La Palma Volcano: Visions of Future Landing Now - Transform Your Life

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The La Palma Volcano continues to intensify. Naturally our concerns and love go to the residents there. What we need to understand and hoist on board, are the essential reflections for ALL our lives around the world, because what we're witnessing, in dramatic terms, are visions of future landing now. You can either embrace the reflection and work with it, or continue to bury your head in the sand. I vote for inspiration: to motivate greater inner work, change and transformation. That way you can only gain from it.

Embracing Uncertainty

What we're witnessing is a progressive upheaval on the island of La Palma. The mirror is a powerful one. Gaia is speaking in loud and bold terms. It is certainly sad to see people's livelihoods and homes obliterated under mountains of lava. As I write, the Finca Aurora Retreat centre where Openhand used to hold its retreats still stands, but the residents have evacuated, and like us all, now face an uncertain future.

We need to understand that uncertainty is our friend, NOT our enemy.
It is within the Void of Presence where you find COMPLETE uncertainty,
for this is the infinite potential that swallows past creations, AND...
provides the essential energy for the creation of the new.
Always embrace uncertainty as your friend and it will treat you well.

Isla Bonita and the Fate of the Originals

To plenty, La Palma is affectionately known as "Isla Bonita". As I tuned into her consciousness recently she reminded me of the Island's past history: she pointed to the grief of the exploitation of the island by human activity, and reptilian, which the Catholic conquistadors brought with them.

As the Catholic Castillian forces tried to invade, the Originals - the Guanche - took refuge in the mountains of the Volcano - the Caldera. They held out for some time, but were deceived into surrender. Castilian forces then marginalised the original population until they were ethnically cleansed away. Just as has happened with all the First Nation tribes on our planet - let's be reminded of the law of cause and effect, for what we do in life, always comes back to reflect to us.

(The wall painting of the Guanche is from El Paso, ironically near where the current eruption is taking place).

Duplicity and Deception will be Demolished by Truth

Isla Bonita showed me the pain and duplicity of catholicism, and the reptilian entities they had brought with them. She showed me the pain of the chemicals used in the Banana industry for example, which poisons this idyllic paradise.

As I have felt the lava building in her, I've felt waves of this nausea releasing, which was very healing.
It's still not clear though. I can feel a dense "rock" in the core somehow. We'll see how this develops in the days and weeks ahead. For sure, just like Gaia, Isla Bonita is healing her ancient wound. And that's something we all need to be aware of - that this great cleansing is necessary to the longevity and purification of the earth as life progressively shifts into 5D.

Explore the Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth

Another essential reflection to us all is that the shift is progressive - not a sudden explosion, although that will eventually happen at the culminating Event. So we have time. But no time to waste!

In the dreamtime last night, I found myself in a building with two aspects to it: an old one and a new. In the old one, flood waters were seeping in and rising. I had to quickly gather together necessary possessions to avoid it, and leaving behind unnecessary items. Now there's a symbolic element to a house too: it represents the old construct that is you. The dream which I was given to share with you all, tells us it's paramount to now begin to leave behind the old construct, old thought forms, limiting emotional cycles, redundant relationships, old triggers and behaviour patterns. These only tie you into the old construct, which is set to be flooded out by the shift.

As I write this, one of the Openhand facilitators in Mexico is helping people relocate from Canada there, as from October 29th, no one will be allowed to travel on planes without the jab. It's indicative of the imperative to follow the soul and break down the old constructs - so that you're more free to flow on a moment by moment basis. The shift may invite you to change location, or maybe not, but the essential reflection is the importance of now breaking the old construct within.

Breaking the Old Constructs Within

If you're honest with yourself, you know exactly what I'm referring to:

1) Giving time to meditation to allow higher self consciousness in.
2) Purification of the lower self - ditching old habits, behaviours, triggers and addictions.
3) Purifying the diet, daily intermittant fasting and detox - due to the toxins now awash in society from the jabbed.
Fasting to Raise Vibration, Expand Consciousness AND THRIVE!
4) Letting go of the bank of your old security.
5) Being prepared to change your life circumstances, potentially where you live and how you work.
6) Letting go of redundant relationships that don't serve your evolution. At the very least, allowing ALL relationships to change in their nature, standing strong in your True Self.
7) Having the courage to turn into, and unravel, ALL fears that present on your pathway, for these are the gateways to your greater self.
Transcending Fear with 5 Keys

The tide of the shift is gathering speed and inclination. But we can use this as a tremendous spiritual springboard. Only fear, procrastination and identification with the old life, the old you, stand in the way. These are internal psychological and emotional ties - old internal constructs. You feel them triggering when change begins to happen. It's exactly these things we must turn into in order to evolve - confront the fears and the old attachments. Break free inside yourself -

Apply daily meditations, like the Openhand Bow, to break apart that old consciousness. You can do it! But you have to commit to it and seize the opportunity now.

Come to the Edge of Transformation

The time is now. The future is landing now.

“Come to the edge," he said.
"We can't, we're afraid!" they responded.
"Come to the edge," he said.
"We can't, We will fall!" they responded.
"Come to the edge," he said.
And so they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.”
― Guillaume Apollinaire

If you'd like support in taking to flight, come and join the work of the Openhand Academy. It will be a pleasure and a privilege to support you...

Openhand Ascension Academy

Open 🙏

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I wanted to write about the dragons the week after the Eden Rise retreat, but somehow got carried away and completely forgot. However, it all came back to me today during the facilitator gathering when Megha mentioned the dragon’s energy.

The day after the retreat, I was on the plane to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria when half through the journey, a very strong pull made me look out of the window. We were flying above Dunabe -the second-longest river in Europe and down there in its full glory - it was the Water dragon!

When the dragons appear, don’t expect to see reptilian, fire-breathing beings. Their origins are ancient, having emerged from primordial water and fire straight from the womb of existence. They are keepers of the higher dimensional energies and are also way-showers illuminating the path of righteousness and directing light energy toward that destination.

The dragon’s head and tail were opposite one another, which to me spoke of two portals through which either new or old energies could suddenly emerge. Either of two realities can occur whenever the head and the tail of the dragon are opposite one another and fully activated. As I asked, show me - is it something old and karmic or something new and significant being activated, the sun suddenly shone so brightly turning into gold the water of the river.

 I sat down later that evening to journey with the dragons once again and this is what I saw:

The energy that is ready to reveal itself brings information about the original substance of creation – Fire and Water and the beginning of Integration. It’s an energy that possess great mastery over water and fire. How can this be, you might wonder? For it appears that fire and water cannot be mixed. Well, this is an illusion; water and fire can blend together harmoniously. However, such blending requires the direction of great mastery. Masters who understand and embody both substances.

The return of the dragon is the return of an energy that can direct and amplify the flow of universal righteousness to the farthest reaches of all that is. It represents two substances that have lived in virtual separation for billions of years on this planet and now are ready for re-union. The re-union of Fire and Water.

In Love/Light and Truth


Golden waters


In reply to by Desi

That's a very insightful sharing Desi 👌

The truth of them being very ancient and primordial here resonates strongly - and the interplay (challenges) - with the retilian energy. Some kind of battle between the two having happened aeons ago, and working to be resolved out now in these times.

And yes, both the fire and water can be worked together: the way I see it is to be able to be catalytic yet holding on the emotional plane too. So challingingly transformational, but caring at the same time.

Thanks for the share

Open 🙏

It's high time to be inspired to tranform our lives as the energy of the shift intensifies.

What will you do today?
After you've read the article that is! (scroll to the top)


Open 🌋