8 Steps For Maximum Catalysis in Life Situations During the Shift

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It's becoming increasingly clear that the simulation here has gone into overdrive. Because of that, we're likely to find the shift of energies creating turbulence in all aspects of our lives, from our relationships to how we live and work. But we can successfully ride these waves and capitalise from them if we know how to work with them. It's all about equalising with any negative reactivity, unwinding through, then unleashing new aspects of Beingness. Here's how.

Gaia Gears Up to Unwind the Old Paradigm

It may come as a surprise to many, but we manifest the exact external circumstances we need so as to process inner karmic density. The external we experience in life is the direct reflection of our internal configuration of consciousness. The space-time-continuum of the quantum field bends around us in relation to what we're being, both conscious and unconscious. The same can be said for Gaia.

As suprising as it may sound, Gaia too drew the alien intervention here because of a karmic contract - her instability as a planetary soul required suppression in order to prevent explosive releases. There have, for example, been five explosive mass extinctions on the planet previously. This has definitely caused attachment within the old soul contracts of hers, and her attachment to 3D living on the planet. But recent indications suggest she's now beginning to unravel from those.

You're already witnessing this with increasing planetary turbulence as her Torodial spin increases. It may feel like the day is getting shorter. We'll need to really focus on what's truly necessary in our day, not wasting time, effort, or energy - we'll definitely need to declutter. We'll also see it in the strong weather patterns and infusing solar and galactic energies as Gaia lowers her magnetic shield in the ongoing Pole Shift.

Explore Why Gaia's Contract with the Matrix is Now Complete

The Human Impact

We're going to feel these energies coming into our being, which will be experienced by many as strongly turbulent. They can wreak havoc in all aspects of our lives, from relationships to how we live and work, unless we actively process the energy and integrate it. That way we can capitalise from the infusing energies and bring them positively into our lives.

Here then are 8 key steps to working with catalysis in the Shift. They're designed to confront and process out activating karmic density and to open a space for the energies to express through you. You can try this approach where you feel a particular aspect of your life, or a key situation, is requiring change and growth...

8 Key steps for working with Catalysis in the Shift

1) Bring your attention to an obvious dynamic in your life that is inviting change. Go into meditation with it, visualising all aspects in as much detail as possible, especially and including other people involved

2) Now explore through your body and through your field how it makes you feel? Pay attention to the impact on your emotions and thought patterns

3) Particularly watch for areas of tightness and blockage and bring your awareness to these locations within. Watch also for dead zones where your consciousness may have withdrawn or if your consciousness has extracted to a degree from the body

4) Now explore intuitively what you are attached to that's causing this tightness? What outcome is your identity wanting or else is afraid will happen? What are you attached to or anxious about?

5) When you've explored all possible hooks and attachments, ask yourself the question, "is it really worth carrying this baggage around in my life?"

6) When you no the answer is a definite "no", then visualise/feel yourself setting down the baggage - letting go of the need to control the situation

7) Now work to dissociate from the situation by dropping deep into the sense of presence within. You're now watching yourself from this Observers vantage point. Be sure that you're not distanced though - instead, that you're intimate with it, just not defined by it. You become the God Self

8) Now explore what new aspect of beingness wants to arise through you? Maybe it's determination and commitment? Or maybe it's greater sensitivity and flow? Maybe greater diplomacy or creativity. Feel this as an energy and work to embody it through animated expression - perhaps dancing to music for example or connecting out in nature.

The Patience and Persistence of the Spider

To give you a brief example of how this can work...

I found myself in a period of intensity, with much administration to do in my day. It was consuming the sense of expansiveness and freedom that I feel at home with. It was causing a degree of irritation and frustration. Upon leaving my house for a break, I noticed a spider had created a web right near the door lock and was sitting completely still in the centre. Two hours later when I returned, it was in exactly the same position, as if it hadn't moved at all. It spoke of patience and persistence. But also waiting for the right things to land in your web - not wasting time or energy on things that are unnecessary.

I felt I could embody the energy of the spider, and it helped enormously to ease through the rest of the week. New space opened and new energies flowed in.

Gearing Up for Catalysis and Change in Your Life

All the time now we're entering new phases of the Shift as Gaia gears up to progressively strip down the old 3D construct and ascend into the new 5D Paradigm. If we simply bury our heads in the sand about this, at some point, it's going to hit us like a tonne of bricks. But if instead we honour the changes, accept that change is invited in us, and work to evolve through in a way that I've outlined, then what's going to happen instead, is that we'll have a magical rollercoaster ride of miracles and magic. We'll grow through what is unfolding and increasingly embody our God Self, here and now.

That's what I've worked to capture in this Openhand Video called Catalysis and Change...

A growing wave of people around the planet are now courageously diving into the Shift and bringing the new energies in to transform their lives. If you've been inspired by the Openhand Approach to the Shift, then explore our work...

Openhand Ascension Portal

The future is Bright

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This morning I decided to apply the 8 steps to the boundary issue I'm having with the Pleidian group.  The first thing I noticed was tightness in my solar plexus caused by fear.  I can tell it's not my fear.  But am I feeling the group's fear, is the group projecting their fear into me to try and prevent change or am I so aligned with this group that I'm overemphasizing with their fear causing tightness in myself?  I can't tell for sure but it's probably a complicated combination.

I noticed a vacancy in the sacral.  I felt into that and it's me not wanting to feel the guilt by causing this group pain.  If I was feeling guilty I'd feel tightness, pain or heaviness but I feel nothing.  This tells me if I let myself feel, the guilt will be there.  As a high empath I often feel guilty if I'm the cause of another's pain because I can feel their pain.  It's been a trap that's held me back. I've worked on this for a really long time and have worked through a lot but this is showing me I'm not completely on the other side yet.

Next I noticed a heaviness in my heart and the more I contemplated the tightness in my solar plexus and the vacancy in my sacral, the heavier my heart became.  I'm definitely feeling the group's sadness here but I noticed there is a piece that is mine.  I explored what that could be.  I realized my soul, not my identity, invited this group in because they remind me of home and life here on Earth can feel so much not like home.  If I create a boundary I could lose some or all of the closeness to this group.  I realize this group took too much control of my field causing my field to become too porous.  Because it was a gradual subtle unfolding, I did not notice.  I own even though not consciously I let it happen.  And I have to be brutally honest with myself if creating a boundary means losing the connection with this group am I ok with that?

I think what will help me lean towards a yes is I've noticed this group is interfering with my relationship with the Noridics.  This group has an attachment to purity of frequency.  The Nordics combined their original Pleidian frequency with Draconian for a reason and if that was the only issue they could probably reconcile.  But this Pleidian group also does not believe in war, something the Nordics have participated in when necessary for their mission.  So this group does not want anything to do the Nordics.  But that is their stuff, I do want to deepen my relationship with them so this may actually help me start to create a boundary.

So I've been able to flow rather quickly through steps 1 through 4 and gotten some deep realizations.  But the rest of the process feels like it's going to be much more difficult. 

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Hi Ann,

Firstly, I really honour the depth and honesty of your inquiry here. I can empathise greatly with the concerns about losing connection to your Pleiadian group. Why? Because it's very similar to what I experience here in terms of disconnect from the Openhand Team. It was a part of my own contract to separate out. I'd say it's essential for any personal development. That's why the Group of Nine 'rotates' that way - always one departing and separating out.

For many a while in the early years, I felt disconnected from them - a distant dream. But it's encouraged me on, to open new senses and faculties - paradoxically greater empathy!

You might communicate this with your Pleiadian group about war - yes, no one wants to be involved in war. But we are ALREADY engaged in one, and the worst possible kind - the war on consciousness. So maybe they can come to understand this.

I do feel this degree of separation will help strengthen boundaries and soften any excessive ray 2. It might feel unstable at first, but then ask - what quality of beingness is necessary to establish the new solidity?

We can keep working together on it.

Much love
<<< Open đź’Ž

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I felt to add something here, Ann.
As you well know, the path will often feel like we have to sacrifice something, but then we always gain something else.

I sense that in establishing this degree of boundary, you'll be able to attune some of the other rays more acutely. I would also watch for the presence of your Twin Flame more - because probably, it will be able to come through more.

Much love
<<< Open đź’Ž

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Thank you for your feedback Open, it really helps.  Yes, there have been many sacrifices. What makes them even more difficult is the time lag there tends to be between sacrifice and something gained.  So thank you for sharing my Twin Flame may come through more, that is a great incentive for me.


31/06/2024: No More Room For Soft Compromises

Some of you out there may have sensed the marked gear change in the seriousness of the situation on the planet right now, as the simulation goes into overdrive and diverts more and more people into the escalating narratives - anything to avoid the truth of what's really going on. I'm seeing even advanced people being lulled into degrees of inertia and overly compromising with their vibration. The energy of the Shift is forging steadily across the 4D karmic plane - for which Openhand is on the bow wave. I don't see other organisations out there at this time, even understanding the necessary work of inner intricacy to avoid being deceived at the level of the Soul Ray Harmonic. Very few, if any, are yet perceiving the different qualities of soul (the 9 Rays) that must be liberated and attuned...

Even Gaia is languishing at this stage, due to the complexity of old soul contracts she seems embroiled within. Although I am sensing a distinct uptick in her inner kundalini at this immediate juncture - the earthquake swarm in the Canary Islands, which is a key stargate location; and the renewed explosion of the Iceland Grindavik volcano - which to me, has much the resonance of an opening of her crown chakra (wherever the crown actually now is).

These are welcome signs. Yes, they'll be "inconvenient" and even devastating to life in those regions. But we must realise how depleted, depressed and surpressed natural life here on the planet has become. It's all a part of lulling people into this insipid and highly limiting simulation. It's high time to get the planetary energies moving, such that Gaia will be able to meet the convergence at the Solar Nova Event - which is likely some time between 2040-2050. It's something the Openhand energies are working keenly with.

Explore more on the Grand Galactic Convergence

What does it mean, in the sense of there being "no room for compromise"?

Essentially it means, if someone is actually to go with the Shift, they must now be clear what their daily orientation in life is. Is it more to comfortability and security in the 3D? Or, is it the emergence and actualisation of their soul consciousness on a moment by moment basis?

If it's the latter, great, we have a place to begin the transition. But then we must be sure we're testing and pushing our being at every opportunity: self-witnessing for example - 100% of the time; turning directly into triggering and taking ownership; chakra attunements and deep consciousness meditation; moving into a fully plant-based diet; setting appropriate boundaries in relationships where others (especially and including loved ones) are clearly in the matrix simulation; minimising distraction and social media; minimising emf and synthetic chemicals at home. It's all about gaining and sustaining increased coherency of vibration, so that your passage is straight and true.

It sounds like a tall order, maybe? Yes. But that's the level of opposition we are facing out there in the ether right now, with these very sophisticated entrapment and derailment approaches going on by Ra and his 'crew'. We must be the appropriate match. We must be determined to unravel out, at every inner sign of triggering and attachment - and especially where behaviours are repetitively programmed. And it's still okay to have a regular job in the matrix - but again, we must be clear about the orientation and invitation to evolve/forge soul in the daily encounters.

We can do it. But there's no God-given guarantee to that. It's something we must seize with our own hands, and in our own consciousness. Then you will succeed, yes. But definitely now, excessive compromise with the soul's rightful expression will lead people astray, such that their vibration won't be able to converge with the Shift. That's where I perceive the situation to be, at this time.

We can do it, yes! Some definitely are on the path and will make it, with their current trajectory of commitment and inner work. But let's be sure we're bringing along as many as possible who have the capacity and commitment. Let's not be duped and lulled onto the soft-shoulder of comfortability - we no longer have that luxury.

Be in no doubt, Openhand was crafted for this, and we'll call it the way we see it - no matter how unpopular or inconvenient. We're doubling down on that commitment to illumination and truth in the Shift, no matter what. It is an unswerving commitment to service.

With that in mind, I felt to share this article above today, with 8 Steps to Maximum Catalysis

When the Shift gets tough, the Shifters get going!

Open đź’Ž


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My current daily experiences are really culminating to this article. I am driving a semi truck and I have days and days in a row of long hours of mirroring myself. Through the road and the landscapes. I fallen to the flow of appreciation of my independence, And how fortunate I find myself getting through the money matrix dynamucs... Yet, as I'm feeling the appreciation of those things out of nowhere. The triggeriings and the attachments arise like lightning bolts. Usually what seems to be consistent for me. Are the dead animals on the side of the road and even more, Are the infinite number of livestock trailers that will pass by me on the road? Those things create avalanches of all types of attachments in my life, beyond the heartbreaking outcomes of those things. I can really become disheveled And really lower down by the disconnect of the patterned, distracted, unconsciously led lives we've co-created... I have let go of a lot and I mean a lot in this last couple of years. Yet it's been long hard and slow. I've found this article at the perfect time, When my highest joyful vibrations can turn into impossible mountains in the blink if an eye... Being an only child from split parents that I even separated myself from - several times as a youngster, Whether, it was to go into other relatives or friends homes, for extended periods, I've always been sorta idly drifting alone within, kind of running off doing it the long hard way by myself... so again thank you this article helps really clarify some direction of consciousness fir me...

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Hi Will, this is so inspirational!
Living the Shift in the day to day - wonderful reflections, thanks so much for sharing.
I encourage all to read and be inspired from it.

Well wishes
<<< Open đź’Ž


This year's Burning Man festival in Nevada has become instead the Drowning Man!!

The festival was flooded with freaky and stormy weather that left the 70,000 attendees stranded in mud. It feels pretty ironic to me, and synchronistic of the unpredictability of the Shift right now.

It seems like plenty there adjusted to the freaky conditions and gained from it anyway - awesome!...


Above is some of the recent material I shared in Openhand's Ascension Exchanges - 8 Steps to bring maximum catalysis to any life situation and transform it to something more aligned and positive (scroll up).

I'm intrigued, what might you be experiencing as we enter this new accelerated phase of the Shift?

Do read my article as I believe it will greatly help, then if you'd like an intuitive response to what might be happening for you, do share a comment below. I'd be delighted to help.

Open đź’Ž

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What I'm finding nowadays is that a lot of energy is moving through me. It's not all fun, as it's triggering some karma as well. Out of nowhere a few days ago, I had this neck sprain and was left with a stiff neck even after the emotional reaction had subsided. But I'm also enjoying the energy and find that creativity can really help harness and channel it. I'm finding less investment in the outcome of creativity, but it's more about playing with the energy itself!
I think this song can really speak into it.

I also have the sense of standing near a cliff edge and making up my mind whether to jump or not. The scenery from the cliff is so beautiful that I'm still delaying the jump. But in many ways I think I already have as this awareness integrates within me. As I was sitting near the edge, this song spoke to the depths of my soul and felt like an invitation from the divine, which is, of course, my own soul.

Just say yes, just say there's nothing holding you back
It's not a test, nor a trick of the mind
Only love

It's so simple and you know it isYou know it is
We can't be to and fro like this
All our lives
You're the only way to me
The path is clear
What do I have to say to you
For Gods sake, dear

Vimal Praying Emoji

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I love the sharing Vimal - and a perfect song at the end, which really spoke to me. I loved the dancing Toroidal lights!

You said...

I'm finding less investment in the outcome of creativity, but it's more about playing with the energy itself!

Brilliant - keep right on going with that!

Open 🙏