Expanding Your Consciousness

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 11:36

The Great 5D Shift gathers apace. And you're feeling it, in your relationships, your careers and general living circumstances. It's very challenging, pulling on all the connections into the old reality. It can generate fear, doubt and anxiety. Here's a short inspirational movie to encourage you onwards, to keep breaking down the old limitations and expanding through.

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THANKYOU, THANKYOU,THANKYOU, Open. Your words in the vid encouraged me very deeply! Just what I needed to hear.  

I am so grateful for this site, I really am. I'm  crying with tears of gratitude.

Blessings to you

Zee Heart


Finally had a chance to watch the video (Expand your consciousness) 5D Shift, Beautiful Imagery and inspiring Video!...Oh and Open You Look Very Cool In that Video! :)


Felt to expand a bit on my initial post above.

So I plucked up my courage this week, sent those Greys packing that Open speaks of in his recent article, and stepped into the limelight to help realign a group energy I'm part of. Our community has been struggling for a while to shake off a leadership approach based on control, manipulation, and nuanced bullying, which has led to apathy, suppression of voice, and wavering wills.

In stepping up and expressing, I made an appeal from my higher self to the higher selves of community members. The response has been miraculous! Others have joined me in committing to co-lead in a much more aligned way of being. We have challenges ahead because that's life, but I'm feeling the power of unwavering wills joining together. The tides are turning. What a joy to feel the backing of divine benevolence!

x Cathy


Wonderful inspiring video for these challenging and simultaneously liberating times of change - thanks Open!

Great production Rich - fantastic job!

With love and appreciation, Fiona

Thanks guys for all the generous comments.

Very honoured and delighted to be taking the baton from Trinity.
She has set the bar high (if I may mix my athletics metaphors ;b ) with such a wonderful collection of top quality work.
A respectful bow *YES*

It's been nearly 20 years since I did any video work.
I'm looking forward to getting back into the creative swing with it.
Exciting it is.

Thank you Open, though...I feel this chaotic time is just as visceral for yourself as it is for so many of us.
A great reminder for me as I sense the 'tsunami' edging closer yet I'm not needing to brace myself any longer. Such a liberating feeling!
Michelle xx

Brilliant video, Rich! Magnificent backdrop way above the matrix, atop a volcanic mix of shifting and expanding consciousness, fearless mountains busting through clouds of illusion, embracing heaven on earth! Thank you, Open and Rich, for this blast of inspiration.

Open, I feel the power of your clarion call. "This is NOT the time to waver. Go for it."

The comforts of the shire and outdated ways of being are fast unwinding. Everywhere I look in my 'old reality' domains these days, synchronicity beckons me to step up and help unwind misaligned energies. As within, so without.

It feels like I can no longer shut the door and go back to bed. I'm feeling a mighty upsurge of warrior will arising from deep within. Also fear and anxiety connected to karmic memories, slithering tentacles wrapped around my heart, fighting to hold me back. I keep breathing the light of my soul through hyper-vigilant body cells; through fibers and tissues high on the alert; through my heart full of love and compassion; softening; feeling steely will merging with calm but fierce resolve and purpose.

I continue to be inspired by all those courageous souls who did not waver.

"Our worst foes are not belligerent circumstances but wavering spirits."
~Helen Keller


x Cathy

Beautiful video! Rich, what well blended imagery. Open, it's a profound message you are sharing from above the clouds! Such an awesome day. Onwards and upwards with grace and fortitude
Much love

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Wow! Beautiful film! Great job Rich and Open! The expansiveness and depth is palatable!! The energy of your sharing is deeply encouraging to follow that upwelling vibe and let nothing stand in the way!! Love, Jen

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