spiritual humour

I saw 'spiritual humour' in the forum description but there does not seem to be a specific topic on that, so I figured: let's do this!

Did you hear about the dyslectic spiritual seekers at the wildlife convention? They're still looking for the fowler of life.

My mate got a cat recently but he brought it back pretty soon as there seemed to be no end to the little annoyances it gave him. I said well, you should have expected that from a lemniscat.

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I'm really getting into sacred geometry lately. Trying to make all those gang signs at exactly the right angles is...

oh sorry, I'm thinking of street cred geometry.


Terrible Openhander's poetry....

Stay in yer plaice.


Ye heathen serf, nay order of the garter,

Deservest thou, ye taramasalata?

Nay, satisfy yeself, wid tatties an neeps,

An mind-numbing ale, the likes of yus keeps.

Or canna we say that to access true heaven,

Your bread can be risen, no need to be leaven.


(winner of the alternative pulitzer prize for poetry.)


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The one and only one. ( more excruciating poetry...sorry)

The one ( and only), sat quietly in his torus,

Minding his (or her) business, careful not to bore us,

after eons of endless time, with it's limitless potential,

deciding to explore, with a binary residential,

I'm here and now I'm there, I guess that makes it us,

lets expand it further, just to see, no need to fuss,

I only want experience, new angles, new perspective,

keep sight of divine origins, don't introduce invective,

lets create a little universe, using God's distinctive palate,

( creating as we go along, avoiding Shepton Mallet),

bipedal beings, sparks of source, two of everything,

architects who shape the field, angelic ones who sing,

birds and bees, plants and trees, all the iterations,

with the odd galactic super wave, to wipe out bitter nations,

though 'wipe out' is contentious, the higher mind's conclusion,

nothing's real at the end of the day, just a great illusion!