5D Ascension: Have faith - Shadowstate Narrative is Unravelling Worldwide

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In the book DIVINICUS I said that during this period of the shift there would be many machinations of the shadowstate as we peel off the karmic layers. What's within, reflects into the outer, and humanity's own subconsciousness drew the control drama. Just as now, a widespread wave of awakening is steadily unravelling the weave of the plandemonium. The Emperor's New Clothes are becoming threadbare. It's time to dig deep, have faith, and keep on the essential light and energy work. Let's do it!

The Beast is Illuminated

Do not rue what has happened these last two years on the planet. For those with the eyes to see, the Beast has been revealed. That which had languished in the shadows, but pulling all the strings has been rendered clearly visible. Sure, plenty have gone down the route of the synthetic agenda reset, but you can clearly feel the waves of regret having done so. Even triple doses of the "juice" didn't bring them the freedom they were promised. Soon it will be quadruple and so on, neverending if the controllers had it their way. Fear not. They won't.

The AI brain that the grey intervention is applying, has made a miscalculation, it's fu**ed up! It didn't program in human compassion. How could it? That doesn't compute. It doesn't resolve that those who'd bought into the passport would still support the freedom of others who choose not to. It hasn't been the great divider the calculus predicted. In fact the opposite. It's bringing people together, harmonising around the banner of freedom. And you're seeing it all around the world: on the streets of Austria, Germany and Italy, where the memories of a previous tyrannical spawning (Hitler!) are still very much active; in Australia, where the shadow has become delirious on power; and in America, where the cost of living is stripping the shelves bare. The masses have had enough and are making their voices and choices felt.

That's not to mention when they started jabbing the kids too, "From 5 - really, are you serious?" Many who have willingly taken it themselves are drawing a strong line in the sand with their young ones. Rightly so!!

Notice the Boulders, But Focus on the Path of Light

The light is breaking through. Even if you don't necessarily recognise yourself as a light or energy worker, if you're walking and embodying the path of your soul-truth, then you most definitely are. And to those who consciously know how they're helping the realigning field, I say, "keep unravelling!" The Shift gears up by the day. The influxes of energy from the Benevolents in the ether are strengthening all the time. Open lower mind. Go into the dream state. They will speak to you.

Make sure you're giving yourself every opportunity to hear them. It will be through subtle vibrations that activate and animate the soul - feelings of love and vibrancy, intrigue and adventure, intuition and visioning. But we must also keep the lower self clear so that these ripples can cascade in. Regular detox is essential; setting strong boundaries in relationships where there are still naysayers; carefully choosing your screen time so as not to diminish your vibration. These are all essential daily activities right now.
Discover Essential Advice and Tips for Daily Detoxing

Notice the boulders, yes, but focus on the path between them. Let's illuminate what's going on, BUT, be very attentive and embodying of the light. Feel it coming through you at every opportunity. Transcend this harsh 3D/4D construct, because it is unravelling anyway. Look through the mist at every opportunity and settle in the new 5D consciousness that's unfolding all around us. Let your vibration centre in that - it's with the signs and synchronicity, the sacred geometry and numerology; it's in the proximity of nature.

Weaving the DNA of the New 5D Being

This is the weave of the new 5D Human, which is coming ever more active to those tuning in and willing it into being. There's another reality out there for us. Just as the external 3D reveals on a daily basis what we are not, this new possibility is becoming ever more tangible, palpable and visible. Spend plentiful time in meditation, download the new energies coming in. Let them animate your 5D Divine Being...DIVINICUS

It's important not to live in some disconnected la la land. However, as you're feeling and embodying the actual energy that is flowing, what does your imagination see and want to create? (Image: Nadine May)

Is it backed by synchronicity and a deep embodied yearning? Then step steadily toward it, into it, and entertain the possibility of it. If it starts to weave around you, then you're in the truth, you're consciously co-creating with the divine. Dare to believe in what previously seemed impossible. You're going to witness all manner of magic and miracles forming around you in these great times of transition.

Explore How to Weave the New 5D DNA

The 5D Shift is in the Driving Seat

So have faith, my friends. These are humungous times of great revelation. Many are claiming sovereignty and setting their souls free. No doubt the shadow will shift and change, but have no fear, IT is on the backfoot. The 5D Shift was ALWAYS in the driving seat, and very much still is. Nothing and no one will stop its inevitable actualisation. Stay strong. Push on. These are the times we've been waiting for!

In loving support

Open πŸ’™πŸ™

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Just heard that Oregon governor is dropping the mask mandates in all public places except for medical/hospital settings.  They are trying to institute a digital vax proof on phones but some high agencies are going to fight that too.  People have had enough of the lies.  Over 1/2 million are refusing the booster jab the governor is pushing.  She lied and now the people are pissed off so they aren't taking any more jabs.  I see the unraveling pretty much weekly now.  So happy to see people uniting over it.

Thank you for all the sharing! Praying EmojiHeart



01/02/2022 Openhand Journal Update

Wow, this is simply awesome. I did feel, back in December 2021, the shadowstate narrative would eventually unravel due to the various imposed mandates. And the energy of pushback felt strong in the field at the turn of the year. Pay close attention to the Truck Drivers Protest in Ontario, because it is massive. I can feel it's going to trigger wider movements around the world. There's no stopping the freedom movement now. I sense that between now and the end of March you're going to witness a worldwide rollback of the draconian measures. Big shout out for the truckers, Woohoooo πŸ‘πŸ‘βš‘οΈπŸ˜‡πŸ§‘

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Outstanding! i live in Ontario and didn't even know this was happening i'm so proud and excited! it was so disheartening to be surrounded by so many zombies content with their comforts and letting the government continue to run their lives and steal their souls, but this gives me a new boost of hope that there are so many people out there willing to sacrifice to fight for freedom. i'm humbled and sad i'm not part of something like this when freedom is such a big theme for me right now. But fighting for my freedom i am, even though at this point it's an internal battle with old demons. But hopefully soon i'll find the strength to join the outer fight as well and also make noble sacrifices for the sake of us all. Go truckers!🀩😊πŸ₯°

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We are all looking toward that last stretch, the anticipation of crossing a line that was drawn to help close a book, chapter, or lifetime. It is the ceremony Open speaks of that we are invited to do every time we unlock and walk through another gateway. You speak of 5, yet, there are infinite thresholds to cross as we expand and grow.

To all the truckers in real time with their glorious colorful rigs, stellar stamina, simplistic know-how of getting from a to z, and authentic relationship w the WHO who keeps them safe on the road--blessings for holding and expressing the Ray 1 energetics we so need.

To all the rest of us--may we find the trucker within, the inner traveling with our "convey" of guides at the steady speed of "double nickel" (where the inner wisdom of Ray 5 sits and we can hear it when we've "got our ears on!") That's a big 10-4 in gratitude and full animations :-)

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Well said and great sentiment "may we find the trucker within...", i certainly hope so. i want to give up this self-centeredness and selfishnish and make sacrifices for the greater good. in the meantime, i'll keep on truckin'πŸ˜‰πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ™


Hi Open,

 The woman who fixed up Prince Andrew with the young girl has been on trial here in the U.S. and has been found guilty of sex trafficking.  It's claimed Ghislain Maxwell won't hide the names of all those people involved in that sex trafficking.   

There's a lot of going back and forth with mandates for jabs but the Supreme Court is stopping Biden from forcing those jabs on many workers.  There's enough opposition now that if they keep demanding workers get the jab, they'll refuse and the economy may crash and they don't want that.  I think that's fantastic.  The push to vax kids 5 yrs. old is meeting opposition too.  

I had no idea the events happening were related to the 5 Gateways but I'm very happy to see things moving in a better direction and more people awakening.  I feel some excitement in the air!

Thank you for keeping us informed. Praying EmojiHeart


14/01/2022 Openhand Journal Update

It's all happening here in the UK. Perhaps even the UK just happens to be the "head of the beast". Prince Andrew has just been stripped of ALL his royal and military titles due to the ongoing sex abuse allegations. But also Boris' "crown" is looking decidedly dodgy over his lockdown abuses. These to me are very positive signs that the plandemonium narrative is looking increasingly threadbare.

I want to be absolutely transparent and clear on something which is generally NOT being seen in the alternative and spiritual mainstream: it is NOT the shadowstate driving life on the planet right now. It is, and always was, the Shift itself. When you point to the "cult" and what they're doing, you're inadvertantly and falsely handing over power to them, where they have no such power. Think back 12,000 years to the fall of Atlantis, where the convergence of galactic, solar and earth cycles effortlessly swept it all away. The same is unfolding right now and has been building at least since the 1980's. The power is with the shift and it always was.

Can you see the 5GATEWAYS through what's happening in society right now?
I suspect no one is looking at it in these terms. Yet the routemap provides invaluable illumination to EVERYTHING that's transpiring on the planet.

The higher dimensional shift moved through the plane of the physical and exposed the shadow lurking there, which then reacted and tried to lockdown. It precipitated an outbreak of expression of soul sovereignty around the planet. Whether those people consider themselves "spiritual" or not, the intense inner confrontation was embraced and worked with. Thus the Gateway 1 awakening happened for those prepared to undertake that confrontation.

With 2022, we're moving into Gateway 2 on the plane of emotions. It's called the "Realignment" where the movement of consciousness encourages you to realign with the directive of the soul in life. So the energy is moving through the plane of emotions and in any given moment, asking you to go with the expression of your soul - to LIVE from that place. I see this dynamic unfolding through 2022 and 2023.

Let's be clear, the 5GATEWAYS are active and determining the shift right now. This is a fundamental aspect of the message that the "Second Coming" came here to deliver. That consciousness is active and present here too. It couldn't be more perfect.

Have no doubt my friends, the shift is in the driving seat.
It's going to be utterly fascinating where it all goes from here.

Bright blessings

Open πŸ’™πŸ™

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UK certainly have a long shadow, some beings there also have a long tail... It's unravelling fast, after so many disclosures it's hard to believe that people still don't see how corrupted are this so called elites. I guess its hard to say no to this reality if that is the only reality that you know. 

There is a song called "What is and what should never be", the words I often remember, so much of this in existence simply shouldn't be. For long time I couldn't find the meaning of this life until someone explained - it is to learn what should not exist so it will never be allowed into existence again. 





Hi Open,

There is more push back against the jabs going on, people are more determined to keep standing against it, though many parents are allowing their young kids to be jabd.  I heard on the news a few days ago a comment about the nearing of the end of the pandemic!  That got my attention because I hear international travel is opening up and in the next breath they claim 22 states are surging again.  ( I expected this when they said book your vacations soon...)  My state here in OR. is one of the ones they claim it's surging again.  Then something happened....

I've been focused more on opening and keeping open my lower chakras, the base specifically.  I'm pretty sure it's been closed or blocked for a long while.  Last week I started having a lot of pain and cramping in that area and in the past have had a lot of chronic urinary tract infections so had thought it was that, even though I've not had them for many years and no symptoms except the pain.  So I called the dr and they ordered the urine test.  I called the local hospital and told them under no circumstances was anyone going to aim that temp. tool into my brain.  They finally said they'd do it on my wrist and they did.  I've had NO fever or pain or burning you'd expect with a UTI.  So I gave them a urine specimen, it came back negative.  No infection.   I upped my intake of water considerably and the pain greatly diminished.  That got me to thinking maybe this was a "sign" of things opening up in the base chakra, things moving energetically, maybe an implant, so I have been moving energy and keeping the chakras open, moving the Torus.

So the dr. wanted bloodwork since she's not seen me in 2 yrs. since before the plandemonium started.  She was booked up for appts. almost to January but wanted me to come in today.  Instinct told me a loud NO!  So I called and said call me at home instead as I needed to keep myself safe from the virus and she did call today.  I had to go back to the local hospital to get the blood drawn, still only allowing the temp. on the wrist.  Everything is ok with bloodwork and I said the herbal and natural things I use were helpful to me.  I'm pretty sure she's sold out to the agenda since she wasn't very friendly like she used to be.

 (I'm thinking they're having so much trouble with getting adults here to get the juice, so they have to keep yelling there's a surge.  This county I live in has the highest rate of unjabbd people after all this time.  Whole families are rejecting it, one business owner not jabd and doesn't require any masks like the rest of the state mandates.  They been bucking the mandates all along.  Other businesses none are jabd and no masks requ.  I'm so glad they are taking a stand against the tyranny.)

Anyway... I've been healthy for many years and just fine since the plandemonium beginning and the recent tests back that up.  I did tell them I was not allowing anything in my nose and only the 2 tests I had.  Not going to submit to their fake tests with false positives!  I was very strong in my power about what I will do and not do.  I'm not the only one rising up in strength and power.  So we'll see if the pandemic is nearing the end here as I was really shocked to hear that on the news when they'd just been screaming surge again.  Interesting for sure.  If you can't con people into the jab anymore, then maybe they are tiring of their charade, except for targeting the kids now with propaganda that their jab gently strengthens the immune system then quietly leaves the body.  I dropped my jaw at those ads!! It's unreal the lies they use to try to get kids jabd.

After all, how can you allow worldwide travel while screaming more surge.  People are certainly waking up.  The Foul Chee is still trying to control people's every move but so many are mad now they said if they want 30 people at their Thanksgiving dinner they'll do it.  The mandate is limit 6.  haha  People have stopped paying attention to the liars and are taking back their rights to choose what they want and will do.  So I'm inspired by all the stance against the B.S.

The very last I heard is rather than take the juice, several million truckers will quit.  That will bring this country to it's knees.  Stores already having empty shelves and people are getting sick of it.  I probably shouldn't laugh but I do sometimes when I see the power of the human spirit rising up and pushing back.  And confidence in Biden is dropping steadily even by his own party.  Let the light shine brighter, it's working!  Now I hear Biden has transferred power to the useless Vice Prez.  That should really piss people off, she's totally useless.  Hopefully that will cause the fall of the power in this country, may be a big shake-up coming soon.  I'm hopeful.

Thank you for keeping us updated and motivating us  Praying Emoji