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When you truly step onto the path, and feel the directive of the Shift, it's sure to set you against the majority of people around you, clinging to the vestiges of a crumbling reality. Still they hang on, shrivelled in fear, and a part of that reality control, will be to make you wrong. This is where your dream is so important. We've been crammed into the container of a small control mechanism. But how big are you really? How much more can you be as a being? Of course I'm not talking about the confines of ego. I'm talking about having the courage to completely shatter the illusions and constraints of an out-dated reality that no longer serves.

So I ask, how big is your Dream for Yourself?

There is no Box!

If when you express your dream, you're not challenging those around you, I'd say you haven't truly realised the magnitude of your dream yet, and who you can truly be.

If your dream doesn't shatter the illusions of those around you, if it doesn't make them quake in their boots, and project back their fears at you, then I'd say your dream is too small.

I'm not talking about "thinking outside the box". There is no box!

How can you put a container around the all that is?

This infinite potential that you are, has created the entirety of the Universe. And so what does it have in mind for you?

From the Stars

Many of you reading this (perhaps all) have come from the stars. Your soul knows the expansiveness and liberation of timelessness, of limitless movement through dimensions, of travelling at the speed of thought. You've swam as the dolphin, flown as the eagle, you've exploded like the volcano.

And all of this is in you.

So why let yourself continue to be small?

But I'm not talking about replacing an illusion for another illusion. I'm not talking about creating from the desires and machinations of the ego. Because that too is limitation. What I'm talking about is creating an open inner space. So open that there are no judgments within it, no limitations, no constraint. Where if the tightness of fear arises, there's an immediate turning into it - moving in the exact direction of the fear, doing that which maximises the as to explode the myth that it is. That's when your soul explodes the very box that has contained it.

Without Limit

You are without limit, other than what your soul decides are the boundaries for your current exploration and inquiry - the landscape you intuit and flow through.

I put it to you that the boundaries of our limited 3D/4D reality construct are now falling apart. Here is the opportunity for you to become all that you can be. It will be so much more than the imagination of lower mind. You are incredible, awesome, you've traveled through time and space, died and been reborn a zillion times, and yet here you are, right at the centre of the most miraculous crucible of change that the Universe can create. Why would you have manifested such a crucible, if it was not to rise from the ashes like the glorious pheonix that you are? Why would you have manifested the mountain if you were only meant to climb an anthill?

Think out of the box?
It's time to drop the box.
It's time to think differently,
to allow your landscape to explode open.
But beware, when you do so, you'll have to duck when the moon is low!

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I am very inspired today about starting a community in the Himalayas . Was arguing with my husband about it when I realized the real argument was with myself. My Fear of the Shift and Climate change ( all of which is real and immediate and frightening in Delhi,India) was what was making me doubt myself. Of not taking steps that are extremely doable in the nearfuture. If I do not  dream big and massive for myself,who will?  

And I loved the part about rattling cages. Recently ,a series of synchronistic events have led to my work with babies being up for a prize . And after my presentation  a member of the jury, just lost it. Railed at me loudly and persistently . About how it's not possible that in such low cost ,we could have good outcomes .And now as I read this ,I can see why . 

Rattling cages. I'm getting good at that ,I think :)



A good start would be developing Eye in the storm inside, making a space for it.  There is still plenty of work to do right here right now.  And it will have a physical place when time comes.  That's my declaration!


Hi Vimal,

I'm so glad you had the courage to post your feelings on facebook despite the negative response that you ultimately got.

I heard an interesting story recently, from someone who for me, is truly testing the bounds of reality....

"Be prepared that when you post something (on the internet) that is truly aligned and original, that you could lose 20% of the people that have been following your posts".

In fact my experience with Openhand has been even more marked than that.

Wherever I've made a big realisation, embodied it, and then fully expressed it, then it frequently caused major ructions amongst those tuning into the work. Openhand has grown through the constant peeling away of old realities, to which some had vested interests and were not willing or ready to move beyond.

It's essential to not let that stop you. As I said in the article, "if your dream doesn't shatter the illusions of those around you, then maybe your dream is too small". Not that we should purposefully set out to antagonise anyone, of course not. Just that from my experience at least, when you do find a new resonance that is truly you, and dare to express that, it will rattle the cages of those around you. And it will likely cause some to leave. 

I've come to accept that, and when people do depart, to warmly wish them on their way.

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I'm not sure how much of the fearful response we get is a manifestation of ourselves. Earlier I felt to post something in facebook which synchronistically felt right for me ,yet there was negative response. Its clear to me this other being feels provoked with my way of being and my creative expression which was not projecting or judgemental at all. At first it felt ok for me,but later I had some tightness in my chest and emotional pain which is still there. But later some realizations flowed for me that there was a need to share, a need for what i shared to be considered valuable and judgement on what is to considered valuable and not. And there is a requirement to meet the expectation. I see how limiting this box really is. Lately my realizations have been around how I'm looking to derive worth ,love etc from outside. I'm letting go of it. Not sure if its the case here. Or is self worth a subtotal of all such small realizations. I resonate with this:

You are without limit, other than what your soul decides are the boundaries for your current exploration and inquiry - the landscape you intuit and flow through.


Maybe I've travelled space and died and reborn a zillion times but right now I feel only as big as the boundaries of my current exploration and inquiry.  

PS: The article and video specifically are very uplifting and motivational. Thankyou