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Megha, India - Openhand Facilitator


I am many things. I have in this life been a daughter, a student, a physician, a healer, a shaman, a farmer, a writer, an activist, a channel, a mom, and a meditator. Right now, I am endeavouring to simply be the One that Is within the beguiling Maya that is life on planet Earth.

I am Isis, the Queen
And I am the little urchin abused on the street
I am the flower aching to open
And I am the dying tree
I am the Light of love
And the Darkness of rage
I am the foolish Joker
And I am the Sage

I am the large, the insignificant
The question, the call
I AM, the Torus
The experience of it ALL.

I believe I am here to be a bridge from the dense, rigid failing systems I have been born into, to the emerging dimensions of Light I have witnessed on my inner journey. We are living in interesting times and I find myself being one of the Openhand team - able to tune into many layers and bringing those insights to bear in my own life and those that would want to work with me.

My service:

I am an intuitive channeller, picking up energies, symbols and impressions from the energy field of those that seek insights into their life situations, illnesses or their own Path. Like the rest of the Universe, I am very much a learner and am being transformed as I endeavour to facilitate transformation. I am an able tuning fork and I help bring into your own consciousness both the knots and the path to the unravelling of the challenges you are undergoing. I truly believe that our most difficult experiences are often grand opportunities to reveal the grand being that is YOU.

Pricing and way to connect:

Should you wish to get in touch with specific blockages and open deeper into your multidimensional soul, do contact me at
I charge Rs 4000/ 50 dollars per session, though money is the smallest obstacle to working with me.

The Shift of the ages is nigh. If you resonate with me in any way, do reach out.

Megha - Stage 1 Facilitator

Megha is a gifted and colourful intuitive, with a ready smile that is full of warmth and empathy. Over the years with Openhand, she's unfolded her natural, inherent gift to be able to see and appreciate the field. And so where given, she'll be able to see what blocking karma is getting in the way of your unfolding. It's then a question of activating and unravelling it, which she's become highly skilled at doing. You'll likely get insights into your past lives that you hadn't previously known about, but that resonate into your soul. I highly recommend her service. Prepare for an insightful reflection and empathic intuitive guidance for how to next unfold on your path.
<<< Open 🙏

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Dear Open,Richard and Thomas ,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the warm welcome to the facilitator group.I am so deeply fortunate to rediscover my soul family during this journey . These are intense times for me and indeed for anyone with a modicum of awareness on this planet right now. I am breathing through these times ,and endeavouring to be as conscious as I can . And can be of service as a facilitator through the Shift . As Open says often ,we are only facilitating ourself. 


Deepa Bow to all my co-travellers on this remarkable adventure . 





Hi Megha,

it is more than lovely to have you on board! I remember the buddy group we shared and also your input to my personal unfolding. You are such big value for the world and you will certainly assist to shift many things for many people. My greatest respect for you and your journey Praying Emoji

Much much love to you,


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We have an intake onto the program once a year that happens in June:

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Congratulations - it's lovely to see you listed here. 

It always amazes me from our interactions your ability to weave the field together through the subtle whispers of the higher densities. 

I love your poem too! :-) 

Much love sister



It's wonderful having you onboard the Openhand Facilitator Team Megha - warm wishes and congratulations on the marvelous development of your craft and skills. The network, and those who come to you, will be well served indeed.

Of the many experiences we've shared, your insights in Egypt were highly revelatory. It's been such a blessing witnessing the emergence of your awareness over the years. And always with a warm smile and laughter amongst the karmic tears.

I look forwards to many more highly alchemical times with you on the team.

Open 💙🙏