to read "The True Cosmic Nature of Soul" below, as it provides further illumination and insight.



Indeed, what the caterpillar calls the End we, humans, call the Butterfly 🦋 How wonderful that is!

As the days go by after our Facilitator Development Conference that we had just last week it all, what this article is about, is unfolding for me and opening with more and more clarity through the reflections, signs and synchronicities.
I feel more and more the true nature unravelling within me and reflecting in the outer. The traits of the cosmic nature of the soul become more obvious to myself and the whole my early life, when even I was yet unconscious about who I really am, begins making sense, even to my own mind. This gives a feeling of more peaceful and aligned being or existence. By now I feel very much resonance when tuning in to the Andromedan and / or Arcturian energy. Signs and synchronicities are playing loud these days to confirm that. I see orange colour (to me its a colour of Arcturians) cars or other vehicles buzzing around (it isn't usually frequent colour of that), or just received the text to my phone "From Three. A whole new Galaxy awaits..." (that’s the sense of Andromedans from the different galaxy), or I see five-pointed stars everywhere - just a few examples.


What I have experienced during the journeying guided by Open in our Facilitators' gathering is very difficult to put into words. I would say, this is another stage of introduction (to me) of an advanced technology of using our own electromagnetic field to travel through the space and time and Andromedans are the masters of using it. They reach our planet from the other galaxy without any spaceships but traveling within their own vessel / field what we humans call the Light Body or Merkaba. Yes, we have this ability as well by raising our frequencies and so making changes to our field. I could sense the physical body being like just a tiny speck of the density held within that field. Most people have that vehicle of light - Merkaba which is surrounding our bodies something like a three-dimensional geometric web (metaphorically speaking) and is static, dormant, inactive. The Merkaba is a living field and responds to our thoughts and feelings. When this is activated, the electromagnetic changes create something like a disc of energy at the base of the spine. This expands around the body and the tetrahedrons of Merkaba are spinning clockwise and counterclockwise with the increasing speed until we master it to reach the speed of light. Then it is possible to travel through worlds...
I had a perception of an octahedron with the widest part being at the heart level and the upper and lower peaks joining the base and the third eye. There is all correct, as I figured it out later, that there was a sense of the octahedron instead of two tetrahedrons as it is normally presented as Merkaba. At an earlier time of my work in Openhand retreats I had this kind of perception of a cube surrounding the body and within the field. The octahedron (as well as the cube) is one of five platonic solids and also contained within the Merkaba. Well, at the beginning it may be a bit complicated to understand this sacred geometry... Interesting that those shapes of platonic solids may also represent 5 elements or statements of reality - fire=tetrahedron, earth=cube, water=dodecahedron, air=icosahedron and the octahedron represents the ether. The four elements - fire, earth, water and air - are bound by the ether, that energy which connects four realities through time and space, in other words - the whole Universe is within the representation of the Ether / octahedron. And to me the Ether is also a Spirit. Some say ether is Self. And then there is a profound "philosophy" of number 144 to do with the octahedron an so on, and on, and on, and deeper in the sacred geometry and through the cosmic science into alchemy... Smliing
 And here my logical mind (which balances out my spiritual side) leads to some conclusion that what I was given to experience in this meditation is the  sense of holding the whole universe within us (the little dense body) and us being held by the whole universe (expanded spinning field), the Toroidal flow...

It's time for us to understand that the smallest parts of the universe are creating the biggest ones. Not the other way around.

The whole new galaxies and worlds are awaiting 🛸🌌

With much love


🌺 Asya

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Thankyou for your insightful perspectives on the Merkabah and "space travel" Asya - I would encourage all to read.

It's simply fascinating how the higher reflects through signs and synchronicity and into the lower. When the Arcturians are active here, they most often direct my attention to the colour orange...

And the Andromedans draw my attention to a more yellowy gold colour...

How funny that they're both high tech breakdown organisations in the UK!

You've just got to laugh.

Open 🤗

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Thank you, Open, for the encouragement, support and inspiration.

May I continue... Hungry

...And then the next happens - we walk out into the streets or drive the roads even not knowing how far our expanded field is rippling the waves and what effect our radiating frequencies of soul make on the surrounding us people. We don't even know them and yet they can recognise, in most cases unconsciously, that energy, they can feel it, they pick it up and feel to say us something or express in any other way...

Two days ago I get into the local organic food store just the last few minutes before the shop closes. There is no one else, just me and the shop assistant at the counter. While paying for my goods she expresses to me something interesting that I catch myself making a surprised face. I was asked what that smell is? Tried deeply inhale and and strained my nose with all power of sensitivity. Then shrugged - I sense nothing... She mentioned patchouli with tone of question and with much confidence expressed thinking it's from me. Whilst not using any synthetic perfumes but loving essential oils, I "scanned" my self with the speed of light :) - "haven't used any essential oil today", I replied. Even I have nothing with patchouli. I just giggled and said "maybe it's from the scarf", then when back at home I was curiously smelling all my clothes - I feel nothing. The girl at the counter was behind the glass screen and was wearing the mask, yet was ensuring she feels it from me. It must be really strong strong smell. But I can feel the smell of lavender in the other room because bags of it are placed there - so my senses of smell are fine 😉. And here my consciousness sent the instant message - "Don't be silly, Asya. That's the Energy!"

If someone has sensitivity through one sense or another, their consciousness will express it through the perception of that sense. What I try to say here is that our energy field of higher vibration (lower as well, in an appropriate way) would likely induce that expression of perception or at least the sense of it in another person. 

Me, personally, can see in this example a pattern of communication in the entirely different form from the usual one for humans. This is a communication without the need of spoken language. This is the communication through the higher dimensions, and so known as telepathy and empathy. Have you ever imagined living in such a world? I may seem a bit crazy but to me it's absolutely real. This is what the multidimensionality means to me... One of the examples. 🙃

With much sense of empathy and love 


🌺 Asya


I completed this new article today, about the Galactic Family of Light that I see humanity being born into. It's high time to explore it. Although it will seem "out there" to some, our Extra Terrestrial cousins are drawing ever closer in this great shift. And there's just so much distortion and disinformation out there which risks leading people astray. It's time to embrace the possibility of the future and contemplate where you feel you fit within all of this?

I know many of these star beings well. They're benevolent, kind, full of love and empathy. They're enthused and inspired by the birthing of DIVINICUS, the divine human, into the fold. So do explore my article above today and see how it might open your horizons.

Galactic Family of Light: Vision of Future Landing Now


Open 🙏