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We need to recognise that all life on earth is greatly affected by the interplay of different Star Being Nations on and around the planet. Competing and vying for control has caused much dissonance and density here. Reconciliation is being encouraged by benevolence and now collaboration. How can this positively affect your life going forwards in the Shift? Exploring the key trends and developments.

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Dear Openhand family ,

I was "called" to be part of the facilitators group event and it's just so interesting to see how my very full on 3D life interweaves with my 5D one. 

In the last few weeks I have developed what I can best describe as an obsession with Indian traditionally woven sarees. These intricately woven masterpieces just ...spoke to me . And because I have been cash strapped ,I have bought many of them second hand and wear a saree a day . And am still hungering for more of these intricately woven textiles of various hues and handwork. 

Yesterday the phrase weaving came up again and again in context of the Anu. I could "see" how they do what they do best - weaving realities out of different threads.

The term "reunion" also has been a very loaded one for me . I attended my med school reunion and also have been reunited with my teenage kid after a whole year .

And I could immediately see how the reuniting with the family was a large part of the reperations that happened last night amongst the Anu. They are still happening and again I see this rippling out to a large swathe of the cosmos. 

There is so much more going on at so many levels just as a harbinger of the work I was called to do last night . I have some stuff to share in our meeting tonight which I have been told is important to share . Something about the circular nature of reality . 

I am sitting here in a puddle of tears with gratitude washing over me for this journey and my wonderful soul family . 

Thank you ,thank you ,thank you ! 


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That's fascinating Megha. I really like the synchronistic interplay. I enjoyed the work we did as a group yesterday. Some synchronicity happened while the process was going on.

Years before I had managed a cable network business with around a thousand customers spanning a region. Looking back, this was a Sirian expression of mine. Back then I remember a lot of control dynamics, effort to meet a specific outcome, perfectionism, etc. But after a few months into it, a friend with a lot of Pleiadian energy joined me. Suddenly instead of effort, I was having a lot of fun in the process and it became effective too! I think he reconnected me with the Pleiadian essence. Yesterday while this process was goin on I received a call from him which I couldn't attend and later a few messages that he is in my town. When I noticed the call coming, I noticed my energy which was constricted mainly in the throat opening up and an intuitive knowing landed that the Annunaki has shifted, and then it happened in the group! I find it quite fascinating that the field and energy work can inform in such a 3D way!

Vimal Praying Emoji

Hi Open,

this podcast episode is extraordinary in how it describes the evolution of humanity since its very beginning, and the various chapters of intervention through the different ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis until today.

This gave me again the big picture view of how humanity has developed and what it is that I personally can do every day to activate more of my own star being qualities. 

Definitely a must watch episode I believe 🍀

There is still an inquiry ongoing within me, whether it is important to make the connection between the star being nations and my own rays of consciousness - because it's got this external perspective. I am turning towards seeing the Star Being qualities as an integral part within me, as it all is part of the one. And these connect to me through my own configuration of the rays. What do you think about that?

Much love,
Thomas 🙏🏼

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Hi Thomas - Lemuria, Atlantis and Star Being roots, it's not always easy weaving them all together!

You ask a very pertinent question:

There is still an inquiry ongoing within me, whether it is important to make the connection between the star being nations and my own rays of consciousness - because it's got this external perspective. I am turning towards seeing the Star Being qualities as an integral part within me, as it all is part of the one. And these connect to me through my own configuration of the rays. What do you think about that?

Crucially, these Star Being frequencies are each an aspect of one's own soul, yes. So, most definitely, we work on them within. However, by working with the relevant aligned Star Being groups that resonate on those frequencies, can greatly activate and bring them alive in you. It's like having someone sound a tuning fork next to you. Hence the great value of it and why I feel it's so important to incorporate the approach into the Openhand work.

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Dear Open,

Through the last few months I have this feeling as if I want to embrace the Reptile within. I can't explain in words exactly ,but after so much journeying and processing as well allowing authentic anger to flow through me ,I am feeling the power of the reptilian in the 3D. I have ,through experience and observation seen how this power unless tempered by a soulful connection is used for rampant over indulgence and destruction as well as manipulation on the emotional level. 

However ,I am attempting to allow it to tap into it. Now I am extremely Pleaedian ,feminine in my essence. Nurturing and empathy is very natural to me. However ,I seem to be called to integrate this very masculine polarity by my circumstances. Stating my truth uncompromisingly with force not aggression. Placing firm boundaries. Being responsible for resources and their management . Being conscious during intimacy . Of course I fall off the bandwagon a million times. And tend to occasionally wallow in being a victim ( as I wrote this I suddenly had a sense that it's the Pleaedian karma of having been victimized for their light ...and how it's playing out through my life) 

A month ago I was contemplating something in this regard and I think I let go of unconscious judgement against the reptilian energy . Something beautiful happened. I could feel the energy release rising through my energy field and a celebration in the ether . It was magnificent ! And it in turn completely changed the relationship I have with my intimate partner as I was able to open my heart to him . It has prompted a sudden softening of his energies . 

( It's interesting how much of my journey is making sense as I am sharing these words right now ) 

The journey ain't dull folks . Not in 3D ,or 4d or all the vibrations in between :)



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Fascinating Megha - I too am exploring how the dragon energy (aligned reptilian) balances in harmony with the sweet softness of the pleiadian. The dragon gets me up and drives forward. But then there's the need to slow down, soften and find a degree of comfort. Otherwise an identity hardens around either of the expressions:

1) you're always in drive mode and ultimately break 2) or else you struggle with motivation and get nothing done. Either can lead to a downward spiral.

So a healthy balance between the two needs to be attained so as to thrive here. Feel the dragon rising and commit to positive expression. Then when a rest is necessary, let the sweet softness come through.

Open 😉🙏

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Thanks for sharing this Megha, and Opens response, very helpful! I realise it's actually never one of the two energies that is out of balance in me, it's always both. I tend to be stuck mostly in victimisation thinking I 'need more masculine energy' (though given enough time and trust with someone aggression will rear it's head) but actually the reason why the Pleiadian frequencies are in victim mode is because there's also overactive and distorted Draco energy. Both sides feel burned out and are not really aligning by activating the other. It feels to me that the sacred ground is what brings both of the energies more into alignment, by calming down the nervous system. I sort of see a 0th chakra or underneath the first which is not really an energy center but a vacuum in which the others are anchored.


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It's a very rich seam of discovery Hannah - one which plenty would benefit from too 👍

I think the problem with both the Pleiadian consciousness and the Reptilian, is over-identification with their energies - creating inner identities around them. What do I mean?

With the Pleiadian there's identification with the sweet softness. But that actually stops them touching the full depth of that - surrender even in the harshest of environments. I can see how this can turn to the victim mode and then seeking the reptilian energy to protect it or find resources.

For the reptilian energy, there's the identification with the constant thriving - you hit a point where you crash because there's over-investment in efforting all the time. Rather than being able to ease the throttle in certain circumstances.

Personally, I've been working to find shifting gears between the two energies and more blending of them. But the crucial thing is to liberate the authentic expression in each first.

Open 🙏

Shift Update 08/12/2022

It's getting more intriguing and alchemical in the shift day by day.
Yesterday in Ascension Exchanges we had a group from Venus tune in through the ether who had been working with one of the new participants. I can tell you it was a pretty amazing energy.

I inquired with them how it was when their planet suddenly went through a rapid climate change that elevated the surface temperature to around 400 centigrade? Their response was that they were already higher dimensional! I also got the feeling they had originated from Lyra - which others have also concurred with...

I sensed that it was a motivational reflection for the Ascension Exchanges group - as we culminate toward the concluding Event here on earth, the reflection is for humanity to shift to higher dimensions.

It gets more intriguing and alchemical day by day!

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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Here's the latest Openhand podcast premiering today - it's a huge consideration: how are the various Star Being Nations influencing life on the planet and what can we expect going forwards into 2023?

It goes live at 9am UK time.

Do let me know what it triggers in you - what you think about it?

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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The video is very timely for me, thank you again OpenPraying Emoji

It spoke directly into the heart wrenching sense of hopelessness, that I've been feeling this morning in connection to particular situation in the relationship. I could feel it's touching some dense energy around the sacrum - particularly those areas of "Orion consciousness" still resisting to soften the grip over my general life inspiration.

To me it seems like being in the process of facing the program that "I am a human being" and the podcast reflected those crunch points leading up to this point. In last days the sense of higher-dimensionals is so palpable in my field, that it almost feels overwhelming and makes me doubt in the capacity to bring harmony into my experience.

I've been also noticing those genuine pauses in the way of how you are talking. It invites me to be grounded and patient, also in connection to the excitement that comes with the anticipation of possible breakthrough.

Thank you for sharing this broad perspective and looking forward to the Conference next week.

Much blessingsHugging


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Thanks for your feedback Miha - indeed there's a lot of "grey" consciousness sweeping around the field right now. It often happens at this time of year in society when the festivities are over and for the mainstream, a kind of depression and inertia sinks in - where there's little to look forward to.

The crucial thing to realise is that it's not us! The energy is not us. Although of course it maybe that we can still get influenced that way. So to work to process any depressive energy out. Then hand it on to the angelic realm. Of course you know what to do - just a reminder in case it's necessary 😉

Thanks for the connection - it always feels special.

Open 💙🙏

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Dear Open, Its such a powerful and beautiful message that yo have shared at this time. So grateful to be part of this shift and higher dimensional mission. I could feel resonance on many different themes that you shared and at some point there was grief coming through me. I think it got activated when you shared the collapse of the ecosystem. I had also been feeling a lot of sadness coming through me for the last few days which could be something I pick up from my immediate environment. The moment I step out from it I feel different which has been a intriguing exploration.

I had so much hope and optimism about the future and how we can infuse and embody this higher dimensional connection and live that way. The meditation was uplifting as well. Thankyou HeartPraying Emoji

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Thanks for tuning in and bringing your energy to bear Vimal 👍

There's a lot of grief and regret in the 3D field right now, from those who were lured down the route of the bogus pandemic, and yes, also due to what's happening with the eco-systems. So anyone who is empathic, like yourself, is bound to be feeling that.

But also there are totally marvellous things going on too. In Ascension Exchanges yesterday, we had a new group from Venus come through sharing their energy to the shift. It was simply amazing.

So definitely a tale of two worlds.

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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Hi Open, I'm curious to understand more about the ambush that took place when Pleiadian groups arrived on earth. I understand the generality of it, and on a feeling level it's quite clear. But my mind wants to come along and understand it better. What exactly did the Reptilians do and in what way was that an ambush for Pleiadians? I'm still in a process of unravelling this within myself, I reached another level of understanding yesterday with a shift in my personal life and a softening from the Pleiadian perspective towards the Reptilian. But is there more written about it in detail somewhere? Thank you! 🙏🌸

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Hi Hannah - it's a good question - how did the reptilian energy ambush the Pleiadians when they arrived here?

It's fascinating, that up the east coast of Australia there's quite a phenomenal number of awakened souls who share a common story, of having "arrived here in a spaceship", that somehow then crashed into the sea. There are a number of interrelating accounts. It may well be possible and true. However my experience and knowledge is based more on Pleiadian starsouls incarnating into the Original Human form once the DNA had been adapted so as to be able to receive those Pleiadian souls. Like now, you'd then have effectively different species incarnated, all interrelating, and working to gain the lessons they were seeking at a soul level.

The Pleiadians are very trusting and transparent. Their configuration doesn't consider that another would conceal their true agenda so as to be able to manipulate and control. The Pleiadian seeks joy by (kind of) merging with another and creating joyous, mutually uplifting feedback loops (sexually for example), whereas the reptilian energy seeks to tether down the other soul in some way, so as to exploit soul consciousness for itself. It conceals it's agenda and then lures into distorted behaviour through mind control - creating landscapes that the soul fragments into. In essence, to me, this is how the Pleiadian souls here were lured into a downward spiral, that drew in a good deal of karmic density. They started to manipulate others aswell, in order to get the material gains they felt they needed. Of course, each only ever manipulates their own consciousness in this way. Those who control, end up being controlled by their own actions.

I would say this reflects into the main karmic wound that the Pleiadian souls have to deal with here.

How does this speak into your situation? I'd be intrigued to hear what you recognise of it.

Love and well wishes

Open 💙

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Hi Open,

Thank you for elaborating on this, it activated a lot for me. About DNA and the first incarnations: I feel a deep remembrance of the Original Human form and an understanding of how that body worked and how the DNA has been changed. I'm still in the process of remembering. When you mentioned the genetic introduction of the vocal chords during the Ascension exchanges I could feel a deep sense of loss as well, but I also understand our own voice frequencies are a great tool in activating and restoring DNA. I feel very passionate about reactivating the original DNA and have been led some time ago to sound therapy and meta genetics. 

For a long time it was hard to see a transparent and innocent nature at the core of myself, because as you said, the Pleiadian energy over time learned how to manipulate as well to gain physical resources mostly, but also to take back their own lost energy through sexual intimacy and emotional manipulation. How it feels and relates to me in my current life, is that I witnessed that the Reptilian energy is very good at mimicking this unconditional loving innocence and let the Pleiadian think they yearn for the same level of intimacy, as to form a bond with the Pleiadian who tends to struggle with the density on the planet. The Reptilian does not however, and offers to serve as wayshower on how to thrive in 3D. But yes, with an agenda! I find it hard still to imagine there was actually an agenda, but seeing the consumptive nature it is likely. It feels very complicated to me how the situation has become over lifetimes, especially with the hybridised bodies that contain multiple star DNA strands. 

In my last relationship I saw the repetitive pattern again of naively stepping into it, leaving everything behind on a hunch, but very quickly getting this familiar feeling of an ambush and recognising the exchange of resources for loving energy and caretaking. But other layers too, I felt a lot of my energy was drained through the mental plane (indeed manipulating and creating reality for the other) and then trying to regain it through intimacy for example. Though nothing is really regained like that of course, since coming back home I feel pretty much crushed mentally, emotionally and physically. The Reptilian energy doesn't seem to be drained or bothered by it as much. And at the same time none of this is black and white or strictly one star being energy versus the other, which makes it so hard to get a bigger picture and fully understand the dynamic. 

Recently I did find more peace around it, owning my responsibility for the dynamic, crucially without needing the other to do the same. That is the hardest part as blame is mostly put on me, winning over a group of others behind them with false information, without them fully acknowledging their agenda. This had me in a de-energising loop for a while. 

I still feel a strong drive to resolve the disharmony completely, but also see a lot of that needs to happen within. 



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Beside this dynamic I can also see how in between it all the Black Snake energy is trying to sabotage. I recently became aware of a wide entrance in my field for BS energy that was kind of shocking to me. It always seems to be at the root of all these conflicts, playing on any unconscious parts. For which I want to acknowledge it. 

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This is a highly illuminating sharing about the Reptilian Pleiadian dynamic in relationships - I encourage all to read, as it certainly affects countless relationships in society right now. Thanks so much for sharing Hannah 👍

Yes, the ambushing of Pleiadian joy, unconditional love and innocence happens because of the need to gain resources and survive in this often harsh 3D reality. It's a density where the Reptilian thrives, but there's a cost for this hardness - loss of the sweet softness of surrender. And so sexual intimacy is often the unconscious trade. And then manipulation, from both sides around that: often energetically from the Pleiadian, and intellectually from the Reptilian energy.

I want to make an important point though: there is most definitely a way to find balance and harmony in the dynamic. It's not wrong in a partnership for one to lead with a more warrior-like energy and the other to blend more with their flow. And for this to also then vary at different times between the partners. It can bring alive the aligned traits in each and form a great relationship that honours both harmonics. Hence the soul yearning to make these connections.

If we keep finding the aligned expressions of our soul, without judging ourselves for distortion, then you will find yourself attracting a partner that can work with you in balance and harmony.

Thanks for the tremendous illumination, your honesty and transparency - this is how we truly evolve and grow.

Much love and well wishes

Open 🦋

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