Disclosure of Recalibration/Realliance of Intervention Energies around Ra

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A dynamic I spoke about several years back in the book DIVINCUS, is that as we progress through the Shift and strip out various aspects of the Intervention Energies, that they would constantly recalibrate, forming new alliances and configurations. They'll keep shape-shifting until they're eventually gone or realigned to the light. So when the Annunaki Architects of the Matrix were recently healed and withdrew, it was always going to be necessary to observe how the shadow would recalibrate...

What might the new configuration have become? It's reconfiguring around the leadership of Ra.

An Ancient Collectivised Consciousness

Ra is an ancient collectivised consciousness that first appeared on this planet during the Atlantean epoch and centred in Egypt. Its roots here were within the inception of the hybridised Homo Sapiens around 250,000 years ago. Ra is an entity, of a paternalistic nature, that creates a bubble of "love n light" in the field, which gives a sense of belonging and paternal protection - but crucially, also the limitation of depletion of energy and restriction of freedom of flow. That's the cost.

Although I was on Sirius at the time of the explosion, I was not there in the vicinity in the aftermath, since I had my own healing to do. So what I share here are pieces of a jigsaw of awareness that have recently been landing from past life regression experiences I've facilitated. At this stage, I offer the view more as a perspective for your own inquiry. It's necessary to do so, because what has become apparantly clear to me, is that Ra has now taken leadership in the Intervention on our Planet since the Annunaki withdrew.

So with this in mind, Ra is an entity that originated on Sirius and began its journey after the explosion of the Star System many moons ago. As with all of these distortions, it commenced with a sense of benevolent purpose - in this case, hoovering up lost Souls that had been devastated by the tumultuous shift and even fragmented by it.

An "angelic" frequency was brought to bear as a magnet to serve that paternalistic energy. Isis was that entity, that quickly developed into a Goddess-type energy. My sense is of a Father/Daughter type dynamic between the two. Indeed in ancient Egypt, which was really when the Sirius civilisation had been reconstituted here on Earth, Isis establised the "Temple of High Priestesses", which was greatly revered by the population. They worshipped her, and she in turn worshipped Ra. This is very clearly reflected in the hieroglyphs you find at the temple of Isis in Philae, for example.

In a way, this dynamic may sound reasonably idyllic. There was great abundance and "peace" during those Atlantean times. The population even underwent ritualistic practices that elevated them into a more 4D,  expanded, "deified" state. But at what cost?

The Isis/Ra Dynamic

In these ancient times, (and also a pattern replicating now) consciousness in the being was "raised up" in vibration, where the pain of 3D living (emotional wounding for example) is then diminished. And through a collectivised intention, thoughts and emotions are channelled so as to harvest "abundance". However, there are two severely limiting consequences of this dynamic...

First, there's a distinct lack of freedom, sovereignty, and Soul flow. Ra purposefully closes down the crown charkra so that you can't perceive your own freedom of action. Secondly, it causes unconsciousness in the base, which allows in the Black Snake, satanic entity. Which is invested in retaining the polarisation of identity, so as to divorce the population from the true Source. It then becomes increasingly wayward and perverted over time.

In recent times, through a concerted benevolent mission, the Annunaki Architects of the Matrix were healed and withdrew from the Intervention here. They've renamed themselves "the Anu" and have begun to assist in reverse-engineering the Matrix.

Explore the Healing of the Annunaki Ancient Architects of the Matrix

War on Materiality

This Shift has been very positive indeed, and absolutely essential to the liberation of the planet and humanity. But what it has also done, is exposed and released Black Snake energies (and demonic entities) in the fabric of the Matrix - they've experienced an insecurity due to this Shift, and gone into a virulent overdrive since that time. We witness it very clearly in the Middle East conflict right now. Which in the much bigger picture represents the global "War on Materiality", that tends to happen as old 3D constructs unravel and break down.

What I've now very clearly become aware of, through daily journies on the astral planes, is a recalibration//realliance of ancient intervention energies - which is essential to call, as they are likely to be leading people astray on the 4D plane especially.

The Recalibration of the Intervention

My observation and perception of the current situation is that of Ra orchestrating both Black Snake demonic energies and the synthetic Tall Whites. It's a soul misdirection and harvesting process that has become quite typical in Shift dynamics - false bubbles in the flow are created, that lure wayward Souls in and tether them into a collective, just as happened in ancient Egypt.

What are the dynamics to watch for? There are three key ones I've observed as highly active:

1) There's a distraction and dumbing down around the Crown chakra. You might feel a dense kind of woolyness and brain fog that creates an inertia in your life. You might feel a degree stablised and protected by the paternalistic dominating effect of it, because there's no sense of needing to take risk. It's why many are blindly accepting the machinations of the new synthetic agenda, providing they get some degree of the resources. But it is very much a law of diminishing returns, as the energy of the Old Paradigm is progressively depleted. It is purposefully only the "elites" that gain any real abundance and power.

2) The Black Snake energy is highly active around the base chakra, creating polarisation and projection amongst people, especially the projection of blame and stirring up emotionality. It's where there's a strong tendency to bleed energy on the physical and emotional planes within materiality - struggling, efforting, fighting and condemning. From this it extracts energy.

3) Tall White synthetic entities from the original intervention configuration are applying AI to continually adjust sense of purpose, intention and creativity into the overall agenda. They're harvesting souls into the new simulation. Egoic desires are trawled through social media, then presented back to create an immediate dopamine hit - the feel-good factor. It's also mimicking divine synchronicity through this, but to be clear, its only a dim shadow of the truly aligned dynamic, which is always expansive, uplifting and above all, liberating.
Gain a deeper understanding of the Tall Whites

What's the antidote to this newly recalibrating intervention under Ra?

Activation of the Golden Tara

Recently I've written about the Openhand experiences of the Golden Tara in the Himalayas - a divine being holding the vibrant sixth density aspect of the New Paradigm. It's the sense of a dancing weave of light, that activates the crown and third eye, bringing with it the vibrant feelings of upliftment, liberation and joyous creative action - acts of creation, not with an intention of an outcome, but creation for its own sake. Above all, it fosters the sense of freedom and personal sovereignty.

It's a most uplifting development. However, there's something we need to be accutely aware of to truly experience this aligned Golden Tara energy. And that is the "wounding of the Goddess", that goes all the way back to the original Ra configuration of Egyptian times. It's an energy that needs the paternalistic protection and provision. It's one that has craved a degree of adoration and worship; whose heightened empathy is fed with tremendous insights into the 4D field, that then elevates the distorted Goddess in status and power. It's one that tends towards glamour and thus can gain devotional following.

We must therefore work inwardly, and diligently to resolve out any wounding associated with this dynamic and karmic susceptibility toward it. Here are three key dynamics to watch for and work with:

1) Making sure the crown chakra is open and vibrantly active in one's life. This happens through preparedness to sit in the uncertainty of "not-knowing", but with an active attentiveness to the emergence of spontaneity and flow within life. The practice of "free-wheeling" is extremely helpful - taking off with no intention but to pick up the flow through higher knowing, then through the heart, and to witness the reflective feedback loops of synchronicity, especially in nature

2) Working to be clear that the paternalistic energy (and maternalistic) are key frequencies of your own Soul, and integrated within. That you don't need to look outside yourself to find them. Spiritual guides and facilitators may provide an attuning reflection of those energies, but crucially to support your own integration of them

3) Being creative, and especially creating for its own sake, so as to bring dormant frequencies of one's "Soul-Ray-Harmonic" alive. What do you feel inspired to create and express? No matter whether it turns out to be a work of art or not, simply to engage in what fires your interests and passion.

Make sure your actions and soul flow are grounded and anchored right down to the base chakra. This is where chakra attunment meditations are essential such as breathing practices into the chakras and sound toning. Sound healing is a great practice to undertake, for example.

The True Goddess

If we focus on these key healing/realignment dynamics then we can surely break the influences of the new Intervention Alliance coming in through the field and led by the Ra paternalistic entity. Up in the Himalayas, we also connected with the aligned Goddess Kali who helped strip out these interferring entities from the field, thus fostering a greater sense of coherency and alignment of flow.

By diligent practice and commitment to Soul evolutionary integration, it's highly possible to navigate past the distorting and limiting influences, the hijacking, so as to connect with the aligned vibrancy of the true "Goddess", an example of which being what Openhand is sharing as the Golden Tara of the 6th Density. I offer the viewpoint for your inquiry, feedback and careful investigation.

If you resonate with aspects of my sharing and wish to inquire deeper, explore the evolutionary work of Openhand...

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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27/11/2023 Shift Update: Truce in the Middle East

It's very relieving to see that there's a truce taking place in the Middle East. When the hostilities began several weeks ago I expressed the Openhand view, that because of the breakdown in the Intervention energies, and specifically the extraction of the Annunaki Architects, that's why we were witnessing this virulent reactivity, especially by what we call "Black Snake" energies - which is a quantum field energy more generally known as "satanic". The energies were reacting because the stability of their construct was wavering and cracking. They could feel their control slipping away.

Following that I shared the strong impression that a new Intervention alliance was coming together under the leadership of "Ra" - an ancient field entity that goes all the way back to the hybridisation of humanity around the epoch known as Atlantis, and further back still, all the way to the tumultuous Sirius Shift. I started to gain clear insight into a recalibration of the Intervention energies around Ra, Tall White synthetic entities and Black Snake. I wrote about this just over a week ago (scroll up to the article above).

I expected that were this to be true, then you would see a stabilising/reordering effect on the surface of the 3D construct. And now we have this truce take place in the Middle East. For me, that's a clear surface reflection of an underlying new "stability".

Why should we celebrate a new stability in the matrix field?

What we need to understand, is that the vast majority of humanity needs that matrix field. Because they're wound into it. The very human configuration down to the DNA level is a part of it. It's like an iron lung - it might not be desirable, but suddenly take it away and the patient can no longer cope.

What I expressed in the Openhand Book DIVINICUS, is that the matrix field would break down over time by transforming through progressive iterations. A wave of people who are ready for the Shift would steadily emerge out. It would be progressive, sustainable and go through new iterations.

Hence it is very welcome to see this truce and the reflection that a new stability has established, which I do believe has plenty more light flowing through it - for those who are ready to pick it up.

Ultimately, the future is bright.

Open 💎



22/11/23 Shift Update

I feel to speak more about the healing concept of "giving energy to someone" in healing practices. Of course, it's quite widespread in many modalities. But as we're witnessing in the inquiry here below, the risk is to make the healer susceptible to intervention. In this case, what we're seeing as the "Ra" entity. One that goes all the way back to the High Priestesses of the Temple of Isis in ancient Egypt, and back further still to the tumultuous explosion of Sirius B, 120 million years ago. Many are carrying that trauma of fragmentation here with them.

What exactly does this concept of "giving energy to someone" actually mean?

The perception of the need to receive "energy" is because something is missing inside. There's a hole. But crucially, no one or nothing else can fill that hole - at least not with authentically aligned consciousness. It's because one's own consciousness is contracted or closed down in that area. It gives the sense of lack or loss. And density, where the field contracts down. It feels painful. It can be traumatic.

A healer can channel energy to that location. It may clear karmic density and feel uplifting. But I ask the crucial question...

Has there been self-realisation, by the recipient, in the process? What I mean is, has the recipient been encouraged to explore what the wounding is, and why they may have closed down in retraction or triggering. How were they owned by the original trauma? Bearing in mind that reality is a complex illusion that the Soul can buy into and be fragmented by.

Without this activational awareness of the Soul, by conscious reflection in facilitation, then no matter how uplifting things might feel, there can be no true healing. Also, there is the risk that people become attached to the need for some external energy to fulfill them. It can lead to a classic healer/client dynamic that can persist indefinitely.

Crucially, as we're witnessing here in the dialogue below, the risk is that sophisticated entities become a part of the mix. The healer attachment is fueled by channeling "divine energy" from elsewhere that, on the surface, appears to have a very uplifting effect. And for the patient, they receive some "healing". But only for a while. Meanwhile, the entity is drawing energy from the dynamic.

This is classic "Ra".

This is why in the Openhand approach, our journey is into and through the karmic pain. Exploring the attachment - the identification with reality. And then helping the person reclaim the lost fragment of Soul within the karmic wounding. That way, the "client" becomes whole inside themselves.

Bright blessings

Open 💎


These are tremendous illuminations going on here regarding the leadership of the Ra entity within the intervention. I felt to highlight a key dynamic where so many people become susceptible. That is within the subject of "non-duality" - you see whole volumes of work associated with the concept. And I would say, humbly and carefully, many are inadvertently misleading.

From the Openhand perspective, yes, there is non-duality, but in the separation consciousness. Essentially, "everything I see is a part of me". It means I can start to see the interconnectivity of it all. Also that nothing is actually being done to me. It is all a part of me.

BUT... in widespread cases, the distorted viewpoint and experience of this can tend to override the uniqueness and individual pathway of the Soul. Hence you see plenty of spiritual people "sitting back comfortably on the sofa". "What's the point? It's all only a story anyway that I need to dissolve". Paradoxically, they also dissolve out the true absolute, because what they're actually doing is moving into a bubble that is disconnected from the true flow.

Once the absolute is attained, there is still most definitely flow - the absolute and the relative are in dynamic equilibrium. Both "conditions" exist in the same space and time. You are the absolute, AND you are flowing as an individual Soul. Without this relativistic part of the equation, there can be no experience at all.

The Ra entity has capitalised on the distortion - needing the security of a singular truth, or else the protection from the sometimes hostility of the flow - where reality gets torn apart by it, as in the tumultuous Sirius Shift. An identity attaches to it - meaning subtle "identification" with the illusion of reality. And so it preys on the distortion - offering the security of not needing to progress or advance, not risking emotional trauma or breakdown. The non-realised soul then acclimates to this bubble of "love n light", this bubble of completeness.

How often do you hear "love is all there is?"

How can that be? Love is a quality of experience. You know love by what it is not. And therefore it is relativistic. NOT absolute. Only the absolute is absolute. And that contains all qualities within it. To truly know the absolute is to know the place where all qualities dissolve into presence. The simple acceptance of now. BUT, from that "now", life flows as souls of experience. And to deny the experience is to deny not only the Soul, but the absolute aswell.

Let's keep expressing our uniqueness then, because certainly in the Openhand approach, this is a powerful way to realising the absolute - your liberated Soul connects up, and you simply "fall into it", in the background of your own experience.

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Was just having this inquiry yesterday. A page I follow on FB was speaking of this very thing: the ascension is coming so all you have to do is sit back and let it happen, essentially. And that it's a given.  Thank you for clarifying! Where it really clicked is when you say you know things by what they are not, and how experience can't happen without duality. Makes me ponder the nature of the absolute. Guess I should get to it and find out, although I think I may already have had a glimpse or two. Thank you for the clarification. Love and blessings barb 🙏🤍


We are so in alignment of how the Ra energies express... I'm having to be very careful in my own life as I'm seeing the resounding impact of these paternalistic-but-costly-dynamics play out.

I'm also glad to have some perspective offered here:

" They've renamed themselves "the Anu" and have begun to assist in reverse-engineering the Matrix. "

A few weeks ago, I had dialed into this Anu aspect in the field. I cant remember what catalyzed it exactly but I had the name in my awareness, with sort of the dregs of a story throughout the day. Honestly, I've largely shied away from keeping an active awareness on this group for most of the last year, just because it hasn't seemed to be helpful in much of my life. That being said, I'm aware of the goings on here, and hearing about "Anu" had me sort of with an eyebrow raised.

That night, I headed North of Mount Shasta around 9 PM and was startled to see a caravan of cars on the freeway -- each license plate brandishing ANU and then a two digit number code. 

My response, of course, was a tremendous what the eff is going on here, Anu out here on the road, in caravan, in Mount Shasta, at night?! Of course, I don't know many people that would know the intricacies of this story without my filling in a fair bit of background, so I haven't even gotten to share this! Sort of a tragedy, because it was such an interesting chain of events.


I'd imagine theres nothing for me to do here -- just a strange thing to witness -- but I'm open to any insight ... 😊 Glad you're here, as always. Be well. 💙


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Thanks for sharing Sam - it's so good to get the feedback loops 👍

What does your caravan synchronicity say? It's always an interpretation. And so when a view lands, I find it essential to hold it lightly to allow the vision to take shape. But what it says to me is, "The Anu are on the move". I would interpret it as the old Annunaki healing (into the Anu) and ascending. One of the powerful dynamics we helped facilitate last week at an Openhand Facilitator Conference, was healing ancestral and genetic karma - lineages into the past. Many wounded groups emerged from the density. We were given to express three realigning/healing opportunities: 1) to move into the angelic realm. 2) to ascend and move on. 3) To heal, but stay on as a bridge in the 4D for beings passing from the old paradigm to the new.

I'd say you're being shown this "caravan" of souls moving.
But if they resonate, just hold the words lightly so you can make your own informed opinion.

Bright blessings

Open 💎


Hi Open, thanks for this. Definitely feeling the Ra influence. When I focus on the crown I immediately notice a heaviness, like something's there. And no doubt I've got the foggy brain, although i'm sure that's also helped by misaligned habits. Very emotionally labile. Also feeling a strong pull towards the baser urges, especially socializing with drugs and sex. Strong urge to reconnect with a person who facilitated that for me but was not a healthy connection and also a source of obsessive attachment (limerence; not my first but by far the strongest and still going but making progress there too). I'm feeling pulled in two directions; one takes me back home to my soul and the other to a dead end. But that dead end is so much fun after all the turmoil I've put myself through this year. I keep flipping back and forth between those two paths it seems. How do I get to the center? I struggle to sit in silence; always need to be DOING. Endless mind chatter. It's frustrating. I have more success with the breathing though so will focus on that for now. Never stopped with the inner work and distortions though, and keeping myself present, and I feel like progress is being made. Question re Sirius and the lost souls: were there not higher benevolent beings around to help them relocate or move on? Where was the angelic support? Or was it just that Ra was benevolent at that point then started leeching? I guess I'm a bit stuck on that because I don't want to be a lost soul; I already feel like one. Another conflict I struggle with is the pull between the need for freedom and the desire for  comfort of the familiar and safety. If I'm an old soul, and have gone through the death transition so many times, why am I still so scared of it. Why can't I remember? I had a brief vision of getting my head guillotined in what looked like the dark ages. Which to me seemed like an easy and merciful death. Taking a shower in Germany was very much the opposite. But that's it. So the battle rages on inside me. I'm just glad low income and health struggles are tamping my urges down and keeping me out of trouble. Hoping I can join in at the New Year's retreat. A focal point to keep me grounded. Blessings and love, barb 🙏🤍


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Hi Barb, you ask some very important and pertinent questions about the Sirius catastrophe...

Question re Sirius and the lost souls: were there not higher benevolent beings around to help them relocate or move on? Where was the angelic support? Or was it just that Ra was benevolent at that point then started leeching?

It was both. The angelic realm was there, as was Ra.
To be clear, I used the words (about Ra) as beginning with "benevolent intent". That's not the same as benevolent. It's the ownership that's the problem - "I've done something helpful so you owe me". As opposed to it being truly selfless. An angel helps without needing anything in return.

You ask...

If I'm an old soul, and have gone through the death transition so many times, why am I still so scared of it. Why can't I remember?

First, it is important to say the past no longer exists - the energy has shifted and transformed. So the energy of that time, but now in the present (because the space-time-continuum is always all moving through one moment), has changed to some reasonable degree. However, we do carry the influences and with them, visions forward.

However, our ability to see depends on a few key dynamics: 1) we need to be able to get past the trauma - consciousness shuts out the worst of the pain so a young soul can deal with the enormity of the situation until its able to regress steadily into it and normalise with it. 2) In a soul-harvested situation, the karmic memory is purposefully wiped clean - the energy no longer exists for that person.

The memory is wiped in the soul-harvested situation so the it's more difficult for the being to find the pathway of healing back through the trauma - by going through regressions. However, even if this has happened, the Soul will build new situations and circumstances around the fragmentation. So the stories will recreate. We just have to recognise the true path of healing is THROUGH these situations.

Wishing you well

Open 💎

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Thank you for this reply and your insights, so grateful to you. Deeply troubling I'm in this state. But I'm fully aware that I chose my lot every step of the way, and if I have to learn to let go the hard way that has to happen. I'm in the best place for this work; a group home for dysfunctional women. I have my whole family here in many iterations. I see myself in all their dysfunctional behaviours. Huge bell-ringer with benevolent intent; that's been a huge reciprocal theme in relationships. As someone with borderline personality my whole life my relationships have usually been a dynamic of people-pleasing or manipulation. In the manipulation state is where that Ra energy of benevolent INTENT is employed, and I've been on both ends. This a huge theme with many of the women here at Dawn house, so it's as you said, soul will bring me where I need to be. I confess though at first my usual defence mech of avoidance kicked in, but now I've been here some time I've found some courage and make a point of going down to the common room as much as possible to interact and face whatever comes up through the dynamic that day. Baby steps. Very fitting.

Highly motivated to do regression work but unsure of how to facilitate this on a very low budget. Would very much appreciate suggestions. 

Can I infer by one of the statements that I'm a young soul? That would be intriguing. Little i certainly still feels like a child but I think it's from being stuck in the ages where the trauma was worst. Lack of proper socialization had me clueless until well into adulthood, but many many times Ive had the feeling I might have been an animal in past life, so I wouldn't be surprised I'm a young soul. Plus the fact Im always asking questions like a child, have to know every detail about every detail. But then why such a traumatic life this life? Maybe it's the proximity to the Event that begs urgency for learning? So stuck in the trauma though. No, that's not it. I cling to the trauma. I won't let go. In fairness though I'm 52 and only just began facing myself the last few years. Perhaps I just need more time. But last night in a fit of frustration I said to myself "you know maybe it's time to just get t.f. over it! Not to be unsupportive or invalidate it's impact, but dwelling in it is getting srsly self-indulgent and I want to move on. So tired of living this small, ossified life." I feel like something wants to burst out of me like an alien. Apropos. So the inquiry is why am I still holding on? What won't I let go of and why. But I already have the answers and it's just time for aligned action. Im good at inquiring and planning, and even starting. Staying the course is where I buckle. Never taught discipline, and not strong enough yet to sit with a lot of the discomfort so I still do what I saw growing up: take the quick and dirty way out of my pain. I must become my own parent and find the will. The pain of staying stuck this way is a great motivator though, and slowly but surely I'm finding more courage.

This has been eye-opening and motivating, thank you again for your guidance and support. Love barb 🙏🤍

P.S. I can't remember, does one need to be grounded with Gaia to do Chakra work?


20/11/2023 Shift Update

Since the extraction of the ancient Annunaki from the Matrix they constructed some while back (which I've previously detailed here), I was waiting to see how the remaining intervention allies might realign themselves. It was always to be expected that they would. Why? Because the shadow is created by humanity's karmic unconsciousness. The protagonists are necessary to manifest the mirror of possible realignment.

Recently the Openhand higher dimensional Team has been bringing the entity "Ra" to my attention. What we're witnessing around us in society for many people who went down the pathway of the synthetic agenda in a kind of "zombified" state. Take a look around you. Do you not witness it in people everywhere? There's a dullness and a slowness, a nose-to-the-grindstone investment in the vain attempt to "get back to normal". Souls are being purposefully harvested into the 4D, which is a typically Ra dynamic.

My strong sense is that there's been a recalibration of the Intervention around Ra's leadership, together with Tall White synthetic entities and Black Snake. Even though these are early days, I've already witnessed strong evidence to support this, and so I've shared my views above on this in the new article today.

To be clear, the intervention definitely does not want this new perspective aired. I've already experienced attempts to hijack, to "rug-pull" the good name of Openhand so as to divert attention and pull the wool. But as with all of these pushbacks, the light of truth will always eventually win the day. We've witnessed it all before!

I urge all to explore and to share your views and feedback here with me below.

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎

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Hi Open,

This article speaks a lot to my current inquiries. Thank you for sharing your perspectives 🙏

I have been watching the different faces of goddess energy within me, how distorts it is and how am I getting identified with it.

Distorted goddess energy~ A week ago, My partner and I were invited to a friend's house for dinner where the host described his experience of travelling without a phone, money and any comforts ,and getting the supports from people all over the world. The story was quiet inspirational and I was drawn literally into the charms like mesmerized and even wished to be his partner. Soon I recognized it isn't me .Yet, I didn't even feel a need to look in to my lower chakras. It was like losing ones own sovereignty and following the other blindly.

When we reached home , it was like regaining my power back, and I could see where I was lost. I was inspired by the strong will power of this masculine character and somehow felt to own it because I haven't seen that in myself completely. So my mind presented the easy options. I then started inquiring the energy behind it, who wants a strong paternal character to be accompanied with. I recollected situations in the past where I encountered with this energy. I called her Isis ,but somehow I don't feel it right ( I dont think she needs a companion), it is  more like a distorted goddess energy.

​​​​Kali and me ~ Actually I'm curious to know how this distorted goddess energy is playing with my field. Since I have an identification of being a goddess , it's well rooted in me. The crown is still on my head. I tried to remove it a couple of times, some of its layers has gone, yet there is some investment.I can feel it throughout the day. This morning , I invited kali ,she is strong in my field and tried to melt down the crown . It's on fire now. Fascinatingly I'm not afraid of kali and I can see her alligned form and power. 

Dreaming distorted goddess: I feel to share a dream I saw a few days ago. In the dream , a meeting was happening between a goddess and the tibetan at her temple. She was sitting on a high pedestal ,wrathful in appearance, literally demanding worship/ attention from the tibetan by exhibiting her arrogant nature. The tibetan was cool , I don't give a shit like attitude. His response was more like " you will learn". I believe this dream is also pointing to the distorted goddess energy in the field.

Affiliation with Ra - I do know I have a strong affiliation with the Ra energy, glimpses of Egyptian civilization pointed them. I removed an implant from my third eye which shaped like a crescent with a star during the 3 day retreat , which pointed straight back to Ra, being a servant in the past time.Just like you mentioned,most of the time my crown is dense, kind of a woolyness and brain fog which then creates an interia in life. Atleast I know what was it now. Before that , My belief was my crown is closed and it will get opened eventually if I do my practices. There wasnt room to think about an entity attack. 

I've been observing myself as having an unconscious tendency to go with a group without even questioning. I suspect whether it also pointing to Ra aspects.

 Karmic inquiry: Actually I'm being compassionate to myself. Accepting me as who I'm now. At this point the pride of goddess fades away. Being humble in my skin.I'm not trying for anything. Just being. Keeping the space Open for inquiry.

Namaste 🙏 


In reply to by Soumya


Hi Siouyma,

Wow, that is a sobering story. But I'm sure one that happens to many women - handing power over to a strong masculine figure - especially if it's an "alpha male configuration". I'm currently writing about how we can all gain, male and female, from an understanding of the Sigma male archetype.

You said...

I could see where I was lost. I was inspired by the strong will power of this masculine character and somehow felt to own it because I haven't seen that in myself completely.

That's the point exactly - we see something outside of ourselves that completes something we haven't yet actualised on the inside. It's fine to get the external reflection (from a strong masculine for example). However, we must always work to seek and embody our own reflection of that resonance within. As you know, that's something we're constantly expressing in the Openhand work - inviting people to see the extrenal reflection, but embody it within themselves.

It's exactly the same dynamic that's necessary regarding the other polarity - the empathic sensitivity of the divine feminine. Because in the "Goddess" configuration, the empathic information that becomes available is so markworthy and outstanding, there's a tendency for a less sensitive male, to simply take the prognoses as "truth", especially if expressed in that manner. Speaking from experience, it actually retards the masculine being from fully opening their own empathic sensitivity.

Dynamics for us all to be vigilant of!

Open 💎

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A lot has been coming in about the RA energy since the conference.  I have full understanding but the energy actually has to be slowed down so I can express it with words so this may come out a bit "clunky".  I'm getting a lot of information about the complexities and inner workings of what's going on but right now feel it's appropriate to add a dimension to the discussion about the recalibration of the intervention around RA's leadership.

What I'm getting is the recalibration is actually an exposure of what has been there all along but absolutely does not want to be seen and has chosen to stay hidden by deeply intertwining with other groups (sometimes with, other times without, their knowledge).  As these groups realign or are otherwise removed, it is harder for RA to remain hidden.

RA only attacks when threatened and many souls actually seek this energy out since it can present very favorably in many different ways based on what the soul is yearning for.  One could say souls were duped but RA does not accept that perspective and stands firm in the belief there has been an energy exchange.  Not all harvested souls even realize they are trapped in a 4D bubble.  Instead they believe they have reached what has been indoctrinated in them as heaven, oneness, love and light, or something similar (through the work of others and RA takes advantage of this by providing the experience these souls think they are seeking). The souls who do not realize they are trapped (and perhaps even some who do) are content and feel held and protected and wouldn't choose to leave the bubble if presented with that choice.  RA is very aware of this and if challenged directly would use this information as proof that an energy exchange has occurred.  

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This is tremendously powerful Ann, and I encourage all to read and contemplate. There's much contained within it that will need opening up.

Knowing how you work empathically, I understand this is likely coming from the direct connection with Ra.

You said...

RA only attacks when threatened and many souls actually seek this energy out since it can present very favorably in many different ways based on what the soul is yearning for.  One could say souls were duped but RA does not accept that perspective and stands firm in the belief there has been an energy exchange.

Yes, Ra is being exposed and so pushing back quite strongly - causing all manner of deceptions in the psyche so as to cover tracks. Pointing "out there" to other causality for example, when the true source of the confusion is always some kind of wounding within.

In this case, I see Ra fulfilling a gap in inner consciousness - the search for the completeness of the absolute, the "Father". So people quickly settle for a bubble of identity. Because they're not yet fully ready to burst through the limitation (of aloneness) and into the absoluteness - to live with that degree of uncertainty.

The words that spike in the field for me from your sharing about Ra is the (mistaken) view by (him) that an "energy exchange" is aligned. For me, here lies his own distortion. And it's one you hear in spiritual circles everywhere - the subject of an energy exchange. Are we actually meant to exchange energy with another? What this really means is to exchange consciousness - your own consciousness!!

The higher, more aligned way to see it is that there's no exchange happening at all - rather its mutual activation. I activate something in you - you activate something in me. But we're not actually exchanging consciousness.

The higher picture view does get more complicated down in the lower densities where we do exchange resources - which are crystallisations of the quantum field. But as with many dynamics, Ra twists this truth to cause an exchange of Soul consciousness.

Thanks so much for sharing - let's keep exploring, but do be sure that Ra doesn't attach in your field!

Bright blessings

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Hi Open,

At first a very high vibrational being I'm guessing from 6 or 7 D connected and provided many knowings about various complexities and dynamics.  Then Ra joined in to voice his perspective.  I will be mindful of him not attaching to my field but at least for now he seems more interested in establishing communication.  He is an extremely intelligent energy and everything he does is calculated and purposeful.  He is aware a big part of the Openhand work is to unravel distortions in the field.  He knows his viewpoint will be viewed as a distorted from the Openhand perspective.  He feels he has the upper hand in preventing the unraveling of this perceived distortion because he feels Openhand would not want to be responsible for causing the level of emotional trauma the souls in the 4D bubble would experience.  From his perspective there is not a way to stop or redirect him without these souls experiencing severe emotional trauma.  His delivery of this message was very matter of fact in a kind of "check-mate" sort of way.


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Hey Ann

your post just came in after I posted my question,  wow! full on.

The thing that strikes me about what ra said about feeling openhand not wanting to be responsible for emotional trauma in the unravelling of the distortion, is that every soul is on its journey and responsible for itself and the journey does entail emotional trauma when things are unravelling. 

I certainly felt extremely traumatized when I left the christian faith, I felt like I lost my anchor, like my whole world was crumbling yet here I am slowly inching forward into a more aligned way of being. 


Erin 🙏

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Hi Erin,

I totally get what you're saying and agree every soul is responsible for its own journey.  I was relaying the message as it was given without adding my opinion.  We've witnessed so many powerful energies re-aligning recently.  I think it will be fascinating to observe what takes place here.  Praying Emoji

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Absolutely Ann. And its great that you relayed message as it came. I spose what I said was what came to mind and really directed to the ra entity and it just came burbling out onto the post. lol

It is fascinating indeed. 

Bless your sweet soul. 

Big hugs 

Erin 🙏⚘💚

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Hi Ann,

Indeed Ra is a most clever, and subtly manipulative, distorter. I felt to illuminate the key part of what you shared...

He is an extremely intelligent energy and everything he does is calculated and purposeful.  He is aware a big part of the Openhand work is to unravel distortions in the field.  He knows his viewpoint will be viewed as a distorted from the Openhand perspective.  He feels he has the upper hand in preventing the unraveling of this perceived distortion because he feels Openhand would not want to be responsible for causing the level of emotional trauma the souls in the 4D bubble would experience.  From his perspective there is not a way to stop or redirect him without these souls experiencing severe emotional trauma. His delivery of this message was very matter of fact in a kind of "check-mate" sort of way.

Of course, this is the projection of fear.... "you can't do that, or this will happen".

It's also essential to point out that the 4D karmic bubble is widespread. And can happen to people even when embodied - you don't have to be in the ether. Many are being primed in the 3D for harvesting. Principally by disconnecting from the true flow - through the Grand Galactic Convergence.

As Zee points out, and I know many in the Openhand network are familiar with, processing through emotional trauma is absolutely necessary - it's the way to liberation through this intense convergence. Like passing through the "eye of the needle".

Plenty of people are put off by that level of internal confrontation. Ra knows this all too well. It's why people become susceptible to misdirection or only partial healing techniques. It's why the Openhand work isn't widely popular and has received plenty of pushback over the years. And plenty of attempts at derailment.

The misconception is that we need a broad wave, a wide community to break this down. We don't. Just a diamond edge, of a small number of courageous souls who are committed to liberation. Those prepared to own their own karmic wounding and work with it.

Check-mate? No doubt with some, perhaps even plenty, Ra will likely succeed once more.
But this is an infinite game of progressive realignment through countless iterations and shifts.
And I have witnessed through many such realignments, how pride always comes before a fall.

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Wow such helpful reflections guys thankyou. 

I have a rather left field question regarding ra. Would the god of the bible be ra energy as it is very father orientated?

Having come out of the whole christian arena something is jangling in my field about this but cant quite put my finger on it as yet. Reflections most welcome. 🙏

Big hugs

Erin 💚⚘