Living the Great Shift of Consciousness in Daily Life:
A new paradigm is emerging as the old fear based reality breaks down. If we can begin to live this new sense of beingness more and more, then increasingly this New Paradigm becomes our reality.

These articles and points of view, are all about activating seeds of awareness that may encourage you to live more accordingly to your higher self, and to shine that forth in the world around you for more successful, joyful, harmonious and fulfilled living ...


The Paradox of Passion...Stirring Your Creative Juices

Submitted by Richard W on Fri, 12/14/2018 - 06:02

For the last week I’ve been high. Not from any artificial stimulant or even a wonderful experience. It’s simply from having the space to express my passions and finally seeing that expression manifest in the physical world – an expressing that will touch the world in a positive way. Now, after a week the high is coming back down. Not that it will be replaced by a low as with so many artificial highs or even the after effects of wonderful experiences. This high has come about simply by letting the energy that is ‘me’ flow out into the world, from which I know there is an infinite source.

So where does true passion come from?

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How Climate Change is Shrinking Habitable Earth...A Spiritual Response

Submitted by Open on Tue, 11/27/2018 - 04:20

Here's a great video exploration from "Democracy Now" on how abrupt climate change is shrinking habitable earth and the tremendous acceleration of that. It's essential evolving people are informed of what's really going on, where there's still so much avoidance, denial or deferral. At Openhand we advocate 'turning right into' the inconvenient truth of dramatic biosphere change and the threat to our very physical existence. What does that activate within? Work through any fear and contracting tightness. That's the pathway to your immortal spiritual self and the shift into 5D consciousness...

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5D Shift: Earth's Toroidal Flow Building, How it's Impacting Humanity & Society

Submitted by Open on Sun, 11/25/2018 - 03:55

The Openhand Movement is principally here to help facilitate the realignment of the natural flow. In the Shift, there can be nothing more powerful than amplifying the underlying aligned energetic movement itself. I've expressed this essentially as the 'battle' to unwind intervention control. It's a Universal 'battle', as the Torus works to naturally establish itself fully from the places of contracting darkness. Right now I sense we're witnessing nothing short of a resurgence of the Earth Torus, which is already having strongly visible effects, both across society and in humanity's evolutionary journey...

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5D Shift: The Peculiar Sense of No Self...Moving into Enlightened States

Submitted by Open on Tue, 10/30/2018 - 07:27

I've often heard people say on the path, "I don't know who I am any more!" It's indicative that you're starting to move beyond the false self ego and into the sense of 'no self'. It can be pretty scary and unsettling at first, and as it arises, fear might bounce you back into ego again. But there'll come a point, when you realise everything that you thought you were was false and an illusion anyway. And that such contracted identity doesn't serve anymore. This is when absolute freedom beckons. Rather than losing anything, you're starting to gain the whole Universe.

Come and dive into this immaculate home coming with me. It'll be the ride of your life...

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Living the 5D Shift: The Daily Process of Karmic Processing

Submitted by Open on Mon, 10/08/2018 - 06:05

There's simply no escaping it, everyone is here to process karma. This is where unrealised aspects of soul get stuck within the drama, by some form of identification, and then build internal eddy currents of energy. This causes some form of inner 'tightness', which then projects out into your world and naturally manifests reflective circumstances to activate the pain. The point being so as to process the blockage and integrate soul through the situation. Providing there's no overriding in avoidance, then this becomes the very path of life itself, the path of our self-realisation, the only thing actually happening in the Universe. It's essential to get to know and fine tune your own personal process...

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Living the Dream...Thinking Differently

Submitted by Open on Tue, 08/14/2018 - 09:01

When you truly step onto the path, and feel the directive of the Shift, it's sure to set you against the majority of people around you, clinging to the vestiges of a crumbling reality. Still they hang on, shrivelled in fear, and a part of that reality control, will be to make you wrong. This is where your dream is so important. We've been crammed into the container of a small control mechanism. But how big are you really? How much more can you be as a being? Of course I'm not talking about the confines of ego. I'm talking about having the courage to completely shatter the illusions and constraints of an out-dated reality that no longer serves.

So I ask, how big is your Dream for Yourself?

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Why You No Longer Need To Fear Death

Submitted by Richard W on Fri, 08/10/2018 - 05:17

I had the pleasure of giving a workshop at Trew Fields cancer and holistic health awareness festival this last weekend. It was truly inspiring to see so many people challenging their preconceived ideas and conditioning around subjects such as cancer, drugs, holistic therapies and death. However, even here I observed some resistance to talking about dying itself.

It is such a taboo subject, and yet my aim is to break this taboo by normalising it for people in a way that not only reduces fear of the dying process, but also gives you the tools to approach it in a conscious way, which is ultimately free from suffering. 

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5D Shift: Heroes and Heroines...You'll be at the Right Time and Place

Submitted by Open on Sat, 07/14/2018 - 06:10

There was something totally captivating about the rescue of the young Tai football team, trapped underground, in water filled tunnels for over 9 days, with little food or clean water, in the dark, awaiting a perilous rescue attempt. Cometh the hour, cometh the person: in this case, a young Buddhist Monk, the Team coach, who kept the boys centred and trusting, through meditation and calmness. The metaphor is beyond words. He was in the 'right' place at the right time, just as you and I will be, when our time comes in this great shift of consciousness happening across the earth. What an inspiration.

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You'll go into the Desert, alone; Gods will be Smiling, But not Answering!

Submitted by Open on Sat, 07/07/2018 - 18:34

On the path, you'll have to get used to going into 'the desert' - an inner landscape that will call you at times; it's where there's some inner convolution of consciousness that needs to be unravelled. Be prepared for it to feel harsh. There will be no immediate answers, no soft shoulder to cry on. Yes, the Gods will be with you, and they'll be smiling, but not answering your longing, which can make it feel all the more challenging. Yet going into the desert is necessary, and your apparent aloneness essential.

Here's what the purpose is, and encouragement for dealing with it...

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5D Shift: The Patterns are Falling into View - Essential to Equalise in it

Submitted by Open on Mon, 07/02/2018 - 05:04

The Shift accelerates right across our planet; the patterns are falling clearer into view now, and it's essential ascending people equalise with what's going on, because that's how you find the path of light through it. Here are the developing patterns: (1) There remains the zombified denial of society, desperately clinging to 'business as usual'; (2) Gaia is responding predominantly through the Pole Shift, which is accelerating earthquake and volcanic activity, lowering her magnetic shield, progressively opening the biosphere to transformative cosmic cleansing; (3) Meanwhile plenty in the Spiritual Mainstream are still languishing behind blinkers - thinking there's a sustainable 3D solution.

The unwinding cleansing through the 4D and into 5D IS the solution. Let's get real folks!

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Are You Responsible for Other People’s Suffering?

Submitted by Richard W on Fri, 06/29/2018 - 07:22

I've been touching on the subject of responsibility with many of my clients recently. Many people see the pain of those around them, and feel a certain sense of responsibility for it. Particularly when they judge what they've said, or the actions they have taken, has led to pain in another. Its one theme I'll be touching on in my book 'Awakening into Change' coming out in autumn (fall) of 2018. And because it's such a sensitive subject I thought I would go deeper here into exactly why I say you are NOT responsible for other people's suffering.

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Letting go of Perfectionism on the Path...A Personal Exploration

Submitted by .Jen on Wed, 06/13/2018 - 04:16

As I sit here, I hear the songs of birds and the scurrying of squirrels as they leap from the limbs of the trees. I wish I could say how peaceful and serene it feels, however, what stands out more strongly is the banging, smashing sounds of dismantling happening nearby...pieces of wood being torn off a children’s playground and thrown into a scrap pile a few yards away...BANG, BANG, smash, thunk...and I wonder why I am sitting here, in THIS spot? What is this here to show me? And then it becomes clear...I have been contemplating what it means to be hard on myself, what creates that harsh inner critic? Is there any truth in it?

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