Why Healing the Annunaki Rift is so Pivotal for the Planetary Shift

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We're living here in a complex simulation, a matrix, created for humanity by ancient alien architects from Sirius - the Annunaki. It's clear, the time for unravelling this defunct paradigm is upon us, but how best to do it? Where the fabric of that construct is woven into every aspect, even right down to human DNA, the most effective way was always going to be to enlist the creators to reverse engineer their creation. How might that be possible? Confronting them with the legacy they're creating turned out to be the key.

Multidimensionality: Tuning the Radio

Many people around the planet are now waking up and starting to taste the bounteous wonders of multidimensionality. It's like tuning the dial on a radio into different frequencies of existence. As you clear the lower vehicles of mind, emotional and physical bodies, then your consciousness expands first into the 4D astral layer and then beyond.

You'll find the 4D can feel expansive at first, but beware because there are plenty of entities there who try to deceive and derail so as to poach energy. It then becomes necessary to attune and align the chakras so as to settle into the universal Torus - that's the antidote. It causes them to retract. After this point in the journey, you've reclaimed your power and your sovereignty. Now anything becomes possible.

Like for example, being able to telepathically connect into some of the ET groups creating our reality. You can start to reason with them...

"What on earth are you up to?"

I initially experienced Enki this way back in the run-up to galactic alignment back in 2012, as a part of a benevolent mission to help him realign back to the universal fold. The Annunaki had become wayward, controlling and manipulating realities since the catastrophic break down of Sirius 120 million years ago. It was actually Enki who first approached me in the 4D ether. Having written 5GATEWAYS and produced the documentary film that reached out around the world, I guess he was intrigued. Where spiritual work really starts to make a difference, the intervention always tends to get involved to misappropriate and misdirect according to their agenda - that's happened in many of the major religions for example. Perhaps all.

Regression through Ancient Karmic Pain

By entertaining the dialogue, and as a part of a Higher Dimensional Team, we were able to turn the tables and regress Enki through his karmic pain of feeling "deceived and abandoned by God". It led to a massive breakdown and realignment of his consciousness. At that point, his group withdrew from the matrix, raised vibration, and became known as the Anu, with a more compassionate approach to reality. I lost touch at that point, until recently that is. Reconnection would turn out to be pivotal in the next stage of helping unravel the matrix here.

In recent times the simulation here has gone through an explosion of deceptive complexity and confusion. Just look at how every story, every system and construct is getting twisted so as to disempower people - from the bogus pandemic, to the resource and energy chains, to the fakestream media and the underpinning financial system. Not to mention the endless wars. How to untangle this gordian mess?

For the Openhand group, we've been steadily picking our way through the entanglement, helping awakening souls extract from it. It's been going well. And then the situation took an accelerating quantum leap when we discovered the truth about the moon - that it is artificial, and by bringing 4D attention to bear, we were able to connect with it's architects and understand exactly what it's doing. Basically it's extracting electromagnetic energy from the sun to manipulate the spin of Earth, then to project a 4D morphic blueprint that shapes a hybrid human configuration that people get greatly influenced and suppressed by. Further still, there's a new agenda they're working towards: the creation of a new synthetic human, still with an organic body, but encapsulated by a centralised AI brain. This old Annunaki group have been moving steadily forward with that agenda, for which the bogus pandemic was a key stage.

I've explained the effects of the moon on the planet in this article here

Engaging Enlil

I believe the Annunaki, this time under the other King Enlil, were taken aback by our approach and ability to glean this information. What followed for me was near constant dreamtime visitations by Tall Whites, synthetic beings created by Enlil's Annunaki. These beings are highly sophisticated, logical, mathematical and without any empathy whatsoever - they have no emotional body. Their singular aim is the agenda they've been programmed with - total dominion of the planet, applying AI to figure out progressively evolving strategies and iterations to enfold the different threads of human consciousness into their plan.

This especially includes many leading spiritual organisations here trying to help the emergence of consciousness. That's the intervention's last line of defence. They'll try to influence and divert - applying intention-led creation for example, that gets diverted back into their agenda. Creating technologies such as "free energy" devices for example, but which lead to the perpetual manipulation of the natural planetary eco-systems.

This is why, in my opinion, spiritual practice that invites connection and surrendering to the natural flower of life, the Kundalini Torus, is so essential. Best of all, it overcomes and unwinds intervention.

It became abundantly clear, in order to solve this complex gordian knot, Enlil would have to be engaged, and if possible, healed, by regressing him into the pain and suffering his group are causing - to get him to take ownership. But how to fulfill such a monumental task?

Discover How to Realign with the Natural Universal Torus

Legacy: the Key to Unlock the Door

That's where his brother Enki reappeared on the scene, expressing through some of the summer crop circles in the UK - articulating his understanding of the magnetic effect of the moon and communicating in the dreamtime a readiness to help resolve the problem by reconneciton with his wayward brother Enlil. It wasn't going to be easy. We'd understood that there was great enmity from Enlil, as he'd felt betrayed and abandoned by his brother since he extracted from the intervention back in 2012 - in fact there'd been a foundational rift between them stretching all the way back to Sirius to overcome. Nevertheless, Enki would most lilely be the bridge to any healing mission.

In Avebury this summer it wasn't hard to connect into the Enlil group, because they'd been taking such an interest in our work via the Tall Whites. There's always a key to unlock any door. And in this case, it was their legacy. The Annunaki are a proud warrior and engineering race, who consider they've created stupendous sophisticated civilisations, both here and in many other places across the cosmos. But what if their creation here had clearly become cancerous and perverted? How would they feel about their legacy then?

Hence the power and timing of the film Sound of Freedom, which exposes the great tragedy of child trafficking, a humungous industry with its tentacles far and wide that's creating massive suffering on a planetary scale. To be clear, I never considered the Annunaki had purposefully created this travesty. But that Black Snake entities had. Enki expressed back in 2012 how their agenda here had gotten infested and violated by this wayward, satanic, earth elemental energy. It was when I presented Enlil with his legacy, and the fact that it was being witnessed by Star Being Nations all across the cosmos, that things started to shift.

In the end, it only took a simple question: how did heal feal about his legacy?

The Simplest Solution to a Complex Problem

Truth is the most powerful "weapon" in the Universe. But not how it's projected. Rather how it can be applied to empower through a timely question. Ask the right question and it's like a silver bullet that connects into the opposing consciousness and then cuts right to the heart of the problem. You could feel the rapidly growing reverberations of breakdown in the 4D field within just a few seconds. Enlil was ready to let go. Enki was ready to embrace him. What followed was a massively emotional moment of healing. 

Just a short while later, it happened to be reflected to the Openhand group through plentiful synchronicity leading to a crop circle displaying a fascinating symbology - two shafts of an "A" coming together after much blood, sweat and tears. It's Occam's Razor, posing a philosophical question: "what's the simplest solution to a complex problem?"

The crop circle was manmade, yet the signs, synchronicity and divine flow that led the group to it, and the healing effect within it, made it clear it was Enki's calling card. He'd revealed many intervention dynamics through a simple form, including the current involvement of the Tall Whites - how they influence to create adjusted synthetic realities. It became evident they were even infecting some manmade crop circles to influence key chakra points such as shutting down the crown.

Nation Speaks Peace Unto Nation

The simplest solution to the complex artificial simulation we currently face on the planet would be the reunification of the two factions of the Annunaki - perfectly depicted through the crop circle. It feels to me that essential key has now been actualised and is being applied to unlock the density. It's going to be fascinating to see how that might now ripple realigning waves through the nature of this synthetic reality. Only time can tell. But I for one am buoyed with optimism. Our journey of healing was divinely punctuated with plentiful signs and synchronicities, like this one, seemingly displaying the reunifying wings of Enki and Enlil with this bold statement...

You can watch our 40-minute documentary on the healing of the Annunaki rift and readying the Stargates for realigning Ascension here:

Planetary Shift Facilitators: the Unravelling Flow

If you've been inspired by my sharing, and would like to accelerate your emergence from the matrix simulation, then consider getting involved in the Openhand Ascension Portal. It's where we apply our awareness to strip out intervention from people's energetic fields and support authentic soul emergence.

Openhand Ascension Portal

See you there.
Bright blessings,

Open 💎

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Opening through the (chromosome) split

It took me some time to grasp the magnitude of multidimensional unravellings that have been taking place around the experience in Facilitator Gathering. The journey and processing reflected key facets about the engagement with OH work so far.

There’s been some obvious delay in my process of articulating the sense of energy work that took place. Why so and where does this feeling come from?

The obvious answer came to me in terms of healing the split in my personality structure. One part of myself is keen on “zooming out” and seeking the aspects of bigger picture in the human story through the lenses of expanded awareness. This part often times lacks the full immersion in the human experience. And there is another aspect, that expresses merely through the heart, following the impulse that is generated by the movement of the energy field. That part is keen on missing out the profound connection to higher dimensional flow and is (re)acting more from the intertwined karmic field. In a nutshell this split to me characterize the separation between the body/mind and the heart.

The nature of fake/authentic reality

My own relationship to the crop circle that appeared during the gathering invited me to consider the relationship to the higher-dimensional flow. How much does the fact that it has been crafted by the human hand influence the perception and meaning about what it has brought to the surface? To me its symbolism was the most authentic expression of reality, that I’ve been experiencing as the human being.

In relation to the Annunaki Rift, the healing energy literally needed few weeks to penetrate in the operating system of my human self, those infusing the “Homo-sapiens” field with the possibility to re-engage with aligned higher-dimensional flow of my own Soul. In other words, the experience of taking an active role in this healing process enabled me to restore the blueprint of human template on a DNA level. It’s almost like “cracking the holes” within chromosome split, where they got merged in the process of hybridization. In some way it’s a peculiar process, that needed to happen beyond the engagement of “voice box”, that prevented my lower mind to get in the way of realignment.

This dynamic and my way of describing it may sound complex, as I am bringing it through the human brains, once again. Nevertheless, it ‘s been reflecting very straightforward process within myself. To me the Facilitator Conference felt like coming to terms with the Intervention.

Making piece with Intervention

Personally I was baffled by the scope of energy processing that took place. It almost doesn’t make sense to the human mind in wanting to grasp the magnitude of what it all means. Whilst much attention has been drawn to the re-conciliation within the Annunaki group, it feels important to acknowledge also the process in relation to some other key players of the Intervention story.

In embracing the karmic pain of “Omega, the reptilian queen”, it felt like creating the doorway towards re-emergence of way more harmonious relationship among different forms of sentient Life on the Earth-plane.

Offering the sovereign compassionate reflections about the nature of Truth to the last iteration of Tall Whites, synthesized beings from Orion, seems to have softened the grip of their mission and systemic colonization of Gaia’s energy grid.

In my experience there seem to be a binding element, that has been drawing main players of the Intervention dynamic in coherent direction. The energy of Black Snake (personally I hasten to use this name, due to some judgment that it might still hold) was very attentive in wanting to held some of the old constructs in place. At some moments I would feel the presence of “Green Snake”, the aligned aspect of the elemental energy, that has been drawing closer with a wish to restore some of it’s “unholy child” in offering humans the possibility to grow out of one’s own distortions. To me it feels like acknowledging the being that has partially served as the evolutionary tool for the human race. It continues to be a shared healing journey that is taking place.

Intervention transmuting into an an act of Divine service

In connection to the reconciliation that has taken place, there is a sense of new beginning in relation to the concept of Intervention. I like to call it Divine Intervention. On the other side of the coin of this deep energetic processing, there has been nearly constant inquiry – how do we bring the sense of “Original Humanity”, restored human blueprint active on the Earth-plane.

People from Mu, as I felt given to call the energetic memory of our ancient ancestors, had to process the sense of disconnection and lean into the feeling of abandonment/betrayal.

Were humans truly left behind by the Higher-dimensionals allowing the Intervention to cast them out of the garden of Eden? The group from Annunaki seems to have entertained the wound that has been actually present in the evolutionary journey of the mankind. The palpable sense of Star-being nations elsewhere from the Cosmos that has been drawing closer in the Ether re-assured me about the resolution that is ongoing in the field. As humans, we are the answer to the glitch in the Flow, the ingenious mechanism of the pull back mechanism back to the Source.

Once again, as human Souls we came to the verge of awakening into the greater destiny. Becoming the living library of the evolving Species into the Galactic Family of Light. In some way we appear to be the interbreed among various cosmic frequencies and through the process of our new emergence we pave the energetic Pathway for all of the energies within the universal template, that have become lost on their journeys.

To me that appears to be the potential that I have strongly felt within the group of Facilitators as we were journeying through the fields of Avebury. We are the Ones, that we have been waiting for.

Gathering of the Tribe

When group came together in the alchemical pot of these inquiries, for me there’s been the feeling of Home-coming. It seemed that our Souls bestowed Us in connecting with those parts of universal template, that has been yearning to be liberated from the shackles of (old) humanity.

There seem to be the common thread in our group. Most have been struggling to find our way through society and modern way of living. There is no actual “fitting in”, other than the space of shared commitment to be in service to the emerging Life. That’s where the sense of Resonance came from.

Members of Facilitator Crew appear to have one thing in common – stepping out into the unknown and shedding the lights of awareness towards those aspects, that are not able to see it yet. The sense of being unseen is engrained in our operating system, creating the capacity in forming resonant connections to those aspects that might have been lost in their own shadows.

The Invitation within the Flow

The dynamics throughout the Conference, have been directly reflected as I was coming home. It was represented with strong storms in my area, breaking down most of the trees in my living space followed by outpouring of strong rains. It’s time to step out of the (cosmic) woods and surrender to the Gaia’s flow was the reality response in my living setting. With the reality construct starting to vividly break down in front of my eyes, I had to equalize with the energies of the Shift.

There’s been a sense of active anticipation that has been present in my field throughout the gathering, building up to the Avalon rising. The feeling that I can best describe as some sort of unified benevolent expression, presented to me as “Starseed movement”. It’s about time to shift my attention towards the frequencies that came here to truly uplift the transition towards new way of being in the New Paradigm. That’s how I feel to navigate my inner compass, by starting to fully merge my cosmic & human heart into coherent expression.

As the Avalon fully rises once again, the Earth might as well become the cosmic hub of Star-Being nations. It’s definitely an exciting prospect at hand and the privilege to be taking an active role in this process of custodianship.

Thank you, dear friends, for your companionship on this journey.Praying Emoji

Miha 🌳



25/07/2023 Shift Update: Chakra Attunement

Right now the field is unravelling quickly through key intervention layers - the leadership has healed and is withdrawing, as I expressed in this key article above. So you can expect a lot of turbulence on the surface in the 3D and through the leadership of society - lots of change.

For each of us that means we need to double down on the inner work, especially aligning and attuning the chakras. Why so important? Because each chakra connects you into the source. And if there are any derailing entities buzzing around, then they have to leave because they're not able to sit in the presence of the source.

So stability is key right now. Deep spiritual practice on a daily basis, with soul integration meditation.

I would recommend this chakra attunement meditation for example.

Also Openhand's Removing entities meditation.

These are turbulent times, but I see the storm clouds clearing ahead and settling.

Let's keep on doing the essential inner work.

Bright blessings

Open 💎


Dear Open,

I was driving and contemplating your statement - "What followed for me was near constant dreamtime visitations by Tall Whites, synthetic beings created by Enlil's Annunaki. These beings are highly sophisticated, logical, mathematical and without any empathy whatsoever - they have no emotional bodies" -- and I was thinking of my experience with these beings, how I had encountered them as completely ruthless and emotionless, when I started feeling a set of tall whites who were not in agreement with this at all- ( a kind of dissent rose in my heart space) who were not emotionless, who were feeling the pain of the mayhem- who felt so lost that they were grasping at even a ray of light and  a drop of love and I heard the word- "plague". I do not know what plague it is but it felt like something that infected them. I remembered Open you mentioning that to generate the synthetic tall white beings, their creators (Orion?)  beings still needed pieces of consiousness and souls to construct these. Maybe I was connecting to those pieces ? And of course now I am feeling such heaviness and tall white energy in my crown. 

In reply to by Ruchi (not verified)


Hi Ruchi, yes indeed, The Tall Whites have gone into a degree of panicky overdrive having lost their paternal leadership - I can feel that in the field too.

They were created by the Old Annunaki, under Enlil, by harvesting souls from Orion and creating a collectivised consciousness. What needs to happen now is to connect these beings back to the source, which can happen through us as we feel them. This is something the Benevolent Mission is well aware of and will be working to encourage everyone to undertake.

We'll definitely be exploring that in the Openhand work going forwards.

Well wishes

Open 💎

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Dear Open,

There is another set of beings that I am encountering a lot in this lifetime and especially now- as I am understanding they are the dark magi from Atlantis.

To me it feels that these beings who are very plugged into humans at 3D level, but at 4D level are engaged in occult as well as scientific experimentation on humans. Who were the dark magi from Atlantis- were they also Anunaki ? They also have access to biological agents (aka the pandemic virus). I am trying to make sense of their role in Atlantis and their role now. In my dream space I have seen labs where humans are being cloned.


I do believe healing this ancient Annunaki rift between the leaders Enki and Enlil will prove pivotal to the realigning 5D Shift here on the planet. Do check out my article on that above and let me know what you feel.

Sharing always helps ripple the healing realinging effect.

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Hi all

I must say that this is really pivotal moment, for eons we have been waiting, and now is here, ripples can be already felt...

In 2018 there was information that next years up to crucial 2022 will be very hard, but it will take two or three years more for things to calm down. And it is happening, a lot of good souls are helping, but I think humanity should give a big Thank you to Open and Openhand team for their crucial work.

It will take a lot of time to heal humanity - etheric beings can change at the moment - bit in physical body memories is integrated in every cell. But as Open said - there's always a key to unlock any door. To me the Sound is really powerful key, like this angelic voice...

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Hi Danniel - that is so heart warming, thanks from the heart for your feedback ♥️

Yes indeed, I also see these next few years ahead as pretty turbulent as things unravel, but I also see the strong possibility of a clearing after that where things can stabilise.

Only time can tell, but what is for certain, we must all keep working on unravelling through.

Much love and well wishes

Open 💎