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We're on retreat all this week, up in the mountains of Mexico, near the birthplace of the Serpent King Quetzalcoatl. We're at the Pleiades retreat and it's going to be a monumental week. The vibe is expansive and higher dimensional. I'd love for everyone in the community to tune in and get a sense of it, to also benefit from the experience. So I'll be running a vlog, sharing video, commentary, music and inspiration. Come and tune in and share your thoughts and feelings. It's a pleasure hosting you. ♥️

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Wow, the time flew so quickly!  It was my pleasure and honor to be part of this beautiful rainbow tribe! Heart  I am on my last leg of returning home as I had extra week for adventure in Mexico.  Original plan was to stay at the retreat center and explore locally but decided to leave the safety of the Known and dive into the Unknown!

One thing I realized during the retreat was to explore the spontanious nature of my Soul which is Pure Magic! So with some anxiety and excitement, the impulse led me to travel Mexico without any language and specific destinations on a rental car (my vehicle serpant). Off to Adventure into Unknown!  Well, I had some ideas where to go but the Universe had other plans for me.  

The first day when seat belts didn't work is when I got a message of what is to come. Traveling Mexico back country is like off road driving - requires full presence and attention with all its bumps, rocks and cliffs. I think in all of my trip I only saw locals which are wonderful people but have hard life. 

I realized the journey was not about swimming with the turtles or seeing pyramids as I had to readjust my plans multiple times.  I can't even count how many times I have been lost, confused and stuck on the road! (about 2,000 km).  Like driving backwards (single road with prospect of being stuck overnight on the road), broken roads through the mountains and desert (but so beatiful and majestic) and being pulled by police on my way to crazy Mexico city airport (I thought I was f****ed now, but somehow it worked out).

On my last day of the trip, I was completely drained and collapsed in my room not wanting to do anything of think how I will move on to conclude the trip.  The was lots of risk taking but well worth it with priceless synchronicities and openings.  I think i wasn't alone during this trip and well supported!

P.S. Thanks Open for kicking my ass again and reminding of the spontaneous nature of the Soul!  I am still at awe how I am still alive and writing this! Heart

With Love,


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Hi Anatoly,

That journey was riveting and suspenseful I felt.  Wow,  sounds really amazing and I do feel you had support from angels, guides or something in the ether.  That took great courage to just go freely.  I'm happy you arrived back home and now you can do spontaneous things again and see how it goes.

I do my best to do spontaneous things as much as possible and many times think I'm doing one thing and then some inspiration will grab me and I change course.  Sometimes it drives people crazy around me, but hey!  I'm sure going to listen and follow spontanaity as often as possible.  I bet it will be so exciting for you.  There have been times I think I'm crazy to listen to those "odd promptings" but have found over time that it really is a great thing to do.

Thank you for sharing your story, I could visualize all along the way as you recounted your adventure.

Happy journeys, Praying Emoji


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WOW absolutely awesome and inspiring i hope to have your courage some day cause more and more i'm feeling a pull to just leave it all behind and just start walking. i want to start living, i've been dead too long. You are an inspiration and glad you listened to your spirit, it must feel amazing and what a great story to share! Rest well💙💙💙🙏

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Well done Anatoly!! Yes, it did feel important to challenge you about staying on at the retreat centre afterwards.
And now you've had this tremendous adventure that's pushed you in plenty of ways.
Yes, it was all an internal journey, but reflected into the outer. Plenty of tightness to unravel.

Right now, there's still the option to choose the easy path, the obvious one of the ego. But the leeway for the ego is reducing all the time as the shift accelerates. If we really want to progress, then we have to push on the boundaries of our comfort zones.

When you push on the comfort zone, guidance always jumps out at you if you're watching. Like this one you experienced...

Like driving backwards (single road with prospect of being stuck overnight on the road)

You're stuck in a life situation that you need to back out of. And it's a single road!

Fabulous reflections!

Much love

Open 💙🙏


Hi all.

Still hete. Arrived back in the city last night only to be turfed out by the hotelier on to the pavement for not having a vaccine passport. The city rush hour was manic, horns were honking, dogs barking and i was sat on the pavement with 2% battery on my phone. No problem, greatly reinforced sense of self, invincibility and knowing was buzzing away. Walked to the street corner. A bunch of paramilitary police bristling with guns called me a taxi. The taxi driver shot like a mad man through the city for an hour, narrowing avoiding accidents and yapping like a madman. I ended up in a beautiful, spacious hotel in the suburbs at half price. The cab driver started talking about spirituality, the inner journey and oneness. He said he was honoured to have the opportunity to talk to me about these things. I knew from start to finish I would be ok. The Pleiades retreat reinforced the qualities of spirit in me, introduced me to some more stunning people who I greatly admire, and allowed me the privelige of listening to more of Open's enlightened guidance. It doesn't get better than this. Thank you so much for providing these amazing platforms for growth. I am full of gratitude.

Andy x

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Wow, thanks for sharing Andy - we can expect these crazy experiences on the path.
Some way down the road, you'll likely pick up that the first choice you made (of the hotel in this case) was likely done from some aspect of ego picking what it desires - the more obviously acceptable option (to the ego). This "choice" would cloud the subtle feelings from the soul telling you, that for some reason, it wasn't the right choice or wasn't going to work.

However, you are being looked after in the field - the paramilitaries represented a team of co-workers helping ease the flow within the field - reshaping it and creating new possibilities.

All's well that ends well!!

Open 💙

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Yes Open, I'm learning all the time. The leap of faith was to just start trusting and to see what happened next. It was if spirit was guiding me through a variety of complex situations and ever shifting experiences. I was often lost and unsure what to do next. I found, however, if I relaxed and knew a solution would pop up, it would. Always. The entire trip showed me ( as you emphasized repeatedly), that no matter the physical location, my internal spiritual self was always identical, a bed rock and a foundation that connected me to true life. It seems I had some experiences similar to Anatoly ( bar reversing down mountain passes). I found I didn't so much need a map or a guide book as I had the mexican people, a sort of metaphor for unity consciousness. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication. ( Thanks to Joy, Cedar and Mathew for their assisting). X


It was such a privilege to be part of this retreat. Thanks so much for the beautiful documentation of it here. I don't really have the words to describe it all, except: love. Within a few days the whole group felt like home, family and beyond. It was such a healing experience.

The energy of the location, the deep(ening) openhand work, the fabulous care of the hosts.. just, wow. Much love! ♥️ 


31/01/2022 Openhand Pleiades Journal - Closing Ceremony

I have to say personally I don't agree at all with the saying, "all good things must come to an end". Because you can always carry the energy with you. And so it shall be after our marvelous week here in Tepoztlan concludes. As the participants wend their way across Mexico, some lingering to swim with turtles or visit the Mayan pyramids, we will surely carry the energy in our hearts and ripple if far and wide. Yes indeed, we did help the Pleiadian energy of joy, love and adventure ground in this place. But I also have to offer a cautionary note to anyone seeking JUST to hold that in their hearts...

As I shared on the retreat and in this work, the soul is a harmonic of seven different rays, with all manner of different and wide-ranging qualities. Including for example the drive and the will of the ray 1, or the more cerebral science of the ray 5. If you seek to embody only one of these qualities, the sense of "love n light" for example, then you create polarity in you and inadvertently disconnect from the true source. We must work to find authenticity in all expressions that come through. For anyone inspired by this retreat, we're be exploring the 7 Rays experientially much more deeply on the upcoming 5GATEWAYS work

So this retreat concludes but doesn't end!

PS - and thanks so much for all of you tuning in too - it helps carry the vibe far and wide 🧡🤗⚡️

All That Remains

All that remains is for me to share a clip from our marvellous closing ceremony. If this doesn't encapsulate some of the Pleiadian energy, I don't know what does. Return of the Pleiadians, and the 7-Rays Rainbow Tribe indeed!!...

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For anyone inspired by the true nature of the "Rainbow Tribe" and what's taken place here on the Pleiades Retreat, here's the upcoming 5GATEWAYS schedule...

Illuminating your spiritual emergence from the defunct old 3D/4D reality. Navigate a path of light from your higher self guidance. Embody 5D consciousness now for divine manifestation. This is Openhand's Seminal spiritual routemap of the Journey of Ascension, remastered for 2022.
Your pathway into 5D!

Illuminating your spiritual emergence from the defunct old 3D/4D reality. Navigate a path of light from your higher self guidance. Embody 5D consciousness now for divine manifestation. Spiritual routemap of Ascension, at the marvellous Eden Rise Retreat Centre on Dartmoor.
Your pathway into 5D!

Illuminating your spiritual emergence from the defunct old 3D/4D reality. Navigate a path of light from your higher self guidance. Embody 5D consciousness now for divine manifestation. This is Openhand's Seminal spiritual routemap of the Journey of Ascension, remastered for 2022.
Your pathway into 5D!


30/01/2022 Openhand Pleiades Journal

Yesterday was the last full day of our retreat, just the closing ceremony remaining - wow, it's gone so fast! There are a few heavy hearts here that they have to leave tomorrow. All good things have a conclusion! Our last day was spent climbing the mountain up to the Mayan Pyramid in Tepoztlan. It was an arduous, but rewarding adventure indeed - we captured some pics to share with the community...

All spiritual sites have a gatekeeper, to which you must pay your respects and connect with the elders in the ether. These two fabulous Twin Flame trees were the clear guardians...

Bonn being held by the gatekeeper...

Now begins the climb of 9000 steps! (approx!)...

Phew, I need a rest!...

Charlene, now "Astralina", going astral with the rocks...

There's the peak, can you see the face in the rocks?...

Can you believe it, the temple was closed to "covid" (LOL!!)...

Not to be deterred, we're feeling it instead!...

This is what we're feeling...

These ancient sites can be quite dark aswell, they're often controlled by the shadowside, and so to conclude with, we're doing a healing circle...

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In our meditations here at the Pleiades retreat, we've encountered time and again the rising of the "Rainbow Serpent", most succinctly described as the consciousness of the Original Humans. When we concluded our healing circle (photos above), I was given by higher guidance to pick up a particular rock and place it in the middle of the circle. It was in the shape of a serpent's head! And then immediately on my way down, a lady past me by who had rainbow coloured hair! The synchronicities speak volumes. We'd climded the 9000 steps (or so) and uleashed the Rainbow Serpent up the mountain, and then secured it at the head. Wow. To be doing this work is just so humbling and special. 🧡

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How amazing, looks like the Openhand alternative to the Inca Trail.

I was considering how the weeks work might have reflected into my life, and wasn't seeing anything obvious yet, then I just realised I bought a whole stack of rainbow coloured art brush pens on Friday, like lots of them, and they're here on the table along with a sudden urge to get creative! The Rainbow Colours of my original human origins are on the rise!!! Heart Eyes Emoji

Sending huge hugs and much love to all who have been to this special week of Openhand magic Star Emoji

Tilly Kiss


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Wow!   What a great week!  I tuned in daily and have felt the excitement.  After reading about the rainbow serpent here, I saw a friend had posted a natural rainbow layering in the sky!  It was really pretty and also synchronistic I felt.  I was feeling a lot of excitement during the week.

One of the new actions I've seen being taken this week, is truckers all over Canada are converging on one town to park and protest the jab mandates.  U.S. truckers are joining too.  I feel the big pushback is really gaining momentum and happy to see that.

By the way, I've always been drawing rainbows on things most of my life.  I love them.  Where I live on the OR. coast, we get a large amount of rainbows here, many doubles and really awesome huge ones.  I've been feeling the creative urges this week too and have been working outside on creating new garden areas with the goal of planting all kinds of colorful flowers and herbs.

It's been a great week there where the group is and a great week here too.  Thank you for sharing the event with us Open!  Praying EmojiHeart


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I went for a walk on the cliffs above the Thames estuary yesterday and when I sat to enjoy the feel of the sun on my face I saw a rainbow within the clouds (very unusual) and as I looked it faded and one appeared within the clouds on the other side of the sun. These alternated several times before fading away. Nobody else seemed to have seen them and then I noticed if I took my light sensitive glasses off I couldn't see them either. I knew they were significant, but I didn't understand their significance until now.  It seems if you aren't looking through the right lenses you don't see the effects of the light!

NamastePraying Emoji



29/01/2022 Openhand Pleiadians Journal

Yesterday on the retreat, we had several very poignant experiences. We did the six-sense walk, to experience becoming more a flow of consciousness. We traveled on the astral planes to distant constellations - starsoul origins. That's always a trip! But perhaps the most gorgeous of them all was our experience of the Twin Flame. Fortunately, we managed to catch some video to share with you below from one key experience. Sit back, breathe and be inspired by the energy of it...

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omg how beautiful i really felt the woman in the yellow shirt, the excitement and joy and realisation that we're not alone, that we are worthy of unconditional love, that we are forgiven for all our ugliness and transgressions and loved anyway. and how we long to really know this twin flame because we sure can use some help sometimes. absolutely magical and that's one of my favourite songs to sing and now i'll be singing it to my twin flame every day! 💙💙💙🙏barb

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I have been moved all week, feeling drawn to reading the posts and longing to check in during the times I was busy in the day running family around, cooking dinner, distracted, etc.  Mexico in all its vibrant rainbow colors calls to my soul always. Openhanders filling the void and transmuting the space--wowzer!

Speaking of rainbows and a lot of sparkly sequins, the weekend ended today with tickets to see my daughter in the high school musical, Mama Mia. The youth on stage with the plastic masks, transparent to see the faces but still muffling and hindering authentic and free expression. These souls dedicated to Ray 6 regardless of the absolute insanity of authority.  Every Openhand experience has me filled with gratitude, wanting to sing and dance FOREVER. ABBA sang a truth as they honored the simplicity of being thankful for the music and the joy it brings. Music and movement can not be taken away from humanity EVER.

However, the morning hadn’t started with joy and song though.  I had been is a lingering funk and heavy mood. Instead of joy and peace, I had been awake before the sun came up with waves of sadness, disappointment and anger. It felt like a sealed crate had been cracked open, oozing emotions that I seem to have discovered after the last few years of grieving as I had imploded, looking to see what might be left of me. It was partially mine. So much disappointment in every corner of my unraveled life. So much anger towards myself for losing my connection to me. So much sadness as I reflect on my family, friends, the nations--so many sleeping and wandering in deceptive illusion. A place that I dance about in my own illusions. All the emotions entangled and muddled, mine as well as the all restless souls.

Earlier, on Thursday morning, I awoke and had to check in to see what was posted here. What fantastic journey is unfolding down south?? — and there was “Dissolving Identity” meditation. Posted just for me :-) I couldn’t resist it. My morning was free enough to dedicate to the mediation, and I was swept back through each Openhand encounter I have experienced since 2017, shedding the layers of my identity skins over the years like a snake molting, expanding, growing.  Being introduced to the Black Snake energy that lurks and darts in the shadows and yearning to reunite with the Rainbow Serpent over and over and over and over again.

Pasted Graphic.tiff

Yes, the winding movement on the highways of the semi-trucks this week across the globe, weaving their way up into and through Canada, etching a historical tracing--solidarity around the world.  Like the rainbow serpent traveling across the land and leaving her trail for the waters to fill it, creating the unified flow of rivers and oceans. Something epic has been awakened. So many feeling the rumble of disappointment with leadership, anger at the deception, sadness of the realization that freedom needs to be reacquainted with and worked for. The world is being introduced to the black snake and the rainbow within is pleading to shine forth.

Let the integration begin once again.

And then tonight, I was reminded of the deep and devote love of my twin. My love. My unique and glorious unification. I wanted so much to be with you all singing that love song to me and you: “…because all of me loves all of you…”

Open, you remind us we all have to do the work with conscious attention and be vigilant moment to moment. I am calling in that Pleiadian energy for strength, courage and support. Sharing this retreat with you all remotely confirms how important the community is and the importance of having those with the same dedication to soul-full living.  (The coyotes here just started their howling as I type this! Can I get a AMEN!) I am howling loudly for my pack of  “…rainbow warriors, the brilliant ones leading the way…”

~~above: Australian artist: Jennifer Bailey, The Rainbow Serpent Beneath
Musician: Fia, Time for Greatness



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Oh wow! that was very special! Beautiful energy! 

I just realized I have known my twin flame for a very long time and didn't realize it so thankyou for helping me connect the dots. 

I've  also been seeing lots of rosellas and rainbow lorikeets lately whilst you guys have been on retreat. I have been connected to whats been happening and felt a shift. Its greatly encourages me so again I thankyou all for your beautiful flavours, what a great fam to be a part of.

Much love n big hugs

Erin 🌳🐎💚



It's lovely to have you tune in and contribute some energy to the collective experience here in Mexico. From the bottom of my heart, thankyou River, Tilly, Barb, Gwyn, Bette, Sherri, Ann and Avalonrise. You can be absolutely sure we're going to be rippling energy far and wide - so forming these bridges around the world is simply stupendous.

Open 🧡🤗🙏


Quite apart from the amazing retreat centre, stunning scenery and amazing meditation experiences, the food is simply mouth-wateringly stunning! As you'd expect, it's native Mexican.

There's juicy fruit, banana bread and Chilaquiles for breakfast...

There's all kinds of bean concoctions, dips and breads...

There's nutritious and abundant salads...

Of course there are plenty of Taco dishes...

It's just so colourful!

The lunch crew are simply loving it!!

We'll either be flying or rolling back home!!

Open 🧡🤗👍


28/01/2022 Return of the Pleiadians Journal

We've been having simply massive experiences here on the Return of the Pleiadians retreat. The meditations are digging deep, the retreat centre is awesome, the landscape stunning, the weather wonderfully ambient and the food simply mouth-watering. The studio is the perfect vessel to hold the deep inquiry...

When I was planning the retreat, the name "Return of the Pleiadians just popped out of the ether. I knew the meaning would materialise at some point. During the early meditations, despite the surface level of the space being wonderfully high vibe, I could feel an underlying dissonance. I did expect that this area, being the birthplace of the feathered serpent, the Quetzalcoatl, that we would encounter the Black Snake. Indeed we did. It's what's causing so much disempowerment, deception and disharmony in society right now (and through the aeons too). Fortunately, it was the time to bring this energy back into the universal fold, to reintegrate it with the Torus. And after some considerable work overcoming resistance, I'm pleased to say that was successful for this location.

Following which, the effect was simply stunning. First of all the "Rainbow Serpent" rose up from the earth and reinvigorated the group - it's the soul energy of the Original Humans, held in the bussom of the earth.

But that was not the end of the story. The clearing of the space and elevation of the vibe, created the perfect environment for higher dimensional consciousness to come in. And sure enough, from the 6D and 5D, the Pleiadian consciousness descended into the studio and location. Wow, what an experience. What an upliftment of joy and lightness. Everyone was simple beaming and smiling.

It led to a simply wonderful outpouring of joy, love and liberation in the soul motion session that followed...

I'll be sure to share the video we captured in due course. 🤗

For now, here's one of the calm and deep meditations that precipitated this elevational shift to bring the Pleiadian energy in. It's a 20-minute Breakthrough Breathing and Chakra attunement guided meditation (you'll need to be a member, but it's entirely free, simply follow the link)...

What amazing times. This is sure to ripple far and wide. Bright blessing to all!

Open 🤗🧡🙏

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i think i felt it! it was around the middle of the day, noon-ish maybe (EDT), i was at work doing my thing and enjoying the sunshine coming in through the window when i felt a peace and joy and well-being come over me that i hadn't felt in some time. It faded slowly over the next few hours and then the snake found me again but the experiemce while it lasted was wonderful. If that was from the retreat i'm grateful to you all! Glad to hear some great work is being accomplished either way; it's motivating me to do my own work. Best wishes 💙💙💙🙏barb


Can we have some foodie photos please? Smiling Face with Closed eyes

Wonderful to see you all... sensing the incredible vibe there. What a magical venue!

Simply wonderful Praying Emoji


Here are some excellent photos to share from the retreat so far, shot by our resident photographer Joy...

Hannah - it's time to fly!...

John feeling the vibe, or is that John the Baptist!!...

"Oh my, it's getting intense!"...

No worries, healing hug is never far away...

Chalene - "phew, I need a rest!"

Mathew - time for some well earned lunch...

And some relaxation...

And some coffee...

Before heading back to the studio...

Way to go Anatoly!! Bring in some light dude...


27/02/2022 Pleiades Journal Update

We're having a simply stupdendous time here on the Pleiades retreat. You have to keep pinching yourself to know that it's real, up here in the stunning mountains...

What a stunning sunset it was last night...

After a tough, but rich and rewarding day...

Whether we like it or not, we're here to process karma. And so we must dig deep into the layers and no matter how challenging, courageously go into the heart of it and unravel it. This is the nature of true spiritual healing.

And yesterday the group dove deep, courageously deep, and peeled back mountains of the stuff!! You are awesome guys 👍🧡

We removed aeons of intervention energy, a wave of greys released through us and rejoined the light. Implants are abound and plenty of those got released from the layers. If you think that might be necessary for you right now, do check out Openhand's widely applied removing implants and entities meditation (click the image link).

Here's a Openhand video from the last Openhand Mexico retreat that explores the nature of true spiritual healing. Enjoy!...



26/01/2022 Openhand Journal Update

The work here has begun in earnest, and right from the get-go the participants are diving in and unravelling with courage and gusto. When you're held compassionately in the Toroidal field, then encouraged to surrender, the layers of density surface quickly and peel off. It's what we call "Breakthrough Work"...

Explore the nature of Breakthrough and how to undertake it

It surely helps when you have an excellent high vibe studio to work in...

Join in the self-realisation process with us. Here's a free podcast meditation from a previous Mexico retreat, all about dissolving identity. You will need a members account to access it, but that's entirely free and just takes a short while to activate - simply click on the meditation button below and follow the link.. Let's dive right in...


Upon seeing the ambient environment where you are I could feel the expanse, another version of the expanse of where we all are, really. Then as you spoke giving words to my recent experience of freedom …. Realized by a reflexive legging go of trying to conform. I have been trying to do this my whole life. Now I can fly instead . How grand to begin to realize the completeness of self , within the whole of divinity. A strong sense of love and enfoldment  of self , and a deep desire to anchor this as a reflection for others .  ❤️


This was the sense of how the mountain came through and spoke to us yesterday - a strong masculine energy, not to be messed with, and looking to work with us to help the local energies realign...

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Chuckle as I recognize the syncing up.  

I have been listening to Avi singing this song literally ever day for the last week to keep me "tethered" to the expanding Ray 1 energy rising within me.
His voice is rippling through the bs and the words are sobering me up, the humming of the earthly vibe--my bare feet beating the ground.  
Speaking directly to the masculine: "what good is a man who has lost his soul?"

STOKE that untamable FLAME !! 

I use the word tethered because in Gwyn's world, I am reuniting and getting to know my inner couple:  Cosmic is the kite maneuvering in the sky, seeing things from the bird'e eye view and having the freedom to be flying high. Beloved is my weight, my rooted navigator, holding the line and connection to Cosmic.  Beloved knows when to reel Cosmic in-- a moment to moment act of discernment.  
Real : Reel.  Avi's real vibration reels it all in.

And my heart opens up widely with the first chord struck in the song Falling Softly. Rippling all the way to 2007, a moment in my timeline when I stepped into the "game" that needed to be "played out" karmically which included bringing my two boys into this world.  

"Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm tainted black

You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won"

Recognizing the black snake energy that fills the voids, the cracks, the holes within our "sinking ship" of the unaware self, it is everywhere; it is asking for our love. and attention.  It wraps around the vibrance and joy and breathing soul self.  

In my sleeping journey last night, it was very much there within me. And it was with a wave of compassion that had me sit next to it and pet it. The image you shared of Quetzalcoatl was perfect.  As I studied Art History and have always been drawn to Ancient Mexico and the pyramids, traveled there in '98.  Every time I see the stone serpent's head protruding out of the wall, the snake body hidden, I feel the pull to sit next to it and put my hand on its head as if it is a dog needing the master to be with it.  Perhaps a taming of the energy that wants to attack and overpower by the laying of the hands.  My experience in my dreamtime was to be with the energy as if it was wounded and needed a dedicated light source to be with it.  And there wasn't any other place I wanted to be because this black serpent was coiled around my innards. my livelihood and my energy channel.  I was determined to coax it away, loosen it and give it another place to go.  

Singing it a lullaby, a soothing melody:  
"Falling slowly
sing your melody
I'll sing along"


25/01/2022 Openhand Journal Update

Our guests for our Return of the Pleiadians retreat all arrived safely yesterday afternoon from their various originations around the globe. We even have three people from Canada, unvaxxed (the vax is mandated for travel there), but applying an exemption as "spiritual ministers" - yes, where there's a will there's a way!!

Our resident comedian come dentist, Andy - with John and Bonn in the background...

Agnes, Jane, Cedar, Joy and Celine - is it a bird, is it a plane? Is it the featherd Serpent?

Joy, always full of Joy, with Nixie, Freya and Hannah...

After arrival and a stupendous traditional Mexican supper (foodie photos to follow to make your mouth water!!), we had a really deep connecting meditation where the resident mountain came through very strongly...

The spirit of the mountain actually engaged as a dialogue through Cedar (Michelle), which often happens in the Openhand work. It expressed what I'd already been feeling - an uneasiness with past history and various untoward interconnections with humanity. I'd been wondering what the disharmony was about. Perhaps with the Pleiadians? But also, most likely, with what the Quetzalcoatl represents - the mysterious feathered serpent that appears dipicted in statues and carvings all across this area...

The Feathered Serpent was a prominent supernatural entity or deity, found in many Mesoamerican religions. It is still called Quetzalcoatl among the Aztecs, Kukulkan among the Yucatec Maya, and Q'uq'umatz and Tohil among the K'iche' Maya.

I suspect that there's a strong connection between this deity and what we call at Openhand "The Black Snake" - a distorted elemental responsible for so much of the challenges we face in society right now. But not to pre-judge!! The Quetzalcoatl has been coming to me long before the Pleiades Retreat was organised. I suspect it is some key to unlocking and unwinding the Black Snake energy.

For certain, this retreat has begun with a tremendous sense of intrigue and adventure. Stay tuned folks, plenty to follow. And all you sensitives out there, please do share your thoughts and feelings about what you suspect is going on in the field. 👍

Much love and well wishes

Open 💙🙏


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The picture of the feathered serpent head immediately drew me in and I stayed with the picture for a while.  I picked up on some deep wound leading to an inherent distrust yet underneath that an openness towards the possibility of re-alignment.  I felt a strong connection to the spot in Avery with the "snake gates".  I don't remember the name of that outdoor spot.  Then I read your description of the photo and what I was picking up on made sense.  When you said you felt there is a connection between the deity and black snake energy, it really resonated.  It feels like there may be a similar location here that is an anchor point for the energy and this energy is very intertwined with the black snake energy.  Somehow it feels like the two locations are connected by a tunnel or portal.  I'm not familiar with Quetzalcoatl so it's possible I'm misinterpreting but those are my first impressions.

Thank you for sharing the retreat with us.  I look forward to tuning in all week :)



Hehe. 🥰 That is some frequency you are putting out there. Thank you for the invitation, looking forward to the amplification throughout the week!



As always in these vlogs, I'm encouraging you to share your inspiration, your music - what crumbles your cookie? This version of an old song came to me recently - we're like pebbles on a beach, just trying to find our way home...


It's so easy to get bogged down into all the machinations of the 3D shadow narrative these days. It's essential we keep transcending these "boulders" and attuning to the light. That's exactly what we'll be doing on this "Return of the Pleiadians" Retreat in Mexico. Tune in, join us, feel the vibe...

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Thank you so much for this, such a wonderful treat for us who can't be there. And excited to see/feel the good vibes that will surely be generated. Uplifting for sure. Have a wonderful inner journey all, and soak up some of that glorious Mexican landscape for us! 💙💙💙🙏barbl