Inspiring music

How come we still don't have a music thread on the web? :)

C'mon, everybody! Kidding, whoever feels like hhhh, flood this thread with what makes your soul alive, or just resonates with you, or brings an important message, or is just beautiful :D


That's very good Open! When I see it I'm surprised the rest of us didn't pick up on that!!

Hello, Iam new to the Openhandweb community and Iam very exited about being part of it. I also like to share a song so beautiful that everytime I listen to it,it touches my heart. Actually every song of Tina Malia is a gift to us.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Love and blessings x Sonia

Hi Sonia,

Welcome to Openhand! Yes, Tina Malia's music is so beautiful...I listen to her daily. I have done a lot of healing through her music. I instantly connect to my soul when I hear her angelic voice. Thanks for sharing <3


Greetings Sonia :-)

Tina Malia is an Openhand favourite indeed - her music and energy often feature in the Openhand Course Work. Here's the same song, with Trinity's awesome feelings and video set to it...

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Thank you for sharing this.
When Trinity says "let go" it brings tears into my eyes.
I havent been introduced to Tina Malia or Karen Drucker by anyone, came accross them on my search for new music. It is wonderful how we are being led into the direction that resonates. I know this is how life works and i am constantly in awe. This is only the beginning for me in waking up.
I am greatful for having found Openhand. This is my first experience in connecting with a like minded virtual community.


Hi Sonia,

If you go to the Community Forum, Sharing the Journey and to Angels Place. Trinity has posted a video there titled, "You are Enough". The background music is Tina Malia, Shine. It is a lovely video that I am sure you will enjoy <3

Thank you, Kim, Maureen, and Sonia for these soft, surrendering song gems. And thanks, Open, for Trinity's "Touching the Soul" video. Beautiful. I wasn't familiar with any of these artists, so I'm delighted to make their acquaintance. I'm downloading their music to my iPod. What a lovely invite from Divine Benevolence to listen to these gems and surrender into the tightness. Much appreciated, Catherine

This morning I listened to Tina Malia's ethereal song, "Shores of Avalon." It's so hauntingly beautiful and so profoundly moving that I listened to it at least three times. Each time the tears streamed down my face as I felt the sadness of letting go of attachments in the 3rd dimension as I continue my journey to the higher world. This song has a special poignancy given that Open and Trinity established Openhand Foundation on the Isle of Avalon to shine the light forwards to the path between worlds. xxx Catherine

Thanks for posting "Shores of Avalon" Catherine. Tears have been flowing all day as my soul cries out to let go....let it all fall away. Your post reminds me that I am not alone.

Maureen <3

My tears are flowing a lot these days, too, Maureen. You're definitely not alone. Most of us have so many pent up emotions to release so we can create the space for the light of our souls to flow through. Tears are like a river of mercy that carry our pain away. Wishing you well on your journey. Much Love, Catherine

Kickass inspiration and a joy ride guaranteed. Canada's Parachute Club in Toronto before all the bells and whistles. Just fun and heart and a sweet, innocent authenticity. What's not to love? x Catherine

Feeling into this song by Travis called "Moving"

Cheers, Catherine

Catherine, that song and the video are awesome!

Thank you so much for sharing it.


So happy this song and video resonate with you, Tigger. I feel like bouncing with joy whenever I see your name on the forum! Catherine :)

We love that video here too Catherine :) It's such an amazing idea!
Thanks for the great reminder.

This is a song I love listening to that really gets me going in the morning and can bring tears to my eyes... This is Brule a contemporary American Indian band, and the song is called The Star People: A Message for All of Humanity.

And thank you Catherine for bouncing with joy!



I so welcome this video and song right now! It's a time of deep sorrow for my country. Yesterday Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission admitted to our government's historical attempts of cultural genocide of our First Nations peoples. Many of us believed that this was indeed the case, however, I feel that this official confession heralds a new era of healing and forgiveness. When I watched the opening of this video, my tears flowed as I felt the purity of the words spoken by the native performers. And as the music unfolded and the dancers swirled around, my spirit was swept up in a gentle but powerful wind of forgiveness and loving unity with all my brothers and sisters. Totally heartmelting. Much appreciated, Tigger.

xxx Catherine

Woah - that is so soulful Tigger. A powerful example of spirit moving through incarnated beings. Amazing!
I felt tears with the words spoken too. Woah! All words escape me.
Biggest thanks for sharing this.

Am so glad that Brule resonated with you Catherine and Trinity. Thank you for bringing a big smile to my face this morning :-)

Catherine, your empathy is profound and beautiful. Do you carry bear medicine?


Hi Tigger,

Thank you for you kind works. I experienced your question, "Do I carry bear medicine?" as an invite to explore its appearance in my life through you and what the bear totem might symbolize for me. I've truly enjoyed reading about and feeling into how I embody the spirit of the bear and what its spirit can teach me. I relate to feeling the fierce mother protectress energy of the mother bear with her cubs and its extension to all life, going inwards into the bear's cave of the unconscious to shine the light there and unwind my distortions, and to the strength and warrior energy of bears. Although bears embody the warrior spirit, they know when to hibernate and rest and when to go out into the world. This is their greatest teaching for me at present since I have driven myself mercilessly in the outer world for most of my life. Denying my feelings and emotions. Denying the vulnerability of my soul. I love that bears know how to balance their warrior energy by taking time for solitude, quiet time, and rest. Given that I'm feeling burned out, it's a perfect time to invoke the energy of the bear to help me embrace my vulnerability, rest and renew my warrior spirit, and heal body, mind, and spirit. Helping to heal others as I radiate a higher way of being into the surrounding energy field. It was such a delight to feel into how mother bears enjoy playtime with their cubs and how they teach us to keep our inner cubs alive. I'm reaching for my teddy bear as we speak. Much love to you, Tigger, for giving me this precious gift of connecting to the spirit bear's healing energy. xxx Catherine

Hi Catherine,

Am so glad you were able to connect with the medicine of bear. I confess when I asked you the question of whether you carried bear medicine it was a spontaneous intuitive "hit". Sometimes I am not adept at filtering or at least waiting...the bear came so strong to me in regards to you that I just blurted it out :-)

Even this morning, as I write this, I feel bear medicine around you. It's very possible you have been carrying bear medicine for some time and just didn't realize it. The Lakota say that Crazy Horse carried bear medicine, which both gave him his visions and his courage and bravery as a warrior.

Who knows, maybe we will be calling you Catherine Walks with Bear.....:-)

With love,


I feel a real 'Mamma Bear' energy from you Catherine. When Tigger wrote that I felt a massive 'yes!'. It feels safe, protective, brave and warrior like all at the same time.

Tigger - I love that you blurted it out (which I totally didn't think of as 'blurting' by the way - ha ha) It's too easy to hold back... and sharing so often brings deeper insight.

Trinity, Thank you for sharing your feelings about my Mamma Bear energy! So lovely and much appreciated. You and Tigger are so awesome for helping me to feel into my own energy more deeply.

Tigger, Like Trinity I love that you feel free to be spontaneous without checking yourself. It's my feeling that spontaneity is where the greatest pearls lie before our intellects kick in and quash the authentic expression of our souls. It's a gift you have in spades. Thank you for inspiring me to do the same! I really had no awareness of carrying bear medicine until you posed the question that led me to connect with spirit bear. Deep gratitude. I'd be happy to be called Catherine Walks With Bear any day of the week. I felt chills when you mentioned Crazy Horse. When my son, Stephen, was a young boy, I bought him a book about the life of Crazy Horse. The book sat in a little bookcase at the head of his bed and whenever I looked at the cover photo of Crazy Horse, I could feel his courage seep into my bones. I love this quote from him:

"“A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.”

Openhand has a great vision. May we follow it together and soar into the heavens as the eagle flies.

Much Love,


Thank you Trinity and Catherine Walks with Bear for making such space for spontaneity. I had a big let go when I read your words, so I can now get rid of that steamer trunk full of hesitancy, and doubt. Woohoo!

I did not know that quote from Crazy Horse. A powerful one indeed. When I read it I really connected to the "deepest blue of the sky" and I kind of vibrated for a few seconds :-)

In meditation yesterday my spirit was shown the flow: it stretched over the canyon and went to The Source. The flow was in a way invisible and yet existed. My spirit danced on the flow and then noticed a being on the edge of the canyon, hunched over, afraid to trust the flow was there. My spirit went over to the being and then realized that being was my ego. And no matter how hard my spirit tried to encourage, coax, nurture the ego to step into the flow, the ego said, "no way".

Clearly I have some work to do...hehehehe

with love, Tigger

This song came to me today... The words are really powerful!

By Incubus
Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear
And I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear
Take the wheel and steer
It's driven me before
And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal
But lately I am beginning to find
That I should be the one behind the wheel
Whatever tomorrow brings
I'll be there with open arms and open eyes
Whatever tomorrow brings
I'll be there, I'll be there
So if I decide to waiver my chance
To be one of the hive
Will I choose water over wine
And hold my own and drive?
It's driven me before
And it seems to be the way that everyone else gets around
But lately I am beginning to find
That when I drive myself my light is found
So whatever tomorrow brings
I'll be there with open arms and open eyes
Whatever tomorrow brings
I'll be there, I'll be there
Would you choose water over wine
And hold my own and drive?
Whatever tomorrow brings
I'll be there with open arms and open eyes
Whatever tomorrow brings
I'll be there, I'll be there

Hi Jenny , synchronistically , last week , i bought second hand an album from Incubus . This absolutely well written song doesn't figure on the album but thanks for the discovery . Love the words as i was dealing with some degree of fear lately and going within it .

Who's gonna sing a song of change
If no one can imagine life outside the beaten track?
And who's gonna stop the running train
If no one cares to dwell and no one wants to look back?

Somewhere along the line you gave up asking
When it got a little too complex
But if you don't question what has been
Does it mean that you don't care what's coming next?

You've got no one to follow
And no one will follow you
Ain't that a relief
That everything and everyone must grow in opposition
To resistance and contradiction,
This ain't no time to go to sleep

This ain't no time to go to sleep

So who's gonna sing a song of faith
If no one prays for anything that can't be bought or sold?
And who's gonna tell the story straight
Does anyone believe there's still a story to be told?

Somewhere along the line you just stopped walking
When the undercurrent got too strong
Someday a lonely busker will come knocking
With a soft and long forgotten song

That you've got no one to follow
And no one will follow you
Ain't that a relief
That everything and everyone must grow in opposition
To resistance and contradiction,
This ain't no time to go to sleep

Oh, this ain't no time to go to sleep

Really inspiring feel... The lyrics are so powerful! Feel that guitar playing, coffee shop singing girl stirring inside!! Thank u!!

Love this - thanks Oliver *OK*

glad you guys like it *music2*

Oliver...very inspiring. Thanks. xo Jen you can join me in Canada where I'm taking the local cafe by storm...haha...but seriously I am singing now with a guitar player and bassist...the universe opened up!

Recently spent a few hours in a workshop with Krishna Das and want to share this amazing prayer/chant. It gets even better near the end so listen to all of it...

Hi Oliver,

Much gratitude for this song. I was feeling a longing to return home to a distant star of late. So I asked Divine Benevolence to show me if I have work still to do here. The song you posted is part of the synchronistic response I received from the Universe, so I will continue to sing a song of change with all you magnificent souls. xxx Catherine


I love this chant especially the way he incorporates Foreigner's song, "I Wanna Know What Love Is." That song has always been a favourite, and I play it often on my iPod. Thank you for this.

I'm thrilled to hear you are steppin' out and singing with a group. I so enjoyed your beautiful voice at the Victoria Openhand workshop in April. You and Pink. Up there there in lights ha! You go, girl!

xxx Catherine

Sharing "Goodbye Ruby Tuesday" by The Rolling Stones is inspired by Trinity's post today about acting on her dream and publishing her cookbook before exiting planet earth. I have been inspired by this song for a very long time.

x Catherine

"There's no time to lose, I heard her say
Catch your dreams before they slip away
Dying all the time
Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind
Ain't life unkind…"

Oh wow!

Shortly after I woke up (back in the day!) my boyfriend at the time used to play this song and dedicated it to me. So 20 years ago, this was 'my' song. Perfect choice Catherine. Love it!

Which reminds me (since we're on the subject of Rolling Stones) about when Open and I turned up in Glastonbury with a van full of stuff (which was from my house that we'd just left). We pulled up outside the house on the road and Mick Jagger's nephew was doing some odd jobs outside for the house next door. We asked if he could give us a hand unloading the van (furniture n' boxes) and he did. Such a nice guy.


So cool that this was your song way back when! It was also my signature song when I was a free-spirited 18-year old and knew that I would fly the coop!

Neat story about Sir Mick's nephew helping you and Open unload your van at the start of your magical Openhand journey. He must have sensed that you are superstars!

"Don't question why she needs to be so free
She'll tell you it's the only way to be…"

x Catherine

That's too cool Catherine *dance4* - we keep have lots of synchronicities actually.. obviously destined to cross paths.
You are clearly super human (ha ha ha) because I quoted those EXACT lines that you just did (but deleted them for some reason)... and you also posted Fiona's quote elsewhere (which Fi & I had JUST been talking about before you did it).

I love hearing about these synchronicities, Trinity! They help me to attune more fully to the energy of NOW. When I felt the strong pull to post Fiona's quote --" If not now, when?" -- I was feeling like "It's now or never!" Which is another way of saying that all we ever have is the energy of Now. I've heard these words many times, and I have said them many times, but they have taken on a much deeper meaning for me.

Perhaps you deleted those specific "Ruby Tuesday" lyrics to hold the space for me to do so!

How wonderful that we were destined to cross paths! I give huge thanks for that!

Much Love,

x Catherine

Two of my favourite artists, Sarah McLachlan and Pink, singing "Angel"

x Catherine

Catherine where Do you find them? That was absolutely amazing...thanks so much. I'd like to share one I've been listening to for the last two days.