Gifts within tightness - vs what some in spiritual mainstream talk about

I'm so grateful to find this community as I was feeling somewhat alienated by mainstream spirituality and, as Open says, their tendency to want to 'drop the hot coals' before they teach us their lesson and we recovery the fragments of Self hidden within. As a society it seems that we have become obsessed with avoiding discomfort and the gifts within suffering. To surrender and fall into the heart of it all, with its inherent terror and uncertainty, is the only secure path I have found and it seems that the soul has such a natural, self-healing process guiding it, if I am open to it. One message from 5 gateways movie that really resonated the first time I watched it was how we are led back into tightness and what seems like the end is the emergence into something new and much more fulfilling (& authentic) than anything that I thought I was losing. Or 'Collapsing into endless flight' from this poem that came out during such a time. About being led from a solely instinctual. material self, and its external pursuits which grow heavy while the lessons about the "earthly thrills" are being learned. Then finding the Soul and thinking that was it but then being led back into tightness which left me bewildered. In the end I had to go through a Dark Night and be willing to collapse into the eternal.

Complete Surrender

Complete surrender, the soul’s release
Terror and pain, the guiding forces

A jagged path that leads to peace
Through virgin lands go untamed horses

Panting struggles on perilous hills
Workers enslaved by works at birth

And storms that breed the earthly thrills
Now wash the trail of crumbling earth

Collapse, despair, the throbbing terror
As hooves sink deep in earthly pain

The gasps of lungs that thirst for air
But find instead the seas of rain

Unconscious mouths then drink of wine
Now flowing from a distant world

Revealing man to the divine
And to divinity, the soul unfurled

Deathly shudders release the spirit
Now swirling in the morning light

The weakened soul, drawing near it
Collapses into endless flight

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Hi Gary,
Its great to connect with you here and thank you for sharing your poems. Beautiful and moving.


"The end is the emergence into something new..." So true, it seemingly happens in each moment as the mind releases it's hold. Thank you for sharing, the images that are sparked ignite much.


Another great poem Gary - and a great message - just keep it flowing my friend!

Big hug

Open :-)