Black Snake Energy Unravelling: Liberation Breaking Through Society

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It's deeply heartwarming to see the tremendous global pushback against the bogus mandate measures. The Canadian Truckers, for example, have been inspiring a wave of liberation around the planet. In concert with that, recently on retreat with Openhand, we realised a very powerful and practical way to deal with the underlying energetic weave that has been so controlling and derailing society. I do believe we effectively discovered how to deal with the entwining "Black Snake" energy.

Black Snake - the Lynchpin of Controlling Intervention on Earth

"Black Snake" is the term we've given for the underlying satanic energy that's been orchestrating the wide-ranging machinations of the plandemonium in society over the last two years (not to mention its historic intervention that ranges all the way back to the Biblical Garden of Eden) - it is the lynchpin of the controlling subversive agenda that's been particularly rife these last two years.

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The energy gets into the psyche and addicts souls to a disempowered reality of its own agenda. In more recent times, it's working with interdimensional ET entities and applying AI to ramp up the effects of its control. For the work of Openhand, it was always going to be a crucial confrontation. And I very much sensed there was some essential relevance to the location of our recent Return of the Pleiadians Retreat, that being Tepoztlan, the birthplace of the Quetzalcoatl.

This Feathered Serpent God is steeped in history and mythology that entwines through the ancient Mayan culture. I always felt there would be an entanglement of the Black Snake energy reaching far back through history.

What might the solution to this wayward energy be?

The crucial thing is NOT to polarise, judge or castigate. It actually feeds off this negativity in society. Such condemnation only locks in place the fight and the struggle. We require an evolved perspective that respects and carefully considers where this energy came from, what are its fears and karmic pain? What will persuade it to willingly realign?

The Flower of Life and the Elementals

The ancients have depicted for us, through the aeons, the natural orchestration of life through the Universal Torus. This interconnected "Flower of Life" is even indelibly burned into pyramids in Egypt. Every aligned life-form embodies the Torus and flows naturally as it. The Interdimensional Intervention, that has been bleeding dry the natural harmony of life on our planet, is living in avoidance of this life flow, and desperately trying to steer it into a synthetic agenda more of its own vibration and liking - a virtual metaverse of control.

The lynchpin to this intervention is the Black Snake, which crucially was a natural elemental binding life on the planet for a collective experience. It became so good at locking reality in place, that it got lost in the density, lost the original benevolent purpose, "disconnected from God", and started to control life for itself.

Understanding this provides a crucial key to understanding how to unlock it. But then also to realise: exactly what aligned part in the Universal Torus should it be playing?

In the dream-time recently, I watched these strings of quantum energy being channeled back into the central vortex of the Torus, and lining the swirling central void that binds the whole together. Understanding how density moves through different aspects of the Torus was critical to bringing this energy back into alignment. It had been "cast out" from the central vortex and locked itself into an outer 3D layer of the overall Torus itself.

Could we bring it back to its rightful place?

Resistance to the Torus is Futile

We first had to connect and communicate by empathising, but not judging or condemning. Your heart has to be big, your field very coherent and clear, so that the Black Snake entities simply don't attach in you. Because it will exploit every distortion and weakness. Then we needed to open a telepathic channel and be abundantly clear with it: EVERYTHING moves as the universal Torus eventually. We're moving to balanced harmony in all places, "Nirvana".

Likewise, Gaia is being reclaimed by a great galactic convergence of cycles and energies leading to the Solar Nova "Event". Nothing will be able to withstand this Great Realignment - this is no negotiation!

Understand the Nature of the Upcoming Galactic Superwave and Solar Nova Event

On the retreat, we did indeed find ourselves at a key location of this energy and working with advanced facilitators that understand it, we initiated an empathic connection - a telepathic bridge. I was greatly heartened by what ensued - I do believe this Black Snake energy in society can see the writing on the wall, and the great emergence of freedom that the soul of humanity is yearning for. After a few days of resistance and attempts at deception, the energy we encountered finally surrendered, came through us, and by embodying the galactic torus, we were able to channel it back into the central vortex, where it then adorned the swirling inner flows. As a field facilitator, it was one of those peak experiences that was both tremendously rewarding and humbling.

Rise of the Rainbow Serpent

What then transpired on the retreat was totally magical. Firstly we felt a rising of the repressed "Rainbow Serpent" coming up through the volcanic stone of the mountain location. This is the collective soul energy of Original Humanity, which is beginning to break through all across the planet as people challenge the mandate measures of the bogus pandemic.

Second, and most uplifting, the clearing and more natural alignment of the energy in our space, facilitated a higher dimensional infusion of Pleiadian energy - a wave of higher dimensional beings entered the studio where we were working and infused the group with a tremendous sense of joy and upliftment. Gosh, just what a difference this energy can make in society!

These are early days, but clearly, this latest round of our field energy work is perfectly timed as growing waves of humanity across the planet reclaim sovereignty and now demand the restoration of their inalienable rights and freedoms. I share our experiences on retreat in Mexico so as to inspire other energy facilitators around the world, who now have some crucial keys in dealing with this very pervasive, ancient perverting and distorting energy. Now we can seriously help both challenged souls AND this Black Snake energy come back into the Universal Fold. Early days yes, but these fundamental developments are very promising indeed.

For anyone interested in Advanced Spiritual Facilitation and wishing to be able to truly affect deep and lasting spiritual healing, explore the work of:

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright Blessings

Open ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™

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I arrived back at my business unit yesterday, where I will stay for a week, there are ten business's here in all. It takes a while to set the place up energetically. I've accumulated quite some equipment! I leave the pyramids up and a few scalar devices to hold the space, but entities will enter the field through the others outside.

I know some of the people here experience hassle from the organisations who own (the council) and manage (private cowboys) these units. They literally get threatened to have their tenancies ended and their rents have gone up astronomically of late. I remain so elusive they've yet to touch me, I dare to have them try.

Syncronistically, I'm reading the Black Snake articles this morning and my awareness drifted out into the field contemplating nothing. I'm just sat here looking into space, empty inside, and an almighty entity has taken off, out of the vicinity, at the same time a flock of birds left outside and the movement of the entire structure.

I can hear the melodious noises of the work going on around me now. A beautiful symphony flowing through the hustle and bustle of the operations outside. I hadn't realised the wider implications of what is going on here in this collective space. The others know my attitude, although it will likely come back. Beautiful though!

Remy ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

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This is a tough one for me. i've been thinking of ways to approach a person who is harassing me b/c i won't comply with her demands. Perhaps i made her feel bad by rejecting her asi find it very difficult to be around needy, attention seeking alcoholics. Has something to do with my mother. Clearly i'm there to heal the mother wound, but i feel that i shouldn't have to give her anything if i don't want to. i guess this made her feel bad so understandably she's attempting to regain her power/control by trying to bully and control me. A lesson in how to treat people more respectfully. i've thought of how i could tell her as kindly as possible that i dont owe her anything and that offers of help (people pleasing) early in the relationship have been rescinded due to personal health problems and the fact i simply dont want to have to do things for people if i don't feel to. Mostly it's because she expects and demands it and i simply wont be forced. i very much feel speaking to her will change nothing and probably make it worse because to be honest would mean calling her out and she does not appear to be the type, based on her actions, to accept any criticisms, no matter how gently they're delivered. i don't feel that she cares about my needs and feels entitled to take whatever she wants. So how can i do anything but continue to respectfully keep my boundaries and simply let her be? She's offended though that i don't interact with her except when she brings up some concern. She's like a child having a tantrum because i won't pay attention to her. This has energy vampire and narcissist written all over it. i truly believe the only way to deal with these is to not engage at all. It feels as though she's always trying to pick a fight because even negative attention is better than none. i can u nderstand that she has anxiety etc but i'm not responsible for caring for her, period. And i won't be bullied into it either. So in this case, can communication work? If i believed she'd see reason and understand my side, i would tell her my concerns. But so far she's used everuthing she knows about me, specifically the things that bother me, against me. There are so many lessons to learn here so i'm starting to see it as a blessing to show me my own distortions because i used to be very hard and unfair with people. Learning to be patient and calm when she's purposely stomping and dropping things on the floor right above my head. Learning to control my anger and stay neutral without reacting are other lessons i need to learn. i really feel after all this time that in this case, communicating will be useless and even harmful. i'm attempting now to at least stop projecting my anger and feelings of powerlessness onto her, but beyond that i feel this is something that can't be fixed, just endured and learned from. I would appreciate anyone's thoughts and insights, thank you!๐Ÿ’™

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Thanks for sharing Barb, these are typical conundrums we allow ourselves to get railed into. Sometimes you've just completely got to end things and turn away. Sometimes it's the kindest thing. Whilst they can feel in your field that you're still engaging, you're still validating their behaviour, and they won't change because it continues to bleed your energy.

I think you know this in your own words. So why do you maintain contact?
My approach to these situations would be (generally speaking), to completely break away. Not to respond at all. This is a response that can be felt. And if they are to change, it's what's most likely to catalyse it. They may come back with a different orientation further down the road.

How does that feel?

Open ๐Ÿ™

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Hi Open, thanks for your response. i've been trying to leave but something always derails it. i've come to believe i'm actually in a karmic prison of sorts, which is to catalyse my chsnge and growth. i believe my guides are simply helping me with everything i asked for, and to do that, i've been landed back to a very similar situation to my childhood which of course is the origin of my problems. i asked a psychic friend how to get out and she told me things would get better in 2 years, which is in about 9 more months. Other signs i've received seem to confirm it; my incarceration is 3 years. i do believe that i deserve it; i've been my own worst enemy and my distorted and unconscious behaviours have caused me so many problems. i've basically ruined my life. So as much as i hate it, i have come to believe it really is for my best and highest good and that not only am i so much more aware of my maligned behaviours and how i'm the cause, i have made progress and grown stronger, although, i still have a lot more work to do. i also believe that you are an integral part of my learning and that my guides led me to you. So much gratitude to you. i feel the best way to thank you is to evolve, so that is my mission. i'm still looking for apartments but i understand it just might not be time yet, and that's ok. And i agree with you completely; my breaking away will maybe be a lesson she needs. And break away i will. Thanks for confirming my thoughts on the matter; i still doubt myself too much. Much love, barb๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™

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I hear tantrums and a whole lot of heaviness.  I hear that perhaps Barb might not have been heard when she was young. There might have been tantrums because you had not been met by your mother or those caring for you in a way that held you in comfort and understanding. Upstairs there is a frustrated example.

In your space, maybe, playing with spontaneity looks like taking each pan dropping or heavy footstep above as a cue to turn on some empowering music and sing and dance FOR YOU and your expression. I hear you frustrated one up there. Let me move some energy around in my space to clear my field and get in touch with my feelings.  No projections toward the neighbor only an acceptance of joining forces with yourself.  Baby steps in empowerment.

I hear 'endure,' 'useless' and 'stay neutral.' That sounds like efforting.  
What does flipping the heaviness with music or song to reclaim your space look like for you?   It is like that stupid loud truck outside making horrendous noise. First step: The window can be closed. Second step: Realize that trying to ignore it only makes it worse.  Third step: Directing your attention to a way to move with the noise instead of rejecting it. 

I am right there with you, looking at every nook and cranny for my faults and my mistakes.  Personally, these days I am leaning heavily on JOY through blasting uplifting music, caring very little if anyone is annoyed and singing loudly in my car.  If someone knocks on the door to ask that the music be turned down, invite them in or show them how much fun you are having. 

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Thanks for responding Cosmic. Very true, not being heard was one of many hurtful things i experienced. i eventually found my voice but it was distorted; pushy and demanding, sort of like what's reflecting back to me now๐Ÿ˜‰ as are the behaviours that i myself projected out into the world so unconsciously for so long. i needed this experience to smack me into reality and awareness of how i behave and treat other people, and dishonour myself. i'm beginning to see it as a miracle b/c my guides love me so much they want to help me get what i asked for: to change.

Music is my lifeboat, my shelter in the storm. i always have my music and headphones near and many times can only sleep this way. i have sleep phones too which are a heaven-send as i'm a side sleeper.

Yes, really trying to use this experience to unlock myself from the prison of anger and resentment which originates towards my family. The thing with efforting is, i think, totally necessary for me. i've needed to become disciplined to start unravelling the trauma and conditioning and begin embodying the traits of the person i hope to become. At times when the ruckus starts i surrender into myself, learning to focus on that SGOB and treat the noise and angry energy as unimportant background noise. Going full zen, though not there yet; i can feel the projected anger in my field and my body responds automatically. Fight or flight kicks in and the anger begins to simmer of its own accord. A hard thing to master, but as they say, nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Admire you for being at that place where you can choose joy consciously, and turning negayive experiences into positive ones. May your inner work bring you ever closer to peace and personal freedom! Thanks for sharing๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™


Breakthrough today. Was inquiring about my situation and what i needed to understand; what i needed to learn. And it came: the person causing me problems is ME! i'm here in this situation to finally realise that my behaviour and atitude were not only hurting others, but me. All the animosity i've been experiencing over the years was just my own ugliness mirrored back to me, just more intense. Sure it was a defense mechanism, but now i see it's hurting and stifling rather than protecting me. i kept blaming others when it was ME all along!!! i absolutely had to go through it to see it. Knowing it at the lower mind level didn't help me understand but feeling it has. I have such a deeper understanding of it now, even the origin of it. And now i don't even blame my parents because it wasn't their fault. The incredible thing is how the anger and resentment towards the latest iteration of my distorted self has basically faded, all on its own. i'm not as trapped as i thought i was, but i had to be put in the situation without a chance to run away as i always do before learning what i needed to learn. i also see how i still count on others too much and how that puts me in a place of powerlessness which gets taken advantage of, and then i resent myself for giving in, for selling my soul for safety and familiarity. But i've also been working on standing strong in my boundaries and i feel closer to freedom than ever. Maybe i'm finally growing up! Only took me 50 years lol! i feel like i'm standing at the shores of the ocean, getting ready to get on the boat. Could be an adventure!๐Ÿ’™


The JOY is palatable!  Feeling the tingly energy vibe of TRUTH watching your video clip.  THANK YOU for all you do and the message of hope you bring.  Sending LOVE.


The most powerful and rewarding result of Openhand's recent Return of the Pleiadians retreat in Mexico, was how we established a workable formula for unravelling the very virulent "Black Snake" energy (that underpins the shadow) from the locality in which we were working (see above). How that facilitated the raise of the "Rainbow Energy" in people. I will be exploring this very potent dynamic in LiveStream on Facebook tomorrow, 5th Feb. Here's where...

Openhand on Facebook

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This theme, or can I say potent energetic phenomena expanding into our understanding and awareness presently, seems to have consumed my daily thoughts.
I have written bits and pieces on scraps of paper this week, chewing on the deception of Black Snack and digesting the glory of raising Rainbow Humanity.  

I have also come to realize words fall short and an image appeared to me.  

We are both snake and serpent: Black Snake swallowing up all 7 Rays to expand and molt into the Rainbow Serpent in a cyclical dance.  Black snake plays with the lower chakras like Loki the trickster. How long can you hold your breathe in the depths of desire, creation and will?  Only to be swept up into the heart space with each heart beat (where the compassionate shift takes place) to be raised up-- rejoicing through the voice, discerning through the eye, and radiating throughout. Rainbow Serpent, the embody expression of all Rays, taking in the void of Black Snake in a dance, leading and celebrating for a sublime moment. Then surrendering back down to allow another cycle of growth and expansion. 

Looking very much to tomorrow's insights.  I feel we are all consumed in this beautiful movement of the moment.

Such love and gratitude to share this with SOUL family Heart Eyes Emoji