Which Gateway are you in?

Here is a brief summary of the five key expansions of consciousness - the 5GATEWAYS - that occur on the Journey of Enlightenment and Ascension... Which Gateway are you in? The 5GATEWAYS movie offers a deeper insight...click here The 5GATEWAYS book offers many tools, tips and advice for recognising what Gateway you are in, and how to progress through them...5GATEWAYS Book

  • Gateway 1:"Awakening": you directly sense the interconnectedness of all life and know that what effects one effects all. The intensity of experience through the five senses will have made a dramatic leap, as though the 'volume' was suddenly increased. You're connecting with the magic of the soul and beginning to experience life through it. You start to feel an at-one-ment with all life - a compassion and love for other sentient beings.
  • Gateway 2:"Realignment": as you increasingly tune into the interconnectedness and joy of life, your soul begins to infuse within you, until a profound change happens: the soul takes over from the ego and assumes supreme leadership in your life. There's a sense of always yearning to come from the higher choices, the higher truth, in every moment, in every thing that you do.
  • Gateway 3:"Transfiguration": the path of the soul leads you on a journey of inner purification, which can last many years. Progressively it takes you to a dramatic shift in perception from identification with the personality to being the Seer expressed as the soul. This is preceded by a full kundalini activation, where lower and higher self are united as one - it's experienced as a powerful and liberational energy rising up the spine into the pineal gland (the Third Eye). You now live life as 'the One', the Seer of all things.
  • Gateway 4:"Enlightenment": this is the passage through your past life karma, where aspects of the soul have identified with traumatic circumstances in previous incarnations - how you passed on for example. As your soul unfolds into the causal body, you activate your karma in waves. It impacts your daily life and relationships - you live elements of your past lives through the current moment. You're being invited to reintegrate those lost fragments of soul, bathe in your karma and release it. It ultimately leads to your Enlightenment: being the Seer, expressing freely as the soul through life without attachment.
  • Gateway 5:"Resurrection" - we don't just have one bodily vehicle of expression, but seven, each of which is connected through a main chakra. As the full energy of the soul is unleashed and flowing freely through you, your seven bodily vehicles of expression are finally cleansed, reactivated and re-energised. You unfold into multi-dimensional living. You are now 'ascended', living in the Higher Paradigm, here and now.

What is your experience? Do share below...


Thank you Open, thank you so much. And just seeing those words from Js touched me. “Yes. I feel the same.”

One thing that struck me is how I think I have misinterpreted 5 Gateways – I didn’t realise one could be working through more than one Gateway at a time, so I have been trying I guess to ‘tick all the boxes’ that would indicate to me I have gone through Gateway 1. I am not connecting with the magic of the soul because I can’t feel it or see it, so can’t get through the Gateway. I asked once on a workshop in Glastonbury, because I couldn’t see or feel my soul, did it mean I didn’t have one and your words gave me hope. Of course I have a soul. But two years down the road and I am still stuck.

So although I feel stuck myself, why do I find it so delightfully easy to support others becoming ‘unstuck’ if you like? I facilitated some motivation type training with colleagues and felt the pull to cover ‘being the best version of you’. I may not be able to feel my soul or see where it is, but oh my goodness – I can feel it in others. Literally feeling their confidence grow, seeing the almost imperceptible straightening of shoulders, the chin going up, eyes once locked to the floor, surprising themselves with their sudden ability to look into another’s eyes, feeling the toes dip gingerly into the water as they take a sneaky peek at who they are, feeling their joy when they realise that what they see is pretty freakin awesome! Now I feel all that and feel the humble joy of being able to gently support that amazing transformation. It makes my heart sing. So why can I see and feel another’s soul and be able to watch them realise just how worthy they are, but not my own? It doesn’t make sense at all.
I’m diving in to that ‘not making sense’ and trying to become one with it. It’s good to know you are all ‘out there’. It really is. Thank you. xxx

Thank you Wynde for the encouragement!
Open your words hold a deeper meaning than they appear to. NAMASTE AND THANK YOU!!
Heather, you can only see the light in others because it already shines in you. Its really that simple. So why worry about the details just be you whatever that is right now. Then keep refining and unfolding that as you go. When i stopped trying to see the magic in life, I began to BE IT!!! Namaste dear sister, Eddie

You Treebrother are always always welcome!!!

Heather, go to a mirror and look yourself in the eyes and just say Hello Beautiful. There you are. Clap your hands joyously, lift your arms above your head and dance around. Sing your song. There you are. You have been you all along. The body is just hmmmmm, the vessel to carry you forward. You want to feel you? Rub your hands together really really really fast then clap your hands once and just hold them inches apart. There you are. Does it make sense now? I pray that it does for you, because Sister.. YOU are a beautiful soul! My love and my heart goes out to you and your lovely journey in this life.

Open Thank you for the clarification, I get more things today that I did yesterday. I know what was screaming my name and a lot of things are making perfect sense to me now. The US and the world in its entirety is definitely on the brink of something good. Change isn't often easy, but it is what it is, its change and yup...It happens and humanity deserves the absolute best and its high time for that! This is our planet, we were born of this earth, this earth does not belong to an individual but to each and every soul born upon it. Without borders, without constraint. Regardless of opposition this is where it will go.

Much Love to you all

Hi Dear Heather - if you can see and inspire soul in another, then you are ALREADY inspiring soul in yourself!

Perhaps we need to expand the understanding of what soul is and truly feels like.

There are many qualities of the soul that animate your being. There are obvious ones like love, joy and compassion. And there's also experiences of deep inner peace, self acceptance, expansiveness; and also will, commitment, bravery and courage. There's also diplomacy, selfless service, and pure divine magic which just seems to happen around you without even doing anything.

    The the soul is intangible, not physical, you can't see it or touch it.
    To me, it is best considered like the wind through the trees,
    it is known by the trace it leaves.

And so how do you best know your own soul?

It's essentially a sense of rightness in the things that you do - like when you help others for example and derive joy from that - you're doing something selfless, beyond the small self "I". And that could be something as simple as putting up a kind, supportive comment on this thread. It's when you drop deep into yourself and you're right in the sense of aligned vibe - "aha, yes, this is me." Like coming home and sinking into a hot aromatic bath.

The soul is simply a sense of rightness in how you're being. An ease with that.


Open *OK*

Thanks y'all for the insightful and inspiring discussion! And thank you, Open, for raising the topic.

I've been feeling into where I'm at in the Gateways since I first read this post. I felt it as an invite to go deep into what conditioned patterns are holding me back (always a feast for the Grays). I looked back to when I first joined the Openhand community in 2013 and feel pretty darn good about how far I've come since then in expanding my consciousness. Back then, my soul longed to express and free itself. But I was too fearful to express my feelings honestly, in general. I would suppress, suppress, and suppress some more. Then the lid would blow off, and I would over-express, pissing myself and others off, blaming myself, feeling ashamed and guilty. I still have my moments, but I'm far better at expressing how I honesty feel now without dishing out the 'loaded' words. That's not to say I always get it right about how I dish it out. But better, yes, indeed.

Thanks to participating in Openhand workshops, I came to realize that I had denied the vulnerability of my soul and had attached to a false, love/light spiritual identity, and had sunk massively into an 'anything goes' mode, allowing others to trample over me with disrespect and a lack of kindness and compassion. I burst that love/light bubble a while back! Now I call it for the most part when whatever is happening feels deeply misaligned, disrespectful, and unacceptable to me. I am getting better at 'calling' it respectfully but firmly from a calm, centered space.

I have honoured my soul's longing at various points in my life to express aligned, right action due to the powerful uprising of warrior will I felt from deep within, but I didn't always do that with calm resolve. Sometimes I got the balance between Ray 1/will and Ray 2/Surrender just right. The Peaceful Warrior. Sometimes not. At times, I quelled the uprising of warrior will out of fear and did not act on what felt right and aligned in the deepest depths of my being. Now I act on those feelings much more often and then move into right, aligned action. What a sense of joy and fulfillment that brings! That's not to say it's always an easy path! That's an understatement! But I increasingly have experiences when I spontaneously go for it. Instead of getting stuck in a mind maze of intellectual over-analysis and dissection, dampening the embers of my soul in fearful 'what if's'. It's a powerful sense of fiery commitment, resolve, and rightness that proclaims ultimately, "I'd rather be dead than not act on what feels right. This is who I am. This is what feels right here and now. This is where I stand and hold."

So when all is said and done, I feel I'm in Gateway 2/Realignment, aligning most of the time with the fiery will of my soul, supported by synchronicity, flowing with the divine, taking that first step down a path of light that beckons, "Come hither! We are with you."

In feeling into the invite that Open put out there (Where are you in the Gateways?), I have been contemplating the conditioned habit patterns that hold me back at times from aligning with my soul's authentic pull. When I first got into the Openhand way, I tried to 'control' aligning with what I discerned as right, denying deep-set patterns of behaviour that I have been immersed in throughout my life. That kind of 'forced' alignment most certainly did not feel effortless and harmonious. It felt like torture, in fact. So I've learned to honour my conditioning (I am not to blame but I am responsible for letting it go), finding patience and acceptance while observing myself caught up in all those ruts, those neural pathways, aware of OC's tentacles in the background. Continually refining the balance between Ray 1 warrior will and Ray 2 surrender and acceptance.

All in all, I feel I'm getting close to letting go of what no longer serves my evolutionary journey and realigning most of the time with my soul's will and the flow of divine benevolence. And when I do, I'll be heading down the corridor to Gateway 3/Transfiguration. I have some fears around that as in, "Lord Shiva, please don't let my kundalini awakening be too disruptive!" :)

x Cathy

Hi Cathy - a brilliant sharing and so open and honest. Honesty is always the leading step for strong evolutionary growth. Consequently I too have witnessed the massive changes in your process during the time I've known you - awesome *OK*

What you've described reveals so well why the Gateways model can be so powerful. We get to really see where we are in it. You know then what you've got to work with.

I commend how you're approaching it Cathy - it bodes well for the journey.

Much love

Open *give_rose*

Treebrother, Wynde, Open - thank you so, so much. So this is the interconnectedness of all things?

So when I literally feel and see anothers soul (which I can do very easily)I am also looking at my soul? When I see anothers soul expand, grow and shine its beautiful light, I am watching my soul shine its beautiful light? And all this time I doubted that I had a soul. I rubbed my hands together Wynde and could really feel the energy tingling. So the trace I leave - when my words of compassion and encouragement bring tears of joy and I feel my heart sing, yes, it is like sinking into a deep aromatic bath - that's my soul.

So stop trying to look and search and just be it, because its all there. The interconnectedness, the raised awareness, its all there. Thank you so, so much for seeing something in me that I couldn't see. Now I think I understand what you meant Open when you said don't open the door, just step through. Don't struggle, just be. Namaste - sending so much love and gratitude. xxx

Ever since I took 10 days silent retreat Vipassana in India I have felt the shift.
"Everybody" told me that I HAD to go to India. After Vippassana I thought that was the reason.
I had allready dicovered Cabo Verde before I went to India and felt a triangel in me, Norway, India Cabo Verde. Lately, living in Cabo Verde I have discovered that the Indian hippie woman I have "seen" and felt, is actually me living before in Cabo Verde. I feel I am supposed to fullfill what she started.
After my sense of oneness, I have become much more sensitive in general and to vibration. All my life I have been singing and making music so I understand frequences. I feel what my body want, and I workout and eat with that purpose, not to "feel something" like the previus me. I observe my thoughts. I've startet feeling Bluetooth, emotions/feelings like breezes of wind and people''s vibe. I have just good interactions with everybody I meet, but I need my solitude where I can write and be creative, in nature.

It has become abundantly clear to me that I have only had a small pre awakening. So I here I am at the beginning again or maybe for the first time for real. Spiritual Experiences themselves are only Transient. The shift of consciousness is irrevocable? Is this how it is? How we are Being is what determines how we Create? Then by looking at what we are creating we can see a reflection of our current true nature? So far I have learned best by watching others and comparing to my own experiences. This serves me less now than it has. Here i am getting a little more Naked. Strangely enough it feels ok in this group. You are all beautiful Namaste Eddie

Hi Eddie and all,

I can see the value in sharing experiences and hearing of experiences that you resonate with (and those you don't resonate with sometimes can be gems too). They can point us in particular directions or assist us in understanding our own truth. Yet I also recognise the value in letting go of comparison, something I continue to work on... Comparison implies that one is better or less than the other. Theodore Rossevelt once said that "Comparison is the thief of joy", seems about right to me!

We are all equal, just different, wherever we are on the path :)

Trin - love that quote (f)

With love, Fiona

Thought and felt i would share some of my journey. I have been interested in the spiritual development for quite some time and longing for shifts. But when it came, it hit me like a freight train and challenged me to the core. Imagine leaving a "normal" life with family, kids and other attributes (what they call an American dream), and then it happened. Metaphorically speaking, it was like driving a nice car in the countryside all happy and then all of a sudden i hit the invisible wall and all my shit started flying that wasn't holding well and what remains is the core of me. It was like being in the shit storm. My wife had a strong need to explore her sexuality with another man with a mix of compassion and ego (Wow, did i really say that). And i agreed to it at least at the soul level.

This is difficult to write about ... but will keep going. There was some denial that it was happening and attempts to run away from it. But I knew i had to face it and work through it as it was my stuff. For some reason, i wanted to know all the details even though it really hurt. It looked like i was being sadistic to myself but now i know i was using the situation to go to all the places where i felt resistances and denial. Yes, it got really hot. I felt like i wanted to hold on to "hot coals" until they cool down at the point where i didn't need the situation to go away. And it did cool down and transformed me and our relationship. I am now more authentic and our relationship/partnership is more authentic. I know there will be challenges ahead but i am ready to deal with them when they come.

The whole experience was a breakthrough and i felt some shifts in consciousness in the process. I know i had to work through some attachments in physical and emotional planes. I am not where i am on the journey but i am excited about the coming transfiguration course in Bruges.

With Love,