Divinicus Tour Conclusion: Seminar, 10th December, Glastonbury

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The Divinicus World Tour has been epic! I've met wonderful people all over the world, all unique beings, yet all with a common yearning: to evolve into a new form that you can feel in your soul. You recognise the problems in the world, and get a strong sense of how Gaia and Benevolence are now beginning to realign. Come join me in this final seminar of the 2014 in Glastonbury on Wednesday December 10th. I'll share many deep insights that have integrated since releasing the book and conducting the Tour. It's sure to be an unmissable evening...

The Message of Divinicus

It's a bold message indeed! But nevertheless, people all around the world are now beginning to grasp it. How the natural evolutionary path of the planet has been shunted out of alignment by an Interdimensional Intervention. Humanity has been purposefully hybridised to fit within a synthetic reality, the consequence of which, has been inexorably destroying our biosphere.

    The evidence is there, in plain sight. From the megaliths at key sites around the world, to the very configuration of our DNA and chromosomes, it's abundantly clear that our consciousness has been controlled. But now we're breaking free!

You'd be forgiven for wanting to bury your head in the sand. But that won't get you anywhere. Only the direct confrontation of the truth can truly set you free. We must look deep within and understand how this intervention only happened because of unconscious blind spots. Indeed we have been actors in a much bigger drama - the One, bringing consciousness through unconsciousness, light into dark.

    Understanding how the big picture is affecting you in every moment, empowers you to break through the limitation and reclaim your sovereignty. That's the purpose of this Seminar: to help you fully see how you may empower the divine being dwelling within.

We'll also consider the messages Gaia and Benevolence are sending. Underlying shifts are happening all around us. What exactly is humanity being told?

Where and when? - the details:

  • Where?: Glastonbury Town Hall
  • When?: Wednesday December 10th, 7.30pm (doors open 7.00pm)
  • Cost?: £5 including refreshments
  • Glastonbury PLG: in association with Glastonbury Positive Living

Accommodation at Openhand Centre

For those wishing to travel for this final DIVINICUS Seminar of 2014, you may wish to stay at the Openhand Centre in the heart of Glastonbury. You'd be most welcome. Email us for full details... lesley.lord@live.com

Enthralling Evening!

Come join us for a truly enthralling evening and discover what has touched so many souls, so deeply, all around the world. Openhand - you'll be in good hands!

See you then!

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It's good to see the openhandweb site back online. I think Rich has done a monumental job while Open pulled the strings and held the space. Great job guys. I am happy to be a part of it :drink:

And it feels like the site runs even faster than ever before!


Well, that was the week that was!

Sometime back, our website suffered a monumental hack. It was very sophisticated, feeding it's way steadily into the files, through the database and infecting the server too. But it's one that wasn't noticed immediately. It's only when weird sign ups to the site suddenly started activating themselves that we knew something was wrong. Worse still, all the back-ups that happened during the Divinicus World Tour were infected too - so we lost all of that material.

But as we say frequently here at Openhand, there's always a deeper meaning to everything; always a self-realisation opportunity. We must always work to transcend the drama. For me, that means as you confront the microcosym of the situation, then your consciousness can expand through the macro-cosym (as long as that catalytic wave you send out, then doesn't rebound because of your own distortion).

So in the thick of it all, as that 'raptor consciousness' was constricting both the first density and third density fields, thus causing the virus which brought the site down, then benevolence seized the opportunity to flow through me and into that consciousness. Thus the tables were turned. The pressure inside - leading upto the Divinicus Seminar - was almost unbearable. But you just have to soften with these situations. So the energy could flow in and through unhindered.

After several days like this, that Opposing Consciousness then backed off in the field. As above, so below - thus you'd expect a resolution in the physical world too. And so here we are, back online. Unbroken, and a lot more resilient to boot. We look forwards to many more sharings with our beloved Openhand Community.

Thanks for your love and support - it was felt through the field too.
And a special gratitude to Openhanders Rich and Oliver - tech whizzos who helped us get it all unraveled and sorted. You're amazing guys!

Open *give_rose*


Ahh, sounds amazing, Cynthia Sham Rang I share your sentiments exactly. Its events like this, and your new years retreat make the other side of the world feel...well...like the other side of the world ! I am grateful we can connect in through the ether...and internet...
With love.


Just reading about it I feel as though I was there. Lesley, your description is awesome!
There is something about Openhand that is so invitational and inspiring, so gentle and powerful....so expansive and gracious
Thank you so much.


In the event, there was a touch over an hour and a half to give a taste of the work. And what a taster! Eons were covered in minutes, insights fell like crystal clear raindrops and struck deep chords. People were steered in and out of deep meditations being the seer, and then gathered up again for the next part of the story, and finally into feeling their soul realigning. Awesome!

Thank you.


Hey Open,

With you at the helm anything is possible... I'm sure it will be very powerful :) Have a great journey!

Love Fiona


I'm feeling something new for this event. A lot of energy is building. I certainly don't feel to be talking 'at' people. My soul's yearning is to engage on a multidimensional level - something that we mainly do at workshops.

I feel with this one, to condense the workshop down into 3 hrs - is that even possible? We'll find out!