Cryptocurrency: the Battle Rages in the War on Consciousness

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Whether we realise it or not, humanity is being engaged in a war on consciousness. It goes back aeons, at least to the time of hybridisation during the epoch known as Atlantis. Now, the current iteration is a full-on attempt to frog-march souls into the Metaverse. The bogus measures of the pandemic began the new war. Then it moved into the global resource and energy chains. Now, it has shifted to the financial sector. Let's explore how the valiant crusader of cryptocurrency is fighting for the freedom of humanity.

The Sinking of Atlantis

Life on the planet is terraforming in the most dramatic upheaval since the sinking of Atlantis some 12,000 years ago. Atlantis being the epoch beginning around 250,000 years ago, where an interdimensional intervention hybridised Homo Sapiens to fit within an enslaved system.

The global civilisation of Atlantis came to an abrupt end, in just 3 days, when a solar micro nova flash brought the then ice age to a tulmultuous conclusion, melting the ice and sending a deluge of water around the planet. It's the "Event" that spawned a thousand mythologies all based on this fundamental truth.
Check the evidence how the solar nova flash devastated civiliisation

But the intervention didn't entirely go away. It regrouped and rebuilt, progressively over time, until we have the society we're living in now. Yet again, we await the culmination of the next 12,000-year cycle, which the intervention knows only too well, and so is desperately ramping up its efforts to take a swathe of humanity into the Metaverse and off planet. That's its ultimate agenda.

Explore the upcoming Solar Nova Event

What has this all got to do with cryptocurrency you might ask? We'll get right onto that.

War on Consciousness

Let's be clear, humanity is being engaged in a War on Consciousness by a surreptitious and unseen enemy. It can be put simply down to the need for power and control - not accepting and thereby resisting the natural toroidal flower of life. This time, control has manifested as the old Annunaki from Sirius, and the synthetic beings they created, including the Greys and especially the Tall Whites.

These are mathematical beings without compassion or empathy - they aren't programmed that way. They are goal orientated applying AI to plan and cajole natural soul expression into a funneled and adjusted 3D/4D hybrid reality according to the old Annunaki agenda.
Explore further through close encounters with the Tall Whites.

We saw their recent agenda ramping up through the bogus measures of the false pandemic. It was all about manipulating DNA to receive a controlling influence that you can't see, and have to be acutely tuned in to feel. Natural soul expression is bled progressively into a metaverse of soft dopamine comfort and confinement. The social media daily feed that constrains you in the AI induced delusion, that you even think is what you want and need. It's so clever, you don't even notice the natural joy of life steadily bleeding away.

Courageous Push-Back

Fortunately, some are getting very aware of this intervention and pushing back in courageous ways - turning willingly away from the social media dopamine spoon-feeding. We're working constantly to open channels of light through the shadow to provide essential breathing and resonance space for the soul.

The battle has swept mercilessly through the global supply chains, ramping up costs and spurring incendury inflation, to deepen the poverty trap and increase dependency. But benevolence is far from blind. Just as plentiful souls activated and punched holes in the plandemonium field during the time of the lockdowns, now we have an equally strong rebellion within the very bedrock of this 3D/4D hybrid state - within the financial sector.

Let's be clear, the world of finance is the shadow's ultimate instrument of control - it's what keeps people's noses to the grindstone: the daily grind for resources to pay the bills. But the system is stacked mercilessly against people  - purposefully engineered inflation to crash the banking system and drive society to communistic Central Bank Digital Currencies. That's clearly their aim.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, high-level communications are happening with these original architects of the matrix - we're working to regress them into their controlling karma and bring them back to the galactic family of light. We're encouraging them to progressively reverse-engineer the matrix to create breathing space for emergent souls. It's an ongoing, often painstaking but patient process that is bearing fruit by breaking the coherency of the control and punching through gaping holes of light.

Explore further in the 5D Shift Podcast: reverse engineerin the matrix

Peer-to-Peer Communication

This is where the crusader cryptocurrency comes in - peer-to-peer communication and exchange of value outside of the global fiat money printing Ponzi scheme. No wonder the human controllers are in such fear. Over a million people in the US already own some Bitcoin, while a staggering 22% of UK residents own some kind of crypto. New generations, such as Ethereum and a myriad of "Defi", offer new applications and services to circumvent the defunct banking sector.

The shadow was caught on the back foot and is desperately playing catch up, with ramped up regulation that is efforting to choke off the innovation emergence. They're not even being subtle about this latest war on consciousness - purposefully muddying the regulatory waters and then penalising for non-compliance.

Even though there are high-level communications successfully working to break the ET origination of the control, a leopard does not change its spots overnight. It's an ongoing battle of patience, persistence, and pushback

Right now, in the United States, a battle royale is ongoing between the SEC (securities and exchange commission) and various entrepreneurial cryptocurrency ventures (like Ripple's cross-border payments crypto XRP). It's scared plenty of private investors off, but a growing pushback is building. Now, in the halls of Congress, some are asking the essential question: why is there such a full-on, penalising and punitive attack on this bright new technology industry that streamlines the way we exchange and connect? Who (or what!) exactly is behind this new level of lockdown?
(Watch the video at the end to gain an overview of the current situation.)

The Argument for Crypto

Across the planet, people are wising and braving up. Just as the pushback against the bogus measures of the plandemonium secured breathing spaces and pathways of light through the blankets of control, so people are pushing back against the SEC and the global hegemony that seeks to limit financial freedom. I have no doubt that widely used CBDCs are just around the corner, and many will be forced into that container by purposefully manipulated banking instability.

This last year, the Fed has raised interest rates by the fastest in human history, which has destroyed the financial viability of many banks - it's only a question of time before more topple and other sectors, such as real-estate, also unravel.

The argument for Bitcoin and cryptos such as Ethereum has never been stronger. Bitcoin was purposefully crafted for this artificially induced hyperinflation. It's a means by which regular people can protect hard-earned wealth, from the grasping hands of the financial so-called "elites". But just as their sweeping agenda of the bogus pandemic ultimately failed, so too will this latest iteration of the war on human consciousness.

The Crypto Genie is Out of the Bottle

The crypto genie is already out of the bottle and how ever they try, they simply won't be able to close the lid again. I passionately believe that financial freedom will be secured for those who seek it. Don't expect it to be an easy battle. But losing is not an option. Freedom and sovereignty are expressions of authentic being, which many of us will gladly go down fighting for.

Sovereignty is a statement and a daily expression that you ripple out into the field. Control and intervention lose their coherency and ultimately break down in your landscape.

Watch the SEC literally shaking in their boots as the eagle eye of Congress casts its illuminating gaze upon this latest iteration of the shadow: in the form of Gary Gensler, the head of the SEC, the financial equivalent of Fauci. May his controlling and unjust consciousness crack wide open...

If you're keen and committed to building your sovereign consciousness in the Shift, then explore the groundbreaking work of Openhand:

The Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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The savvy in the Shift are well aware that Central Bank Digital Currencies are being developed to further squeeze privacy and financial freedom. It's just another wave of control being ushered in by the shadowstate. But the consciousness awakening grows by the day. And with that the pushback. So here is some pivotal news about the growing resistance to the introduction of a CDBC in the USA. It's great news and bodes well in the emergence of consciousness...


For anyone following the cryptoverse and Openhand's take on it, you'll know our view is that cryptocurrency offers a massive opportunity to break down the controlling unjust, unfair and rigged financial system society is controlled by. Hence the shadowstate's overt attemtps to block and suppress it in recent years. We saw the pivotal case by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against one of the leading cryptos XRP, which they initially lost a few months back - it precipitated a wonderful upward spike across the board for many cryptos. But what a rollercoaster ride it is, as new challenges and new breakthroughs happening practically on a daily basis.

But this one is surely pivotal - the judge in the case against XRP just ruled that the SEC cannot appeal her original decision. Wow, that's massive. It could just be the watershed moment we're looking for...


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win! I would say Ghandi's famous quote speaks perfectly into the phenomenon of cryptocurrency. We've certainly passed into the phase of the system fighting to suppress its emergence. Why exactly? As I explained in my article above how it points to the war on human consciousness, because crypto provides the means of peer-to-peer connection outside of the corrupt financial system, that is designed only to make the rich richer and poor poorer. Another main reason is clearly the system wants to own the technologies, which you can clearly see from this informative video below.

Whether you're into crypto or not, I find what's happening now a very positive signal, that crypto cannot ultimately be negated, because of the nature of its distributed ledger system. That's why the mainstream is now piling in. I don't see this as a negative thing though, because it will ensure cryptos success and vastly increase the take-up...



Now we can see what all this control, regulation and take down of crypto has all been about. It's not just about the state introducing their own Central Bank Digital Currencies, but here we are, just as private people were losing confidence due to the machinations of the shadow, now the mainstream Banking system is pilling in to take ownership for itself. Why should this matter to the Shift to 5D?

As I spoke of in the Book DIVINICUS, our world will go through countless iterations before the final unravelling to 5D. It's about the progressive unravelling from the old karmic construct to we finally realise the New Paradigm. And on that pathway, it's all about reclaiming sovereignty of action - about reclaiming power and expressing that in the world around us. And that's why breaking the old financial control system is so important.

Don't be fooled. Crypto will form the foundation of the new financial system - a new hybrid state as we shift to 5D. The shadow has been resisting it tooth and nail, pulling the wool so as to misdirect regular people. Now it's trying to take the reigns of this new emergent system...


It's fascinating in the Shift out there. How the rippling effects of a drive to sovereign consciousness is exposing the duplicity and deception of the shadow. For anyone whose been following the crypto situation, you'll know it's pivotal in breaking down the centralised banking control of society. And the company Ripple has been at the centre of this war on human consciousness, as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the USA tries tooth and nail to lock down the breakaway movement of freedom. The court case seems to be drawing to a conclusion. Last week crucial documents were released by the Judge that reveal deep insight into the layers of seemingly purposeful confusion and deception that are trying to muddy the crypto waters and keep it submerged. Here is Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse clarifying the very latest. Mark my words, this case is highly pivotal in the ongoing battle for sovereign freedom that affects us all...


So, once again, the SEC in the USA has stepped in and prodded its sticky fingers into the crypto pie in it's ongoing interventions to spoil the recipe. The SEC are suing two of the biggest Crypto exchanges, Binance and Coinbase, plus asserting that several leading cryptos such as Polygon and Cosmos are securities not commodities. And so the crypto market took a sudden dip.

I'm in no way discouraged though, in fact quite the opposite. There's already increasing pushback happening - see the first few minutes of the video below. But also I can feel this move will backfire in the medium term. The point is that crypto is decentralised. At some point the market will have had enough of Gensler and his shadow hand tactics - whose he working for anyway? My guess is those who're trying to destroy freedom in America.

I do believe the crypto market will detach from this shadow and just get on with the job...

In reply to by Open


Well I said it would backfire. Congress is gearing up for a challenge against SEC. This just in...

Critics of the SEC’s decision regarding Coinbase assert that it paints an unclear regulatory picture for businesses in the fast-evolving cryptocurrency industry. Moreover, critics argue that the SEC approved the public listing of Coinbase on the one hand, only to penalize them later for operating without necessary securities registrations.


This is a very positive sign for the shift - there's a growing pushback against the issuance of Central Bank Digital Currencies in the USA. To me, it clearly symbolises the rise of sovereign consciousness amidst humanity and the strengthening commitment to freedom of exchange and expression.

In the USA right now, a new bill has been introduced by Republican lawmakers calling to block the introduction of a pilot program by the Federal Reserve to test the operability of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) within the US financial system....
Breaking: US Representative Unveils Bill To Block CBDC Pilot Program

Wow, this is massive. If they get their way, the CDBC in the USA would be dead in the water.

Open 💎


13/05/2023: BREAKING: massive win for Crypto vs CDBCs in Florida

The Florida Governor, Ron De Santis, has just BANNED the issuance of Central Bank Digital Currencies in Florida. This is massive news and should send ructions through the shadow state governance and it's underhand attempts to manipulate the financial system so as to exert greater control over the population.

But to my mind, this doesn't just affect people from Florida. If CDBCs are banned there, how can the US government and central bank not continue to issue fiat currency, or at least a currency that Floridians accept? To my mind, this puts a huge spanner in the works of the imposition of the CDBCs. And it is excellent news for all those wishing to preserve financial sovereignty and freedom.

This, reported from CoinGape...


What comes as a shocker to the US government, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, has officially banned the issuance and use of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) within the state. In addition, Floridians will be protected against the introduction of a Federal Reserve-issued digital currency which is slated to be introduced in the summer of this year owing to the new legislation.


Florida Bans Use Of CBDCs

The 46th governor of Florida has not been shy about voicing his opinion that there could be a number of fatal drawbacks associated with a digital currency regulated by the government. And therefore, in March of this year, DeSantis proposed fresh legislation that would outlaw the use of government-backed digital currency.

In particular, the bill proposes to make it illegal under the Florida Uniform Commercial Code to treat any CBDC as a kind of legal tender. In addition to this, it has put safeguards in place to protect the state from any sort of external push to adopt the central currency. Moreover, DeSantish has urged the governments of the other states in the United States to join forces in order to pass similar legislation.


DeSantis’ Fight Against CBDC


On March 20, DeSantis issued a press statement in which he proclaimed his intention to ban the use of CBDCs and further added that consumers and investors would be shielded from the proliferation of digital currencies, which challenged the freedom and security of Florida citizens.

While taking a jab at the US government, DeSantis was quoted as saying:

It will protect Floridians from the Biden administration’s weaponization of the financial sector through a Central Bank Digital Currency.

The 44-year-old Republican has made similar comments in the past suggesting that a digital currency introduced by the government is about “surveillance and control” which is against the privacy of Floridian residents.




It's a breath of fresh air sweeping through Texas as the vote for an amendment in the Bill of Rights to ensure people's freedoms to exchange money, including crypto, without the central government's limitation and control. This, from the Daily Hodl...

The Texas House of Representatives is looking to pass a new amendment extending the Bill of Rights to crypto assets.

According to Tom Glass, a former House candidate, the House has voted 139-2 to add a new clause to the Texas Bill of Rights that would stifle the government from infringing upon the right to own, hold, and use mutually agreed upon mediums of exchange, including digital assets.

The new provision reads,

“The right of the people to own, hold, and use a mutually agreed upon medium of exchange, including cash, coin, bullion, digital currency, or scrip, when trading and contracting for goods and services shall not be infringed. No government shall prohibit or encumber ownership or holding of any form or any amount of money or other currency.”

Glass says that the bill, created by Representative Giovanni Capriglione, needs one more vote in the House before it’s passed on to the Texas Senate.

Glass also runs Texas Constitutional Enforcement, a group dedicated to stopping perceived unconstitutional acts.

According to the group, people being forced to use financial institutions instead of the currency of their choice helps create a police state.

“Being forced to use financial services instead of storing and using the currency of choice builds the police state because it allows governments to:

  • See every financial transaction you make, violating any right to financial privacy.
  • Easily confiscate the wealth of Texans via Cyprus-style ‘bail-ins’ or CBDC (central bank digital currency) expiration.

Haleluyah! 🙏


06/05/2023 Shift Update: Financial System Terraforming

It's essential to connect both the Shift to 5D with everything that's happening on the 3D surface of the planet - too few commentators and alternatives are doing that yet. We're moving through a high energy segment of the galaxy at the time of the Grand Solar Minimum and Gaia's culminating pole shift - this (what I'm given to call) Grand Galactic Convergence is having a massive impact on human and planetary consciousness. Right now this is manifesting in the financial sector - that which underpins the 3D/4D construct in which we're living.

Mark my words well, we are in for massive structural change in society in the next 6-12 months due to the terraforming financial system.

The shadowstate has manipulated the supply and energy chains through the bogus war in the Ukraine and machinations with Russia so as to create greater poverty and therefore dependency. Hence the skyrocketing resource prices and escalating inflation. The Federal Reserve (a private Ponzi scheme) used the excuse to hike interest rates by the fastest in human history, which has now broken the viability of many small banks around the globe - it's why they're going to the wall. It's all engineered to usher in greater, Chinese-style, control through Central Bank Digital Currencies.

I've been predicting this would be where the next battle lines would be drawn in this merciless War on Human Consciousness, with the valiant cavalry of cryptocurrency coming to the rescue of the ascending movement of consciousness - we need to punch gaping holes in the system so the soul has more breathing space to emerge. It's fascinating then, exactly what's happening in Nigeria right now. This, according to Coindesk...

In Nigeria, citizens have taken to the streets to protest the nation’s cash shortage, further objecting to their government’s implementation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The shortage came about due to cash restrictions aimed at pushing the country into a 100% cashless economy. Yet, instead of adopting the CBDC, Nigerian protesters are demanding paper money be restored.

The country’s experience strongly suggests the average citizen understands that CBDCs present a substantial risk to financial freedom while providing no unique benefit.

Nicholas Anthony is a policy analyst in the Cato Institute’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives.

It is no secret that CBDCs have been growing in popularity among central bankers, policy makers, and consultancy firms in recent years. Yet, for citizens it’s been another story. When the U.S. Federal Reserve solicited comments on CBDCs, more than two-thirds of the commenters were concerned about the risks to financial privacy, financial freedom and the stability of the banking system.

Further, CBDCs really don’t add anything novel to the market in terms of benefits for consumers. To the extent people want it, many currencies are available in digital forms through debit cards, payment apps and even prepaid cards. That much should be clear from the abysmal adoption rate in Nigeria, where less than 0.5 % of Nigerians have used the CBDC. To put that number into perspective, more than 50% of Nigerians have used cryptocurrency.
Full article: Nigerians Reject CDBCs

For me, this is fantastic news and exactly what we want to see. There hasn't been a bank run there, so with the shadow manipulating a breakdown in the West, it remains to be seen the level of compulsion and arm twisting they'll apply to move people across to CDBCs here. It all bodes extremely well for crypto - which is surging despite the shadow trying to choke it off. Mark my words again, the shadow will fail! I can already feel it happening. And the network adoption of people shifting across to crypto is astronomic, despite the artificial uncertainty being created by the system.

I've always felt cryptocurrency to be like an anvil, across which to break the hegemony of the current financial system. I do believe that is going to happen.

Just take a look at this video about the growth of Ethereum (my personal favourite). As I predicted a couple of years ago, it would become the rail network of the new digital economy. I never thought it would happen so fast, but here we already are: it's a new global economic ecosystem all by itself, with countless new applications being built on it by the day...

If you want to get into Ethereum and stake it to earn rewards (similar to bank interest), then explore these three sites:, Swiss Borg and (I am not a financial adviser - please do your own exploration with your guidance mechanism.)

Much love and well wishes

Open 💎

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Hi Open 

i agree in my heart with the sentiment you share here in regards to the impending change with the financial system and the introduction of the cbdcs. I do however feel that getting into crypto at this moment is exactly what they want us to do, for to my knowledge there is going to be a big push down on many crypto projects (ones not attached to their infrastructure eg Etherium) and will occur through the SEC labelling them as securities and as such will slap them with massive fines and consequently making the prices fall out the sky, wiping out the portfolio value of those invested. This in turn will make the average person less confident in crypto and usher a great amount of people onto their cbdc system. I could be wrong, but I feel we are in for a lot more bleeding with crypto and personally I am waiting for the incoming regulations to the industry before investing back in. Once again, i could definitely be wrong but I feel the shadow side know there is a growing consensus from people that cryptos like Bitcoin and Etherium amongst others are a way out of their plans so I do feel they have a strategy ready to implement to disrupt the alternative option to their cbdc system. 

Much love 


In reply to by Jye


I wonder if you're being scared off by the shadow Jye?

I had a similar conversation with someone yesterday. This is all about energy. It's all about the sense of purpose, feeling and commitment - to freedom and sovereignty. Just like the pandemic. If we allow the shadow to cause us to retract then it wins. Crypto was never about regulation. It was about deregulation - from a bogus artificial shadow system, run by a controlling alien intervention. You want them to regulate you? Really? They can try to suppress, but the point is, how can you do that to a decentralised network? It's decentralised for that reason. It is the antithesis, and the cure, to regulation by the intervention.

You can't ultimately regulate it! Just like the bogus authority the police often artificially exert (like the coronavirus act). They only have power because we have consented to it (although most people don't realise they're consenting and are handing that power over). The police have to ask for your consent (by you giving your name and address) when enforcing the state's various acts. But the common law is all you need to express your freedom. Decentralised freedom of exchange falls absolutely within the rights, freedoms, and jurisdiction of the common law - of God's law.

Various countries are using Bitcoin now as their reserve currency. As of 1st June, Hong Kong (a part of China!) will introduce crypto-friendly regulations. Same in Russia. Similar in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Russia and China are stepping up Bitcoin mining (after saying they would cut back and causing the USA to do the same). Tell me this, how can the USA control crypto when it is anonymous and decentralised around the world? That's the point of the distributed ledger. It's the same on every node everywhere. Take out the USA, and it matters not a jot. That's why Ripple, and the eastern countries using their XRP, are not even concerned about the outcome of the SEC's case against Ripple in the USA.

They want you to be afraid Jye. They want you to back down and withdraw. Just like the pandemic, it's all a game of smoke and mirrors. Just like the (supposed) huge fines for breaches of lockdowns during the pandemic - yet not one fine was actually prosecuted. History has a habit of repeating itself. We're in round two of the great shadow drama. This time the stage is the financial system. It will be just as dramatic, and just as filled with opportunity - for those daring to seize the day.

Open 💎


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Another conversation I had with someone on Ascension Exchanges yesterday was how they were angry about losing money when recommended to go into crypto. Clearly they went into crypto for the wrong reason. What do I mean?

If you went in simply to make money, then that's missing the point. It's just like anything else - a game of self-realisation, where the movement of numbers reveal so much about the inner configuration of self: what is loss? what is true gain? Am I prepared to take risk? What is calculated risk? How do you value something? How much are you prepared to commit yourself to break injustice? Who are you in relation to the value of money? What are you worth? How easily do you sell your soul?

For me, crypto was never about money per se. I could see the injustice of the banking system, how it fleeces people and keeps their noses to the grindstone. If only humanity would summon the courage to turn away. In each country, each state, county or town, (as in Totnes in the UK for example) the people could simply decide to have their own currency and trade at an agreed true value - where they're not being ripped off by the system. Where their hard-earned money isn't being artificially deflated to pay the banksters, big tech and big pharma. Where their hard earned money isn't being squandered to pay for bogus wars to control energy.

It reached a peak during the credit crunch of 2008. Iceland for example went bust, but refused to accept blackmailing loans from the International Money Fund, which would control them. Instead they locked the banksters up, sacked the government and elected a new one across the internet, by the people of the people. Just as all countries could if the people dared to take a stand.

Crypto is a rebellion, where every coin exchanged is a statement of personal freedom and sovereignty.

Also in 2008, after the credit crunch, along came Bitcoin. I instantly knew this was an important development in the shift and overturning the shadow. I was telling people about it in 2012/13, when it was only a few hundred dollars. People were wary of getting in then, but look at it now.

They'll be saying the same in 5 years' time, and wondering "why I didn't get in way back when".

Yes, it's risky. But that's also the nature of enlightenment. There is no gain without risk.
Enlightenment is not a safe practice!

Open 💎

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Thank you for the reflection.

In regards to the regulation, I more so mean this as the signal that illustrates to me the euphoria will commence.

I certainly resonate decentralised crypto being the answer to oppose the state and the cbdc but I’m curious on the timeline as to when will he the optimal point to allocate the funds I have to decentralised projects. The stable coin used on the decentralised markets in crypto is currently usdc so the dollar still has a large impact on the defi ecosystem. 

I also agree that the shadow side do want me and everyone else to operate in fear, and if it was only my stance that would have an effect then I would be all in on crypto and selling everything I have to be further in the market however I know there are many that are operating in fear and a reactionary state to the shadows tactics. This subsequently is why I am short term reluctant to allocate funds to the market. 

There are glorious opportunities presenting themselves every day in the crypto space and ones that I have missed. However I have to trust my intuition, if it’s right then great, if it’s wrong then it presents me with the encouraged introspection and opportunities of growth allowed through the questioning as to why this was how I felt.

Time will tell. Although I am rather apprehensive short term, I am super optimistic with decentralised crypto for the future. 

God speed ✨




I commend you to peruse this new article above today. Whether you're interested or invested in cryptocurrency or not, it is intended to illuminate how benevolence is engaging the very bedrock of the controlling ET agenda on planet earth - by understanding the ongoing unravelling dynamics, we can take heart and confidence that the light is challenging the shadow and breaking through...

Cryptocurrency: the Battle Rages in the War on Consciousness

It includes an insightful video on how Congress is challenging this latest iteration of the shadow. And here's some more useful insight from the marvellous coinbureau...

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