The Cosmos - and how it affects us?

What is the influence of the planets on us? I can see that all of the cosmos has a vibrational effect on us. But which direction does this go? If we are creating with how we are being then aren't we drawing to ourselves the effects we are experiencing? Aren't we collectively creating the cosmos as they are - or at least holding in place the structure of the cosmos by our mass agreement to see it a particular way? It seems it's all a mirror anyway...not a cause of what I am feeling, but a reflection of what is already inside of me.

I hear from some people around me that pay attention to the shifting of the planets and what phase they are in etc to help them understand influences and to guide actions in life. In particular they will mention often to not start anything when Mercury is retrograde because it will just create a "do over". The first thing that comes to mind for me is that life in general is a "do over" unless you are completely self-realized - free from all karma, aren't you essentially doing over what you didn't "get" before - or weren't able to self-realize through before?

It seems to me this avoiding action during mercury retrograde is a control mechanism to avoid discomfort and has the potential to dissolve the impulse of the soul.

Any clarity that you could offer on this one? =)

Thank you!

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After I wrote this, I was reflecting upon how astrology/cosmology expresses synchronicity, Open. Guess that's synchronous to your reply! :)

Thanks for your sharing Catherine,

I agree on many levels - also that actually what we're talking about here is synchronicity - everything is moving in alignment. So it may be more about patterns of synchronous behaviour that we're observing with cosmology


Hi Jen and Open,

I've dabbled in the study of astrology over the years. My soul's pull to explore astrology has been more about feeling into the archetypal energy patterns of the planets and how they mirror parts of me rather than getting caught up in intellectually analyzing and dissecting astrological degrees, aspects etc. or in using astrology as a predictor of events as many people do. As above, so below. When feeling into my birth chart or current astrological phases, I gain flashes of insights into my soul's journey and what I'm learning, past lives included, and how the heavens reflect and mirror this.

For example, I've observed when Mercury is retrograde that I sometimes attract people from my past. During the current Mercury retrograde phase, a childhood friend contacted me to arrange a get together. She is moving from eastern Canada to B.C. and will live close to me. It has been so heartwarming to recall and renew the healing love, kindness, fun, and joy I experienced with her and her family while growing up. The love we shared back then is returning to bless us again, and the sky mirrors this.

The Moon (emotions) features strongly in my birth chart and is at the apex in the 9th House (the handle of a bucket pattern), the House that represents karma, higher mind, and higher learning. The moon and I have danced intimately together in a very challenging embrace throughout this lifetime. I have "hard" and very dense aspects in my astrological birth chart to the Moon with Saturn and Pluto that mirror my karmic journey (like Sisyphus rolling the rock up the mountain) in breaking through the repression and tyranny of my intellect and denial of my emotions, so I can feel into, surrender, and release my emotional blockages and distortions. And EXPRESS (I still have to breathe higher consciousness into my contractions before expressing in this forum).

Open, you mention the challenges of Moontime. I have felt this dynamic so intensely and have throughout my life and feel it relates to my ambivalence and sense of abandonment and betrayal about birthing and incarnating into this third density in this lifetime and in past lifetimes, as well, here on planet earth. I have felt these emotions to such a degree at times that it felt like I could burst wide open and blow up. I'm feeling these cyclic emotions relate to prior lives out there in the cosmos and to repressed anger about the downgrading of humanity on planet earth through OC intervention and subsequent, traumatic birthing of my children in this and other lifetimes. I'm still making my way down the rabbit hole to release these powerful emotions and become whole. Overall, with regard to astrology, it my feeling that the planets don't "cause" any behaviour. Rather, the planets and their aspects mirror our karmic journeys. My fascination with astrology has helped me to gain many valuable insights into my soul's journey. I appreciate the discussion. Thank you!


Great exploration Jen. Yes we are co-creating with the cosmos. Or perhaps I should say, that since we are but a speck in the cosmos, the cosmos is creating with us!

This is why in the Openhand Approach, it's so important to be a part of the flow - to be a part of the cosmos. Rather than creating small "I" desires, become a part of the flow by softening yourself into it. Then the macrocosym with flow through you into your life...

    "everyone knows that the drop merges into the ocean,
    but few know that the ocean merges into the drop."

It's actually why intentionally manifesting using the Law of Attraction ultimately breaks down - because we ARE interrelated with the cosmos and it is infinitesimally bigger than a human being! The cosmos - in its entirety - may move slower than the small machinations of our every thought or action, but as it moves, the totality of it becomes irresistible.

So do the individual planets and stars have a noticeable affect on us? Yes, but to varying degrees, depending on size, distance from us, and the movement of consciousness within that divine being.

Consider the impact of Mercury. It is a small planet, about 2/5th the size of Earth, and is about 77 million km from us. But if you consider the Sun, the centre of our solar system, it is about twice that distance away - 149 million km, but a million earths would fit inside the Sun! This might give you some idea about the relative impact in terms of energy at those varying distances. The effect of Mercury at that distance and size, on a human being, would probably be fairly miniscule - detectable to someone who is sensitive and tuned in (to Mercury retrograde for example), but nevertheless, pretty small. People do say Mercury retrograde affects them, and that may well be the case. But I wonder how much of this is imagined? How much of it is self creating based on expectation?

Consider however the moon. Which is actually bigger than Mercury, but only 12,000 odd km away. Now that's going to have quite a major effect - we see the effect on the oceans for example. Personally it has a big impact on my own field, and I know it impacts the female moon-time (of course) in a pretty big way - it affects the emotions, and it's something that would help us greatly to be aware of, so we can harmonise with it; to take it easy during moontime for example, to be aware of the increased potential for emotional outbursts, to be more gentle with one another and less catalytic.

But that's only a guideline. It's vitally important not to apply mind-led and fixed intention - 'you shouldn't do this during Mercury retrograde' is yes, a fixed intention mostly coming from an ego (quite apart from the fact that Mercury will be having a fairly minimal impact in comparison to the moon and sun for example).

I'm not saying Mercury in retrograde doesn't have an effect. And yes, sensitives may be able to pick that up. But for most of us, there are other movements that will have a much greater effect. The Sun and moon I've mentioned, but also the Galactic Core, around which our Sun and all solar systems in our galaxy rotate. For me, the Galactic Core has a big effect in the 4D on our karma. It helps activate karma when we are ready for that, and to cleanse karma away once we've released it.

So yes, these cosmic bodies do have a big effect, in proportion to their size and distance from us, and their purpose in relation to our consciousness. But rather than intentionally applying fixed ideas about what we should or shouldn't do in relation to that, better just to feel the natural ebb and flow through you and allow it to direct ones 'attention' to where it's supposed to be.

Thanks, it's a lovely inquiry.

Open *OK*

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Hi Open and Catherine,

I have not been able to respond the last couple days as I came down with something and feel very dense and heavy and quite a fog in my head. I felt I could reply briefly here today and just say thank you both for expanding my perspective on this topic.

For me the following speaks to me:

"better just to feel the natural ebb and flow through you and allow it to direct ones 'attention' to where it's supposed to be."

I am having trouble piecing anything else together right now - so I will leave it at that! =)

<3 Jen