5D Shift: Always Just One Breath Away from the Next Breakthrough

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When it gets dark, dense and difficult on the path, that's when to really get going. That's when the possibility is enormous. It's stunning just how many reasons, excuses and self-denials it's possible to find when you're approaching that moment of Breakthrough. At this point, so many people divert or stop. When what it really takes is to persist, to push on, to dig in, that little bit deeper, that little bit longer. And when it seems blackest on the outside, that's when, by contrast, spectacular light becomes visible on the inside.

Here's the opportunity right now for those who seize it.

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

As we enter the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere we're going into a new phase of Blackness here, with the mantel of tyrannous fascism raising its ugly head in Europe once more. It either raises the hackles or wants to make you retract back inside the shell. But here's the reason why to do neither...

It's when it's blackest that the light shines the most strongly. So many people turn back at this point or go into denial with soft comfort or avoidance. But when the storm is strongest, that's when you can most feel it. That's when to take the pain, and the boredom and the aloneness and make it really count: feel into the pain, whether it's the niggling voice of doubt - "you'll never make it, you're not good enough"; or emotional weakness - "just take that little pill of comfort"; or boredom and loneliness - "how long do I have to do this for?"

The path isn't all sweetness and light - that's one of the greatest deceptions of the shadowside here. Yes, there's surrender, but often the truth is about surrendering through all the reasons why not. The pain is illusion, and you're always one breath away from breaking through. You see there's feeling the presence of self-realisation, which is totally awesome, BUT, that's only the beginning of the journey. The real crunch BEGINS at that point, with the resurrection of your multidimensional beingness. And it gets especially tough when times are difficult, as they are now.

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In the Desert of the Real

Society always was a humungous avoidance mechanism. Well, that surreptitious beast just turned on you. There's no avoidance anymore, other than to the terribly asleep. So they're mandating the juice. OMG, what an opportunity. Just as the appeaser's shaky stance collapsed when Hitler marched into Poland. It's THAT clear - thank you God for making it blindingly obvious.

If you chose to be here at this time in history, then your soul did so for a very good reason. You chose the steepest climb of maximum growth and possibility. You chose to really test the darkness by shining even in the most difficult of circumstances. But do you realise just how close you keep coming?

Push on in, push on through, dig deep. When things get tough for me, I visualise myself in the desert, with nothing but an old shall, a staff, and a pocket with a small stone of truth - cutting back the illusion of reality and working to find the sweet purity of transcendence. Outside in the 3D world, it's grey and bleak, good. The cars and trucks pass by oblivious to the light. Good. In the streets, the people pull up collars and don masks. Okay, it's their choice. They reveal to me in glorious technicolour what I am not. And so I dig deeper, transcend further. They're all now a distant dream, disappearing into the horizon. And now I'm in the oasis, the feeling of light and completeness. I rue not the external - that was always their choice. This is mine.

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Forge in, Craft Soul, and Emerge Out

It's cold in the meditation studio at 4 am in the morning. Knees are still aching from yesterday. The back is uncomfortable and it would be oh so lovely just to laze in bed a while longer. But I know where that path goes - always to the same place. It never delivered anything different. Neither did the soft comfort or denial. Always the same place. By contrast, in this quietened darkness, there's always limitless possibility.

The whole universe of feeling and perception is inside. What can you find this time? Beware though, the desert is full of those who tried but gave up - gave up one breath away from that big Breakthrough.

And as you sit, 23hrs into that daily fast, even though the body is screaming, the mind is itching and the emotions sobbing, that's exactly where you're crafting soul. Did anyone say it should always feel good? No, it doesn't. You're breaking soul through, your forging light in the inner crucible. Surrender, surrender, surrender. But don't confuse - that's NOT giving up. Surrender is having the courage to take the pain. It's recognising the old pathway never led anywhere - and if there's resistance in you, that can only be showing you what you are not - so why not breakthrough it? That's exactly where to go to work. You forge in, craft soul, and emerge out.

The Lotus Reveals itself in the Mud!

There's so much cosmic energy coming in right now that wants to be grounded in this plane - and so many of us are here to anchor it. Is it all about floating around in love and light? Well in case it escaped your attention, the vast majority of human souls are digging around in the muddy trenches of the Flanders fields, picking through the barbed wire of fascism. Can we ground some light even there into the trenches? Can we dare to lower ourselves into that density? That's where it really counts. That's where you'll discover the most about yourself - the most coherent light.

So if you're feeling downtrodden by the nonsense, the latest mandate, if you feel at times like giving up, reflect on my words. Many times I have sat in this desert - countless times I have broken through. And this is exactly where you do it. The lotus reveals itself not from the sunshine, but from the mud. Your soul is taking you where you most fear to tread. But with each dive, with each breakthrough, you open another petal. And at some point, not even the densest of minds will be able to deny the beauty.

Losing is not an option.
Stopping is no solution.
There is only one outcome here,
there only ever was...
The lotus will break through and emerge out.

Warriors in the Heart

From the Lotus Flower to the Flower of Scotland, I'll leave you with this video sharing from the cave of Robert the Bruce, another valiant heart, who dared to challenge the dark veil of tyranny in different times. And with persistence and the sword of truth, eventually broke through. Just as we will in Europe. And for us lightworkers, of course, it all begins within. So be inspired by my sharing today and the video below. It contains a meditation from the cave of Robert the Bruce, shot during the last full lockdown in Great Britain. We will not be down trodden!...

Time to dig deep my dear friends. And you will be ecstatically thankful that you did.

Bright Blessings

Open ♥️🙏

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10/01/2022 Openhand Journal Update

Hi Folks - How are your daily shift practices that keep you emerging going?

Now, more than ever, it's essential to have those patterns and rhythms in focus. Whether it's your meditation practice, your diet, connection to nature, deep consciousness bodywork, clearing your personal space, reducing electrosmog, clearing entities and implants. These must all be a part of a daily integrated practice that is constantly developing, learning, evolving, and growing. How will I possibly fit it all in? (you might ask!).

It's essential to recognise this is the main theme that's happening right now in terms of the shift - you're either in that ascending movement or not. Yes we'll have connections into the Old Paradigm, yes we'll interrelate with it still, but do be clear on your orientation and focus. We simply don't have that time to waste these days. ♥️

A crucial thing to contemplate and work with is the Universal Torus. Why? Because quite succinctly it is the flower of life itself - it's what gets and keeps the energy moving and transforming. It comes through you as active kundalini. When you have blockages, resistances, and disharmony in any aspect of your outer life, then it's certain it's because of a blockage in how the Torus flows in you. So what do we need to work with in order to help unleash the Torus? Here are 5 points of focus to consider and work with...

1) A good solid breathing practice - that gets the energy moving through you - like Openhand's Breakthrough Breathing
2) Chakra opening and attuning - is necessary so as to keep the energy moving through the various inner layers and inter-dimensionally... Chakra opening and attunement meditation
3) Dealing with karmic density -You'll immediately start to stir up karmic density with the first two practices. So you'll need to consider how you breakthrough and unravel karma... explore daily karmic processing
4) Entities and implants - will also come active as you move energy through the layers. So if you feel this happening inside, if you feel dense, down or stuck in patterns, then it's quite likely there'll be some kind of this limitation that's bleeding energy within. So make sure you have a good means of removing them... here's Openhand's approach to removing implants and entities
5) Bring in higher dimensional benevolence - and the angelic realm - form a heart-felt connection into the benevolent support around us in the ether. Invite their help to keep the energy moving and to channel away density - you must be doing the work in your own field, but you can certainly call on them to lend a hand!

So let's keep the Torus active and flowing in our lives folks. The benefits will be simply enormous. 👍

To close with, here's a video on just that subject which I shot at the conclusion of one of my previous trips to Australia...

Bright Blessings

Open ♥️🙏


Hey O,

I'm  so glad you enjoyed the vid. The lights are so magical and envoke such deep feelings for me. Its like being washed over with light.

Thankyou for all you share its is very encouraging and I appreciate it heaps.

Much love

Erin 💚🐎🌳


Thank you so much Open for the inspiring words. 

A few years ago we met at your seminar in NZ which now seems like a lifetime ago.  NZ is going through some very challenging times at the moment and most kiwis are deep in the trenches. Your words still give me hope in these dark hours.




Beautiful 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Sound is the most powerful tool of creation and transformation, everything in existence was created through the sound. It has the power to transform even the worst negativity in to something beautiful. And creating with pure intent results in perfection, you can feel that there's nothing more to do, transformation is complete. 





Mud is good for the skin, mud is messy, mud is dense.  I'm in the mud a lot, so to speak.  It's been tough and I'm always checking in here and it's always uplifting.  Gotta keep slogging through the mud.  Your sharing keeps me moving on ahead.  Thank you.  Praying EmojiHeart



Woke up in the middle of the night with this song in my head, very appropriate. Billions of jabz already used, in their words this would be high body count, KIA, WIA. It looks like they finally get their Ww3. Good news is that it is the last one.

From a higher perspective - yes, some people are dying, but it was already in their soul contract. Yes, times are awful, but benevolent knew this is coming and they didn't stop it, it fits in the bigger picture. It was awful for thousands of years, history just keep on repeating itself and people keep on forgetting. Sistem want us not just to be their slaves, we must be positive slaves, forget all the bad. Exposing negativity is forbidden, all whistle blowers are labelled as negatives by exactly the ones that are acting negative. Manipulation is everywhere, you can't control billions of people directly, manipulation is just another form of violence. 

The biggest casualty will be the system itself, it's already crumbling, but it won't be nice. 

So, what to do in this situation? I don't really have an answer, I guess nobody have it in the 3d mind. But the ones from higher realms are here with helping hand, so keeping high frequency and staying connected is the way. That's exactly what Openhand approach is suggesting and the time is now, in 2022 old ways won't work anymore. 



Thankyou so much Open, the timing of this encouraging article is exquisite. 

It's such a struggle to stay in the mud and forge through petal by petal! 

Your personal sharing really helps me hang in there! And the struggles of Bruce! 

And funnily enough there is plenty of mud round here at the moment as there has been days and days of rain! The frogs are serenading me in the downpipes and my feet are enjoying squishing in the mud connecting to mother earth. Its a great reminder of the journey of the lotus to bloom in its beauty! 

Also lots of scotch thistles coming up which are reiminders too! 


Much love

Erin 💚🌳🐎

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I’m sharing a story with you that I heard from a talk by Dr. Wayne Dyer years ago:

Chapter One

I walk down the street. There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. I am lost. I am helpless. It’s not my fault. I still take forever to find a way up.

Chapter Two

I walk down the same street. There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend I don’t see it. I fall in again; I can’t believe I’m in the same place! It isn’t my fault, but it still takes a long time to get out.

Chapter Three

I walk down the same street. There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I see it there and I still fall in! It’s a habit. My eyes are open. I know where I am. It’s my fault. I get out immediately.

Chapter Four

I walk down the same street. There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.

Chapter Five

I walk down a different street. ✨

With love,