The Crypto Rollercoaster Ride and the 5D Shift

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Anyone who invested in crypto during this last year is likely sitting on quite hefty losses at this time - my heart goes out to you.♥️ However, I do continue to believe this shift into decentralised blockchain is a critical step in the unwinding of the old paradigm and its unjust financial system. It was therefore bound to be challenged. We must be courageous and bold. Similar crunches happened to the early internet adopters, and now the internet has become the bedrock of modern society. I have no doubt, crypto will do the same.

Crypto: A Breath of Fresh Air

So why the sudden drop these last few weeks? In the early days of crypto, Bitcoin was established as a means of escaping the broken, and heftily manipulated, fiat system. The controllers looked on, first with amusement and cynicism, and then like rabbits, frozen in the headlights of a fast-approaching car. After that, they scrambled to get on board, and then, as with Wall Street, used their shadowy manipulation techniques to "pump and dump", so they might take over this new space and scare off the private investors.

Let's be clear, cryptocurrency is about much more than a new means of decentralised money - it's a means of connecting and communicating away from the manipulative hands of the state. People around the world can trade with each other, and communicate, in the blink of an eye, at minimal cost, and with no need of the shadowy state middle man. What a breath of fresh air!

It's going to be one helluva tussle. Now crypto has established itself as something serious to invest in - and so (unfortunately) it has become linked to stock market movements such as the NASDAQ and SNP500. Whereas crytpo was a new hedge against recessionary money printing, now it's affected by the recession the world is fast moving into. It's gotten tethered by the shadow.

Discover the Underlying Dynamic of Crypto in Aquarius

Crypto Pioneers Fear Not!

But intrepid crypto pioneers fear not! I always maintained in the book DIVINICUS that new layers and iterations of the system would rise and fall before the final cleansing and the emergence of the New 5D Paradigm. We have indeed entered a hybrid state, and I have no doubt, that as the previous iteration unwinds, the new version will be underpinned by crypto. The rate of adoption is staggering, and there are waves of private people still coming into the space at a phenomenal rate.

Yes, the state will regulate - that's probably the main reason that crypto prices have either stalled or fallen back this last year. The bogus lead case by the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC), against Ripple's XRP, has for sure been a determining factor limiting not just for it, but the whole sector. The case continues. The SEC is losing, and so they keep stalling the resolution. I have no doubt, that it will represent a watershed in the whole crypto movement.

Personally I continue to be tremendously supportive and "bullish" about the prospects for crypto - in particular that it can help private people escape the clutches of the broken and bankrupt fiat system. I think this will be pivotal in the emergence of a more just and fair society in the years to come. To all those who did invest, I say "hang on!!" Take a longer term view. I would say that in 5 years time, we're going to be in a very different position. We are in the early adoption phase, with a great deal of upside to come.

In the Great Shift, Stay Strong, Stay Long!

Here is Charles Hoskinson, one of the original founders of Ethereum, and now the leader of Cardano, explaining exactly why crypto has experienced the challenges it has. It's going to be a bumpy ride and long, just as the wider shift is. But talented, committed and resourceful people will always find a way through, because that is the forging and emergence of soul. That's why we're here and we will not fail. It is simply not on the landscape.

Despite the recent market falls in crypto, Ethereum is still up 10 times from just a couple of years ago when I wrote about it on Openhandweb. Likewise Bitcoin is still up strongly and plenty of other coins too. Such corrections are bound to happen in this emerging new technology.

Be strong, stay long!...

Bright Blessings

Open 💙🙏

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The crucial merge of ethereum is fast approaching as the crypto moves to proof of stake. It will be a major boost to decentralised peer-to-peer connection - the network effect is escalating day by day. It presents a major challenge to the shadow state and its financial control. That's why I'm a great supporter of the crypto because I believe it supports the breakout of human consciousness within the shift.

Here's the latest on the ethereum upgrade and what it might mean...


Since we were up in Avebury in August, I've written a lot about how I felt the Star Being Nations were merging into our reality to help in the deepening cycles of the shift. It's something I spoke of at Ickonic in the new Messengers series about the Openhand view. I've always felt cryptocurrency was a means by which we could break down the hegemony of the shadowstate and the bankrupt financial system - it's why they're trying so desperately to suppress crypto.

Yesterday a major merge event took place with Ethereum. It's highly significant "Bellatrix" update went live, thus preparing it for the merge into Proof of Stake, on target for 13-15th Sep. This is highly significant for the crypto space, but also I feel it speaks directly into the tangible ways in which we're being supported in breaking down the old system. I do most definitely believe we're heading into a 3D/5D hybrid state, which I've previously explained in video, as opposed to pure shadow metaverse. For me, the latest news bodes extremely well all round...


So, it may appear as though the humungous shakeout in the crypto industry may has hit the bottom, and we're bouncing along it. However, I don't think we're out of the woods just yet. Crypto has found itself in the position of being tied to the macro economy, which is in the process of major bubble bursting and restructuring - plenty of uncertainty.

There's another bumpy ride to watch out for in crypto - the Bitcoin miners, those who mine the Bitcoin blockchain to process the transactions on the chain. The price of Bitcoin has dropped so much that many will be on the point of bankruptcy, meaning they have to sell their holdings of Bitcoin in order to make ends meet. It floods the market and brings the price lower. It's called a "miner capitulation" and has happened in all previous cycles. This capitulation may have already begun happen, so another strong dip in prices could happen in the weeks ahead.

That said, I would imagine we're not far off the bottom if there's yet more to fall. On the positive side, what we have in the current situation is a tremendous generational buying opportunity. The good projects will thrive and grow coming out of this. Institutions are getting onboard, which will only accelerate as regulation to protect them and the consumer comes in. Personally, I'm still tremendously passionate about the world of crypto as a means by which regular people can connect and exchange in a multitude of ways. We are in the early stages of the next financial quantum shift, and one in which there is likely to be a lot more fairness and light than what we currently have.

Stand strong, stay long folks. The best is yet to come!...


It was an interesting day in the world of cryptocurrency yesterday. Everything was hanging on whether the Fed would hike interest rates by more than 50 basis points. In the end they went for 75. Leading up to it, cryptos were plummeting and Bitcoin broke into a key bottom figure of $20k. When you consider it was $60k just a year ago, you might be wondering is the end nigh? That's what Bill Gates would have you think, but look what side of the fence he's on! When you consider just 2 years ago Bitcoin was only $10k, is the glass 2/3 empty or bubbling over the top!

If you entered the space and bought in, then as I've always maintained, it has to be for the right reasons and for the long term. This is so reminiscent of the early days of the dotcoms - but look where we are now in the world of the internet. To me, these are merely growing pains. Crucially, with so much bright talent entering the crypto space, and with incredible adoption rates by regular people, we are redefining the world of finance - this is a quantum shift. We have a chance to do what Jesus did - turn the money tables in the temple.

That's why yesterday I felt to jump back in, and invested in a few projects I've been following and feel to support: Cadano, Solana, Polygon, Algo. It's still going to be a rocky ride for sure, but I get the sense we're either at or near the bottom. Only time will tell.

I felt to share this from altcoin daily - it has plenty of city speak and jargon, but I think it has its finger on the pulse...


Anyone following the crypto space might be quite shocked in these times due to the sudden nosedive, led by the lead currency Bitcoin.

As mentioned in my article above, crypto is moving into the mainstream and therefore being regarded like other assets and so loosely connected with the stock markets such as the NASDAQ. These are all in bearish movements right now due to the problems of global supply chains (artificially manufactured!) and the sentiment of increasing interest rates (due to inflationary money printing in previous years). Bitcoin has been predicted by leading pundits to plunge to $20,000, which it is nearing right now. Will this be the bottom? I'd say we're close, but only time can tell.

Plenty of the various cryptos will likely fall by the wayside in this shake-out. And other shockwaves (such as the Celsius one) are likely. But I would remind all how reminiscent this is of the dotcom implosion around the turn of the century. It didn't stop global adoption and the massive growth of companies like Amazon.

For me, I still maintain crypto is a means of bringing light into the old financial system and transforming it. Just like the internet transformed supply chains and the retail industry, crypto will do just the same to the financial sector. When this bear market does hit the bottom, it will be an amazing opportunity to get into the space. I see major growth opportunity providing we have a longer term view - at least 4-5 years.

Stay long, stand strong!

Open 🙏


Like most I entered the crypto space to get a fairer financial deal. Hoping 1 of these Defi Coins would stabilise enough to become my new bank… or ‘me’ become my new bank!

I sensed something change in the crypto space energy in late 2021… it’s now become very evident crypto charts run in parallel to the NASDAQ,Wall Street & the FED influences etc.

Bravo on Charles Hoskinson & I agree with him on many issues,especially financial slavery to  our corrupt System. 
Unfortunately I think the Monster wins this time. 
CBDC’s will be engineered to be successful or at least ‘stable’ & sadly as we are seeing; Cryptos engineered to fail or manipulated. 
Negative outlook from me Open but that’s what I’m sensing in the Defi space ….at present!




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Hi Adrian - I do honour your point of view - although I invite a deeper perspective....

What's the best way to defeat the shadow?

You don't fight it, because that simply creates polarity - "us" and "them". It perpetuates the struggle.

You don't demonise it, because it's not encouraged to let go and realign.

You don't reject it or push it away. Instead you pull it in. You pull it into a lighter way.

I see it completely the other way around.

Crypto is a trap for the shadow that it has unwittingly walked into.

And it will progressively unravel in it.

And now there's no way out.

This is always the way to "defeat the shadow", in whatever guise it presents.

Open 🙏

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Thank you Open, I certainly offer no resistance to what transpires in the financial space.
Evident to see the current fiat system is very broken & we will eventuate into a monetary system & age of Numbers(Digits) for the better.

Since 2011 my perspective changed with the whole shooting match. I started to buy physical Gold(& Silver) as I became doubtful about our fiat systems.
Defi Crypto really gave me a buzz in anticipation for financial emancipation(for everyone)

Recently I’ve made a crypto exit with my scalp plus some extras intact.
Holding my Gold still as my financial bedrock … Must be the Annunaki influence!….lol

Rather a 3D topic but trade,barter & exchange is very much still part of our current reality!  Thank You All.



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Dear Open ,

I saw this video for the first time . And absolutely loved it. I am currently undergoing a particularly intense karmic unravelling in the last few days. So many sensations hitherto unfelt and unseen are coming up to be seen. Fortunately ,I have the time and space and awareness to see these for what they are as also the subconscious attachments that are keeping the reality hinged . It needs a fair bit of courage as I am probably at the lowest financially. My ex refuses to part with any of the money I have contributed to earning AND crypto fell. I am soon going to be a single Mom and there is the fear of scarcity coming up . As I write this however I feel a bit of a chuckle coming up. It’s all so interesting . 

I read this as I was contemplating taking a massive risk ( relatively )and put some more Fiat money in despite being at a 50 percent loss. I am seeing how money seems nicely synonymous with energy . And follows the same contractions and expansions . Thank you for the lovely video. I could actually feel the energy of the lovely forest you were in . 

Deep Bow to you Open and to all those courageous enough to look within in these tumultuous times .




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Hi Megha - I do believe we've entered a period of tremendous opportunity with crypto having fallen so much. But is it the right moment to dive in right now?
There are two possibilities for where things are currently: 1) The correction has happened and we're bumping along the bottom waiting for an uptick. 2) There could be another fall yet, dependent on where the stock market goes. Currently, I'm waiting and watching to dive in again myself, on some altcoins I like the look of: Avalanche, Polygon and Cosmos. They've come down hugely, and are great projects that have done well in the past. The universe has me sitting on the fence right now though.

Open 😉