Reverse Engineering the Matrix

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Everyone moving with the shift wants an end to the matrix. But how can that best be done? What if we could connect with the original architects and reverse engineer it? In this episode of the 5D Shift Podcast I'm exploring how this is already being done.

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Timestamp quick links:
02:35 - Increasing Instability in Society -  Impact of Sirius Karma
05:44 - Working with the Annunaki Architects - Breaking down the Karma of Control
09:40 - The Shift is Now -  Transforming your Reality
26:00 - Living the Merkabah - Emerge from Identification
32:54 - Gratitude - Paying homage for your Journey
42:17 - Meditation for Integration
51:30 - Conclusion - Inflexion point of great transformation

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17/05/2023 Shift Update: Reverse Engineering the Matrix

We're at a highly delicate stage of transformation of society right now, which is involving everyone on the planet, and it's absolutely essential that we're aware of the magnitude of what's unfolding. Remember everything is energy, consciousness, and what's happening now is the very bedrock of the old karmic construct is being progressively unwound. Specifically, I'm pointing to the financial system.

At the end of June the USA will reach its debt ceiling - it will breach the amount of debt that it is allowed to sustain. If an agreement between Democrats and Republicans isn't achieved in raising it, then financial catastrophe would ensue. It sounds dramatic, and no doubt there will be much brinkmanship leading up to it. But this has happened several times before and no doubt, after plenty of machinations, the debt ceiling will be raised again. Why is this so significant?

It's synchronicity. We're at a time where the whole financial system is wobbling in a big way, especially in the banking sector. However, I'm not a believer in the idea that it will all crash. Just as with the debt ceiling, the system MUST find a way to keep it afloat. Without that, it loses control altogether.

Various elements of the shadow are still conditioned to control. They want blanket control of society no less. But they will fail. They are failing. Cryptocurrency, for example, is opening many channels day by day, where more and more people will exchange peer-to-peer across new applications. The power of the shadow will progressively diminish.

Check this article if you haven't read it: Cryptocurrency and War on Human Consciousness

I have witnessed a phone app for example, where someone using Bitcoin in Mexico, uses an XRP based ap to pay someone in the USA in dollars. The transaction took place in under 5 seconds with the cost so minimal as to be negligible. These apps are being developed by the day and will steadily roll out so plenty can use them.

Breaking Open the Bedrock of the Shadow System

This is sure to break open the global financial system, that which currently controls everyone. A new breed of consciously aware developers are determined to express personal sovereignty and cannot now be stopped, even as the system struggles and efforts to regulate or suppress. It will fail, but this will take time to completely unfold.

I encourage all to read the post below by Megha. Because this is direct illumination of the challenge of the Old Annunaki, with whom she has journeyed. Specifically, it demonstrates the challenge of reverse engineering - there are bags of karma to play out as control unravels in our lives.

Ancient Architects of the Matrix

Many moons ago, leading up to the galactic alignment of 2012, I was part of a benevolent mission that engaged the leadership of the Annunaki, the architects of the Matrix we're living in. Specifically, I met with Enki, the etheric King of the Annunaki. After many exchanges and past life regressions, his group was healed, and evolved - accordingly they dropped the old name and became the "Anu". It was realised and agreed, that you simply could not "switch off" the matrix overnight. That would cause catastrophe and chaos across the planet, because like it or not, everyone is wound into it, and especially at a DNA level.

Since that time, another "Old Annunaki" group under their earth king "Enlil" has continued the struggle to control, using their Tall White synthetic beings and AI to ramp up their efforts. Which is why we witnessed the various machinations of the bogus pandemic. But they lacked empathy and any degree of compassion, which will be their downfall through progressive unwinding. People will not tolerate it. Benevolence will not tolerate it, The planet will not tolerate it!

Explore further the Openhand engagements with the Annunaki Architects

And so it's a complex healing and realignment situation that is unfolding right now, with each twist and turn of the dial reflecting onto the surface. Each shift, each turn, will ripple through your own consciousness and invite you to take back power and sovereignty in your own life - to live and create increasingly from the soul.

I encourage all to forge on!

Bright blessings

Open 💎

PS - Do review Openhand's 5D Shift Podcast above on Reverse Engineering the Matrix, which includes how you can personally unravel out... Scroll to the Top

Dear Open ,

I am going through an interesting period of my life right now. In quick succession my marriage has broken down ,my kid estranged from me ,then reunited,I had to change my apartment and I got a new job as well as a new partner . All within 2 years :) 

Right now my ex - consumed with rage and jealousy and also by abusive dynamics- has served me the Indian version of a witch hunt. A divorce notice for adultery which ,in the Indian scheme of judiciary is supposed to be a way for him to renege on giving child support or educational expenses for the child. In doing so he has embroiled me in the Indian legal system which is supposed to be a long ,expensive and draining process -with most cases taking decades to solve . I was avoiding this and hence had not indicted him for verbal and physical abuse …but here we are . 

In the middle of all of this ,everywhere I turn I seem to have become the focal point for change . At my new work place my arrival seems to have churned up the place and the old guard is up in arms against me . My partner has been ostracised and is going through a painful estrangement from his kids on account of associating with me . Karmic sludge in buckets :)

In the midst of all this heavy dose of ,well, shit :) I had a very interesting experience last evening . 

In meditation with Joy and Matthew ,the Architects came into the energy field. I had just expressed how Power over beings seems to be the theme.  As they appeared, they seemed to understand how in manipulating and knitting together the matrix ,they have embroiled themselves in this system and can’t be free. There was something about how they have pursued absolute power and thought the pyramid of power and hierarchy they created would prevent them from seeing how they are as stuck as they have tangled the planet.

I “saw” how they knit together reality - skeins of sound energy form the “ garment” ,the matrix being the very limited free will granted to beings in the system,in the space between the skeins so to speak. In seeing my struggle with being abused in this suffocating system of control that was my marriage  ,they seemed to get a glimmer of understanding on how deeply this affected not just the abusees but also their own selves as the abusers. . They said something about how they were not able to dance and also expressed regret . 

And then I had an experience of what I can best describe as unravelling . A beautiful rather expansive letting go of old realities . Kwan yin appeared as well helping them transmute a heavy dose of karma . 

The Architects then described how they were going to use this ability to hold vibrational states to build what appeared to be a staircase between this reality and 5 D . Something about how that would be their atonement and their contribution to the Shift. The “stairs “ would make it easier for beings who has worked to unattach themselves to shift vibration to 5 D .

At work today a baby was literally brought back to life and it was discovered that he has a condition in which the gut is in the chest which speaks to me of the karma of power being unravelled .

I am full of renewed purpose. Something fundamentally seems to have shifted and I am so glad my divorce drama has served some purpose :) 

I have written this without viewing the podcast above. I will add more to the post once I watch it. 

A deep bow to the Open hand family and the team . 

Lots of Love ,


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This is a powerful sharing Megha - clear insight and illumination into how challenging it can at times be to unravel from the old karmic density. But you have bags of commitment and courage, plus a personality (of the soul) that simply will not be suppressed. That's deeply inspirational. All of us in the community send love, support and wish you well ♥️

It's clear to me, from plenty of exchanges we've had on various of the Openhand events, that you're connecting into that Old Annunaki group that engineered the Matrix. Plenty in this community (without necessarily knowing it) are connected into a wide range of Star Being Groups. When we make personal changes in our lives, such as unravelling from karma, this sends a ripple out into those groups - it's a way of communicating, building bridges and realigning.

I have met with the Annunaki many times on my journey here, as part of the Benevolent Mission. I pointed out to them that those who control, end up being controlled by what they have created. Which clearly they have progressively realised. A key challenge to overcome now, is how to reverse engineer the matrix, so that it doesn't all collapse in one go and cause planetary chaos. It is most definitely possible. It is already happening. I weclome your insight into this above. Yes, we can go through progressive stages and iterations of society. It's something I spoke of in the book DIVINICUS

Specifically, for humanity, as more people work to come into the Merkabah, this of itself, will send realigning rippling energy through the field to reverse engineer it and elevate consciousness.

We're at that stage of unwinding right now.

Sending you bundles of love and support in that process Megha, and all!!

Open 💎


Hi Open,  I was able to see the podcast this morning!  I wanted to share some of the things that have been slowly changing and opening within myself.  The base and lower chakras have been pretty much dormant I guess would be a good word for it.  As I've been working to integrate and open the base and lower chakras, I can feel some awakening energies there, noticably at times.  I've also had some flashes of possibilities that I'd like to see happen in some form in my life.

The last zoom event, I'd shared about a small building in town that has attracted me for a long time.  I've run across the person the other day that I thought would know who owns it but not got answers yet.  I'm just Being and letting things transform as they will, but taking some steps to allow possibilities to happen so things can transform.  I have a sense that something new will come about in time, even if that building doesn't actually become the place I feel I'd like to be in and have some form of business there.  Maybe it represents some inner part of me.  It gives me the feeling of things that can be created so I flow with those creating thoughts.  I recently found some leggings (pants) that have bright ocean colors and bought them for a very cheap price.  I feel inspired and happy when I wear them, like I'm becoming a new potential, if that makes sense.  Bright colors are very appealing to me. After we did the groups in the zoom event someone had said I was a magician, and looking back over my life, I can see the things I did magically create so that gave me an excitement to bring that magician forth again and allow for new creations to guide me into this changing landscape we live in right now.

I've been really alone most of my life and live alone, and been fine with living alone,  but also open to people who might cross my path.  A family that I've known about for several years, but never spent any time around, seem to have recently adopted me, saying I'm like a member of their family. They're very simplistic and basically carefree.  I was a caregiver for a member of their extended family in this town years ago and it seems interesting that now there's some new connection with this family.  I'm going to be open to seeing why they're now in the picture as the universe has its way of putting those in our path for reasons.   I've started going to a community dinner they told me about, they've been going for years but I wasn't even aware of it. It's one night a week and they serve vegetarian options so I'm able to enjoy some veggies there.  I realized I needed to get out and not stay cooped up at home so I'm making those changes.  I know synchronicity will bring about new things so I'm paying attention.

About a week ago when you were doing a post about the Sirius explosion and talked about when you were there and had loved someone, the oddest thing happened and I have no idea where it came from.  It was just before bedtime and I was reading all the posts and comments here and suddenly I felt this just overwhelming feeling of being loved, so strongly that it brought tears to my eyes and just flooded my being.  I don't remember ever feeling so loved in this lifetime.  I have no idea if it was a memory, as I seem to have so much density and loss of memories of past lives so far, but I thought maybe Benevolence was bringing a memory up or showing me feelings of love.  I had the feeling that I must have had a great love on Sirius and that had been shattered with the explosion.  In this lifetime I've had many feelings of not being loved, of being abandoned and now learning why.  So there's that karma to work through.

One thought has been foremost lately in my thoughts and that is Telepathy.  The family I've sat with at the dinner, one of them even mentioned telepathy last week, seemingly out of nowhere which I thought was I'd thought they wouldn't have knowledge of that, don't ask me why I had that idea as I have no clue.  I've had telepathic communications with several people the last few decades and still have this thing that when my house phone rings, I "know" who it is before I answer.  I've done this most of my life.  So things seem to be waking up for me as I work to embody the higher energies, and being careful to allow only benevolent energies in.

I've wanted to plant new seeds in my garden beds, but Winter has kept a firm grip here this year so far.  Finally the fruit trees are just starting to bud out except for one plum that fully bloomed and missed the pollination cycle because it's pollinator is just now opening flowers and we've had so much heavy rain and snow and ice for months.  (It's pouring rain right now again and more snow forecast inland.)  I cleaned and made ready the bee house for the orchard Mason bees that live and pollinate here.  So many of the pollinators are gone.  So I'm just doing what I can to help them out while working to become the 5D human.  So many things have left the planet already and I want to be transformed too as the cycles are nearing completion.  

So I feel I've rambled here but have expressed the changes taking place too.  The podcast was great!  I'm glad you got it fixed.  Thank you for doing it and for the posts too.  They're bringing up some memories.  There's no shortage of karma to keep processing, that's for certain!  It seems I rarely get a break before more anxiety comes up to process.  I don't get any clear pictures of what's coming up, just the anxiety.

I've looked into maybe finding another computer.  The person at the store said Google does continual updates then downloads tons of gaming stuff into the Play Store until the computer crashes.  They do this about every 4 days now.  I don't use the play store or gaming, or even know how to find it, but going to see if the IT business here in town can delete out all that gaming stuff that's making my computer super slow.  It would be far cheaper than buying another laptop.

So here's to Love, Clearing out karma and staying open to new possibilities.  Life is never stagnant.  lol

Much love to you and everyone here Praying EmojiHeart

Sherri The Sun Emoji 


Hi Open,  I didn't know the podcast was today but saw the link tonight.  Normally there's a red play button.  I logged in but all I see are the very small arrows.  I've clicked all over the place and nothing comes up?  My chrome has updated and installed so many things in the play store that I'm not sure the podcast will work.  How do I get it to open and play, I want to watch it.  I see the Time stamp quick links but nothing highlights there where I can get anything to open or play.  Please help.

Sherri Praying EmojiHeart


Something guided me to tune in live into this unravelling of the Matrix, and I would like to offer some reflection.

“Sirius karma in slow motion” – it’s just a brilliant way of articulating, it made me laugh. Thank you for this expression, it actually encapsulates the feeling sense of my journey over the last couple of years.

In my human experience, there’s been this part, that I could somehow feel in the ether and connect to on different occasion, but failed to truly embody. Lately it’s coming more alive, as if I am addressing the source pain of the split/explosion within myself. Back to the wholeness we go…

From this space, there was another part in your sharing that spiked strongly:
“Actualize crystallization of reality”, when I heard myself asking: “What is the Truth behind the matrix”

That’s probably when BSS kicked in, but I could hear it’s pointing towards transformation of this energy with the notion of: “Bull Shit Stop”.

We’ve been exploring this dynamic of Old Sirians (architects) – Whites/+greys (engineers) – elemental energy/Black Snake (anchoring point). Reversing this process, something else was shown to me, introduced simply as the AAP.

In my mind it was translated to “Awakening Authentic Paradigm”.

To me it seems like, it’s addressing the establishing of what can be seen as (renewed) Crystalline Grid.

Within AAP, we have:
Arcturians (the architects): they are addressing the science of Creation, bringing “idealistic” design as the possibility of manifestation

Andromedans (engineers): they come more with the mechanics of Creation, the capacity to witness/intuit higher dimensional flow and harness it into reality

Pleideans (stabilizing agents): they come with the notion of expressing the energy of Crystalline Grid through their beingness. In some way establishing the “frequency band” that holds the (“divine”) construct together.

I just feel to drop this very simplistic understanding of the process here, even though the complexity of the dynamics definitely go way deep than this. Let’s say, when discovering more about the connection between Arcturian-Pleidean, I came to realize that also in the realm of more aligned benevolent energies, there is some misunderstanding/healings that needs to be addressed.

Open, I am truly fascinated by your capacity to share those higher-dimensional insights of unravelling the matrix in this condensed form of the podcast. It’s been great way of stepping into the day, big thanksPraying Emoji

Much love💜




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Glad you enjoyed the latest Podcast Miha - great to get the feedback loop - it always weaves the light 💎

You asked a great question, “What is the Truth behind the matrix”?

I've been exploring the interplay of higher dimensional inflows of energy from, say, the Andromedans, but how this gets masked and hijacked by, for example, the Tall Whites (intervention created by the old Annunaki).

I witness the Andromedan energy can create in the most positive of ways and literally lay down a path of light by weaving sacred geometry. Or else a more Lyran energy where you're weaving from flows, and then aligned Orions weaving more from numerology. You're actually creating a path of light from the inflows of energy. And there needs to be some passionate "intention" (heartfelt) for the creative act to land. I've also been working with the Draconian energies to help this authentic creative action actually land and anchor in reality.

So the truth in the matrix is where you're actually crystallising something for a creative inquiry and endeavour - you're bringing something to crystallisation so as to be experienced.

So what's the difference between the higher dimensional approach and how the Tall Whites, for example, create?

I'd say it's all about intention and intended outcome.

In the authentic creative flow, whilst there's commitment to the creative action, there's no attachment to it. And there's clarity about the source of the energy - a clear commitment to intuit the divine flow. There can most definitely be a creative passion. But it is about self- expression and actualisation within the flow. Consider crop circles for example.

This is entirely different from beginning with an agenda that wants reality to create according to your own lower-dimensional perceived needs and desires. There's overlap in the creative process, but it's all about the original divine, heartfelt, intention.

It's definitely a big area of inquiry right now.

I'll leave you with this one funny story that happened to me yesterday...

I experienced Tall Whites getting into my creative flow. So I went out onto Dartmoor and sat on some heavy granite rock. I called in the Dracos to help strip the intervention out and instead anchor aligned higher dimensional flow. When I got back to the place I was staying, I felt to make a cup of tea, but inadvertently smashed the cup. It was a white cup, and the pieces formed a face on the floor.

The intervention had been broken!

Open 💎

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Thanks for breaking this tea cup, it really speaks into my process, I guess...☕

 On the mental level I hear what you are saying, and it is a clear invitation to see how I can work with it in this given moment. 

And there needs to be some passionate "intention" (heartfelt) for the creative act to land

It's a great reminder, as I am lately sitting with some beautiful energies.

Bright blessings.😇

One of the questions I've long worked with is how we can effectively unravel the matrix, considering that human DNA is plugged into it? In the latest episode of the 5D Shift Podcast tere's an understanding of how that can happen by enlisting the original architects. Do let me know your throughts in commentary below.

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎

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