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Hi Openhanders! How are you diddling out there in the Great Shift?

The climate of change continues to heat up. Can you feel how powerful it's all moving? I can certainly feel many activations and accelerations for people out there: strong awakenings and movement of kundalini; processing of blockages and karma; removal of entities and implants; strong realignments in the field. Awesome!

So how about joining the Living the Shift work freely through the ether?

Here's how...

A Climate of Change

The awakening is all taking place within a backdrop of accelerating climate change and the pole shift. Does that land? - the awakening is accelerating BECAUSE of the bigger picture shift. It's presenting countless energetic mirrors that will increasingly encourage people to surrender and go within. Just a week or so ago, I noticed there were some 1500 lightening strikes in Califormia in under 5 minutes! Lightening was the order of the day when we traveled back from Mozambique. I believe the snow in America was also pole shift related, aswell as the breakdown in the jetsetream.

This is all pretty surreal. When I appeared on Byron FM talking about all of this only last Friday, synchronistically (unkown to me prior), it coordinated with the global student protests against climate change - there was a demonstration happening right outside the studio.

This is such a positve movement. We just have to elevate the global changes onto a wider stage. That way we have a much greater opportunity to deal with the effects of what's really happening and channel the awakening consciousness into the full multidimensional landscape at play.

Living the Shift

Okay, this is the big picture, so what about Living the Shift in the day-to-day microcosm of our lives? Of course it's all interrelated. The accelerating flow impacts every aspect - from careers to relationships and general living circumstances.

The key is to recognide and TURN INTO the flow in all of these circumstances. That way you're not fighting the realignment. If we do this, then we actually channel the resources and energy of the universe right into those situations. And this is what "Living the Shift" work is all about - attuning your own spiritual compass and applying it within the multidimensional landscape.

I feel impassioned to help people do this. The Openhand energy and approach is perfectly crafted to meet people and help them bridge into this bigger picture landscape. With that in mind, I'll happily involve as many out there who're tuning in with this "Living the Shift" retreat. On a daily basis I'll be making suggestions of how to work in line with the kind of work we'll be doing at the retreat. Remember, through the ether distance is no object!

Join Living the Shift - through the ether

Specifically there will be...

1) Daily Meditations
2) Internal Inquiries for you to explore
3) Higher Dimensional Intuitive Reflections on what you share

It won't be as powerful as joining us at the events physically (hint hint - join us down the flow!), but nevertheless based on past experience of people tuning in this way, it will catalyse shifts and help deal with blockages. And it will be geared to more finely attuning your spiritual compass.

Looking forwards to having you join us!

In loving support

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Thank you, Open,

A few of your suggested inquiries are spiking really hard, especially No 7. How do I reach you privately? Do I go through Aspasia?




Hi Anastasia,

What you're describing sounds more like the progressive activation of kundalini rather than the infusion of the spirit light body, which comes after full kundalini activation and after the processing of all past life karma. However, you might get tasters of the spirit light body beforehand, which I believe is what's happening for you.

In short, yes, the progressive activation of kundalini can, and does at times, cause any of the intense physical symptoms you're experiencing. It all depends on how you are nurturing the lower aspect of self, physical, emotional and mental vehicles, in order to receive the integration of soul to facilitate kundalini activation. Imagine it this way, if you're opening up greater current in an electrical circuit, then you will get burnouts where the energy is coming through old and restrictive cabling. There are ways of ensuring there is a smoother transition. So your sharing invites a number of questions/inquiries...

1. What is the enegertic environment like in which you're currently living? How has it changed since the kundalini activation process began? Imagine it like growing a completely different plant. It has to be sewn in a soil which is commensurate with its nature and growth. If you're in a usual kind of family environment, it will most likely conflict with the way kundalini is wanting to integrate through the being. So it would be important to look at what the toxicity of your environment is likely to be, and what ways might you improve your personal immediate environment: reducing electrosmog, minimising the input of lower consciousness media, minimising misaligned chemicals used in the household. Do you have your own sacred space? If your partner doesn't share the change in energetic vibration, is it possible to spend time sleeping alone?

2. How has your diet changed to meet the shift of kundalini? Are you in the process of purifying? Have you been through deep cleansing and detoxification, especially of the colon, kidneys and liver? How much processed food do you still consume? and how much caffeine, alcohol and sugar? Because these will all retard the infusion of soul in the kundalini process and create adverse physical/emotional/mental reactions as infusion happens. Consider the water you're drinking - avoid tap water as much as possible, due to the amount of contaminants from the medicinal drugs industry and fluorides in the water supply. If you must use tap water, do so with a good quality filter and boil the water.

3. It sounds like you're having a strong purge on the intellectual plane, hence the nausea in the solar plexus and vommiting. So be especially careful of what you're allowing to sit within your consciousness - the judgmentalism in media exposure for example, or of how those around you might be expressing, which you might unconsciously take on (which your bodymind then wants to purge). Have you explored the inner child/teenager conditioning yet? Are you drawn to some kind of inuiry about relationships with your parents or school years? You'll likely need to regress into these times if not. The book 5GATEWAYS contains some useful meditations on unwinding the inner child/teenager identies, and it's an integral part of Openhand's stage 3 DIVINICUS course.

4. If the immediate outer circusmtances of your life are not being transformed to meet the internal infusions of soul, then it can likely lead to intense physical challenges including illness and breakdown for periods of time, as you've described. And so it may be necessary to get medical alternative help, bearing in mind that the mainstream health service has little understanding and acceptance of spiritual emergence and has the tendency to medicate which tends to retard or halt the soul infusion process. I would explore what's happening within the shift of hormones, which will likely be having a strong physical impact. In this regard, it could well be useful to get a blood sample check. Also you'll need to explore ways to strengthen the immune system - explore colloidal silver for example.

5. It is common for people to loose weight, if they engage in the intense physical transformation of kundalini. This isn't necessarily a problem at all. Consider that in society, the majority of people are carrying excess weight due to unhealthy diet and excessive consumption, and so it's become normalised - you can tend to look odd if you're not carrying excess weight. That said, you'll need to be careful of it not going too far - if fat levels reduce to very low, or muscle strength begins to weaken. Make sure you're consuming plenty of denser plant-based proteins such as chickpeas, lentils, nuts, seeds and grains such as quinoa and millet. And fatty fruits like avocados (especially) and bananas.

6. You mention the throat - I would consider the effects of adrenal burnout caused by the activation of 'fight or flight' mechanisms due to the increase in internal sensitivity, especially where one's immediate living environment isn't receptive to the new being configuration. So explore whether adrenal burnout is happening to you. Here are some of the symptoms...

  • Depression
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Severe PMS or menopause issues
  • Sugar cravings
  • Lack of energy
  • Lethargy
  • Decreased libido
  • Struggle to get out of bed even after long sleep
  • Inability to get to sleep at night
  • Perpetual frustration
  • Can't function physically without coffee/caffeine
  • Mental fogginess

Consider if you need to take vitamins to bolster the adrenal system - vitamin C and B complex for example. Consider taking probiotic superfoods such as Maca and Spirulina.

7. On top of all of this, I get a strong sense that you're activating karma relating to what it feels like being a starsoul that is incarnated here in this dense environment. So having a committed approach to dealing with karma will also be essential (Daily Karmic Processing with Openhand).

I would suggest that you contact me privately to explore more deeply and accurately for your specific situation.

In loving support

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Hi Open,

I’ve been experiencing things in the last few weeks that are beginning to cause me some degree of concern, and I need to reach out and ask.

Can the activation of the spirit light body cause intense physical symptoms?

In the past 5 weeks, I have been severely ill 4 times, to the point that I have been completely knocked out. I have been getting really high fevers 39-40 degrees C and all kinds of other symptoms - intense sore throats, sinusitis, migraine, and vomiting. 

As soon as I get better, it lasts for a few days or a week but then it begins all over again. It hit me again last night and together with the fever today I also have cramps in the solar plexus area. The feeling is that my physical body is being completed broken down. I’m exhausted and I haven’t been able to function at all physically since this started. Is this ‘normal’?

It might also be noteworthy to mention that this series of illnesses began on the Super Snow Moon in February. I specifically remember puking my guts out on the street under the glow of the Full Moon. (Sorry about the graphic details)

So I need to ask if there’s a relation to the activation of the spirit light body and if I should just relax into it and through it, or if it’s time to go see a doctor? The people around me are getting really concerned, especially since I’ve also lost so much weight in a very short period of time.


Grateful for your insights 🙏🏻





Hi Anastasia,

The spirit light body can indeed appear and disappear. If you kick off some heavy interrelated karma such as the Sirius story, then it'll be hard to embody the spirit body here and now.

Sounds like you've been ploughing through.

Best wishes

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Just arrived back from Oz after some mamoth travelling, I'm writing here from Heathrow waiting for my bus back to Devon.

The only problem is, my baggage only went as far as Singapore, so I'm sitting here in 2 degrees centigrade having left Oz at 32. So I'm freezing my ass off (LOL). I guess the good thing about it is reading the synchronicity - feels like I've left all my baggage behind LOL!

Please send some warm vibes my way for a chilly journey back!

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Hi Open,

Thank you for that elaborate description of the Spirit Light Body. I had a suspicion that that’s what that Golden being was, but I didn’t want to ‘assume’ anything.

I want to share something with you and everyone else that I remembered just today, after receiving an email from a friend. In the email this person was describing an experience of “not being able to hold the vibration”. These words spiked hard for me and I suddenly remembered an experience I had shortly after my Awakening. 

Post awakening, I was able to communicate with various souls and guides quite effortlessly. I could tune in to their energy and receive visions and messages that guided me on my journey. But there was this one time that I remember so well because it was different from my ‘usual’ experiences. I saw a golden being hovering above me, much like the one I saw now, and it was emitting energetic signals to me. But no matter how hard I tried to pick them up, I could NOT tune in enough to its vibrational level. It was like trying to fine tune a radio but not quite making it all the way to a clear channel. So eventually I had to let it go and the knowing landed quite strongly that I was not yet able to hold the vibrational level of that particular energy.

I’m so glad my friend helped me remember this, because now I can finally make the connection to what that probably was - my Spirit Light Body. (Unless of course you’ll contradict me with some other insight I’m not aware of, Open 😉) And it makes my experience now even more poignant because it means that all the intense work I’ve been doing for the past 3,5 years since my awakening, is actually having a measurable effect on my vibrational level. Go Me!

I felt to share this because it might inspire others to keep at it. It DOES work! It DOES change! We can ALL DO it!


With love to everyone out there pushing through the density ❤️





What a tremendous week of unfolding we had here at Phoenix Rising. A wonderfully diverse group assembled, all inquiring deep, digging through the density and coming up shining. It was a real pleasure and a privilege to host - deeply humbling. I feel a deep connection of love with you all. See you somewhere down the flow once more...


Hi Anastasia,

What you're describing sounds like the activation of the spirit light body.

It's the higher dimensional vehicle that connects from the crown chakra.

It can only really activate once a lot of processing and purification of the lower vehicles has taken place, otherwise it would be pretty much impossible to feel and attune.

Once you've processed a lot of the lower physical density and integrated through them by spiritual practice, then kundalini will activate to some reasonable degree. This progressively opens you out into the higher vehicles including the spirit light body.

Once that happens, a natural process follows of 'breathing the spirit light body down into your being'. It's working to progressively infuse it through the physical here and now. It feels pretty peculiar when this happens and a lot more purification of the lower vehicles needs to happen for it to take place. Your being literally transforms the density of the lower vehicles preparing it to embrace the spirit light body here and now.

Usually you integrate it only down to the heart. Upon which it forms what some call the 'merkabah'. Which is the interrelation of the spirit light body with the lower physical being.

The invitation is to shift centre of consciousness into the spirit light body and fully live it here and now, but also functioning and animating the lower physical self. It becomes your vehicle of ascension. Essentially you're living the higher paradigm here and now.

When the physical body falls away, and also the old paradigm, then you continue in the higher vibration occupying the spirit light body.

I would say it is the pinnacle of the current shift.

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Hi Open,

Here’s what’s been going down for me the last couple of days. I would sure appreciate a reflection.

The Spring Equinox has always been a day of great significance for me. This year, I was gifted with an unusual experience that now seems to be sprouting and growing more each day. 

At the end of my meditation, a Golden Light Being appeared above me and entered me from my head down. He/She was genderless, roughly shaped like a human but otherwise formless, and consisted of what looked like golden dust. Millions of tiny golden particles together, shaping this humanoid light being. As it entered me, I could immediately feel this energy starting to course through my body and adjusting itself to it, as if it was trying to fit into a body suit. It became instantly clear where the body suit was ‘tight’ and needed to expand. The place I felt it the most was around the chest area, and there was a considerable amount of discomfort as I felt that area literally being ‘stretched’ out for the energy to flow more freely.

The energy needed to move for more expansion to happen and so I got up and moved with it. It stretched my heart area so hard, it literally pushed one of my Shadows out for me to have a good look at.

As I moved with this being, I could feel it as myself, and I was able to experience what it felt like - what I felt like. The first thing that stood out was the lack of gender. As this being, I was neither a man nor a woman. I was just... an energy. And as this feeling grew stronger, I found it increasingly difficult to identify with my own body which clearly is of feminine form and has all sorts of other identifications attached to it. This energy felt no identification with the fact that I am a woman, what my body looked like, or how it behaved. It was only interested in one thing. To have a vehicle to express itself through.

Interestingly enough, my physical body has been going through quite an intense transformation these last 3 months. When my kundalini activation kicked in I completely lost my appetite and essentially my interest in food altogether. As a result, I have lost about 25 pounds, and I wasn’t all that big before, so I’m practically skin and bones now. This physical change has resulted in me also losing quite a few of my feminine curves, revealing a more androgynous look than what I am used to identifying with. I have been a bit uncomfortable with this unfamiliar androgynous body and felt like I was losing part of my feminine identity. But just today after a few days with this genderless being inside me, it suddenly hit me as I was looking in the mirror, that this new physical form is a perfect reflection of this new energy and then something fell into place. Something integrated.

The other thing that I’m beginning to experience more and more is its formlessness. As the identification with the body is slowly loosening its grip, I’m starting to have feelings and visions of being a ball of light, shooting out bolts of energy and sparks from my centre. ‘Lighting things up’ if you will. There is a growing sensation that I’m both inside my body and outside and that I can move in and out of it. That I’m not actually entirely imprisoned by it. I’m also feeling that the soul in this state can actually move at the speed of light. I’m not fully experiencing this, but I can feel that the capacity is there.

Open, if you can clarify for me what you think I’m experiencing I would greatly appreciate it. 🙏🏻

Just as all this started, I saw this video and I started to cry because this is exactly what it feels like... (And just to be clear. It’s not the woman in the video that I identified with...😉)






Yesterday was the culmination to a truly splendid Living the Shift retreat here in Byron Bay (with just the closing ceremony to complete this morning). It's where we put all of the various processes together and experience ourselves as a streaming flow of consciousness, which then interacts with the sourroundings as a multidimensional landscape.

The crucial thing is to give up fixed intention. Because it's a dense vibration that rides across the flow disrupting it. So it's to move more with active attention. You're continually opening out and watching/feeling the flowing internal impulses that want to guide you and express in a particular way. Then allowing this energy to animate through. This dance then interacts in the external creating feedback loops - it's how the soul works within the space-time-continuum. Everything begins to speak to you and reflect back about your internal process, how to integrate more, and therefore come forth more authentically. This is an incredibly alchemical way to create, and brings you into alignment with the wider shift of consciousness into the New Paradigm - one that already exists all around us and is interrelated with the cuurent reality, although now progressively separating out.

Here is a video we made some time ago exploring how signs and synchronicity speak through the multi-dimensional landscape and what they might be pointing to. It all hinges on where you are within the internal process, bearing in mind that the inner configuration of consciousness reflects into the outer and shapes it...

So if you've been tuned into what we've been doing and would like to partake of the experience, you'll need to set aside a couple of hours of completely free time. Begin by taking yourself off into meditation. A good one to use would be Openhand's Chakra attunement and Multidimensional Activation one. Once you feel relaxed, expanded and open, then contemplate some of the issues in your life that you'd like clarity on. Now simply speak out to the Universe "show me!" Then let the higher knowing or pull simply carry your forwards. Go where you feel drawn, and pay attention to what you witness. How does what you encounter make you feel?

Do feel free to share below what you experience and I'll happily offer an intuitive reflections.


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It's the final full day of the workshop here at Phoenix Rising in Byron Bay. Yesterday was literally stunning - best ever. Such incredible breakthroughs. In these situations, as the facilitator, you can literally feel the soul surging in the group, building together and flowing through the room. It's like riding a wave of light. And so rewarding when you witness the emergence of authentic true self in people. There's nothing quite like it. The Sun Emoji

How are you getting on in your journey out there? What breakthroughs are you making?

Today we'll be working on putting the various stages of the Openway compass together. In effect, what you're doing is always tuning into the mainstream of soul, following its guidance moment by moment, expressing yourself authentically, but as you hit tightness and resistance to the flow of the moment, turning right into it and opening out through it using the Breakthrough Approach. This might sound inconvenient, but the key is to catch the tightness of the programming in the moment. That way you start to interrupt the programs, get inside the repetitive loops and break them apart. You thereby open a space right through the density into pure presence. Now you're in the infinite potential of the void, where literally anything can happen. Most importantly its where authentic soul flow emerges from.

What happens is that progressively, you become less of a point source identity that can be battered around by events, by the requirement for the need of an outcome. Instead you become more a streaming flow of soul consciousness. You become like a stream flowing down the mountain to the ocean. If you hit a boulder in the path, then there's the possibility not to be thwarted by it or stopped. Instead you unwind around, over or through it. You reassert your continual movement to the ocean.

To facilitate this, we'll be doing various of the Openhand meditations such as the Kundalini activation, so as to allow the soul to flow more freely through...
Openhand Kundalini Activation Meditation

Following the various meditations, we'll be feeling the fullness of the flow by connecting with nature in Openhand's six senses walk. So assuming you can find time today, take yourself off for an hour or so and work with this meditation...

Openhand's Six Senses Walk

Sight: The eyes tend to focus on the most prominent object in front of them. It is possible however to see all in the periphery too. If we can switch to delocalised viewing by seeing everything in the periphery, there is less tendency for our consciousness to be locked into the point of focus. So walk for a few hundred yards seeing as much as possible in your complete field of view without focussing on any one thing. You may find you're suddenly drawn to something - like a bird for example - but then quickly move back to the place of expanded vision. Observe colours, shapes, contrast, shadows etc.

Sound: For the next few hundred yards, focus on the sense of hearing. Listen out for birds or the rustle of trees, the flow of water for example. Practice connecting with subtle sounds too like the breeze across your face or the beating of your own heart. It helps to have the mouth slightly open because the sounds reverberate around it. Taste Take a piece of your favourite fruit with you. Stop in a quiet place. Before you take a bite, contemplate the fruit deeply, feel yourself connecting with it. Observe the colour, fragrance and texture. Move your consciousness into your mouth as you bite into it. Focus on the tongue moving it through the food as you chew. Be fully in the taste of the fruit and chew fully before swallowing.

Smell: The sense of taste and smell tend to go hand in hand so move to this next. Focus for the next few hundred yards on breathing deeply through the nose and picking up all of the scent that you can.

Touch: Pause for a moment and connect with how your body is feeling. Your muscles for example or the rise and fall of your lungs. Then expose one of your arms and gently run your finger tips up and down it as lightly as possible. Do the same to the other arm. Now focus on your walking - be fully connected to the experience as the weight moves gently from one leg to the other. Be fully in control as you lift and place down the feet. Be fully conscious of every feeling within the movement. Do this slowly for about 50 yards.

5 senses together: Next bring everything you have practised together taking in as many of the sights, sounds, flavours, smells and feelings you can. Be fully observant like this for the next few hundred yards. You may find you tend to focus on something in particular but if so, keep moving back out to expanded, non localised observation.

Sixth sense - Intuition: By now, hopefully you should find the mind has become much more still. In this place, it is easier for our higher selves and guiding consciousness to 'speak to us'. This may be through the movement of an animal, insect or bird. It could be through cloud patterns or even the number plates on passing cars. The purpose of such guidance is to help us release tension and efforting inside so that we may feel more joy and unconditional love for all life. So as your attention is 'pulled' to the circumstances surrounding you, have 'one eye turned inwards' and notice how it is making you feel. Attune to these feelings and over time they will help you unfold your authentic inner beingness. This process can be used to answer a specific question in life that is important to you at the moment. This can be initiated by posing the question internally "what is the energy of the moment revealing to me now?" Then if you feel yourself being drawn to something in particular, just make a mental note of exactly what you notice without necessary trying to understand the purpose - be patient though, it requires much perseverance to fully understand what is being shown to us. It is very similar to learning a new language. In my experience any guidance received always invites us to confront and release inner attachments that we may unfold and expand our inner authentic beingness.


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Our photo journal so far...

Paradise in the Rainforest...

The Shiva on hand...

The Buddha conveying deep peace...

Meditation at sun rise...

Quiet peaceful corners...

Setting the Diad...

Diad in full swing...

Breaking out into Processing...

Breakfast on the Bar...


We had a deeply cleansing and clearing day here in Mullumbimby yesterday. Everyone was feeling a great deal lighter, integrated and expanded as a result. Today we move into the 3rd stage of the Openway spiritual compass, which is about 'opening up for beingness'. You've created an open internal space, now its time to attune to authentic sense of the soul coming through. It's when you shine this light, that true alchemy transforms your life, elevating you progressively to the New Paradigm of Being. What's that all about?

'Open for Beingness' - soften through tightness into pure presence; unleash ever more authentic qualities of soul and step into Right Action.

  • By opening through blockages and source pain, you expand into the tightness they generate, dissolve them and begin to access the 'void' – a crystal-clear place of pure presence in the background of activity – our True Self. It feels like infinite peace and acceptance – awesome okayness, pure “isness”. From the infinite potential of pure presence, authentic beingness will simply arise. Attune deeply to these feelings by applying yourself to full energetic, mental, emotional and physical expression of this naturally arising beingness. Give yourself completely to “Right Action” – a sense of ‘rightness’, which is totally aligned with the natural flow of the universe, leading to resilient, fulfilling, successful and joyful living.

You've got to confront and break down the conditioned thought forms and behaviours by interrupting them. Now that you dissolved the activating source pain, it becomes ever easier to open an internal space through the density. Progressively you start touching the Void of Infinite Potential. It's then a case of just allowing beingness to arise and trusting that as it does, it will furnish the answers to life's challenges and conundrums.

In the Openhand Approach, we use the framework of the Seven Rays of Consciousness to look for and attune to new aspects of beingness. These are...

  • Ray 1: purposeful creative will Ray 1 is the driving sense of purpose to create. It is the manifestation of the divine masculine principle throughout the universe. From the place of separation, it is that undeniable inner will to find and create a higher level of harmony both within ourselves and between all sentient beings. It causes us to challenge and break apart the status quo which may be holding us in a lower level of realisation. The Ray 1 inspires life’s motivational leaders.
  • Ray 2: surrendering unconditional love Ray 2 initiates the impulse of unconditional love for life. It is the manifestation of the divinely feminine principle of surrendered acceptance throughout the universe. It is the empathising compassion that willingly embraces, does not judge nor need to change the inherent imperfection in all sentient life and situations. Ray 2 strongly inspires the selfless servants of life.
  • Ray 3: interpreting authentic reality Ray 3 harnesses and processes higher abstract wisdom delivering it in a form to provide a clear interpretation of our current, authentic reality. In other words, it’s how we know what’s really real. People with strong Ray 3 influence notice the natural patterning in life bringing the formless into form in such a way that can be understood and appreciated by many. Ray 3 inspires life’s translators, creative artists and mathematicians.
  • Ray 4: harmonising through right resolution Ray 4 is the divine rationalising energy which helps us find right resolution with our environment and other sentient life. It is the ray impulse which blends passion with compassion. It provides the discernment to confront unjust situations in a non judgmental way. Its purpose is to break apart the lower harmony to find a more equitable higher one. People with highly active Ray 4 tend to be life’s diplomats, politicians and teachers.
  • Ray 5: realising abstract higher wisdom The Ray 5 enables us to hold the infinite complexities of the universe as pure knowing within our beingness. This ‘science’ is abstract, all encompassing and rather than realised, is more sensed, as an art form, like poetry in perpetual motion. Ray 5 enables us to attune to the universal flow and harness it for co-creative exploration, deeper understanding and further evolution. The Ray 5 animates life’s scientists and creative business leaders.
  • Ray 6: yearning self expression Ray 6 inspires us stay continually focussed on our life’s purpose: to realise, unfold and express who we really are. It generates commitment and devotion to our cause, radiating our soul in all its brilliant colour. The Ray 6 provides the unquenchable driving force to express our innate qualities and inspire others to shine their inner light too. Humanity’s philosophers, spiritual leaders and performing artists are all driven by the Ray 6 influence.
  • Ray 7: shaping synchronistic magic Ray 7 provides the ingredient of pure magic on our life’s journey. If we are able to master our inner distortions and pause just long enough in the drama of life, then we can open up to spontaneous, synchronistic and co-creative magic. Thereby we catalyse and initiate the surrounding field for the maximum benefit and upliftment of all. In this way, Ray 7 inspires life’s ‘magicians’ and entrepreneurs.
    Taken from the book 5GATEWAYS: a profound spiritual routemap

So here's the invitation for today...

- Contemplate what typical oudated patterns of behaviour are happening right now in your life.
- Regress into the situations by visualising them in as much detail as possible.
- Feel deeply into any source pain that acitvates, contemplate what you think you needed from the situation, let it go, completely accept without needing to change, and work to soften into the Void of Presence
- now work into the density and unwind it through deep breathing and movement to emotive music
- find the place of infinite potential, of awesome okayness
- now visualise the behaviourisms that have emanated in your life from these distortions of consciousness. See what's been going on and work to break the patterns down in your mind. See yourself interrupting them.
- Now open a space for more authentic beingness to come through. What ray of consciousness (see above) can you feel wanting to come through instead? (it could be several).
- What sense of new expression of beingness can you feel instead?
- Express and move with that sense.
- Now when situations happen where you recognise the old consciousness could take over, catch yourself in the moment, soften, open up, and make space for the new sense of beingness to come through. Let it animate your expression instead.

Don't necessarily expect that you'll get this straight away. It takes times and commitment to catch yourself in the moment and break the patterns. But if you persist, it will steadily happen, which becomes deep alchemical change. And in terms of the new aspects of beingness wanting to come through, if you're unsure of what they are, simply ask "show me" out to the Universe and watch for the reflective signs and synchronicity pointing the way.

Above all, enjoy!

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Hi Marc, Megha & Wynde - nice to have you tuning in, even if the subject matter is sometimes challenging Heart

Actually abandonment was a major subject that came up during the work yesterday. It first emerged in the Openhand diad pairs work, which is always very emtoive and revelatory. Following which, I felt to guide the group on an astral journey, back to their origins in another (unamed) constellation, to embark on the mission of coming here to earth to support in the emergence of consciousness - the awakening of the new humanity.

Often a main theme that comes up in this story, is how the group got 'sabotaged' by an energy here and split up. So each then going through a long journey of abandonment and isloation. Being cut off from soul family, the sense of home and belonging. I would say it's a necessary journey of the soul in order to forge soul sovereignty in unfamiliar corners of the universe. Needless to say, it was a deeply emotive journey and very healing to regress back through it in a safe and protective energy vessel.

Perhaps I'll put that together as a download meditation at some point. For now, those of you who can make it, will just have to come along and experience it first hand!

In loving support

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Yesterday I was just sitting there outside sanding and polishing one of my newer rocks and as I was working on it my mp3 player started playing the implant removal meditation and I immediately stopped what I was doing and just had a very deep thought inquiry regarding it. I'm near positive I have one or I have something that connects up to me through my right temple. I feel the pressure and its not often times pleasant. As a matter of fact the more I sometimes just go about my business, do my own thing the pressure gets more intense. To which I just raise my hand towards that which tries to connect and say hold on a minute, woman on a mission over here doing this and that just be calm.


So as I sat there thinking about this, thinking about all I have learned and wondering exactly how I am learning different stuff it kind of dawned on me that perhaps this is how I am learning, perhaps this is my way and whatever it is that sends out signals/tonalities/helps me learn cant be all that bad and I am very thankful. So I just clicked next on my player and it wasn't more than a half dozen songs later that the ascension meditation came on and I just smiled and thought well ok then. I did that and I feel much more free now in my spirit and realized all I ever had to do was just un complicate matter within me. Because all matter anyways is just energy.


I have to say too that I didn't even know this was yesterday's start of a new retreat. Just so synchronistic and I just gotta say I might be the odd person here keeping her implant but I just love this matrix/life/what is this that happens in such a manner! Its amazing and to me there are no good or bad “things.” That there inside of me is what creates that, so back to making nothing of most it and just living and learning for me :)




Dear Open ,

As I have mentioned before I have a deep heaviness and very constrictive sensations that I am feeling into on the left side of my body. It is remarkable as to how different the left side feels compared to the eight. It is 430 am in India and I have been up since 1230 trying to feel into it. It seems to be a tonne of old traumas coming up almost at once . I have had an interesting morning softening into the left sided source pain . Images are coming to me - trauma mostly and the word abandonment and betrayal was resonating a lot with me. The epicentre so to speak is in the heart . I can actually feel I to the portion of heart muscle that holds the memory of the pain . As I breathe softly into the dark denseness ,four hours later there is animation on the left side . I see images of a tree with leaves compared to the rather cold,gnarled twigs I was seeing earlier. A friendly alien or two feeding on self judgment was summarily dispatched . 

Yesterday was a very interesting mirror day. I attended a seminar on sexuality after which there was a gong meditation the vibration of which ' loosened' something up in the left side . Later in the day I was called to attend to a group of thirteen orphan girls all of which were abandoned ,some raped ( betrayed) by their families. There were some girls that were mentally and emotionally challenged in the process. I was particularly moved by the ten year old who is incontinent at night because of abandonment anxiety . 

As I sit in tears at her pain ,I fee this connection to Sirius pain as well - losing ones family ,feeling abandoned and being in a void of despair. 

Lots of love to everyone on the retreat . I am so looking forward to Belgium. In the meantime ,it is back into gently breathing into the left shoulder ,neck and heart for me ❤️❤️❤️




Hi Open& Openhanders,

Many thanks for the opportunity of tuning into the Openhand energy, again! <3

Sorry Open, I didn't get to read the whole thread yet, only the first few lines - but what you wrote there caught my attention.

I can certainly feel many activations and accelerations for people out there: strong awakenings and movement of kundalini; processing of blockages and karma; removal of entities and implants;

The night before you posted this, I had a dream in which a chip was being removed from a newborn baby...(It may sound quite disturbing). After this, I awoke immediately and I just knew right away, that it was about the removal of something deeply embedded in consciousness. And then I saw your article. Your take on this - that this removal is happening not only on the individual, but the collective level as well - makes perfect sense to me. Thank you.



Okay, no one's responded yet, but I do feel people tuning in. So I'll continue to share from the retreat and encourage your exploration/inquiry.

By applying the various Openhand meditations yesterday, including the Ascension Meditation, the Breakthrough Breathing, Soulmotion, and various spontaneous explorations of reality, the group reached a very connected, open and expanded space come the end of the day. Also being out here in the rainforest helped the heart open to the resonance of mother nature. What are you favourite locations? How much time do you manage to get out and connect in nature? It's surely a powerful way to the deeper soulful connection. Out here I just love the call of the birds Heart. What does it for you?

Once the mainstream of soul becomes active, people often wonder why it dissipates so quickly. They might go on a retreat for example and feel deeply connected, only for those expansive feelings of unconditional love to dissolve once they go back to 'reality' (to the illusion!). Here's where the crux of the Openhand work is cratfted to pay dividends. We acknowledge that when the mainstream of soul becomes active in you, it's rather like a hot air balloon rising to the source within. No doubt it's a great feeling, BUT, it also will pull on source pain and karmic 'tethering'. So inner density will come to the surface, and it's utterly essential that you develop your process for working with this. Otherwise the density just consumes you again.

So this leads to the stage 2 of the Openway process...

'Open through Blockages' - confront and unwind activating blockages; integrate fragments of soul releasing from the density.

  • As you increasingly attune to the mainstream of the soul within, subconscious blockages, tightness and karmic trauma are activated, felt as constriction, tightness and source pain. Become as-one with these experiences by completely honouring and expressing them. Work to realise either as a knowing or feeling, what the limitation was all about. Accept them to the extent that you don’t need them to go away. Once fully accepted, use breathing, movement, visualisations and emotive music to unwind the inner restrictions. Allow the fragment of soul to integrate by feeling your completeness in the situation.

So the work I would suggest today for you to apply this aspect of the process is as follows...

Sit in meditation.
Contemplate a situation in life right now that pushes your buttons
Feel the pain it creates inside, physical, emotional, mental
Completely honour the pain by expressing it
Animate the pain in as much detail as possible: what does it look like? What's the form - metallic/organic etc What sound does it want to make? Then to adopt a position that amplifies the pain.

Now work to completely accept the pain without needing it to go away.
You completely and totally surrender into it by honouring it.

Once you've completely accepted it, you've become "as-one" with it.
Now visualise/feel opening a doorway through it. You soften right through as "The One".
You open out through and around it.

Now you're stating to up-root and dig-up the source pain, because it can no longer hold.
Next, by movement, expression and animation, you give wings to that aspect of soul that now wants to come through. What piece of music could help you empower to that new feeling? At this point, you're now retrieving that aspect of soul that was stuck in the source pain. You're reintegrating a priceless aspect of yourself.

It will help enormously to have a mirroring reflection, to help you dig into those subconscious blindspots. So if you'd like some intuitive higher dimensional help in pinpointing the issues, do feel free to ask.

I wish you well in the inquiry

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Okay, I assume there are a few people wanting to tune in during our retreat in Oz. You're most welcome!

The work proper begins today after a lovely gathering of the group last night. Such a rich and diverse group, with people from far and wide... Australia (obviously!), New Zealand, Morroco, America and Europe. That's not to mention star soul origins!

As the work begins today, I'll be taking people through the first stage of the "Openway" spiritual compass. It's about learning how to attune to one's soul and following its guidance. What do you encounter? What's likely to come up and how to deal with it?

This first part I call, "Opening into the Mainstream of Soul". Here's what that's about...

'Open into the Soul' - soften through small “I” identity; tune into the mainstream of the soul and begin to follow it.

  • Through breathing, meditation and keen internal observation, you begin to soften identification with the small “I” identity, felt as tightness throughout the bodymind. You begin to pick up, and attune to, the subtle vibrations of the soul, often felt as expansiveness, timelessness, joy, peace, interconnectivity and unconditional love. Completely accept that the purpose of each and every moment is self-realisation and actualisation. Therefore relinquish the need for any particular outcome, or any resistance to the natural flow of the moment. Thus you start to connect up to the soul’s mainstream, which begins to speak through you as an inner pull to act or the landing of Higher Self intuitions. Increase the integration of soul by following these impulses as much as possible.

So for today's work, I invite you to first do the Openhand Ascension Meditation here linked below, then afterwards to contemplate and work with three key questions:

Here's the meditation... Openhand Ascension Meditation

Question 1: what does the soul feel like to you when you tune into it?
Question 2: how do you personally best attune to soul - what do you do?
Question 3: on a day to day basis, how much time do you spend doing it?

It will help to share. So if you're following the work, do share some of your experience below. I can then offer some useful reflections.

Wishing you well in your inquiry!

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