Homeostasis & Equanimity: Finding Balance and Harmony on the Path

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These are turbulent times for sure, as the planet and society shift through the gears of transformation. Each of us is connected physically and energetically through morphic fields that are activating and unravelling. That's even before we talk about the dramatic infusions of higher dimensional light. How are we to find balance and harmony through it all? The key is Homeostasis and Equanimity. Find these and your life will be in balance. Let's explore, including a tremendous video at the conclusion.

Express Your Soul!

As the earth now gears up through a dramatic shift of consciousness, it's stirring up all the density and, karmic sediment that have built up through human history. Make no mistake, we're carrying that within our fields, and even if you have done a lot of karmic clearing, then you're still likely to be feeling other people around you as they go deeper into process. The more you clear, the more empathic you become!

Does this mean there's a need to retract back in the shell?

This of itself is going to be frustrating and highly limiting to the full expression of your being. Especially as you are purposefully here to unleash all the innate qualities of your soul (the 7 rays of consciousness). If you're not wotking on these constantly, then the risk is you're in some kind of self-deception or denial. We definitely don't want to be dissolving the soul - this actually dissolves true presence aswell. You just end up in a detached 4D bubble.

Explore the 7 Rays of Divine Consciousness

The answer is to let the full spectrum of the soul activate and express. You will develop at warp speed. However, as you've probably realised by now, if you embark on this path of full emergence, then it's likely to have you bouncing all over the place: first emotionally, then mentally and then energetically. It's a veritable rollercoaster ride for sure.

You'll need to find ways to "medicate". By that I don't mean drugs! But ways that gently meet and engage the energies that are flowing through you: creative expression for example; connection with nature; sensuality in relationship; community and friendship connection; healthy food and bodywork; a measured degree of distraction through entertainment. These will all help express the energy and thereby channel it in an aligned way. It will help you stay connected but also grounded.

There is a risk!

Avoiding Addictions

The risk is getting addicted to the activities or different states - that you're always in need of some kind of stimuli to find harmony. Which ends up being no harmony at all, because you end up always craving something. Whereupon you're finding coffee or cacao increasingly necessary!

How to solve this conundrum?

It is to find homeostasis through equanimity. I've attached a great video here below which explains the biological phenomenon of homeostasis which is a must-watch for anyone in a human body! It describes brilliantly how the brain is configured to purposefully find a balanced state. If you have too much of one type of experience - such as excitement and joy for example, then it will purposefully generate experiences on the other side of the coin so as to attain a net zero within the being - fascinating!

The upshot is that the more you get addicted to pleasurable activity, the more dopamine you produce, then the brain switches into the counter state. It can make you feel depressed and send you into a downward spiral that requires ever more pleasurable distraction and addiction to pull you out of.

The answer to this spiral is equanimity.

The Place of Calm Behind the Eyes

In all aspects of your life, in whatever you're doing, the key is to be centering in the Sacred Ground of Being within you - to be always anchored and centred in this quiet space of inner stillness, even in the height of activity and stimulation. You're sitting calm and peaceful in that vacuous place that's behind the eyes.

Don't get me wrong - you're not becoming a zombie!! Not at all. Quite the opposite. You become awake and alive in ways you never imagined. However, there's a crucial aspect of you - the witnesser - which is gracefully watching it all unfold and happen. You're in it, but not of it!

Explore more about the Sacred Ground of Being: the Quintessence of You

Now, this is going to take a humungous amount of practice and mastery. But if you're reading, that's what you're here for.

Just Breathe!

Engage in the activities you feel drawn to. Fully express the soul in all its myriad of colour and vibrancy. BUT, breathe and reflect through it all. Breath will likely be a crucial key to this harmony. Watch and feel the breath. Practice paying attention to it, especially in highly emotive moments. And then...transcend the breath - drop into that centred, peaceful state that is witnessing from behind the eyes.
Sample this simple Breakthrough Breathing Technique

From this place you can readily "medicate" as the soul is in full swing - meaning to enjoy your raw chocolate or your organic coffee a few times a week; watch that compelling movie; commit to your Bikram sweat yoga; enjoy the company of friends and family. However, this must all be measured as to what is right for you - in the sense that you're not slipping into attachment, distraction or addiction. Because these will always come with downward spirals.

The crucial thing is to ALWAYS watching yourself and witnessing within these activities: where is the boundary? If you're not sure, ask: "show me!" Signs and synchronicity will always help you attune rightful action within measured boundaries. Then the key is to be disciplined enough to stay in that harmonious place - be clear with yourself, it's this which brings most satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Not risking spiraling into some kind of abyss!

Centering in the Sacred Ground of Being

Remember, what you're looking for is that still place of calm, peace and grace that is at the core of you. Let every external activity be the path by which this is enhanced and developed. It will be that you really get to enjoy the silence and stillness - that will become the manna of real living. Enjoy it all, but attach to none of it. Seek out this homeostasis and equanimity.

Fascinating isn't it that the brain itself is even biologically hard-wired to achieve this balance within the being?!

If you would like to master centering in this Sacred Ground of Being, then do get involved with the ground-breaking work of Openhand. Dive in and explore...

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright Blessings

Open 💙🙏

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18/03/2024 Shift Update: Homeostasis Background State

There's so much happening and transforming in the field right now that it can be very destabilising at times. We have strong inbound solar activity as climb into a sunspot maximum. I'm not a climatologist but I would say this is clearly activating both the tremendous storms and droughts we're seeing (not to mention volcanoes) around the planet. In many ways, it's a good thing because it stirs up the intervention and its capacity to misdirect into its own agenda. But crucially, for evolving souls, we need to find our mast in the storm too.

Of course, this is not something solid outside of ourselves. It's a core state of being within. It's about finding your steady-state background consciousness from which all else arises. To be clear, it's not about denying the joys and the pleasures of life, it's about these expressions, yes, but then always dropping back and steadying in the background state of present awareness, centredness and connectedness.

That's why I've featured this article today for your review...

Homeostasis & Equanimity: Finding Balance and Harmony on the Path

The field is transforming strongly and so this daily practice is essential too. What gets you into that centred state? I'd be intrigued to hear - do share below.

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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I was having an inquiry today: how can we know if we have free will if we are following the universal flow? I guess it's a paradox that the mind cannot figure out. In the enlightened state, there is no self at the same time, the personality doesn't disappear, and the flow moves through us as a unique expression.

The mind is invited to be flexible and flowing, and each realization softens it up a little more. I think I finally get what you were reflecting to me, that the soul will create because it's meant to create. I could only see this when a karmic layer was unwound, which was fixated on a particular state and resistant to gear change and flow. Life feels more like a game where creations are weaved from the quantum field, reflecting what I'm being at any particular moment. Sometimes there is streaming synchronicity, informing the inner inquiry. It's a language that is fast and light for the lower mind to interpret.

Remember Open, I told you about the regulator of the gas stove coming off while making coffee. A synchronicity happened around it yesterday as it broke further and a big ball of fire was spit from it towards my head. Fortunately, nothing happened other than a few burned hairs, but it spoke of the dragon warrior being unleashed.

Vimal Praying Emoji

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Hi Vimal - it's a fascinating question...

how can we know if we have free will if we are following the universal flow?

I would say there needs to be an evolution in how you understand "the flow".

Are you seeing it as coming from outside of you?

Everything is inside. The flow is YOUR flow, moving in YOUR fractal.
However, waves of fractals flow together due to common learning objectives and inquiries.
So even though your own flow is coming through you, you can nevertheless, gain reflections and feedback loops from those on a similar flow (of inquiry).

Does that make sense?

Open 💎

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Yes, this makes a lot of sense and adds to a deeper understanding of the flow.

I think this was a blind spot where I was seeing flow as something external to me. I guess I was looking at it, in terms of the unity consciousness of the whole and me as something in relation to it.

I guess the paradox the mind is seeking to understand is: How can I be the whole yet at the same time be a fractal in it? Is the fractal and the whole the same thing?

I'm reminded of this quote: "All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop."

Openhand, Gaia, and every soul I'm engaging with are fractals having similar inquiries and flowing together! No one is better or worse, more or less. Perfect!

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Hey Open,

I am being drawn to centering via the senses recently. It gets me out of mind chatter and draws me into the moment.

What can I smell? The eucalypts, wet earth, frangipani fragrance, grassy horse smell as I kiss his soft velvety nose mmm! 

What can I see? The blue glow of the hills in the distance with a myriad of green hues in the foreground, the trees- silent sentinels being.  And at night as I shine my head torch over the grass I see hundreds of glittering reflections like wee diamonds scattered everywhere, of the creatures nestled there! Quite stunning! 

What can I feel? the gentle breeze, the earth under my feet, the soft fur of my animals as I stroke them. 

What can I hear? the butcher birds chortling away filling the air with their songs.

What can I taste?a fresh wound in my mouth after having 2 teeth extracted! 😄 lol

I am grateful for living where I do despite the challenges! 

Much love to all

Erin 💚🌺





I've been reflecting a lot on that. I can notice an obvious interplay between focus, flow and dopamine regulation. When I allow myself to be focused and free, my dopamine and serotonin levels get naturally regulated and my brain stops striving for them.

My work depends on creativity, so my internal state dictates my productivity and ability to complete tasks. Since I can't choose to be inspired in every given moment, I'm always left with choices that may or may not stimulate my inspiration.

I also need to confront the urgency of needing to work, so sometimes I wait a few minutes for the flow to come in full force. And when it comes, I need to make sure I remain acting with profound self-honesty, otherwise it gradually fades away and my body starts to get anxious.

I usually take a break when that happens, but lately I've been exploring resilience and my ability to catch the flow again when it diminishes, by correcting my posture, closing the window to shut the noise, etc. I'm also training myself to judge less my work and feel more "what it has to say", because that highly impacts the creative flow. To me, the passive aspect must come first when we're creating.

Also, one essential thing for homeostasis is simply drinking water. Drinking 400-600ml of water when my focus is low makes an immediate effect on by brain. This comes with no surprise, because the brain is made up of 90% water! Buying a stainless steel bottle is one of the best things I've ever done, and I probably drink 3+ liters of water per day.

I hope these reflections help creatives out there, and don't wait until you're thirsty! Tears

- Edu



Thank you this relevant and resonating and a great reminder. Didn't know that about the brain looking for balance very interesting and good to know, feel to help it out🙂 social interactions for me have been the learning/practice ground and not necessarily enjoyable as I am in full on karma and the people I deal with regularly all exhibit some misaligned aspect of myself, my mirrors, but it's going well and making strides. But I have recently been reconnecting with nature and I feel my old self that felt so connected and alive starting to come back, it's wonderful! Thanks again, inspiring and supportive as ever🙏🤍


I feel my centerness light the pilot light in a gas boiler. I have a sense of a flame burning in my heart area. It can be nutured and embedded by simple domestic tasks, housework, shopping when performed at an even, steady pace. The challenge is social interaction, loud noises and smells ( scent). Being pulled out is like being subjected to the noise of the matrix, there is potential for anxiety and over-analysing even small tasks. I find breathing into the heard, reciting mantras, even saying 'love, love,love..' can pull me back. I sense a narrative in my mind gently reminding me not to judge. Also, interactions with others can start in a friendly and connected place, but the energy can rapidly plummet. I see this as a signal to wind up contact and move away. Thank you for these brilliant articles. 🙏😁


Hi Open,

I'm still getting used to recognizing the flow, so I'm inquiring to learn its different "disguises".

It's easy for me to feel the flow in moments of inspiration — there's that undeniable urge to act in a passionate, almost childlike way. But I guess not all tasks are supposed to be fueled by inspiration, such as brushing my teeth (lol), right?

A few days ago I went to the supermarket. I started shopping in full flow, but after some time of looking at the prices, I felt it gradually diminishing and my mind over-rationalizing — that initial inspiration had been gone, and I didn't have the space at the time to sit down and meditate.

When this happens I must look for the sense of rightness and that's all? Because I tried doing that, but my inspiration didn't come back!

Thank you

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The flow is ever present Edu - even when brushing teeth!

I recall many years ago asking the question in meditation, "so how can I be in the flow of soul consciousness all the time?"

Next I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, squeezed the tube, and a whole blob of toothpaste spurted into the sink. "Why did it happen?" was the question. Because I wasn't fully present when squeezing the tube!

Open 💎


First I need to ask: what do you mean by "dissolving the soul" please? I wanted to mention how I've discovered that small, infrequent use of marijuana has benefited me greatly as I tend to, through a tough situation, get tighter and tighter to the point I'm bottling energy and finding it very hard to release it. MJ helps me release and face the truth of my feelings. I find one to two puffs a month has been working for me. I do tend to start over-using, but the urge gets less and less over time. I'm just so intensely exhausted. Yes I get the situation is an opportunity for learning and the fact that it has indeed improved; like the lesson went from gladiator to super Mario Brothers, but jeez when do I get a freakin break! Had a good cry and begging everything benevolent to help me get rid of all this ugliness from me so I wouldn't have to be around it so much. I'm saturated by it, steeped in it, filled to the brim with it. The toxicity and ugliness ooze out of my pores; I reek with it. I am still so fucking angry at my sisters even as I know I projected all the shit onto them that my parents projected onto me, whom I also feel rage towards. I'm so sick and tired of walking on egg shells and people pleasing and having to use anger as a defence mechanism because people are so inconsiderate and disrespectful of boundaries but my stupid ass didn't want to offend them or deal with their anger so i let them walk all over me, but then they get mad anyway when I finally can't do it any more. I would rather be alone than deal with neediness and stalking. Which i very much do as well. Like the know-it-all, don't look stupid at any cost but then you make a fool of yourself any way. Sigh. It really sucks being an asshole. Well, half asshole half decent person. My lesson is to calmly and respectfully state my boundaries and not react if there's backlash, but just trying to remembered to breathe and focus on the breath is hard enough; I'm battle-worn and full of jumpy nerves, anxiety and irritability from 4 years of this. Well, my whole life, just not this intense and almost constant. I will admit though I could have spent more time on the path instead of avoiding through food and MJ and screens. Maybe I'd be handling this better. All pleasure, joy, magic is fading. Feels like I'm dying. Just don't know if I'm cut out. I think Alzheimer's is people like me who are still afraid to die, are comfortable where they are even though a part of them yearns for freedom and adventure, and all the joy is fading from life and they're so tired of always being afraid, they just start fading away. That's how I feel sometimes. I don't want to give up. It's just such hard work. I don't know how to relax and surrender. I don't know how to stop, how to do nothing, think nothing. I feel like a maniac. Being bipolar doesn't help, especially when you're addicted to the mania. I'm not strong. I keep second-guessing myself. I don't feel SELF. And I don't feel any connections. It's sad to say I could only connect to my pets and those I became obsessed with, which was always toxic. Anyway, getting over that at least. So much of what was said on this site is proving true, but I never wanted to believe I might not be up for it. But there is a chance I may not be, and it's something else I may have to forgive myself for. This rant has made me feel a bit better, thanks for listening. Barb💙

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Hi Barb - firstly I feel for you, and honour the challenges you're facing ❤️

Use of something like MJ every now and then is unlikely to be a problem. However where one is always "medicating" with something, then it's likely to be, from what you describe, because you're holding stress and trauma in the inner layers. The only way to get rid of this is to confront it, activate it, and ask, "what am I attached to in life that makes me react like this?"

There's clearly a lot of emotional attachment around relationships where you're probably taking on the burden of others.

How much do you meditate?

Open 🙏

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Hi Barb,

I grew up living with a narcisistic mother and can resonate with most of your feelings. I also resonate with the difficulty in sitting down to meditate.

The problem with just reading about spirituality but not walking the path is that it also acts like MJ. I mean, Open’s words are always so truthful and beautifully written — we can easily come here, read something and feel a bit more connected for some minutes!

It may be hard to walk the path initially because you are literally learning a NEW way of living — and most of us have been living in a mind-led way for decades.

The sense of presence and clarity grows over the time as you pay attention to it, so although it seems impossible to focus on the breath now, it will certainly get easier in a few days or weeks as you keep relaxing the mind and surrendering. Trust me, every meditation counts — even the poor ones! But it must be first thing in the morning and you do have to keep going, day by day.

Work to differentiate both states, the present one and the over-thinking one. Get used to your sense of self. Be curious. And when you get hurt, be ready to enter into your space and cry. Cry a lot. Crying is releasing and it’s very empowering.

You’re right, you don’t know how to relax and surrender — that’s why you must learn it by yourself. In my experience, what motivates me the most is the same feeling of tiredness that you mentioned. I’m tired of toxic humans, tired of society, tired of how we destroy the planet and, most of all, I’m tired of my mind making me suffer. And I know there’s much more to life than that.

As it becomes easier for you to “find” your presence, so it will be to speak your truth in a detached way (which usually involves speaking less). Of course, you’ll still hurt people’s feelings sometimes.

And regarding MJ, I chose to quit it completely. Even tough it used to highten my senses and inspiration, it also trigged lots of thoughts and ego desires. Maybe the same happens to you?

With love,


Dear Open ,

This enquiry rings true as I am bang in the middle of 3 D and working my way through many unravelling threads . 

I recently have expressed feeling the vibration of Fear . I can feel it clearly now without needing to suppress it .It comes as waves from the base and was very destabilizing for a bit . I am learning to be equanimity  with it now  With it is unleashed sensuality but more importantly a deep Trust in the unravelling and indeed the path itself . 

A strong creativity - determined and wilful is coming through as well . My sensuality is grounded connected with the sky ,my relationships are much more honest ,sexual expression is vulnerable yet strong ,emotions are much better felt and less stormy. My diet has changed to primarily raw and that causes me to be even more sensitive . 

​​​​​It's this feeling of grounded aliveness ,connected to the Earth and yet touching the sky . I find myself frequently overwhelmed with sheer Gratitude for this journey . 




02/11/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I've been traveling through the matrix, returning from the Openhand Mexico Retreat (check the photo journal), and there are so many energies floating around out there, it's utterly essential you have your anchor in the storm - hence the article I felt to share today above about finding balanced harmony through Equanimity and Homeostasis. Especially if you're a lightworker in the shift, healer or facilitator, you're going to be channeling strong inflows of energies, especially at this time. As these energies come through you, they will activate your being tremendously. Hence you'll need to find ways to meet this inner activity - fully expressing is crucial. Which can most definitely include healthy and boundaried consumption - healthy food, chocolate and organic coffee for example. The risk is to over-dose on these though by getting addicted. That's where you tip the internal balance and risk creating a downward spiral. Or else you go through strong mood swings of being up then down. How to find the balance?

Illumination is crucial. Being clear with yourself about what you're doing and why you're doing it. But then also being profoundly honest about any side effects that you recognise then bring you down So you're enjoying the expressions, but getting to know where the healthy boundaries are, and when you hit that point applying the discipline to stop.

This is where intermittent fasting is so helpful. If you regulate food to a 6 hour window in the day, and then replace other meal times with meditation, you'll hit many inner layers of attachment and resistance - like on the emotional plane for example. This is where we can really go to work and break down those layers.

Here are 3 key benefits of that...

1) It creates a much wider internal pipe so you can handle and embody much more of the infusing energy.
2) It develops discipline through increased illumination - thus you can meet the natural boundaries and honour them better in daily life
3) You're developing and anchoring the Sacred Ground of Being as a way of living. You're naturally centering more in the place of equanimity.

If you haven't read the article yet, do scroll up and review, including the excellent video at the end explaining the evolutionary phenomenon of Homeostasis. It's tremendously eye-opening for daily life in society and how to manage it effectively.

And I'm interested to hear from you. How do you best find this balance of Homeostasis and Equanimity in your life? Do share below. I'm fascinated to hear.

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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For me it is having enough time (usually in the morning and in the evening) to be alone, sit and just be for a while. And, in general, being alone works for me.

Also connecting to feelings or sensations without discrimination, no matter it is pleasurable or painful, letting it happen, it makes it move much faster.

I kind of let go the need for pleasure. I also remember that pain can be highly addictive as well. Many people hang around addicted to pain and suffering. And, in general, the problem with addictions is that you deal with addiction, get rid of it, only to switch it to something else, unless the source of it was treated. So people stop drinking and start gambling. Stop gambling and become sexoholics. It never ends. This is why for me just dopamine fasting is not enough in this case.

It helps to "know" my addictions - food and instagram - but then I have to get to the origin of the discomfort that makes me turn to dopamine and to find alternative ways to sooth that will release oxytocin. This is the main thing with adrenaline and dopamine withdrawal - switching to an oxytocin alternative rather than starving. Our society forgot how to live on oxytocin. It's effect is subtle, gentle, calming.

So what I do is hug a soft pillow, put some soothing music on, I don't jump from bed in the morning right away, I cuddle with myself, sometimes for an hour, meditate a lot, practice yoga, give myself massage with a foam roller.


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Tremendous viewpoint Yulia - find the source of the need for the dopamine hit, and replace it with something more supportive and nurturing - something less addictive, that is comforting and expressive of soul.

So what I do is hug a soft pillow, put some soothing music on, I don't jump from bed in the morning right away, I cuddle with myself, sometimes for an hour, meditate a lot, practice yoga, give myself massage with a foam roller.

It reflects very much into an approach I use of confronting abstinence (of dopamine hits). Especially when fasting and confronting dense karmic field energies, which is why dopamine acquiescence is so compelling. I take myself consciously into "the Desert". I see myself trekking across the wilderness in threadbare robes, with essential crystals in pocket, appreciating deeply the natural beauty through transcendence. I witness the cacti and scorpions, the shifting sands, baking sun on anvil-shaped rock, and crystal clear moon rising in the night sky - when so outstanding in this way, the veils of reality readily fall. In the evening I find a cave, and cuddle up in front of a heart-warming fire. Against the harsh beauty, I feel protected and nurtured. Until after a few days, I arrive at an oasis - where measured, pleasurable dopamine is available once more in its myriad of guises.

The sense of this kind of approach is blended into regular life. Abstinence is no longer a hardship, because you've reframed the density into something compelling and transformational. You know that you are gaining at the level of consciousness, and the challenge becomes adventure - where subtle acts of softness can be tremendously comforting.

The problem with society is that you all too easily "buy dopamine in a packet" or scroll to it on your phone. Consciousness doesn't work for it, and therefore isn't elevated in the pursuit. It's like sex without foreplay. It's always the chemistry, the alchemy, that elevates the moment and forges soul in the process.

Hence the power of the breath. Of meditation. And transcendence by infusing through, rather than taking the easy way out.

Open 💙


I was awe struck by the video I've shared above - how the brain is hard-wired to find balance through "homeostasis" - but most importantly to the spiritual path, how this mirrors and synchronises with centering through equanimity into the Sacred Ground of Being. It seems to me it's the real key to a fulfilled life on the path but avoidance downward spirals through addiction.

What are your thoughts?
How do you best find equanimity in life?

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I found this video fascinating, for me it helps to explains some of the "peak to trough"  that many people experience in day to day life. I see it as a waveform pattern with equanimity, like a line running through the middle.

The interesting thing is that at the peak or the trough, is where we are really feeling and experiencing and where the growth and evolution is most potent.

Maybe equanimity is what the soul is yearning for but peak/troughs are the reason we chose to be a part of the 3D?

Stickman Kev

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Yes - fascinating video indeed 👍

I think the soul is choosing to express fully - hence the 3D experience.
But at the same time, it's also actualising the one. So in expressing through the 3D, it realises itself back at the source.
So I'd say the real key is balance - expression but also centred in the presence.

That's the challenge and the opportunity!

Much love and well wishes

Open 💙

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Hi Open,

i get the idea of homeostatsis and i very much resonate with the idea of a pendulum swinging in one direction and the same way in the other. Feels to me this applies to everything in life and the more i get to know myself the less extreme the motion of the pendulum becomes. Over the years i cut out almost all soft comfort, just some watching movies and playing card games that consumes me sometimes.

What i am really struggling at the moment is how to stay in the sacred ground of beingness at all times within the business of daily life ... to be the eye of the storm. And it's becoming more difficult i feel, because the collective energy is so much more triggered. Certainly what i am going to try is taking more small breaks to breathe and taking quality time for contemplation. 

Intermittent fasting is not bringing up much for me, maybe i've sufficiently equalised with the feeling of hunger during my years in Africa. I am actually barely feeling the want to eat - it's more a habitual thing. When you do 23 hour fasting, at what time of day would you take your meal? I imagine something like 2pm? Do you then fill up massively? There is still some idea in my mind that i won't be able to give to my body what it needs with just one meal a day.

Much love,

In reply to by ThomasK


Thanks for sharing Thomas - yes, to be in the eye of the storm takes practice and focus. Attachments and investments will pull us out - so that's where we must go to work. Often I'd say it's thinking that you have to figure out what's in front of you. As opposed to just paying attention to it, and then watching it unfold as you centre more in the background.

I eat at midday every day. It works great. And I do eat a full and balanced meal: some fruit to begin with which I allow to digest a little (15 minutes); then a main course of salad or vegetables, quinoa or millet, sometimes pasta, avocado, beans, chickpeas or lentils (for protein). I enjoy some peanut butter or better Tahini to help with the fats. Then I'll eat some raw chocolate for dessert. So it's a full meal and I never feel like I'm missing out - I have plenty of energy for deep consciousness body work and jogging for example.

Definitely helps with the source attunement and alignment in life.

Best wishes

Open 🙏