The Etheric Moon Circle

I felt to initiate an etheric moon circle in the Openhand community recently and had a wonderful exploration with Fiona and Tigger. We now invite you all to meet us on Sunday (for some tomorrow, for others today) at full moon in the ether!

Traditionally moon circles are only open to women, who meet and share a safe and sacred space, womb-like, in which they can dive deep and are regenerated and transformed, in which something greater than their individual selves are born and carried out into the world.

However, this is an experiment, something new, as far as I know. We are neither meeting in person, nor is the circle only open to women. Everybody is welcome to join in this etheric moon circle, to go deep inside and to see what arises, to acknowledge and investigate what the Divine Feminine will unveil, and to share what has been shown. This is an opening of a sacred feminine space for the masculine, a leap of faith, for me personally not a difficult one in our community, because I experience it as safe, nurturing and honouring the female qualities. I see many men here who have the strength and courage to live their female qualities. Other women will feel less comfortable with this, no doubt, but I hope they will nevertheless be interested and that this will be a small contribution to the growing Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

This is the idea:

We meet in the ether every two weeks, once on the night of the full moon and once on the day of the new moon, I also like to call it the dark moon. As we are spread out all over the world, anybody who feels to do so, meditates or contemplates when the moon is in their time zone. They send their energy to the the moon, which reflects it back to the others in its path. Starting in the east, the moon passes by Gaia's heart chakra in Avalon in the middle of its trajectory and sets in the west. In this way, we create an etheric moon circle around the world.

It would be wonderful if many feel inspired to join in and to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences with us here.


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Your sharing is so beautiful! And the song went through and through!

I had a quiet New Moon. Things are stirring but haven't come to the surface yet. I feel impatient, a bit weary, as if treading on one spot. Taurus wants me to be patient, obviously!

Love, Helen

In keeping with this super earthy Taurus new moon, I felt to add a song called, Earth My Body, a translation of an ancient, Native American chant. Sung by Nicole Sangsuree Barrett who passed on a few years ago. For all my wild moon sisters and brothers.

Earth my body
Water my blood
Air my breath
Fire my spirit

Hey Helen and Wild Moon Sisters!

Thank you for the heads-up about the New Moon in Taurus today, an earth sign, so lots of grounding energy. Yes, time to plant my feet in the sand and eat dirt. Thanks for that inspiration, Tigger! :)

Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of love, so today's May 6th new moon has a gentle, kind energy and a warm spirit. In my birth chart, my Venus is in Taurus so this new moon resonates deeply. Keywords for Taurus/Venus nature: reliability, consistency, loyalty, patience, generosity, keen eye for all that is beautiful, longing for peace and harmony. If we're soft and open to this new moon's energy, it will guide us effortlessly to release karmic patterns through acceptance, forgiveness, and love. A gentle, kick-ass, kinda energy.

I was guided to look up Taurus the Bull Constellation as it sits among the stars. The red, giant star Aldebaran is known as Taurus’ Eye. This fiery star glares at Orion the Hunter to the southwest: Opposing Consciousness/love/fear dynamic. But what really stands out for me is the other major star cluster known as the Pleiades, a cluster of seven stars on the bull’s shoulder that represents the Seven Sisters. Pleiades feels like home to me. Maybe to other Openhand-ers, as well. Perhaps some of us have travelled together from that star cluster to shine the Light at such a crucial time on planet earth. At the time of this new moon, the forest fires in Alberta/Canada rage out of control, a fiery apocalypse. Shades of much greater devastation to come. Not easy to hold the Light in these challenging times, but the power of love is so needed.

x Cathy

Sorry! The quotes are from Mysticmamma.

"Of all signs of the Zodiac, Taurus is the sign that represents Mother Earth... Taurus is wild nature, our wild nature, which is more aligned with the Earth than with the Heavens.

"This lunar month is about embodiment, sensuality and manifestation. It's about being here on earth in a body - enjoying it AND at the same time staying aligned with the path of integrity, spiritual mastery, mastery.

"We are being given the opportunity to truly understand that this is all the Divine Play of life and that we can not integrate it all until we have experienced and embodied it all - light and shadow.

"The good news is that the downs, outs, bad and shadow are definitely less present this month than in the last two - almost like the Universe giving us a little reprieve and reward for all the hard work done in recent months."

Hear this Cathy? This is for you, sister dear! Enjoy!

"It's a time to ground down, take care of ourselves physically, enjoy life, relax and retreat a little, and give thanks for being given the opportunity to be here now at this pivotal time on planet earth.

"Taurus embodies peace - finding your inner contentment and satisfaction. All of nature is Taurus' ally; Taurus is the fixed, power sign for the element earth - feminine and yin in quality, so naturally she partakes of the big power of nature to balance her energy.

"This is the third Super Moon in a row. This Moon will tug on you. It may affect your consciousness. It could intensify your feelings... Bringing to light your true feelings.

"There are times to take action. There are times to wait and listen. Trust your intuition. Trust your instincts. This is not the time to push. Flow with the energy and see where it takes you.

"The Taurus New Moon reveals your talents and gifts... Your gifts can create great abundance for you. They reveal your past life attainment that you have brought forth into this life... Love you. You are precious. There is only one of you. Never forget that truth."

And I wanted to know, what is a Super Moon exactly? So here it is: "A super moon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disc as seen from the Earth. The technical name is THE PERIGEE-SYZYGY OF THE EARTH-MOON-SUN SYSTEM."

YES! That's what it's called. Lovely, isn't it?

"A full moon at perigee is visually larger up to 14% in diameter or about 30% in area and shines 30% more light than one on its farthest point, or apogee."

Having said all this, I wish all of you a very happy perigee-syzygy Taurus New Moon in the merry month of May.


My dear Cathy,

what a journey this is! Your sharing is very touching and inspiring. I really admire your clarity and complete honesty!

I was astonished, as on the day before the full moon exactly the same happened to me (the quote from Mystic Mamma in your posting) and I looked up what I had posted for guidance! This dynamic is still active in my life right now and I feel there is a clearing and empowering taking place. Old patterns are being revealed and the time has come for me to overcome them.

I was looking forward to moon gazing, a new practice for me, and did ten minutes or so on the night before the full moon. While meditating afterwards I felt strong energies in the chin region, moving presumably in the meridians. The moon chakra is located between the mouth and the tip of the chin and seems to have been activated by the gazing. Unfortunately the following nights were cloudy so that I couldn't do any more. : (

I had started sun gazing a bit, I felt drawn to it after I had read something very new and interesting to me in a book. If one is blinded suddenly or blindfolded for a few days, one gets so weak that one can no longer stand up and walk, because the light and energy from the sun that is taken in through the eyes has been shut out. After some time the intake of light and energy takes place through the skin and strength is restored.

As the moon reflects the sunlight, its energy must be transferred to some extent in the moonlight. The moon has of course other energies in its own right, magnetism for example, gravitational forces and subtle energies influencing the growth of plants, fertility cycles in living things, sleep (!) and so on. Anyway, I hope that the sky during the full moon in May will be clear, because I feel to gaze for longer periods as I am keen to see what happens!

Much love to all,

Greetings Helen and Wild Moon Compadres!

The dust has settled after the April 22nd Full Moon in Scorpio. Enough time has passed for me to contemplate and integrate as best as I can what went down during this past week's emotional roller coaster ride.

From Mystic Mamma:

"The Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing light to all the shadow dynamics that lie underneath the surface- the very things we don’t want to look at or have been avoiding dealing with are likely to come to Light right now."

Mystic Mamma sure got that right. What came to light for me were conditioned patterns and ways of being with myself and others that affect body/mind/spirit. Thanks to the Openhand community, I found the courage to release and transcend fear around health issues and align with higher truth. I received a timely and encouraging message from Archangel Raphael that deepened my awareness about how I manage stress and how these conditioned responses contribute to health challenges. The keynote of Archangel Raphael's message is to have patience as I progress and accept that it will take time to release these patterns. Patience has never come easily to my warrior self! There is a line from T.S. Eliot's poetry that has always resonated with me, "Hurry up, please, it's time."

Apart from health issues, I felt like a midwife of the spirit throughout the full moon week. Family patterns arose to the surface calling out to be healed. I have insomnia for at least a week around full moons which I resist big time and try to escape from. More surrender to come next time around. Exhausted as I was, I still managed to step up to the plate and facilitate and hold a sacred, loving space for loved ones to express their feelings with honesty, kindness, and compassion to help release and heal a longstanding, ancestral family pattern of building a wall of silence/anger/resentment/judgment rather than reaching out and expressing one's vulnerability and woundedness whilst opening to the same in others. Breakthrough was the keynote as I honoured the feelings of loved ones without judgment whilst encouraging a higher way of being. Let the healing continue. What inspired and helped me step up and facilitate a sacred space to catalyze shifts was Trinity's article on compassion, specifically her view that compassion doesn't mean we accept that anything goes and avoid confrontation around "sticky" matters that create inner turmoil and outer strife.

The week had its wonderful balances, as well. I am part of an author's writing circle with an awesome group of people courageous enough to dig into their pain and express it in their writing as I am doing. We support, encourage, and inspire one another. Ray 6 rules!

All this while the Openhand retreat was happening in Seattle. I was tuning in etherically to all the beautiful souls and energy shifts happening there. I was sad that I couldn't attend the retreat and allowed my sadness to just be. I accepted that it wasn't my path to be there. Looking back and feeling into the path of light that did unfold before me, I totally get why the signs and synchronicity pointed another way. My trust in the divine flow of benevolence continues to deepen. I am grateful for the grace bestowed under last week's full moon as challenging as it was.

Love to y'all,


Hi, everybody,

here's a bit of information from Mystic Mamma for tuning in to the Full Moon energy tomorrow night. It sounds very in sync with Openhand! But see for yourselves.

"The Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing light to all the shadow dynamics that lie underneath the surface - the very things we don't want to look at or have been avoiding dealing with are likely to come to Light right now.

"Venus in Aries... is aligned with rebellious Uranus and activating Eris, opposite the fierce and powerful Dark Goddess Black Moon Lilith and square to Pluto the Lord of the Underworld.

"This shows that wake up/shake up, breakdown/breakthrough energy is playing out. In relationships, financial situations, in our value system and more.

"Venus in Aries wants what she wants and she wants it now! Add in all the potent planets she is aspecting and we can see her boiling over with passion, anger and intensity!

"Steering clear of power/control dynamics with others and instead using this energy to dig deep and get to the root of patterns playing out that are Sourced within is the only way out and through..."

Well, if that isn't perfectly aligned with the Openhand philosophy!

"Scorpio pulls us into the mysterious depths... The dark has power, and that makes it daunting, but also a promising night - for deep change and renewal!

"Full Moon s are revelatory, and Scorpio sees into the hidden bones, the underpinnings, of things. And it's one for seeing the energetic spine of an issue. It might be one that has a psychic hold, whose roots take time and courage to dig out!

"If you're wrestling with an issue, ask for clear messages, for your next right step in transforming it...

"Come from Love, not fear. Be fearless... The goal is to live authentically. Live from your truth... Do what you truly love and value... Be your own best friend."

And as a very special guest in this very special Spring Full Moon, we welcome St. George, who's Day starts when the Full Moon is in its zenith! St. George, the Christianised version of the God of fertility and rebirth, also known as Osiris, Pan, Dionysos, Bacchus, the Green Man, consort of the Dark Isis, the Dark Goddess Lilith, the Black Madonna, Mary Magdalene, the High Priestess of the Mysteries, and the tamer/slayer of the Green Dragon of the Earth and Transformative energies.

Go for it all!

It should go really deep in the OH retreat in Seattle at the end of the week! Perfect timing, Open!

With love and best Full Moon wishes to all,


As Cathy very precisely and correctly put it above: "we're an amazing bunch of kick-ass warriors!" And if nuns are frightened of little girls (not only her experience but mine, too, they were particularly intent on subduing us little angels with the menace of hell and purgatory), isn't OC scared stiff of US? Just imagine our bodies hadn't been downgraded! Oh boy! ; )))

"It makes a wonderful difference if you find in the body an ally or an adversary."

Goethe knew. He had a profound metaphysical knowledge of Nature. He had studied it in great depth through his feeling sense. He used the age old method of living communication with plants, animals and his own body to learn, as opposed to the dry, fragmented, linear, dead, Cartesian and Newtonian approach to the "other".

Our bodies are a wonder. All life is miraculous. A single cell is a million times more complex than a star. In every cell, there are thousands of chemical and electromagnetic processes per millisecond that keep it in homeostasis, on the blade edge between chaos and paralysis. Each of our billions of cells is in constant communication with each other. We host billions and billions of microbes, fungi and viruses, all living symbiotically with the whole we call "me". Our bodies are in constant exchange with our environment, are taking in sunlight, star dust, galactic energy, food, water and air, getting rid of waste products, processing (mostly subconsciously) information through our five senses and also through our sixth sense: feeling (as opposed to touch). We are gifted with emotions, thoughts, insights, dreams... We also have etheric bodies. These bodies, physical and etheric, are the home of our soul here on earth, our vehicles of spiritual development. They are holy.

And we take all this all for granted most of our lives, most of the time, except when our body has got out of balance, when it is ill or in pain. When it is crying out loud: "take care of me!" True, it has been degraded by OC, but how much degrading or upgrading do we do ourselves? Do we love our body, cherish it, feed it well, give it enough rest and exercise? Do we listen to our body, really listen to what it is telling us and pay attention to it? Do we honour this temple of Life that we call our body?

How many of us feel our body not good enough, find it ugly, how many of us hate it even? This is one of the evil spells I talked of in an earlier sharing: the constant bombarding through the mass media with a synthetic, unnatural picture and concept of the body. This is constant hypnosis, going deep into the unconscious and leading to the desired effect of making people discontented and unhappy with their supposedly imperfect body. But it is perfect! It is the unique body we have created, which is absolutely perfect for us!

The Aleuts' greeting is: "Thank you for being healthy!" How much wisdom there is in this! We are one small but important part of a holistic whole. I like to think of myself as being a cell of Gaia's body, and it makes a difference if I am a healthy, vibrant cell, radiating harmony and light, or a dull, ill cell, out of balance and emitting toxins. And to be a healthy cell or person or organism, love and acceptance are needed. Gratitude, too!

With much love,

Dear Tigger, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your wisdom with us. It is a joy to me and I learn so much from you!

My dear Cathy, you are the Angel mirrored in the others. Your sharings made me shiver and brought tears to my eyes.

Dear Open, that makes sense! Suffering during her moon time is an extremely effective method to alienate a woman from her body, on top of all the experiences of abuse suffered through and due to OC.

And, last but not least: thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to share and explore so personal and delicate issues in this safe and protected space. I feel this is a beautiful example of the divine masculine empowering and assisting the healing of the divine feminine.



Hi HG,

You asked...

    "Or is this suffering of women during their normal biological cycles due to karmic wounds?"

I'd say a huge part of it is to do with the Interdimensional Intervention, how Original Humans were genetically manipulated and downgraded. It was all a part of birthing Homo Sapiens - a hybrid, to accept certain frequencies of energy here.

Unpleasant yes, but if and when one can embrace the truth of this, it makes it a whole lot easier to deal with - there's a reason for it, you are not to blame!



Hi Helen and Tigger!

I appreciate all your shares! They are stimulating and shifting so much for me! In one of my sisterhood circles, what's being shared now are experiences of trauma around monthly moon time. The support being offered sister-to-sister is monumental and touches my heart deeply. I was one of those women who suffered terribly during this time, body/mind/spirit, with severe PMS to the point where I found it extremely challenging to function in the workplace and in keeping up with all my roles i.e. mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister etc. What I needed was quiet time alone and time with others who understood, but that wasn't possible given the culture I was living in. Tigger, how I would love to have had access to a moon lodge!

I'm feeling that the monthly moon time trauma so many women experience, including my own daughter, ultimately relates to birth trauma stemming from OC Intervention, DNA manipulation, and the raptor consciousness, in general, that uses and devours women for its own nefarious purposes.

Helen, you raise the point about women competing with one another for male attention and conquest when in "mixed" company. Karmically, women have chosen to disempower themselves by giving away their power to men, who use and abuse it. I'm feeling that as long as this "power over" balance endures, the male/female competitive dynamic will continue. Thankfully, we're ascending to a higher world where the consciousness of power with, not over, serves all life equally.

During my teenage years, I lived in a neighbourhood surrounded by scads of friends who attended the "Protestant" school down the road. I had two lives, one with my girl friends in the Catholic school I attended, and my life with the neighbourhood "heretics" ha! I grew up in a large family with six brothers and sisters, and my home was a magnet for teenage girls and boys. We hung out in packs. Some of the kids were musicians and band members, so music was big. I don't recall any mean-spirited, competitive dynamic ever going down. In fact, we got along splendidly well together. I recall one friend, Chris, who lived around the corner. I was about 14 years old at the time, and he was a few years older. He knew I couldn't dance given my physical disability, so he put on the music, took my hands, and asked me to stand on his feet. Then he danced me around the garage, door open to the sunshine. That was one of the many moments I experienced immersed in a magical camaraderie with all these amazing friends. And here I am in the Openhand community, once again immersed in a magical camaraderie! My life was by no means free of anguish during my growing up years. But in recalling enlightened times from my childhood and teenage years, it feels like I lived in two worlds at once. The raptor world and another world of light-filled joy, love, compassion, respect, and true-blue male/female friendships. Shades of who we truly are.

x Cathy

Cathy and Helen, I also went to an all girls' boarding prep school -- just for high school, and then 2 years at a women's college before transferring to a co ed university. Prep school in particular was a very troubling and difficult time for me, and the rigidity of conforming to uniforms and rules always landed me in hot water. I didn't find school curriculum particularly interesting. Friendships I had in prep school were transient. However the women's college was a totally different experience: friendships I made there I still have to this day.

Cathy, I was really touched to read about your experiences in Catholic school and how supportive your classmates were, and how your blossomed in that environment.

Helen, I don't know much about girls and women being under a spell for thousands of years re: moon time and menopause. I know there is history of men fearing women's power especially during moon time. That's why several cultures had Moon Lodges for the women.

Yet I see in the animal kingdom, a reflection of bio chemical changes during moon time. Some mares just become witchy and irritable,back sore, sensitive to touch, sometimes unridable when they go "into season". I have seen some breeding female dogs become anxious, irritable, and out of sorts when they come into season. The endocrine system is complex.

When I spent time at Michael Ravenhorse's camp, the women would sit together in the evenings: beading, talking, laughing, painting gourd bowls, making moccasins,singing, burning sage. I found it a relief after being around male warrior energy all day, and the politics of AIM (American Indian Movement). My friend Carrie Spotted Eagle sometimes told the stories of Coyote, Dog, Grandmother Spider, and how Turtle Island (North America) came into being. Three of us shared Michael Ravenhorse in a polygamous relationship (not a menage a trois, I must point out). Curiously there was never any resentment, jealousy, or competition. We were like sisters, which Carrie and I remain to this day.

love, tigger

Or is this suffering of women during their normal biological cycles due to karmic wounds? Hereditary wounds from abused mothers and grandmothers, abuse in ones own biography? Deep, deep wounds and scars...

Cathy, Tigger, I love you! Thank you so much for your heart warming sharings!

Now a very provocative thought: have girls and women been put under a spell for thousands of years, that they are to suffer under their moon time (or curse as the Americans put it, or used to), that they get all wrong in their heads and lose control of their civilised selves when they bleed and go completely wonky when they have their menopause?

I know that the majority of women do have pain and suffer during their moon days and under PMS, equally so during their menopause. It is real and I don't want to belittle it in any way. But if one single woman doesn't suffer (and I'm sure there are more!), that surely means it's not a law of nature and could be to some extent cultural. What's the contrary of placebo? Or to put even more clearly: voodoo?

Cathy, do you think it's because we went to girls' schools that we feel this way? Do we start competing when boys and men are around?

I love the cultures where the women hang around together, work together, share the housework and children and sorrows and joys together. They don't need therapists.


Wow! I have chills reading about your experience under the full moon snow running with Raven, Sierra, the horses, and wolves, your soul flying wild and free!

I am always awestruck by the beauty of your writing!

x Cathy

Hi women, far and near, I need to confess something, two things actually.
1. I've always felt comfortable, at ease, totally okay with girls and women. I went to girls schools and I found they were really pretty nice to each other, the teachers and the schools themselves were mostly terrible, but the girls were just fine. No Enid Blyton terror.
2. I always felt completely okay and even enjoyed my moon days. It's as if I'm breaking a taboo here and sort of saying, well I'm somebody special or something and should hush this up, both that's how it was. I missed them when they stopped.
Oh and 3. I didn't have any problems with my menopause, either.
So, that's out!

In reply to by HG

Hi Helen,

How good it feels when we find the courage to express especially when it feels like we're going against taboos and the grain of the majority! So bravo to you!

I, too, went to an all girl's school. From the age of six until I graduated from high school, I was surrounded by the most amazing classmates. I call them angels because that's how I experienced their energy. I was the only child with a physical disability in a "normal" school and used crutches to walk. My mother fought to get me into the school since the nuns were afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with the other children. I started school late in the year since I had been hospitalized with polio for a lengthy period. It warms my heart all over again to recall all the smiling, welcoming faces of the little girls who surrounded me with kindness on my first day of school. I thrived and blossomed in their presence throughout my schooling. We got up to some real hijinks to push back against the authoritarian regime of the nuns although we also quaked in our boots, at times! I was elected President of my Student Council in my final year of high school and had great fun organizing a "Beatles" sock hop and a hay ride up Mount Royal Mountain in Montreal, Quebec. I reconnected with many of my former classmates a few years ago through a private group on Facebook, and I recently had several reunions with some of them. They are as wonderful as ever. Attending an all girls school was one of the greatest joys of my life for which I am forever grateful! As I am for this circle of wild moon women and girl power!

"All night, all day
Angels watching over me..."

x Cathy

Hi Helen, Reka, Cathy, and everyone,

So good to read your bask in the energy.

I remember reading Women Who Run with the Wolves when I was going through my divorce (over twenty years ago, yikes). At the time I was living with two wolf dogs: Sierra and Ravenwolf. We had what I called Sing Fests on the full moon. We would go outside and I would tilt my head back with Sierra and Raven and we'd sing to the moon together. Sierra was a white wolf and her illumination under a full moon was etheric. She had an almost operatic voice, with incredible range, while Raven and I were more in the lower registers of bass and alto :-)

They taught me a lot about what it is to be wild, that pull of expression, unencumbered. I remember one winter when we had a full moon snow. I went out with the wolves to walk in the falling snow. The horses had been down in a lower pasture at the spring pond, and they started to move. The wolves ran out to them and started to run with them. Sounds of hooves on snow, the tempo of horse breaths, and then Sierra and Raven running alongside the galloping herd, horses and wolves in easy strides together across the ground, the sheer joy of running as the snow fell under the moon's illumination.

I felt myself leap from my body, my soul flying with the running wolves and galloping horses. Snow in my face but I couldn't feel it, it was a kind of an exhilarating release of formlessness yet consciousness.

Thank you for reminding me of the gifts these wonderful wolf beings gave me.

love, tigger

Cathy, this article made my heart sing! "Women who put their hearts and heads together can truly create an army of queens." Wow!!! Clarissa Pinkola Estés book, Women who run with the Wolves, is such an incredible, transformative book. An ode to the Wild Woman.

Hi Helen, Réka, and everyone!

Just after reading your posts today, I came across this article that celebrates the transformational power of women in packs. I am blessed to have loving feminine friends in my life and to be part of feminine power groups that support one another's journeys with such intuitive compassion, love, and tenderness.

“No matter by which culture a woman is influenced, she understands the words wild and woman, intuitively.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Love to all,



somewhere along the line you took the step...

you made the decision...

to leave the victim, to NOT become bitter, and BE a WISE WOMAN

oh, bliss! Hallelujah!

My dearest Réka, this is a beautiful dance, and I am in awe, every time, of your wisdom, your depth and poetry!

"I am also talking about what the Moon symbolically means. The intuitive pull, the dark side (of the mind and psyche), the acceptance of how everything is ever changing, the reflective, not the analytical, the magnetic rather than the electric aspects of life..." How right, how true! However the moon is always present in our lives, in our psyches, right there in full sight. It's just a question of slowing down, of looking up, of turning the sight inwards, of feeling. All women have access to this, it's all there, in their bodies. If there was anybody who was cut off from the earth and herself, that was me. When I was 40 or so, I had a revelation: I suddenly could feel the ground beneath my feet! I had been living sort of mid air, neither connected to below nor above since I was a child, probably. It took time to get in touch with my body, my feelings, my intuition, but now it feels so natural, I know it was there all the time. And when I see groups of women together, mostly at ease, chatting, laughing, yes, I do feel they can connect and always feel better afterwards. Women are medicine!

My dearest Helen (and All),

I am moved to tears. And really...: what is really here to say, how not to sound too casual about this? Whatever I write will not be able to stand up to the beauty of such an extraordinary friendship as this one is. It is such a blessing, and these things never are granted "for free". Both you and me, in our respective lives, and in the short time, in this life together, have come a long way – in terms of accepting our vulnerabilities and relating to our truth with a radical honesty. Facing the Real.

Almost 25,000 reads though on this page is not exactly a tête-à-tête. ; ) May the outpour of our womanly love inspire many others.

You say how we all connect through the Moon. This makes me think how much most women have really forgotten what the MOON really means! I'm not only talking about the lack of monthly awareness in our lives (including our menstrual cycles), not only about how artificial light pollution destroyed the delicate relating between women's pineal glands and the Moon. Etc. Etc. I am also talking about what the Moon symbolically means. The intuitive pull, the dark side (of the mind and psyche), the acceptance of how everything is ever changing, the reflective not the analytical, the magnetic, rather than electric aspects of life...

We say we are connected to the stars, even to other solar systems – and yet, we have no feeling and connection to what is closest to us – the Earth and the Moon. How is that possible?

We share our feelings about our spiritual paths, and yet, we are not able to hold out a hand to the ones who are closest to us without struggle?

In today's world, women's friendships are often difficult and often loaded with dishonesty (to self, to the other and between each other). There are not many that could be exemplary. There is so much that hurts in the feminine psyche, and collective consciousness that often women cannot relate to each other. The feminine web, of supportive women working together for the greater good of the Whole, seems to be lost.

For now. Partially. But there are connections. And whoever reads this: if you do have a really precious feminine friend in your life, do appreciate her (and yourself)! Enjoy the "milk and honey" that flows without question when it recognises the Essence in the other.

It is more than nourishing! It is medicine!

I send my love to you all. -- Réka

And a video from a Turkish friend of mine, dear Sister Filiz Telek:

Women are Medicine REWILDING from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo.

In the first magical Full Moon in January, the very first Etheric Moon Circle, I received the most beautiful gift of Réka's love and friendship. We met deep in our souls and hearts, for the first time in this incarnation, but there have been many many lives we have shared and the bonds between us are strong and nourishing, fresh and alive. It is such a joy! Thank you, dearest Réka!

I needed to ask the Universe, via New Moon, whether the Etheric Moon Circle had fulfilled its purpose with this beautiful soul encounter, or whether it was still of use. The idea to start this circle had been spontaneous and intuitive, I had followed the pull. The moon has always fascinated me, but I hadn't actually payed much attention to its effect on my life before. (Moon humour: "Does the moon influence you? A little..." ).

This seems to have changed somewhat. Yesterday I was very aware of the New Moon's presence and its energy paired to the sun's. I felt a web of connection to them and to those tuning in through the ether. Threads of energy connecting us through the moon. This is how it is anyway, we are connected to each other and to all life through time and space. Especially souls vibrating in a similar frequency.

It actually doesn't seem to be much of a circle, but I registered that there have been nearly two hundred clicks on this thread since yesterday, although nothing has been posted up to now! Nice to have this etheric feedback loop, dear friends. Hoping to hear from you too!

Anyway, that was my Full Moon in April.

Much love to Réka and to every one of you!

you said it would be hard for you to surrender to the moon! But you've done it! Yeah! And this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Equinox and Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse series seems to be a hell of a gateway! Peace and love to you after the battle.

I have gone really deep, too, into the waters of the Unconcious. All sorts of things are arising to the surface, things are flowing, coming to the light.

Btw, tree sister, I loved your intermezzo as meadow lark! You were incredibly fresh and young and lively, I could practically hear you singing out loud!


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Thank you for your encouragement, Helen. Much appreciated. Back at 'ya. Lovely to hear about your breakthroughs. We may have lots of tears, scrapes, and bruises, but ain't we just an amazing bunch of kickass lightwarriors?!

So happy you enjoyed my melodies. Tweet, tweet...

x Cathy

I feel like I have been trying to ride the wave on a foam cooler lid lately. I feel like I can't swim so I am Holding on to this piece of foam, but it is starting to break!?!? Sending Golden Light to You!! Peace Eddie

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Foam cooler lid! Perhaps the last bit of resistance before you trust enough to ride the waves.

I appreciate the love, Eddie. Back at 'ya. And thank you for the reminder. Indeed, we're not alone. Our vibe is our tribe.

BTW, I make a good tree sister. :)

x Cathy

Hi Helen and Réka,

I can't seem to locate your last comments for the March 22nd full moon lunar eclipse. I read and appreciated them and went to post but then the Openhand site went down, at least for me. I pulled out my Dirt Devil vacuum for the solar new moon eclipse earlier on this month to clear out old, stale energies. That took me deeper into the darkness. I've felt such overwhelming emotions around this full moon lunar eclipse. The outer mirror, both individually and collectively this week, has left me lying in a heap of broken bits on the cold floor. I broke down and sobbed one morning this week, feeling like I can't take anymore, so tired of all the struggle. It feels as though I've been swept out to sea on the darkest, blackest night without even the moon to light my way. I'm exhausted from thrashing about, fighting to stay afloat. I lie back and float on the waves, up and down, up and down, no resistance. I don't know where I am or where I'm going under this moonless sky. I can't see a thing. There's just no point in searching out there anymore for the light. Even the stars are shrouded in dark clouds. It's all in here. I might drown out here alone on this vast ocean. I might not. It doesn't seem to matter. C'est la vie. A white flag flies above my door. There's peace in surrender.

x Cathy

how many times a day do we cross these days??
: )))))

it's not even a "crossing" anymore -- you find a better name for it

lovelove, nighty night!


We crossed again!! Thanks for the whole huge picture! Wow! Cathy got her vacuum cleaner out at the last New Moon but this time it's a BIG one!

With love,

Equinox Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which is aligned with the Super Galactic Center (SGC), an immense black hole at the center of a group of galaxies. This point in space acts like “a cosmic vacuum cleaner and [is] capable of sucking in all the outdated, stubborn, and hopelessly blocked patterns so that new thought-forms, ideas, attitudes, and behavioral patterns may burst to the surface. It acts as a cosmic Source of knowledge, emanating messages which need to be deciphered. Eclipses are doorways to alternative realities, an interlude in the rush of life where we can turn in new directions. All eclipses disrupt the energy flow so we can establish new patterns." ( Woagh! The world is shifting and changing, and can we take the lead in how it develops? (Answer: different in each and every moment). I'm reading how with this week's lunar eclipse occurring so close to the Equinox, the energies of life are powerfully rising to help us throw off old patterns and stories that no longer serve us. LET THE DEAD DIE!! New life awaits us all. This one song will be as good as any other, I guess, to help to liquid dance (rather than drown) into and through it... Full Moon Lullabye ...

I just had a look what mysticmamma has to tell us on the upcoming Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday and just couldn't believe it! I don't know how this quotes resonate with you, but they are a 100% hit for me and what I've been going through. Looking at the posts on OH today, I see mirrors of this all over the place.

It is so wonderful to be connected with all of you beautiful souls! My heartfelt thanks to all. See you in the moon on Wednesday, and in our hearts always!…

Lunar eclipse full moon in Libra illuminates the shadows and illuminates the energetic wounds in our hearts in our relationship to Self and Others. With gentle loving acceptance, it's time to hold space for it all as we continue to choose love.

"... We have all been in very deep emotional, psychic, spiritual and Unconcious waters this month!

" The best use of Libra energy is being able to hold space for seeing it ALL, light and shadow, self and other, good and evil, black and white (Libra is the sign of the scales).

"The best use of all the Pisces energy present right now is to deeply feel the all and to understand that we are ALL connected to it all and to each other and instead of numbing ourselves out so we don't have to acknowledge this we need to tap into our greater sensitivity and realise this connection for personal and planetary healing.

"Of course living with an open heart has to be supported by healthy boundaries and a healthy sense of self - both of which Pisces and Libra are not necessarily known for, so therein lies the karmic lesson right now... Wherever we each are on this spectrum, the call this month is to come more to the centre."


Welcome, Sandra! Thanks for joining uns and sharing!

There were lots of feelings and thoughts that came up when I read your post, but most of all gratefulness to be living at this time and in such a favourable incarnation! Not to have to live a whole lifetime as Mrs. John Smith, as a zombie or as the child slave of some old man who bought me for the price of a cow. How wonderful to be truly free, to have the choice and to know it, to have such a great and enlightened community and wonderful wayfarers!

I feel so blessed. Thank you Openhand!

These comments are so encouraging and enlightening. May I share a lucid dream I had the night/early morning of March 8th....

Background:...We had a tarantula many years ago, more of an object of observation than a ''pet'', but rather terrifying nevertheless. In order to feed ''Max'', I went to a local pet store to buy small live crickets. These were the days before internet as we know it, so any information came from volumes of encyclopedia. I was bewildered that the crickets seemed dead but not decimated so I looked up the behavior of tarantula eating habits and found that they indeed bite their live prey and then wait until the venom liquefies the internal organs of the insect, upon which they insert their proboscis-like structure into the cricket and suck out now liquified contents.

The lucid dream was my own but I think it could be applicable to a large extent to women. I had been raised in a culture where women had very little identity outside of and separate from their husbands, or fathers. Mother rarely used her name...she was Mrs. John Smith (fictitious) and her husband/my father did such and such and made such and such amount of money which classified him into society as such and such....My sister and I grew up doing the same thing as daughters of Mr and Mrs ''Smith'' who were this and that because our father was etc etc. I, therefore, married and adopted the same stance and took my identity from my husband. When we divorced I found a new and younger partner who was, it turned out, an actual younger version of my husband. Both of them abandoned me in favor of younger women who were not only younger, but also had identities of their own.

What my dream showed me was that I was a cricket, and not blaming the two men, the large spider (husband) and small spider (younger love) had both drained me of any real identity of my own, not because they were evil, but BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT SPIDERS DO. That is what this distorted 3rd D culture does. So the dream invited me to get to know myself, which seemed funny because at my age I don't have a lot of time left. Nevertheless, I surrendered to it, and am keenly aware of a deep internal process going on, the synchronicities showing up everywhere, the rebuilding of my own original soul...and I rather like it. She/me is becoming, as I observe, interesting in ways never developed before, ways I never knew existed or if I knew, had been 'liquified and extracted'.
Karma is also creeping up in the manner of instantaneous rage and explosions, which leave me speechless and remorseful when they occur. But I understand now where they are coming from and why...thousands and thousands of millennia oppression and distortion of BOTH the male and female ...and I am embracing the outbursts as I do when my 3 year old grandson explodes in a temper tantrum....change location, gather him into my loving arms, hold him close and rock the wounded soul, sometimes sing a quiet song until he can sing with me and then we dance! Same process, same results

I am quietly joying in the transformational energies of this magical cosmic month.

In Love and Light,


Thank very much for your sharing and for all the information, Réka.

I saw the distortions in this one individual as a stark mirror for the betrayal of the self by women in our society. Which aspects do I/we carry in myself/ourselves, are there masochistic, self-effacing, materialistic tendencies that need to be realigned? Maybe these are only relevant questions before Transfiguration has taken place, or are these recurring karmic themes?

I agree with Eddie that change can take place rapidly and unexpectedly, especially when a situation has been too badly out of balance for too long. There is a swing from the yang to the yin to restore harmony (or the other way round). This can also happen on the collective level. Who would ever have thought that the Berlin Wall would crumble so fast at the time? It could have ended in war and destruction, too, but it didn't. Healing can also take place in the blink of an eye, as we all know, as everything is energy and consciousness.

Yes, I'm sure lots can be done on an individual basis. I was referring to what I also work with a lot: the collective consciousness.
Glad to hear about every daughter finding their aligned way of feminine self-expression, whatever it means for them.

I disagree about the realignment taking many generations. I have seen many changes for the better in the last 10 years alone and the pace is quickening!!! Sometimes the best is the enemy of the better. What I mean is there is alot of work to do yet but by the same token I see my own daughter and other young ladies not buying the lies about body image and social place of women that even my generation struggles with. She is 20 and fiercely independent and so are many of her friends. There is great Promise in the hearts of our young people.
With Great Respect,

Just telegram style today... Thank you Helen for your (always) sensitive perceptions (above). Seeing these doll looking creatures fill me with sadness too. I refuse to accept it but I sympathise with them, as for ourselves, because they (we) are victims of a very sick era.

... one does not have to be a yoga-scholar to notice that all these areas mutilated and distorted and deformed by womans "fashion", are in fact power points in the energtic body..

The wasp figure is the suppression of the solar plexus, the power point for extroverted, self expressive, energy. The centre fuelling us stand into our own power. Suffocated by corsets, belts, etc. Suggesting (not even so) subliminally: "women should not self express".

Breasts: the area to give, sustain, nourish. Also object of sexual phantasies (about returning to being held, cuddled, fed and united). Overemphasized, suggesting: women's job is to feed, physically, energetically. In other, tribal, cultures breasts also stands for peace. Wherever breasts are in full view, there can be no war. This meaning has disappeared from our (post)modern world. Breasts are connected to the heart, and in fact (energetic or real) mother milk's source is the heart chakra, the centre for unity (not to be confused with romantic, sentimental, co-dependent, needy etc love, which belongs to second, sacral chakra).

High heels: being cut off earth chakras in the soles, etc. Meaning there is no sustenance, no feeding connection for the energetic body from / through Earth's energies. It is also important in relation to topics like: menstruation, birth, but I cannot go into details about it here now.

In general it is clear that our cultures gives a certain overemphasis to the higher chakras (as of they were in some way "better" or "more important"). This is not how it was in more matriachal cultures.

Also interesting, that my studies of Ayurveda (an ancient healing science where looking at body types, shapes and forms, is one way of diagnosis), taught me how our ideal of woman is very different from what Ayurveda regards as healthy and "in balance".
If we could "create" and see flesh and blood a woman's shape based on balanced Ayurvedic principles, we would be very surprised, it would seem sturdy and "out of shape" compared to what our eyes have been trained to consider as beautiful.

To me all this shows a very deeply ingrained distortion about far deeper issues than external looks.

Realign? It's not going to happen soon. it would take many generations. In my view.

Last night, I couldn't go to sleep till early morning. It felt like Full Moon rather than the New Moon in that regard. This morning I slept consequently longer and then went out to do some shopping. I stopped to have a coffee in a café where the TV is always on. I saw an ad they've been showing recently in intervals of half an hour or so. It's for a "compression belt" to shape your body. It is supposed to reshape the waist of a woman into the one of a wasp and for men the effect is apparently to give them terrific six-packs. The modern version of a corset, except that one doesn't wear it all the time, it just mucks up your body.

Then a woman came into the café. She was tall and slim and looked half starved. Age: end of her fifties or early sixties, maybe, difficult to tell as her long hair was died and she wore heavy makeup. In spite of that, her complexion was sullen and greyish. She had expensive designer clothes on and wore the highest high heeled shoes ever. I had seen another ad some time recently where shoes like that were shown to be ferocious fire-spitting dragons. The woman in the ad tamed her dragons with insoles which turned it into a flatter, although still high heeled, smiling reptile.

Those shoes are torture instruments. Women who wear them can no longer walk barefoot because the muscles of their calves and their Achilles' tendons have shrunk. They are continually balancing on the tips of their feet. This means that they have as much contact to the earth as if they were walking on artificial feet. Their feet get progressively terribly deformed and hurt like hell, so that plastic surgery becomes inevitable. The surgeons then often adapt the feet to the shoes, cut off a toe and bits of bone here and there. It was a less expensive procedure for Cinderella's step sisters.

The woman seemed to have been "treated" with Botox, too. This is a natural substance extracted from corpses, that makes the faces of dead people look smooth and full again and leads to rigor mortis. The wrinkles disappear. In a living person Botox paralyses the muscles, so that one no longer can smile or frown, for example. But not being able to smile means that you no longer can FEEL smiley any more. The emotion has been killed, too. So people who have been treated with Botox not only look like zombies, they are zombies.

I was feeling a bit off already, but after having been invited to look into this (admittedly neither new nor unaccustomed) karmic mirror of the distorted feminine, I felt nauseated and sick. Back home, I went to bed again without having any lunch.

So what is there here to be realigned? To greater or lesser degrees, the feminine masochism, our readiness to distort, even destroy our body and personality in the attempt to please, the commonness of prostituting ourselves for material comforts and social gratification even at the price of losing our soul, our willing self sacrifice on the altar of materialism, our complete alienation from our body and nature and from Nature as a whole. This is a heavy burden indeed.

Thank you Réka and Helen for your posts. I've been feeling the intense energies of today's total eclipse in Pisces Supermoon. As I walked into the elevator of my building yesterday, I was greeted by a neighbour with a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner in her shopping cart. It feels like a powerful message about what I'm feeling in this supermoon. I'm digging deep into all those "hard to reach" places, the hidden nooks and crannies of ancient pains and conditioned patterns that OC loves to exploit, to clean up and let them go, and breathe in the light of the divine. Whoosh! Begone! Supermoon, super powers!

x Cathy

To me the last couple of days feel like long buried pain, or karmic pain(s) left behind or which I have (efficiently) learnt to live with in my years have yet again come up to the surface for newer "light" (in the darkness of the moon) to have a fresher look, a different examination, or simply just to be felt again...

Then I found this in an analysis about the specific energies at play at the moment in both the personal and the collective.


"With Chiron conjunct the South Node deep energies from the past- personally and collectively– can arise and confront us demanding to be dealt with and addressed.

“…An eclipse tends to magnify what it touches and with it mere degrees from Chiron and the South Node- the personal, childhood, past life, ancestral and collective wounding and pain energies are UP BIG TIME.

“There truly is no escaping this- even though a couple glasses of wine, several hours on the internet or a new romance may FEEL like it helps you escape. In truth these wounds and pain will stay there submerged for a bit and they will come back out with greater intensity later."

“So the Solar Eclipse and the entire month of March is a time to choose to stay present, awake and aware– to not go back to sleep, to not bury your head in the sand, to not stay in denial about your past and your sole responsibility for it that has brought you to today.

“This month is ripe with major opportunities for karmic completion which will then free you up for dramatic shifts and evolutionary leaps just around the corner! But you cannot spiritually bypass what is up for you right now- as the deep, intense, karmic energies afoot ARE the eye of the needle you must move through first before you can get to the other side…”

“We are all being called to FEEL IT ALL. To feel our Divinity and our humanity, our joy and our grief, our wholeness and our wounding, our peace and our conflict, our kindness and our anger, our confidence and our shame.

“We are being asked to feel it all within us and without. And this is an intense experience- there’s really no getting around it. We need to feel it for ourselves and for others and for the world at large!"…

Staying tuned, aligned with the Moon,
with love,

Dear friends of the Etheric Moon Circle,

a very special New Moon is drawing near, together with a total Solar Eclipse in the North Pacific area. This is a specially potent constellation for change and a new start, wherever on happens to live on the planet. Here are some quotes and links that might interest you.

Solar Eclipse 8 March 2016 Growing Pains – Astrology King

"The solar eclipse on Tuesday 8 March 2016 T 18.55 Pisces falls in Pisces decan 2. The solar eclipse astrology focuses on the healing of a deep wound in your soul, represented by Chiron alongside the solar eclipse. It may be an old or new wound affecting your body, mind or spirit. Growing pains due to challenging aspect of Jupiter and Saturn are relieved by the recuperative and evolving power of Pluto. Freedom from pain allows for a spiritual transformation, the evolution of your soul."

Intuitive Astrology: March New Moon Solar Eclipse 2016

"Solar Eclipses fall on the New Moon's and signify a door being opened into a new world of opportunity.
Solar Eclipses signify a grand ending and a new beginning, almost like you are leaving one dimension or chapter of your life and walking into the next."…

I wish all a happy, productive, transcendent New Moon.


Just a little.

P.s. Helen comes from Selene, the Greek for moon.