Which Ascension Gateway are you in?

Here is a brief summary of the five key expansions of consciousness - the 5GATEWAYS - that occur on the Journey of Enlightenment and Ascension... Which Gateway are you in? The 5GATEWAYS movie offers a deeper insight...click here The 5GATEWAYS book offers many tools, tips and advice for recognising what Gateway you are in, and how to progress through them...5GATEWAYS Book

  • Gateway 1:"Awakening": you directly sense the interconnectedness of all life and know that what effects one effects all. The intensity of experience through the five senses will have made a dramatic leap, as though the 'volume' was suddenly increased. You're connecting with the magic of the soul and beginning to experience life through it. You start to feel an at-one-ment with all life - a compassion and love for other sentient beings.
  • Gateway 2:"Realignment": as you increasingly tune into the interconnectedness and joy of life, your soul begins to infuse within you, until a profound change happens: the soul takes over from the ego and assumes supreme leadership in your life. There's a sense of always yearning to come from the higher choices, the higher truth, in every moment, in every thing that you do.
  • Gateway 3:"Transfiguration": the path of the soul leads you on a journey of inner purification, which can last many years. Progressively it takes you to a dramatic shift in perception from identification with the personality to being the Seer expressed as the soul. This is preceded by a full kundalini activation, where lower and higher self are united as one - it's experienced as a powerful and liberational energy rising up the spine into the pineal gland (the Third Eye). You now live life as 'the One', the Seer of all things.
  • Gateway 4:"Enlightenment": this is the passage through your past life karma, where aspects of the soul have identified with traumatic circumstances in previous incarnations - how you passed on for example. As your soul unfolds into the causal body, you activate your karma in waves. It impacts your daily life and relationships - you live elements of your past lives through the current moment. You're being invited to reintegrate those lost fragments of soul, bathe in your karma and release it. It ultimately leads to your Enlightenment: being the Seer, expressing freely as the soul through life without attachment.
  • Gateway 5:"Resurrection" - we don't just have one bodily vehicle of expression, but seven, each of which is connected through a main chakra. As the full energy of the soul is unleashed and flowing freely through you, your seven bodily vehicles of expression are finally cleansed, reactivated and re-energised. You unfold into multi-dimensional living. You are now 'ascended', living in the Higher Paradigm, here and now.

What is your experience? Do share below...

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I only really saw where I was in the long view looking back.
Perhaps 3 months after my transfiguration I suddenly saw what had been my first three gateways. Rather like I was looking at a distant scene through binoculars and the focus wheel just got adjusted to clarity. There had been lots of fuzziness until then, so take heart and keep putting one foot in front of the other guys!

Up until then, I had been practicing being the Observer and determinedly letting go of attachments when I spotted them, changed to a plant based diet and spent lots of time in nature and personal contemplation. Then when I self realised where I was at I could really see how making those changes had had such profound effects.

Anyone can do it (with a sense of application) and that of course is how our natural evolution should be!


To Grant: you're very welcome, you sound like you're off to a flying start!

And when you don't know, then you don't know :D

Hey Bill, I have the same hhh

I just don't know. Sometimes I feel I am not entirely through 1, sometimes I feel I am at 0. Sometimes I feel, no no, I am definitely now after G2 and heading towards 3...

So at some point I just stopped even trying to get it. MAybe I WAS through 2 and then slipped back and then when my vib rises I get through somehow again, much faster and without major events. It is funny, but I just don't know :D

Interesting topic... Im sorry this wont sound rosy red, but at one point I thought I was almost thru 2 and on to 3, but lately Im finding myself back at gateway 0 (very cold winter) so to speak...

Hi Lesley,

I appreciate your support! I'm looking forward to my new free-time during my homeschooling, and I am moving to explore new opportunities and activities. My family is going to take a trip to the Galveston beach where I know I can grow and enjoy. I do look forward to engaging in nature more often, and participating in outdoor sports/recreation. I may try out some arts and crafts like canvas painting, and deepen the bodywork I'm engaged in. Thanks for all the suggestions and uplifting encouragement!


Hi Grant,

What a big journey you have been in the last few months. :-) It's great that you can feel your soul yearning for freedom.

I thought I'd share some of the things I've known other guys around your age get into which has really helped them unfold more of themselves. It may even be that you could agree to work stuff like this in as part of a an imaginative home school program that was much more open than a school program.

You seem to get a lot from being in nature, so look for things in your locality you could get involved in. My nephew has done lots of volunteering for woodland trusts and nature trusts and in doing so has learnt lots of skills like hedge laying, stone walling, path and step making, planting trees and woodland crafts. He also got really into cycling which helped him get fit, be really in tune with himself, the bike, the weather, road conditions etc etc His awareness and his sensitivity developed on many levels. Then there's things like camping, or do you have a garden? Another young friend of mine started off planting veg in the family garden, then did the "woofing" that Chris mentioned. After taking a year out of school, he went back to college and found a gardening group nearby where he volunteered, they were so appreciative of his help they've just paid for him to do a permaculture course.

Have you any interests in music or art? Are there any groups you could join for creative self expression? Maybe these things/sport/ martial arts and spending time in nature could bring about massive changes in how you feel about your situation and really give a sense of liberation for your soul.

Watch out for some new avenues for all that heartfelt energy you have to be expressed!

Sending you lots of warm wishes on your journey.

Hi Ruth,

Great to hear from you. It certainly feels like you have an accurate picture of what's going on.

Towards Transfiguration, the path will lead you ever deeper. What we thought we'd realised before, were often realisations only at the level of the intellect. Now we're taken deep into our childhood and teenager years again. Deeply into feeling realisation.

Good stuff!

I feel Ive entered gateway 3, its all going fast I must say. Having recently come out of gateway 2 and gathering myself in I seem to be hurtling towards deeper meaning to my consciousness. Ive also recently found a great inner peace which I can access anyplace and anytime. This is a peace which in day to day life I have never had before and I cant wait to meditate in stillness its wonderful. Also I have surrendered to all things just allowing the drama to unfold, but not resisting it. I observe people living their lives through their ego and everything fits into place. Now I know why the matrix is like it is now I understand why others react like they do. I did before if you know what I mean, but now it a deeper realisation. I understanding my own ego and been aware of it when the chatter comes into my mind and then it disapears again, but for long periods of time. I think its only the beginning of gateway 3 Im not sure can you shed any light on it for me. Thanks Ruth

Hi Grant,

Great to hear from you - I feel full of encouragement and support that you feel the urge to commit to the Path :wink:

I'm not sure where you read about the seeking bliss part though. Not in Five Gateways for sure. Yes bliss can be had from time to time, but to us at least, it is not something to aim for. Like all experiences, it is merely transient.

The key I think you're searching for is confrontation. By that I don't mean conflict. I mean confronting inner tightness that we experience when following our highest truth. The path is not a destination. There is nowhere to get to. It is a continual expansion through confronting inner tightness to external events and letting go.

So yes, the path could lead you on an external journey which is mirroring the inner one. Or you could stay in your current environment and simply work with what comes up for you.

Clearly your soul is wanting you to find your voice and speak your truth. It may well be that a break from your current environment may help for at least a while. Home schooling is a great alternative. We home educate our own son. He's much happier, more productive and now beginning to decide and lead his own education at the age of 13. More and more kids are doing this and it doesn't even prevent them getting good grades in exams - should they choose to do them.

If you're then still feeling to leave your home/school environment for a while at least, it might be worth exploring "Woofing" - which means working on an organic farm. There are plenty of opportunities around the world. They cover your board and lodgings in exchange for work on the farm. You can find out more here... Woofing

Very best wishes

Hi All,

Recently I've been working through the steps leading up to the Gateway 2 transition. I've gotten to the point where I'm completely ready to let go to my soul, even though I get lost and sucked back into the old consciousness every now and then. A few days ago I followed a pull to leave my high school and go to a nature park. This is what I interpret to be "following your joy", or at least the beginning of it for me, to start breaking up my conditioning. I stayed for 2 days and nights, until my parents came and found me. I had some deep experiences there, aligning with much of the advice from the 5 Gateways book for Gateway 2.

On my journey, I started "seeking" 8 months ago, then gradually began to awaken myself with spiritual texts and practices. I never really felt full commitment to self-realization until about a month ago, and during this month I have been sliding in and out of conscious commitment and unconscious conditioning. I really never felt "profound bliss", although I have had some beautiful, although short, periods of intense joy. I have also had experiences of deep peace and expansive lightness, although many of these were interrupted by my constrictive environment / conditioning. Now my general state is relaxed contentment, even though I'm still feeling my egoic self and its negative charges due to attachments. I worked through many of my fears in the past two months, going deeply into many and "releasing" them - I felt these energy flows, moving out through the top chakras, as if the convoluted energy was being released/dissolved.

I have lived in my current environment for 6 years, most of which have been filled with deep negativity and suffering. The energy field of the house I live in and the school I go to are quite low, which is the reason I was compelled to leave to the nature park. I had planned to begin walking the path there, and I did successfully for some periods of time, but perhaps my attachments to my old living environment drew me back. Nonetheless, I spoke with my parents tonight and made it absolutely clear that I am beginning to walk my path, where I pointed at leaving - they seemed not to be able to accept that. They both responded deeply negatively, and I tried very hard to surrender all internal efforting and negative/unconscious energy surfacing. Now, both are intent on homeschooling/keeping me here, where I plan to leave. I have actually attempted to "run away" 6 times, from the time of my pre-awakening to awakening, although some times I came back and others my parents found me. I feel suffocated in this environment and my soul has been pushing me to leave for a long time.

I do not fear the uncertainty of leaving as a 16 year old as much, for I felt a great sense of release and liberation when I was in nature recently. I internally worked through my attachments to the needs for material manifestation at the park (my intentions have become quite strong) and I am ready to be fully willing and committed to walking the path. Although I often constrict in my current living environment, I know that a shift to living in nature will fully allow me to unfold. I do have a question though - where would you estimate me to be in my unfolding? I am fully committed to leaving and following my soul, although my experiences differ slightly from the openhand ones. As I said, I've either missed the bliss part or not realized what it was when I was having it. I did have a few experiences where my senses made a dramatic leap through breathing deeply, although the old consciousness of my environment has always sucked me back. I believe the reason I haven't felt as much joy as described has been my large attachments to unhappiness/negativity, that I've been confronted to let go of.

Thank you for transitioning these gateways and brining the routemap forth for us, pioneering it first!


I watched the 5 gateways documentary the other day , and it really got me thinking a lot about my current situation. I'm currently 17 years old, still residing with my mom, but I've been on the path of ascension since I was 15 years old. I noticed in the video and each person in their testimonial said they had to "get away" and "surrender" everything about their current life, even if it meant that some people would be hurt by their choice. To fully surrender?? What exactly does that mean ?? When you guys went away .. did you really just go away?? like "FORGET IT ALL" or did you take a trip somewhere just temporarily to get away ?? I'm so confused .. Do you really just let go ?? Of everything?? or do you still have a stable life, house and money?? -- Anyone who has anything to say , or anything that could help .. It would be greatly appreciated.
I'm 17 years old, still in school, and I'm not employed, but I want to unravel and blossom into who I am supposed to be.. instead of steady diving into a lifestyle that's not even going to be a factor in the new world? I MUST KNOW ! :) LOVE AND BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL .. _Laila Odeht

The best experiences I've ever had in my life were ones in which I was absolutely certain about where I am in my life - what I had learned, and who I was Being - only to have life so graciously (or not) tear down my own illusions and show me I was not where I thought I was - I had not learned what I thought I learned - I was not Being who I thought I was Being.

Being absolutely certain about anything for me has been a trigger to immediately recognize that I'm actually clueless, followed by excitement, knowing that life is about to knock me over to allow me to have the -real- experience.


In the book 5GATEWAYS I've outlined some key pointers so as to know more or less which Gateway we have passed through. I believe knowing where we are, can be of invaluable benefit because it helps us see the key patterns we're facing daily in our lives. So often it's difficult to see where we are at and exactly why the moment keeps shaping as it does. That's the value of having this framework for evolution - it can provide vital pointers, remove much of the unnecessary suffering in life and catalyse the next step forwards. So here are some key pointers to indicate where one might be within that Five Gateways Framework...

  • Pre-awakened state: Someone who has had a quite strong taster of our interconnectedness with all life, a definite feeling of the soul, yet that has then dissipated again and there is a general 'seeking' trying to reconnect with that state. There's the general feeling of being lost.
  • Gateway 1 Awakening: We can feel our interconnectedness with all life at will. We generally know how to 'tune in' and spend a good deal of time from day-to-day in that state. We still have the tendency to loose ourselves in the drama, but there's a tendency to fairly quickly catch ourselves, remind ourselves this is all really a game and then return once more to the place of the Observer
  • Gateway 2 Realignment: A realisation dawns as a deep upwelling that our outer lives are created by our inner configuration of beingness and that self realisation/expression are the only things in life really happening. So an inner commitment happens quite naturally (from beyond the mind) to always work to access our highest truth in every moment. This is not a transient commitment that comes and goes. It's a very powerful life-defining transition to follow the path in every moment
  • Gateway 3 Transfiguration: This is where we move beyond identity altogether. The inner child and teenager programs are shattered and we, as pure presence, step out of the ashes. Identity falls away. Previous internal fixed relationships to reality dissolve. There's a distinct feeling of "there being no-one in here". Choices are no longer formed in the mind. They are experienced as a call to Right Action aligned with the universal flow.
  • Gateway 4 Crucifixion/Enlightenment: The newly transfigured being has difficulty integrating the full blown enlightened state. Various shadow identities form around that state as a direct result of our karma - places where we still identify in some way. In other words, a tendency to 'own' whatever experience we're having be it blissful, painful or anything in between. We're taken on a journey to confront such karmic filters and dissolve them through reintegration of soul fragments. When all karma is processed, there is an experience of accomplishment, of completion, of awesome ordinaryness.
  • Gateway 5 Resurrection: A reconfrontation with all the old patterns of ones life - the removal of final behvioural filters which then allows soul to infuse fully into all seven bodily vehicles of expression. This comes with the revelation of amazing gifts of beingness and our divine purpose for this incarnation. We unfold into permanent multi-dimensional living. We sense being ascended and that the cycle of reincarnation here has been completed.

Those are my general experiences personally, backed up by countless exchanges with other evolving people.