Exploring The Difference between Being and Beingness

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There's a good deal of emphasis in the spiritual mainstream about coming into "Being", but what does that mean exactly and does the spiritual journey simply end there? Absolutely not. When we come into Being, it unleashes a flow of authentic soul energy that is wanting to express as "Beingness" of which there are different qualitities, different harmonies, depending on the situation the Being is flowing into.

Understanding this dynamic is crucial to coming into full Enlightenment, which is far from a static phenomenon...

Beingness to Being is like Running is to the Runner

When you hit the hallowed space of Being for the first time, it makes all the sense in the Universe. It answers (at least temporarily) all of the efforting and seeking in the outer world. You've come back to your true home, the destination of every quest, the answer to every question. It's heavenly and sublime. In its deepest state, you're in the pure presence of the One. At Openhand we call it the Sacred Ground of Being. It feels simply divine.

However, this is not the end of the story, which continues on from there. From this pure Being flows a stream of consciousness, which we can call the soul. It is the absolute coming into relativity. Since the two are intimately related, because the Universe is in a dynamic equilibrium of infinite potential and flowing manifest, you cannot truly have pure Being without the expression of soul flowing from it - authentic "Beingness".

I heard it put quite succinctly recently:
Beingness to Being is like running is to the runner.

So what is Beingness exactly?

Nature is a natural Expression of Beingness

Take a look around you at nature. Any creature you care to mention. If you watch closely enough and long enough you'll surely see that what they're doing is expressing themselves in the theatre of life, and without reservation. Nature is unbridled expression of Beingness.

Beingness comes through as different qualities of expression: from soft and surrendered to courageous and purposeful; from curious and inquisitive to reserved and contained; from willful and focussed to diplomatic and empathic; from alchemically magical to artistically expressive. These are just a few qualities of authentic Beingess (I'm sure you can think of plenty more!).
Here's an overview on the 7 Rays of Consciousness leading to Beingness

It's crucial to emphasise that you cannot be in true Being, without the flow of Beingess aswell. Because as previously explained, as an intimate part of the dynamic Universe that you are, BECAUSE you are the One flowing as the Universe, then you cannot truly have one without the other.

In fact I would go further to say, you cannot truly access pure Being, deep presence, by aiming for it. Why not? Because in pure Being, you become the totality. So in the very moment you form an intention to come into pure Being, then the intention has already made the statement you are separate from it.
And so you are!

Aligning with Authentic Soul Nature

What you can do however, is align with your authentic soul nature - Beingness. When you're in authentic expression of soul, it feels plain right, you're in a flow of rightness. This then connects a loop of soul energy, a wave, that deposits you right on the welcome shores of The One within - crucially, without seeking or efforting. It simply arises in the background of your awareness. It's the blank canvass upon which the colours of life have been painted.

It always intrigued me, do people who've become recgonised and successful at a sport or an art somehow tap into this flowing dynamic between Being and Beingness? Then I heard an interview with an international footballer, known for his ability to effortlessly dribble the ball past other players. He was asked by the interviewer, "Do you ever get nervous before a big game?" To which he replied, "When I'm in the tunnel before going onto the field, yes. But when I get onto the field, it's as if no one is here. Everything just flows."

Since then I've heard this many times from other athletes, artists and performers. When they're in their flow, they tap into a state of Being which feels as if no one is there. And my ultimate point is that you can live this way, in all aspects of your life. The athlete or the artist has probably successfully tapped into one or two streams of this Beingness to access that state, which is why they pop in an out of it. However, the key is that you can live it ALL THE TIME. Which is really to be in a state of Enlightenment - to me, this is what the term actually refers to.

A Mast to the Sailing Boat

In any given moment, look for the sense of rightness of expression that wants to arise and come through. Then attune yourself to this. Let it come through without controlling it. And even when it comes through in a distorted way, that's okay, let it happen, just explore the attachment or need for an outcome. Unwind that, let it go, and eventually the authentic expression will come through.
At Openhand we apply the Breakthrough Approach for this.

When you're in the sense of rightness, you start to notice that deep sense of Being in the background. It's then possible to centre a part of your attention in it, so it becomes as the mast to the sailing boat. When you can be in both, then life really begins to take off. You're in your element, and effortlessly expressing it. You're in an enlightened state.

I worked to capture a sense of this in our latest Openhand Video "We Will Rock You...Catching 5D Waves". As with all our videos, it was shot purely spontaneously without any set-up or efforting. Check it out...

The intimate interrelation of Being and Beingness will be the central theme of Openhand's "Thrive in 5D" retreats, taking place around the World in March, April and May. If my sharing of the approach resonates with you, consider getting involved. People are finding them deeply transformational.

Thrive in 5D with Openhand in 2020

In loving support

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The situation I'm in it is inviting more of the Ray 1 to come forth eventhough if it may come in a distorted way. But what is the perfect way of commitment and willfullness as everything can be aligned a bit more towards the truth. I have found that when the Ray 1 is not flowing them I feel a lot of self doubt and lathargy. But when I can tap into this beingness then I'm ready to face the world eventhough if it may mean I make a lot of mistakes. And it doesn't matter as much. Two days ago I had a yoga session and it was not going perfectly as I wanted it to be and I found some anger and frustration building up inside. I felt pretending to be peaceful and calm within is being very inauthentic and I had a talk with the students and shared my honest opinion and asked for feedback. It was incredible the energy which was building inside suddenly dissipated and I found myself once again resting in the calmness. After that my attention was drawn to a sign saying "it's a work in progress" and a picture of a lion. I guess this is an illuminating experience of how to contain the energy and channel it. I sometimes find myself being envious to those who express a high degree of Ray 1 eventhough it comes out as controlling. Confidence is a positive reflection I can draw from it. In asking this question how can I cultivate and embody more of Ray 1 in my life? Its funny both times I ended up typing ray 2 and changed it to Ray 1. Maybe there's a message in it too. I was watching this video of the Oscar's https://youtu.be/WqQgivAanN8 and I don't know why but I could suddenly feel the Ray 1 inside. Maybe its their courage and vulnerability.